A/N: This is going to take place before the movie, but will veer drastically away from the original movie storyline. I'll make references to the book series, so I recommend reading them to fully understand this story. This first chapter is short, but it's only because I wanted to get it up and ready for everyone to read. And it's because the second chapter will be intense, and I needed this cliffhanger to make the intensity work.

Burgess. The very place where Jack Frost began, and Jackson Overland ended. Of course, end is such a terrible word. Because to Jack, the person he was, made the person he is. So in a sense, Jackson Overland, never really ended. He simply became greater.

It was here in this town that Jack spent most of his time frosting windows, freezing water ponds, and giving the children snow days. But most of all, Burgess was home.

Laughter rang out through the park as snowball after snowball flew through the cold, winter air as young children played a game that Jack started. Of course, no one ever saw him. Because everyone knew that Jack Frost was just an expression, not a real being who caused the snow-days a and winter. So with a dejected sigh, the winter spirit turned around, catching the wind and flying off.

Pitch was having a lovely time, planning his nightmares for children, dark, frightening, beautiful nightmares. After all, it was what the Boogeyman did best, you know. He was marvelous at spreading fear and terror wherever he went. He made children's nights filled with tossing and turning, kicking and screaming. But most of all, he made them believe in Pitch Black.

In the middle of sending his fearlings off into the night to disturb the hope and peace in the lives of children all over the world, Pitch hummed a ghastly tune. The man was quite content with his latest work, until a sudden blast of cold air froze his black sand in its place.

The dark spirit whirled around, before letting out a deep, dark chuckle at the sight. "Jack. Jack Frost? What brings you here? Had enough of being ignored by everyone on the planet?"

An annoyed growl left Jack's pale lips as he pointed his staff at Pitch. "What would you know about that? All you do is sit cooped up in this.. this hole in the ground, waiting for a chance to strike at every child in the world. Do you really think you know anything?" The frost spirit was angry. He was tired of the guardians ignoring him, treating him like some child who had disappointed a parent. He vowed to make them notice. Make them see that Jack Frost was capable of earning their respect. "You can't do anything Pitch. You're too weak. You don't stand a chance against me."

And in Jack's mind, the grey skinned man didn't stand a chance. He had heard how the guardians had defeated Pitch. He had heard how they destroyed everything Pitch worked for so badly, that the evil of the world had all but completely disappeared from the world, and Pitch was left unseen and in hiding for centuries after.

"I'm stronger than you. And if I defeat you, I'll.." He began, before the other man interrupted him.

"You'll what?" Pitch sneered, "be believed in? Be accepted? Listen Frost, you'll never be accepted. Not by them. You see, they've become so arrogant and power hungry, that they can't see past their own noses." He took a step forward, black robes billowing out behind him with each step. "I believe in you. I accept you. Isn't that enough?"

Jack gripped his wooden staff tighter in his pale hands, glaring indignantly at Pitch. He wasn't going to give in to this speech. He'd heard it so many times, he could quote it word for word. There was nothing that could make him believe a word the "Boogeyman" said to him. Nothing at all.

"Children will believe in you. Adults will believe in you. Why, the entire world will believe in Jack Frost. Isn't that what you want? To be believed in?"

A wince left the winter spirit's lips. Pitch was using his biggest weakness against him. Jack had spent three-hundred years trying to get someone, anyone, to see him. But he'd be damned if he let this monster trick him. With a yell, Jack shot a blast of frost in Pitch's direction.

"Now now Jack, lets not be feisty." The dark, velvety voice came from behind, making the boy whirl around, only to spot a fleeting glimpse of the elder's shadow.

"Show yourself, coward! Fight me like a man." Jack shouted, voice bouncing off the cold stone walls. He clutched his staff, looking in every direction for a sign of the nightmare king. But there was nothing. Nothing but eerie laughter that seemed to seep into Jack's blood.

"You first."