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Chapter 1 –

"A Mission"

Kakashi Hatake slammed his hands on the desk—to be more specific, the Hokage's desk.

"You want me to do what?" He snarled.

Tsunadewas mildly surprised. She had never seen Hatake question her authority or a mission before. He was the most elite of all the shinobi in the village and typically acted like it. He would come into her office, she would hand him a scroll, explain a few things, and he would be on his way, doing what he was best at—killing. So the fact that he had dented the wood on her favorite desk was not exactly a thrilling thing.

"Can you not read, Kakashi? I want you to go on this mission—with Sakura." She snapped, arching a slim brow, as if daring him to question her again.

Kakashi re-read the scroll, even though he had already memorized the mission. He shook his head—it made no damn sense.

He looked up, his one visible eye a stormy grey orb. His face was set in a scowl and even though he was wearing a mask, it was obvious he was not happy.

"She isn't ready," He decided, "You need someone more experienced. Sakura is a child." Despite the fact that his former student was nineteen years old and a well-respected ninja in the village, he still saw her as the thirteen year-old girl who found boys more interesting than how to use a five-pointed shuriken.

Tsunade rolled her eyes. Did he think she was stupid?

The Tsuchikage had sent her an emergency request earlier in the day. He needed a kunoichi between the ages of 16 and 22 to fulfill the mission. If only Anko was slightly younger, she would've sent the snake woman instantly. Nobody else was available—the second choice, Ino Yamanaka was on a week-long mission and the Tsuchikage had expressed that he needed the mission done as quickly as possible.

Kakashi ran a hand through his tousled hair, frustrated beyond belief. He idly wondered if he was acting like this because he was like a parent to her or if it was something else.

He knew she was right, of course. Sakura was her star pupil and one of the village's most treasured medics; she would really have to be the last option. But there was no way he could go with his former student on a mission like this. And there was absolutely no way in hell he could teach her how to—

The jounin's thoughts were abruptly cut off at a soft knock on the door.

Tsunade threw him a warning glance before saying, "Come in."

The door squeaked open and a pink head peeked in. Jade eyes blinked curiously before the girl walked in and shut the door behind her. Kakashi grimaced. She was much too innocent. He couldn't see himself instructing her how to be dirty or doing anything even remotely sexual. She was like clean, untouched, fresh-fallen snow. She didn't need his corruption tainting her and she certainly did not need this mission.

After politely greeting her shishou, Sakura Haruno turned to her former sensei.

"Kakashi-sensei?" She asked, obviously confused.

He managed a strangled eye-smile and fought down the urge to ruffle her hair like he used to when she was thirteen. After this mission, there was no way he would be able to see her as he used to.

Sakura was wearing a red sleeveless high-collar shirt, a surgical mask pulled down to her neck, and her navy skirt was dotted with blood. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and as she walked closer, Kakashi could pick up the suffocating antiseptic perfume that came with working in the hospital.

She had been cooped up in the hospital for months now. How long had it been since she had been on a mission? Could she still fight? Better yet, how long had it been since they had been on a mission together?

Tsunade cleared her throat.

"Sakura," she began, "I called you here for a mission—with Kakashi. Since you've worked together before, this should be no problem." Sakura nodded. Of course; their teamwork would be slightly rusty, but they could still probably coordinate well. She furrowed her brows—though it was strange that nobody had mentioned what the mission would entail yet.

Tsunade paused and took a breath. No, she was not sending her most talented student out to die. This was the harsh reality of what many kunoichi had to do with their ninja lives—sell their bodies for information.

"Sakura, you will be posing as a stripper on this mission."

Tsunade had said it so nonchalantly that she almost didn't catch it. The room was as quiet as a graveyard as the words sunk in. Sakura froze. Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. She was kidding, right? A stripper? She almost scoffed. Her on a pole? Trying to be sexy and whatnot?

"Um, excuse me?"

Tsunade paused, not quite sure what to say. Fortunately, Kakashi filled her in.

