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A/N: I have wanted to do an AU with Kanda and Allen in High School – even though I know this has been done many times. I do tend to write for my own pleasure, so here it is and hopefully I'll like it. This is rated M just to cover my butt in future chapters.

Rhythm of Life

Chapter One

Long flowing deep blue drapes suspend from the ceiling by a plain aluminum rod, now dulled from countless times the curtains had been whisked around the semicircular pole. The drapes, when fully spread across the rod, surround the raisers in the music room at Black Central High School.

Today, they are drawn open leaving a mass of drapery hanging at the end of the rod hiding the entry door. In back of the raisers with the drapes open, the wall revealed large tall windows which let in limpid light that filled the room.

An array of solid black tilting music stands sat in front of white plastic foldout chairs in groups on the raisers. Off to the side of the instructor's black metal desk stood a glossy white upright Baldwin piano, the same one Allen Walker used to practice on.

By the piano, a lone female student sat playing the end of a musical arrangement written by her. The mellifluousness of her clarinet lingered sweetly in the air, holding the last note as it gradually decreased in tone, subsided lightly, softly, until there was no sound.

The class was silent with peaceful expressions on their faces, appearing as if they still heard those last notes vibrating in their ears. Awakened from their tranquil state, her classmate's gave a loud round of applause for the student's brilliant performance. The school bell rang for the next class.

Luckily, with the end of class, Allen Walker won't have to play his partially written piano score until tomorrow. He'd been quietly searching through a pile of sheet music looking for the one he was to play next. Not being able to find the score agitated him, but he had to get to his next class. Quickly, he grabbed his sheets of music and his knapsack, and stumbled down the raisers. Gaining his footing, he hurried out the door.

Allen scurried down the hallway rummaging through his knapsack, "I know I brought that musical score with me …" Allen muttered to himself. Not looking where he's going, he carelessly rounded the corner in the hallway.

Thud … Kanda and Allen collided at the corner, papers flying into the air. An observer would have thought the encounter comical, but Kanda found nothing entertaining about it.

"You damn idiot! Watch where you're going. Of course … it had to be you Moyashi. Who else wouldn't be looking where they're going? Thank goodness I only have this year to put up with you," Kanda snarled as he kneeled down grabbing at his papers.

"Me? You weren't looking where you were going! And my name is Allen; Allen, Allen, Allen! Can you get that through your thick skull before you graduate you big dumbass!"quipped Allen, also on his knees grabbing at his papers.

"At least next year will be a quieter year, jerk, without you around harassing me!" snapped Allen.

"Well we finally agree upon something," Kanda retorted, annoyed having run into the white-hair brat.

"Now I'll be late for my class," Allen added quickly as he finished picking up his papers and started to walk away.

"Well, you've done the same for me too, you moron," Kanda growled, as he got up to leave as well.

They started heading in the same direction, both glancing and frowning at the other as they walked along side by side. When they reached the door to the art room both grabbed the door handle at the same time, hands brushed together. Startled by the contact they both withdraw their hands quickly and they scowled at each other.

"Don't tell me, you have Art class right now?" Allen asked leerily.

"Yes I do, as a matter of fact. I suppose you have Art class now too," Kanda said, raising an eyebrow, hoping Allen's here only to see the instructor.

"Oh great, we have a class together …" groaned Allen as he opened the door to enter.

"Doesn't make me any happier," Kanda shot back as he followed Allen through the door.

Students were standing around chit-chatting when they entered the classroom. A familiar voice, that of their red-headed friend, Lavi shouted over to them, "Hey, Kanda … Allen … over here."

Leave it to Lavi, always being the one full of enthusiasm and happiness upon seeing his two best friends. Of course, Kanda couldn't prevent himself from scowling at Lavi. He's not happy he's going to be in the same class with him as well as the dipshit Moyashi.

"Great, now I have two dimwits in my class to deal with," mutters Kanda to himself. Arms crossed in front of him he rolled his eyes.

