There was a fist coming towards the right side of her face. Fortunately, the attacker was so slow that her grandmother could've dodged it. Batgirl ducked her head and returned the favor with a swift upper cut. The henchman stumbled backwards a few steps, but did not fall down. That was unfortunate, as Batgirl was getting really tired of this guy not passing out. She'd hit him in the face enough times to put Dick to sleep, not to mention the serious blows she'd delivered to his chest and abdomen area. Why – no, how – was he even still walking, let alone conscious?

The guy came rampaging back towards her with the grace of an elephant. His breath came out in white huffs and puffs and to be honest, Barbara was tired of fighting. She wanted to go home and take a nap on her couch and maybe watch some stupid documentary about elephants. She didn't want to spend her night fighting one.

She prepared herself for another strike attempt, but instead he just continued running. That was not something she was prepared for. When he wrapped his arms around her embarrassingly slim waist, she totally fell for it. She struggled in his grasp but at this point she doubted there was much she could do. He continued lumbering forward until he reached the edge of the building, where he used his built up momentum to ling her over the ledge by about ten feet.

Her arms were – at most – two feet. She couldn't grab anything for safety, and she was falling.

Despite knowing better, her arms flailed about as she fell. The thug smiled smugly and cantered away from the ledge.

She was very aware that she could pull out her grapple at any minute. But if she fell for a minute or two – which she had plenty of minutes. The building was several stories tall – maybe the thug would get away and she would just be able to call it a night. She was in no mood to deal with him. Besides, maybe he'd tell Two Face that the Bats were looking for him and he'd either run or give up.

Wishful thinking, Barbara.

Suddenly a gunshot went off. This alerted Barbara that perhaps her freefall skydive was no longer worth the night off and she should go back up and save whoever just got shot. She was just about to do just that when a firm grip caught her still flailing arms.

Batgirl looked up into a shiny, red helmet.

"Hey there, Barbie. You miss me?" the man beneath the mask asked. Barbara's mouth dropped in confusion and shock as the Red Hood hung from his own grapple. The two were suspended in the air about six stories from the bottom.

"Jason?" she asked, still shocked at the appearance of her rescuer. Though, that would explain the gunshot. The thug who'd thrown her was either dead or soon-to-be dead. Which angered Barbara, but she had more important matters to think about right now such as why Jason Todd was back in Gotham saving her ass.

No, she thought. My ass didn't need saving.

The Red Hood laughed slightly at her confused gaze. "What's wrong? Don't you appreciate my help?"

"Well I didn't need your help." She quipped. Her hand burned under his tight grip and she wriggled slightly, but he wasn't letting go. "I was about to go back up."

Jason humphed sarcastically before pressing a button on his line and slowly pulling them towards the top of the building again. "Yeah, I'm sure." He muttered. "You're just lucky I showed up when I did, or you'd be the gum on the bottom of my shoes."

Blue eyes rolled behind the holes cut out in the cowl. "I didn't need you to show up." Batgirl grumbled. Jason laughed again, much to Barbara's chagrin.

They were only three stories from the top when Jason stopped the line from going up. He used his free hand to take off the helmet and let it fall the long distance to the bottom. Beneath his first mask was the infamous Jason Todd smirk. Just in between his two lips held mischief and deviousness and sarcasm and wit and it looked so badass and – to be honest – incredibly sexy.

"What?" Barbara snapped. The way he looked at her made her stomach flutter, but she'd never tell him that.

He chuckled lowly to himself. "Oh I just thought we might kiss after our first date." He managed to only confuse Barbara more.

She raised one eye brow impatiently. "First date?" she asked.

"Oh yeah. Besides, you owe me for saving your life." He said.

"This isn't our first date, idiot."

"Well, we're holding hands. Which is what you do on dates." His smirk grew to a grin and Barbara's cheeks flushed when she realized he was right. When Jason had caught her he had grabbed her by the hand.

"We are not dating, Todd."

"So how about just for saving your life then?" he asked with a laugh.

"How about you get us back on the rooftop before I snap your wrist?"

"How about you stop being such a killjoy or next time I'll just watch you fall?"

"We aren't holding hands."

"You tell all your girlfriends that, but you like it."

"I wouldn't even like it if it were true."

"Oh but you like it since it's not true?"

"I will let go and just die, Jason."

"Do it then."

Barbara groaned. Jason and his fucking mouth… "If you get us back to the top I might give you a kiss." Jason smiled, before pushing the button and continuing to pull them back up.

"No you won't." he said as they reached the top finally. She smiled fondly at Jason as he pulled her over the ledge. He looked so different now from when he was just a street kid in a suit. The grey streak in his hair was strangely attractive and it went decently well with the blood red mask he wore covering his sea green eyes. The mask also highlighted his well defined cheek bones. He had grown a lot since she had last seen him. His shoulders were broader, he was taller (appearing to even be taller than Dick) and much more muscular. He had the build of a line backer whereas Dick had the build of an acrobat, and Tim of a swimmer. Barbara wasn't certain, but she thought she'd glimpsed something of a perfect ass when they were upside down too.

Her fondness turned to mischievous and slightly flirtatious suddenly as she neared him. "I'm full of surprises," she whispered as she pressed her lips to his.

Shock overcame Jason, as he hadn't actually expected her to do it. But soon he was accepting and even returning the kiss. Batgirl's hands had found their way to his face, holding his head in for the kiss. He was significantly taller than her, making her head tilt up to kiss him. His hands gripped her waist in an effort to keep this going for as long as possible.

However, Barbara teased him just a little when she pulled away from the kiss, and then leaned forward once more for a small peck. Then, without waiting for his reaction, she leaped over the side of the building and swung away, leaving Jason awed and wanting more.

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