"There have been a series of killings in Iwagakure, to be more precise, the murders of prostitutes and strippers. The killer has been dubbed Jack the Ripper," Kakashi explained, "The Tsuchikage has lost three kunoichi already on the mission which is why he has requested Konoha's help. You will pose as a stripper and I will be there to help you by acting as a regular customer…" He paused and his gaze shifted, "The journey takes three days and in that time, I will be instructing you on how to act as an exotic dancer. This will be a completely professional mission, Sakura." It almost seemed like he said the last sentence for himself.

The fact that he said "exotic dancer" was enough to make her cringe. She couldn't understand half the words he had just said and her shock was apparent on her face.

Tsunade's eyes honey eyes darkened to amber. "Sakura, the poll dancing will be the easy part; the real way to get information is to…well, frankly speaking, sex."

If she had thought that wearing a G-string in front of a crowd of people was bad, this was only about a thousand times worse. Sex? With some rough, careless stranger? Someone who would use her for their own personal pleasure, throw a few bills down, and leave.

The Hokage steeled her gaze, "Sakura, I know that you will be competing in the Jounin Exams in the upcoming fall. You should know that kunoichi are required to do a covert mission like this before they are allowed to become Jounin so I highly suggest that you not back out. Also, Kakashi will be there to…teach you the things that you will need to do. He's done this before."

She had failed last year, only because she had refused to work undercover at a brothel. Ino had taken her position and Ino had the title of Jounin now.

Of course, the copy-nin was famous not only for this sharingan eye but also for his promiscuous ways. The fact that he was such a well-known shinobi, plus his mysterious ways had women jumping off of bridges for a night with him. There was a reason he was always late to their team meetings. She wouldn't deny that he was attractive, but he was her sensei. There had to be some kind of boundary.

Sakura had to hold onto the desk to keep from toppling over. She knew that ninjas, especially kunoichi, had to do disgusting things for their countries. She knew that most ninjas her age had already done it. Like Ino for example, Ino was suited for this type of mission with her giant chest and sultry eyes, Ino who could pick up guys from bars with a bat of her eyelashes whereas Sakura went home alone every time.

The pink haired girl felt like screaming. She'd never even…done it before. She was still chaste and pure. She had saved herself for a certain Uchiha, on the childish hopes that he would come back to Konoha and sweep her off her feet.

How stupid she had been.

And Kakashi? Her sensei? The man had done more than teach her how to throw a kunai—he was like her second father! And he was going to be teaching her? Teaching her what, exactly? With all the perverted books he always had his nose in, she shuddered to find out.

But she wanted to be a jounin so bad. To be able to command her own platoon of medical ninjas, to travel to other countries and do clinical trials...her dreams were based on her passing the Jounin exam. She grit her teeth. She had to do this.

Tsunade briefly explained more details on the mission and the fact that they were to leave the following morning for the three-day journey.

The second she was done, Sakura grabbed the scroll, bowed, and left the room.

Kakashi watched her go.

Kakashi opened his eyes lazily. There was an urgent knockingg on his door. Was the village under attack or something? He stifled a yawn and glanced at his dusty alarm clock, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

2:33 AM.

He groaned. So much for a good night's sleep. Grumbling softly, he rolled out of bed, forgoing his headband and also a shirt, before sauntering to the door.

Pulling it open, he was not surprised to see a girl. However, he was surprised to see his pink-haired student.


She had no idea what possessed her to walk all the way across town to her sensei's house. She just knew that she needed to tell him. So, in the dead of night, after thinking for hours, she realized that she needed to get rid of her little liability.

And after meandering around for half an hour, she wound up at his house, and before she knew it, she was knocking on his door.

The door groaned opened and Sakura blinked in astonishment. She hardly registered the fact that he said her name.

