Barbara strolled through the pale yellow hallways with ease, having been down these halls enough to practically befriend the neighbors. She didn't even need to know where she was going, she just knew.

She'd been spending a lot of time in a certain apartment down these halls. She usually only stayed one night at a time, and was leaving at some time the next afternoon when she finally pulled herself out of the bedroom. You wouldn't think the neighbors would recognize her, but the old man next door – Mr. Johnson – had begun asking her when she was moving in and telling her that she was 'good for that boy.' Barbara thought this was a compliment, and waved at him as she opened the door and walked in.

Why should she knock? She was just here for casual afternoon sex and then she'd be on her way.

"Jason?" she said into the seemingly empty apartment. She wandered around for a moment, checking the kitchen and the living room with a sweep of her gaze before heading towards the bedroom. "Jason, are you home?" she asked. He'd better be, he is the one who invited her over. But she didn't see his mustang outside…

She heard some thumping from the bedroom and moved closer to investigate. A familiar – and frighteningly enthusiastic voice – stopped her in her tracks though. "Barbara, don't come in here yet!" he called, his words slightly slurred together.

Rolling her eyes, but stopping nonetheless, she responded, "Jason, are you drunk?" Her eyes fluttered down to her phone screen, checking to make sure the time was right. Barely past 5. "It's too early to be drunk, Jay."

"I'm not that drunk. But that's not the point," he muttered from somewhere unseen. Judging by the sound of his voice he was right next to the open doorway, choosing to stay hidden for the moment. Barbara could only imagine why. "Remember last time we hung out and you told me I should be a Playboy Bunny?"

Oh my God… she thought.

"You didn't…" she said, her voice trailing off.

"I did!" and suddenly he was standing in the doorway, obviously wasted. He wore a cheap Playboy Bunny outfit, complete with fishnet stockings and fluffy pink feathers around the legs and breasts. Bunny ears adorned his head and he smiled lopsidedly at her. There was a large, pink tinted 'diamond' in between the empty breast cups on the outfit that studded down to the naval, each diamond getting smaller as it went down. He even had a pair of pink feathery handcuffs hanging off of one hand.

Barbara rolled her eyes, cracking a smile. "Is Roy still here or has he left already?" she asked. She walked into the room, grabbing Jason's hands and pulling him towards the bed.

"How did you know?!" he exclaimed. When Barbara attempted to lay him down on the mattress, he grabbed her hips (perhaps not as smoothly as he'd intended, but still remarkably so for being this drunk) and pushed her down beneath him.

He crammed his lips against hers so forcefully that she couldn't stifle the groan. But she came to her senses, knowing Jason would be mad at her later if she had sex with him. He always said he would rather fuck her sober so that he could remember how great it was the next day. And she never knew whether to be flattered or insulted or embarrassed. But right now, he was making it dangerously close to shattering her will because, even drunk, Jason Todd was good with his hands.

She pushed against his chest, easily rolling his body off of her and onto the bed next to her. "Jason, you need to go to sleep." She said, standing up once more.

Shaking his head furiously, he developed a pout face and looked at her with the saddest eyes. "Barbara, will you please have sex with me?" he slurred. She laughed slightly, pushing down on his chest so as to lift herself off the bed.

Now standing next to his drunken body, Barbara began tucking him in like he was a five year old. She tightened the sheets around his sides so escape would be slightly more difficult for him, especially drunk. "Ask me when you're sober, Red." She murmured when she leaned down to kiss his forehead. "Get some sleep so the hangover won't be that bad." And she left.

********************************LINE BREAKER!********************************

I'm alive. And I'm sorry it took so long to update, but I've been experiencing serious writer's block. :/ sorry guys. I'll try to have the next chapter up eventually.