prompt 7: the deep end

Ebisu-sensei was exactly the way Sasuke remembered him. Uptight, rigid, glasses firmly in place on his face but unable to conceal any of the frown wrinkles around his mouth. From what Sasuke could recall, he was very well-respected among the shinobi instructors, and young Academy students were lucky to have him for a teacher.

"Uchiha-san," said Ebisu-sensei politely, standing when Sasuke entered the room, arms crossed over his chest. He inclined his head in greeting. "I regret that we have to meet under such unpleasant circumstances."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed.

"Won't you please have a seat."

Sasuke remained standing. This might very well be Ebisu-sensei's classroom, but like hell would Sasuke relinquish control of the conversation for even a moment. He hadn't been this angry in a very long time, and if he needed to reach for his sword, he wanted to make sure it was handy.

"Cut to the chase," he growled. "Why am I here."

Ebisu-sensei didn't flinch at the police captain's infamous temper, but Sasuke was well-trained, and caught the slight flex in the older man's jaw that showed his agitation.

"As your wife must have told you by now," he began, taking a seat behind his desk and surveying Sasuke's towering figure from behind his black glasses, "I've called you here to discuss your daughter's…behavioral problems."

"Behavioral problems," Sasuke echoed quietly.

"She's causing quite a bit of mischief among her peers," Ebisu-sensei explained, pulling a folder out from the bottom drawer of his desk. "For example, last Tuesday, she spent the duration of target practice fashioning dolls out of kunai. She's easily distracted, often reading ahead in her scrolls during lectures. She's got her head in the clouds, that one. She's a dreamer. Given her impressive lineage, I would have expected her to show greater focus in her kunoichi training, but her priorities seem to be playing with the other children and memorizing chapters of the text we haven't yet begun to examine. And without immediate behavioral correction, she's shaping up to become a…"

"Excuse me?" a vicious, feminine voice snarled from the doorway. Sasuke would have smirked, if he wasn't so furious; it would seem that Ebisu-sensei had far more to fear than merely his own righteous rage.

"U-Uchiha-san," stammered the teacher, scrambling to his feet immediately in the presence of a (terrifying) woman. Uchiha Sakura stormed inside the classroom, green eyes blazing, pretty lips curled into a sneer. Despite her slim build and short stature, she was easily the scariest thing in the universe when angered. And Ebisu-sensei had chosen quite the wrong moment to insult their daughter.

"Sorry I'm late," she ground out. "Emergency at the hospital. But it seems I came just in time…what the hell do you think you're saying about our daughter?"

"Well, if you…I mean…you see, Uchiha-san, if you'd read my disciplinary review for Mikoto-chan, you would have seen that…"

"That what?" Sakura snapped, coming to stand beside her husband, the energy in the air around her charged and almost crackling. "That she's a lovely, intelligent, caring five-year-old child behaving as all five-year-old children act?"

Ebisu-sensei nervously rubbed the back of his neck, keeping his covered eyes locked on Sakura's infamous fists. Sasuke actually did smirk that time. When her anger wasn't directed onto him, it was sometimes rewarding to watch her go off the deep end. Like a terrifying mother hen guarding her chicks.

"Er…well you see, the circumstances surrounding such a…a special child with so much promise, like Mikoto-chan, we simply expect…well…rather more. And she is very…"

"Perfect," Sasuke said softly, injecting as much malice as he possibly could into his eyes without activating his Sharingan. Because that was exactly what Mikoto-chan was: flawless. And the sooner her asshole teacher acknowledged it, the better.

"Our daughter may be easily distracted," Sakura snapped, "because she's bored with the curriculum. Perhaps it's her teacher that doesn't recognize a gifted child when he sees one, but she is miles ahead of the other students by now, and growing restless with the slow pace other students require. And if she's a dreamer? Then we must've done something right by her because frankly, I don't ever want to meet a five-year-old that doesn't dream. Now unless you want an up-close demonstration of what Mikoto-chan will be capable of in a few short years," here, she cracked her knuckles ominously, and Sasuke's smirk widened, "you'll take that disciplinary report, tear it to shreds, burn the pieces, and attempt to teach Mikoto-chan something worthwhile or rest assured, we'll find someone else who will!"

"Can you believe the nerve of that asshole?" Sakura hissed on the walk home.

Sasuke grunted in agreement, trying to conceal his pleasure at the way his wife had handled business; he kept a close eye on his daughter, skipping ahead of her parents and singing a tuneless song. She was tiny for her age, which was to be expected; Sakura barely cleared five feet at 26 years old, and he'd been a shrimp when he was Mikoto-chan's age, too.

"Anyone who looks twice at Mikoto-chan knows she's special," Sakura huffed. "She's not being challenged by Ebisu-sensei. And he thinks that because she's so distracted from her schoolwork, she's not working up to her full potential. Bastard. Bastard. I should teach that prick a lesson."

Picturing the splinters she'd left of the pompous educator's desk, it was impossible to suppress a chucle.

"I think you already did, babe," he said dryly, grinning as he draped an arm around Sakura's slim shoulders. She looked up at him and her face broke into a smile, followed by a girlish giggle.

Everyone always assumed that of the small Uchiha family, it was police captain Sasuke who was to be feared; but times like these, he was glad he'd married the village psychopath.

Sometimes it paid to have a wife who was even crazier than he was.

note.. day seven, complete. i like the idea of sasuke being obnoxiously protective of his kids, i can't see him being anything but. and of course sakura will take no one's shit ever, not when their kid's involved.

hope you enjoyed!

xoxo daisy