Story for AJ!

Remember my goal this summer! 50 stories! So far 32!

Chapter 1

Samantha 'Sam' Manson sighed as she looked out the window of her parent's car. She saw a nice light purple sign that read 'Welcome to Amity Park! A nice place to live!'.

"Yeah, right," Sam muttered under her breath, while pushing her shoulder length hair out of her face, "From what I heard on the news, this place is the city of the dead. How can it be a nice place to live?" she wondered.

Pamela Manson, Sam's mother, turned to her daughter. "Aw, come on, Sammy-kins! It's a bright, beautiful place!" she said trying to cheer her daughter up.

Bright? Ugh, headaches starting. But Beautiful?

Sam turned her head to look out the window again.

Not so much, why did we have to move in the first place? I liked the other house better.

It was true, she did. Their last home was in the country, so that meant storms and heathy plants. Add those together and you get a happy Sam!

The Mansons' car passed a high school named 'Casper High' with a banner that read 'GO! RAVENS!'. Sam snorted, the school name and the mascot didn't make any sence.

But the building that caught Sam's attention was a few blocks away from the school. The building was called 'FentonWorks' but you could see three teenagers standing in the front.

One of the teenagers was a 17-year-old girl with bright orange hair held up in a high ponytail. She had aqua eyes that sparkled with intelligence, she had a fair skin.

The second one was an african-american boy around 15 years old. he had dark green eyes that were behind his glasses.

The last one caught Sam's attention the most. He was a 15-year-old boy, his eyes were hidden by his black messy bangs that fell in front of his face. He was pale, with a bit of tan. He was a bad boy, you could tell from the way he dressed.

'I'll have to find out who they are,' Sam made a mental note to search for them at Casper High since it was the only high school around.

"We're here!" Sam's Dad, Jeremy Manson, said as he stopped the car. Grandma Manson breathed a sigh of relief.

"Finally! You drive like a Grandma!" she said, Sam laughed and helped her Grandmother out of the car. Her Grandma thanked her, Sam smiled.

'Are Grandma and I the only normal people here?' Sam thought looking towards her parents who were already discussing color schemes for the rooms. The goth girl shuddered at the thought of her room being PINK.


Sam and her Grandmother walked into the already opened house door. Mr. and Mrs. Manson already had the furniture shipped before they came, at lest that was a plus. Sam was already tried and wanted to relax from the 2 hour car ride here.


Sam's Prov

I lied down on my purple bed with my hands placed behind my head. Music always helped me clear my mind for some reason

How can I decode what's right?

The voice of the lead singer from Paramore sang through my ears.

When your clouding up my mind.

I can't win your losing fight.

All the time...

How did we get -?

The singer sang before she got interrupted when someone pulled my headphones out of my ears. Why do I always get interrupted? I looked up at who took my headphones out.

"Samantha," Mom started, I rolled my eyes the usage of my full name. "You have school tomorrow, you shouldn't be rotting your mind with this music."

"Rotting my mind?"

"Oh, you know what I mean."

"I really don't."

Mom sighed. "Just get ready for bed and go to sleep," she said as she walked out of my bedroom and closed the door. Mom never liked staying in my room long, she says that she hated the dark as much as I hate the day. That's not true, I like the day, it's just the sun that I don't like.

I lazily stood up from my bed and towards my dresser. I grabbed my black shirt with 'Express Yourself' written in purple, and a pair of purple shorts. I slipped them on and put my clothes in the hamper that was in the bathroom.

When I finished brushing my teeth, and putting my clothes away. I walked towards my bed and slipped under the covers.

Maybe Casper High won't be that bad...