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Donna Tobin: Oh Kim I know you really like Jack but he obivousley loves me

Kim Crawford: 2 things: 1 don't like Jack and two why would he love you're just a slut

Donna Tobin: the only person here that is a slut is you your just not wanted

Kim Crawford: you're*

Dona Tobin: Your just an idiot but of course you are a blonde so it makes sense

Kim Crawford: you're*

Milton Krupnick: Wow Donna and you call Kim an idiot

Kim: Crawford: Wow Donna you just got told by a nerd, no offence Milton

Milton Krupnick and 20 others like that comment

Milton Krupnick: None Taken

Kim Crawford: Why do I have a feeling the people that liked my earlier comment was the AV club?

Milton Krupnick: You're right it is

Kim Crawford: O.O Do any of them stock me on here O.O

Milton Krupnick: Yes

Kim Crawford: I might have to delete my facebook seeya Milton

Milton Krupnick: Never underestimate a nerd :)

Jack Brewer to Kim Crawford: Hey Kimmy want to come over and study

Jerry Martinez: Define study

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Kim Crawford: Jerry I know where you live and sure Jack

Jerry Martinez: Why do I have to live by Jack with Kim just 3 houses down? Why?! Why?! Why?!

Jack Brewer: Don't worry Jerry I will stop Kim before she hurts you but in the future DO NOT upset Kim

Jerry Martinez: Sir yes Sir

Jack Brewer: That's right Jerry but if I were you I would sleep with one open and lock all your windows and doors just to be safe

Kim Crawford: I'm coming over Jack. Oh and Jerry listen to Jack

Jerry Martinez: If you guys need me I will be downstairs in my basement for the rest of my life

Kim Crawford updated her status to 'in a relationship with Jack Brewer'

Jack Brewer updated his status to 'in a relationship with Kim Crawford

the whole world likes this comment Brody and Donna dislike this comment

Kim Crawford: i'm in a relationship with Jack not you Donna haha

Donna Tobin: I bet he's only fake dating you

Jack Brewer: No i'm not Donna I actually love my Kimmy

Kim Crawford: Awww thanks Jackie i love you too! Oh and Donna don't you dare try to break up the relationship with Jack and I or I will hunt you down and murder you

Jack Brewer: Kimmy calm down and Donna listen to Kim she will actually do that and I won't stop it

Donna Tobin: Jack you belong with me not that slut

Kim Crawford: Jack can you let me go now so I can kill her

Jack Brewer: You're free to go

Kim Crawford: Bye Donna I won't see you in heaven cause you'll most likely be in Hell

Joan Malone: Death of: Donna Tobin Cause of death: Mrs. Kicky Kicky Chop Chop

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