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Kim: I can't believe we are leaving, I mean we have been in this fanfic for so long

Jack: I know, I will really miss you guys. You guys have always been amazing and supporting Brynne she is really thankful (how to pronounce my name is Brin and if you are confused read the A/N)

Milton: Brynne couldn't be more thankful

Jerry: Whats important is to be thankful that so many readers came and read about us I think thats amazing

Kim: It really is so many followers and favorites it just brings smiles to Brynnet but don't leave rude reviews because it hurts

Kim: And PM Brynne she loves talking to you guys and seeing what you guys like to say

Jerry: You guys are awesome and stay awesome WOOOOOO

All of them: Thank you for reading, reviewing, following, and favoriting this story. WE WILL MISS YOU!

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