"Lavi, why are you taking an Art class?" asked Allen, knowing Lavi wasn't a big fan of art and trying to break the ice with Kanda.

"I need the extra credits to graduate in the spring. I was dreading coming to this class, but now that you two are here … well it'll be fun. By the looks on your faces when you two had walked into the classroom, it might be a good thing I'm here. Who else would break up your fights," Lavi laughed.

One thing about Lavi is it's rare to find him in a down mood. He seems to be either smiling or laughing and doesn't let much get in his way from enjoying life. Naturally, he's right about having him around, one thing never fails: when Kanda and Allen are in the same room, some sort of verbal or physical fight breaks out.

The instructor entered the classroom, greeting students as he headed to the front of the room. Attempting to bring the class to order he cleared his throat. "Welcome back to a new school year. We have many projects ahead of us," said the instructor, as he glanced around the classroom.

"Some of which are extra projects this class will be working on. One is making all the scenery and props for the school plays. We also will assist with the decorating for the Prom in the spring. The first event coming up is the Halloween party for the community and as soon as I have the details, we'll get working on the plans for that event. Any questions so far?" The instructor looked around the room again and saw there were no questions and continued on.

"Well then. Let's go over your first project. What I want from all of you is to come up with an idea for an object you would like to draw. When your drawing is complete, you'll transfer it onto a canvas to be painted.

Open your minds and be creative. This could be a design that inspires you, a landscape of a favorite place, portrait of your favorite person, pet, or animal. Pick something which appeals to you, of course within reason." The students chuckled at his last comment and the instructor smiled.

"During class time I will be giving one-on-one assistance. If you need more time I'll be in this classroom until 4:30 PM every day. Students are welcome to come into the studio to work on their projects until 6:00 PM. For those of you who feel you can accomplish this without direct assistance you may work on it at home.

I want you to come up with something involving detail and thought. It doesn't have to be a perfect piece of art, but I expect it to show some creativity. Your paintings will be due for display on parent's night held here on Friday, October 5th, which is in four weeks.

The final grade is determined by creativity of the piece, but most importantly, displaying what you've accomplished. If you finish a piece but will not display it, it's an automatic 'F'. The purpose of this assignment is for you to take your art project from start to finish. By finish, I mean ready to display your art work.

Are there any question? You're always welcomed to come see me anytime if you do. Alright then, for the rest of the class period let's get thinking – you're allowed to talk with your fellow classmates to help come up with ideas," the instructor concluded.

"Kanda, this should be a piece of cake for you with your foster father being an artist and all," Lavi said, poking fun at his friend with a grin on his face.

"Just because he can draw doesn't mean I can, stupid," Kanda replied stiffly. 'Damn rabbit annoys the hell out of me,' thought Kanda.

"Allen, what do you think you want to draw?" Lavi asked, ignoring Kanda's remark.

"I'm not sure, it's been awhile since I've done any drawing, except for doodling," Allen said in an absent minded manner.

'Hum … I'd love to try a portrait of Kanda, but that may be out of the question. I'm not even sure if I have the skill to take on something like that,' Allen thought as he mulled over the prospect in his mind as he studied Kanda's face.

"Well idiot I don't think he meant stick figures like the cavemen drew and what the hell are you looking at, moron?" Kanda snapped, with a scowl on his face, his deep blue eyes narrowing on Allen.

"Nothing in particular," Allen said, his face flushing slightly. The harsh response from Kanda had brought him out of his lucid dream and back to reality.

Allen continued his interrupted dance of thoughts about Kanda. He began to slip into that hazy state of consciousness when all else in the world seemed irrelevant. 'What kind of face would I draw anyway? His normal features are scowls and frowns. His most pleasant face, if it can be called that, is when he's reading. He does have other faces though. There's the one when he's in a competition or chasing after someone he's angry at, which, of course, is usually me,' Allen pondered, thinking none of those expressions would work.

Suddenly, Lavi pushed back his chair and got up, stretching his arms. "Well, I'll leave you two alone to figure out what it is you want to do. Two heads are better than three!" Lavi then went off to talk with other students and hear what ideas they might have, which left Kanda and Allen sitting beside each other quietly.