Kakashi was leaning against the doorframe. His hair was more disheveled than it usually was and the fact that he wasn't wearing his headband left his bangs in disarray over his forehead. Mismatched eyes peered at her curiously. But what really caught her guard was his shirt—or lack thereof. She had known that her teacher was fairly muscular, almost all shinobi were. But she had never seen him half-naked before. He wasn't wearing a shirt and from years of rigorous training, he looked like a Greek god, all lean and toned muscle. Wait—oh lord, he had a six pack! Inner Sakura squealed with delight. She caught herself blushing and mentally cursed herself. For goodness sakes! She was a medic and she'd seen an abdomen before. She repeated that mantra in her head as she focused on her sensei's face. His asymmetrical gaze was piercing and she immediately shifted her attention to the ground.

"Um, can I come in?" She squeaked.

"Of course." He said. It made sense for her to be scared for the mission and to turn to her teacher for help. He would talk her down before going back to sleep. No problem.

He led her to his kitchen and gestured for her to take a seat. She warily slid into a chair by his counter. To her surprise, his house was fairly neat. The sink had a couple dishes in it, but despite this, everything seemed to be neat—untouched almost. He was probably almost never home anyways.

"Want anything to drink?" He asked casually.

She sat up straighter in her chair. "You have any sake?"

He coughed to hide his surprise. Again, he kept seeing her as a defenseless preteen. She was legal, in Konoha's standards, a year ago. He nodded and brought out two glasses.

Sakura shifted nervously in her seat. She really wished he would put a shirt on, but then she kind of wished her wouldn't. This is wrong, she told herself, but Inner Sakura was too busy doing backflips to notice.

Kakashi turned back to her and set the two glasses on the countertop. She quickly grabbed it and downed it in one gulp. He blinked in surprise, before filling her glass up again.

His quickly drank his when she wasn't looking, the alcohol burning down his throat.

They sat like that for a while, with her finishing off two, three, four more glasses and him drinking when she wasn't paying attention. When he was about to ask her what was wrong, she spoke.

"I'm a virgin."

He blinked in shock. He knew she was fairly innocent but she had never even had sex before? There was no way she could go on this mission. Kakashi looked at her. Her long pink hair flowed down her waist, not tied into the typical ponytail he was used to. She wore a thin strapped tank-top with tight shorts that showed off her small curves. He hadn't noticed when she just…grew up. He was also surprised that he found her pretty, but assured himself that it was probably because he hadn't had a female companion in a few weeks.

His throat felt dry.

"Sakura, you shouldn't—" He began, but she quickly cut him off.

"Sleep with me."

Her words stole the breath from him as his brain was bombarded with images that made him shudder. Long pink hair spread across his pillow, long silky legs wrapped around his waist, her head thrown back as he—suddenly, she wasn't the little thirteen year-old girl anymore. Suddenly, she was a wanton nineteen year-old woman. He struggled for the right words to say. I'm not going to deflower you for a mission? You don't know what you really want?

"You're drunk." He said finally.

Sakura shook her head, loose tendrils of pink flowing around her face. She needed to pass the Jounin Exam and this was the only way.

"I want you to have sex with me, sensei." She said, determination shining in her emerald orbs. She should've lost her virginity years ago, with her occupation, but she had stupidly refused the advances of every boy that held interest for her because she had been convinced that Sasuke would come back and fall head over heels for her. Well, she was ready now and Kakashi was somebody that she trusted. He was also fairly attractive and she knew that it would be like a one night stand—they would never speak of it again.

Kakashi knew that their relationship would never be back to normal if he did this.

But with the mission, your relationship would be different anyways.

He shook the thought away angrily. Sakura was just drunk and upset about the mission. She didn't actually want her first time to be with her sensei, who also happened to be thirteen years her senior.

Kakashi set a hand on her bare shoulder and looked into her eyes. Sakura found herself forgetting how to breathe, with the full force of his stormy gaze and sharingan eye on her.

"Sakura," he said gently, "You don't want this, trust me." His hand gripped her shoulder tighter.

"Kakashi-sensei, I need to do this before we reach Iwagakure. If I don't, I will screw up and my cover will be blown." She insisted. It was just a one-time thing and it was great, being all uncorrupted and all, but now, it was just holding her back.

"You don't know what you're asking." He was talking to her like a parent would, coaxing some naughty child away from jumping into a lion's den.

She bit her lip in frustration. Why couldn't he just understand? She did want this, so that she could be useful. She had been secluded in the hospital for months now; her last mission was a relatively easy C-ranked one that involved delivering a scroll. This was a challenging A-ranked mission and she was ready to prove herself as an able shinobi. She was going to convince him. She was going to prove to everybody that she could be a Jounin.

So she did what came natural, she ground against him.

Kakashi choked, his hand clutched her shoulder and unaware, he pulled her flush against him. She did it again, rocking her hips evenly against his, hard.

He looked at her and she bit her lip until it was a deep red.

He groaned.

"Sakura," he growled gruffly, "stop." He did not want to feel...like this, especially not from his former student.

Of course, she did it again.

"Sensei," she breathed against his ear, "Please."

She had once read in a medical journal, on how the reproductive system worked and she knew the scientific way to arouse a man. However, she had no idea where she learned how to grind against her teacher, but she knew that she liked it, being against his bare body. Maybe it was because she was slightly drunk and that gave her more courage. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter at that moment.

When she called him sensei, in such a breathy sigh, Kakashi almost lost it. It took all his resolve not to take her on his countertop right then and there.

He steeled himself with an iron will.

"No, Sakura."

Wasn't he known as the dark, primal animal? When had the tables been turned to his little innocent student as the seductress?

"It'll be completely professional." She assured him.

He ground his teeth. She was using his own words against him.

Sakura didn't know what the hell was wrong with her. She was quaking slightly. She didn't feel like her virginity was a prize—it was a burden. One that she was going to get rid of.

Kakashi considered the pros and cons. Well, there certainly were a lot of positives to gain. For one, Sakura wouldn't have to lose her virginity to some disgusting low-life scum and she would be more prepared. But was that worth compromising their student-teacher relationship? Their trust just for one night of passion?

He was at a serious fork in the road and Sakura was dragging him down the dark path.

She looked at him earnestly now. "Please."

Then she nibbled on his ear and he knew what he was going to do.

Bending down, he easily lifted her up to his chest, trailing masked kisses down her neck. She gasped. He walked quickly across the house until he reached his room. Carelessly, he set her down on his bed. She didn't even have enough time to look around before his lithe form was on her, over her, everywhere.

He was suffocating.

Kakashi kept his mask on; even though he was sure that the darkness would shield his face from her. He didn't plan on making this slow and sweet. He would show her just how rough those men would be and she would run away. He would save her, he would make her scream, crying to the Hokage, pleading for somebody else to take the mission. He would save her.

At least that's what he told himself.

Sakura fought for breath under him. Just seconds ago, he had been fine. Now, it was like he wanted to consume her. A wave of fear threatened to drown her but she fought it off. Kakashi was her sensei. She trusted him. He would be gentle.

Kakashi didn't kiss her, he didn't murmur reassuring phrases, he didn't even act like Kakashi.

He was acting like a cheap ass, getting a quick fix from her.

He yanked off her shorts and she realized she didn't want it anymore.

"Kakashi, stop."

He acted like he didn't hear her, and slid his hands up the flat planes of her stomach.

"Please, stop." Her voice was more urgent now, more desperate. With a sinking feeling in his gut, he still continued. His hands trailed even farther up until she was shaking. It took several moments for him to register that she was sobbing.

"Stop! Stop now, please!" She choked out.

She looked at him with red-rimmed eyes, pleading for mercy, and he finally backed down, not able to reach her eyes.

She backed away from him, like a wounded animal, her eyes flashing warily. She dressed quickly, pulling her shorts on. In a flash, she flung open his door and ran. She sprinted out of his house, breathing in the crisp night air and sobbing freely now.

He watched her run down the street until she was out of sight.

Then he pulled the bottle of sake to his lips and drained it, assuring himself over and over again that he had done the right thing.

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