"What kind of stupid logic is that? 'Two heads are better than three.' Where does he get this stuff? Seriously? Fuck, I'm surrounded by idiots!" spat Kanda.

In an attempt to rectify Kanda's volatile mood Allen gently asked, "Kanda, do you have any ideas what you want to draw?"

"No idiot, I don't … I don't even want to be in this class," Kanda said, sitting with his arms crossed in front of his chest with a scowl on his face.

"Oh … I didn't realize you didn't want to take this class," Allen said, casting his eyes downward, his finger tracing the words on the book in front of him. 'Why do I feel let down about the reason he took this class?' pondered Allen.

Kanda glanced over at Allen, 'the kid almost looks disappointed in my comment. Why would he care whether or not I wanted to take this class? Che, why does he have to look so damn cute sitting there? Damnit, this is going to be a long year if I start thinking like this again. It was hard enough this summer to keep my distance from him.'

Kanda thought back over the summer months they all had spent together on the beach. He remembered he couldn't keep his eyes from drifting to steal a look at Allen. When the breeze had whipped Allen's shirt open, he couldn't help notice how firm and strong his chest muscles had gotten.

Then, there had been times when he stood too close to Allen and inhaled his scent, wanting to touch him, to put his arm around his shoulders, but had stopped himself. He didn't really know why, he just did.

Countless times their hands had brushed against one another until one time they had the courage to finally look at each other and both felt something spark inside of them, but neither had taken those feelings any further.

One cool night, in the middle of summer, they had built a bon fire on the beach. Kanda had been seated slightly across from Allen gazing into the flames – his eyes glanced over at Allen. For whatever reason, at that moment, he'd been enthralled by Allen. The flames made his face glow in the darkness and his hair tousle about from the ocean breeze which gave him a sensuous look.

Allen's shirt had opened and exposed his strong chest muscle which led his eyes down to his abdomen and further. His jeans had hung low on his hips revealing skin below his belly button and a little further. Kanda had found himself undressing Allen in his mind, unzipping those low hung pants, wanting to remove them from his body.

Allen stood up laughing at a comment Lavi had made and handed him another open soda. His eyes strayed over to Kanda tears wetted his eyes and sparkled because he had laughed so hard. Beautiful silver eyes shone his face bright and he wore the most breath taking smile he'd only seen once before.

His eyes had locked with Kanda's and suddenly they'd been swept up into their own small world. Kanda had wanted to get up, go over there, and pull him into an embrace to kiss him. That night there had been no doubt in Kanda's mind he'd received those same signals from Allen.

Their night had been shattered when Cross, Allen's guardian, had crashed their little party, breaking the connection between them. Drunk, Cross had become physically rough with Allen. His head turned quickly towards Kanda when he had made an attempt to move to protect Allen – Cross's intense, fevered glare had stopped Kanda in his tracks.

His dark glossy eyes had narrowed dangerously, a silent warning to Kanda to stay away from Allen. So since that night, Kanda had decided he would keep his distance from Allen. He had closed off whatever feelings he'd developed for him.

The class bell rang waking Kanda out of his day dreaming of Allen. Lavi rushed over, "you guys ready to go to lunch, Lenalee said she'd meet us there."

"Sure," Kanda said unexcited and grabbed his books, ready to get out of this classroom. It's too close quarters for him with Allen in the room.

"Yeah, I'm ready and I'm starving," Allen said with a smile.

Lavi looked between Kanda and Allen. 'I have a feeling about these two, but I think I'll just sit back to see what happens. There had been some serious vibes going on between them this summer, that's for sure.'

Once they were at the cafeteria, Lenalee waved them over to the table she'd been saving, "Hi gorgeous," Lavi winked at Lenalee and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

The two had been dating since summer and it didn't look like they'd break up anytime soon. Since then, neither Allen nor Kanda had done much with them. They enjoyed doing things on their own.

Kanda and Allen gave their greetings as well as. Allen placed his books down on the table and hurried off to the food line. 'I've never meet anyone who's starving all the time like that kid. He's always in a hurry to go eat,' Kanda thought as he slowly walked behind him.

Allen picked out as much food as his plate and tray could hold and headed back to the table. He started in immediately gorging himself with food.

Kanda walked up to the table, "You're disgusting Moyashi. Didn't Cross teach you any table manners?" he said, then walked further down the table so he wouldn't have to look at Allen eating.

This didn't bother Allen. When he's starving nothing bothered him or got in his way when food was in front of him. A growing boy needed to fill his stomach. He finished eating, took a deep breath and sighed over how wonderful the food had tasted and how full he felt.

"Are you sure you had enough to eat Moyashi?" Kanda asked sarcastically, glaring down the table at him.

"Yes plenty, thank you," Allen nipped back, returning the glare.

"One never knows if you'll go back for seconds," Kanda sneered.

"Wow, how time flies … we better get going Kanda, or we'll be late for class," Lavi interjected, hoping to break the cycle before Kanda and Allen got into a verbal fight.

"Right, let's get out of here," Kanda muttered and grabbed his books off the table to leave with Lavi.

Allen watched as Kanda picked up his books. Some papers had fallen out of his notebook and without really looking at them Kanda scooped them up in one hand and turned around to leave.

"Wait a minute Kanda," Allen said, sounding a little too demanding. Kanda turned around to see what the little dipshit wanted and saw Allen quickly coming around the table heading directly at him.

"You have my sheet music in your notebook. I've been searching for that all morning! Give it back to me you asshole," Allen snapped, accusing Kanda of thief.

"What the fuck … Are you accusing me of stealing your fucking sheet music? Why you whining little bastard," Kanda snarled, his eyes turned black with anger.

"Yeah, I'm accusing you of stealing, you jackass," Allen said, standing his ground, his eyes flashed with as much anger as Kanda's.

"Okay, you two, lets settle this like the gentleman you are," Lavi said, stepping in to defuse the situation at hand.

"Stay the fuck out of this Lavi," they both said, turning to look at him, eyes ablaze with anger.

"I'm not kidding! Kanda, Allen, I mean it. We're at school, in public, and you two need to cool down. Now Kanda, give Allen back his sheet music," Lavi commanded as he stared at Kanda. He knew he's taking his chances of having Kanda's fist down his throat.

"Kanda, just give me my sheet music back," Allen demanded again, with equally glaring eyes.

"Like you can play the piano, twinkle-tips," Kanda sneered, insulting Allen.

Allen and Kanda stood face to face, close enough Allen felt the heat that radiated off him, he was so mad. The glare in Kanda's eyes would have cowed down anyone else, but not Allen. Kanda fought to control himself, pulled out the sheet music papers, and shoved them in Allen's face letting them drop to the floor, he turned to leave.

"You could've handed them to me, jerk, instead of dropping them on the floor!" Allen muttered.

Kanda stopped in his tracks and slightly turned to look back at Allen on the floor picking up his papers. "Did it ever occur to you, moron, I might have gotten those damn papers when you walked into me this morning and our papers went flying through the air?" Kanda growled back at Allen.

Kanda turned back and strolled out of the cafeteria with his head held high and Allen kneeling on the floor. A blush came to his face when he realized Kanda's probably right. 'True, how or why would Kanda want my sheet music, he hates me.'

Allen stood up and brought his papers back to the table to gather his things. He looked up staring where Kanda had walked out of the cafeteria doors, feeling like an ass and sighed, "What did I ever do to him, to make him hate me so much?" Allen muttered to himself, but Lenalee had over heard him.

"Allen, you haven't done anything to have Kanda hate you. For some reason you've been the only person, I've seen, who has ever brought out his hidden emotions, not even Alma could do that. You bring them to the surface so he has to deal with them. Kanda's never liked dealing with his or anyone else's emotions," Lenalee explained to Allen.

"Well, he seems to bring out the worse in me," Allen uttered to himself.

To be continued …