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Chapter 7–

"Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

The first thing she noticed were the lights. They were too blinding, too obnoxious, too bright—when all she wanted to do was hide behind a comforting shadow and never ever have to walk out onto the platform.

She wasn't trained for this, trained to be stuck on a stage like some kind of sick entertainment; she was supposed to be a ninja, lurking, fighting, killing, but no, instead here she was, hung out like a piece of meat for hungry spectators and leering gazes.

Taking in a sharp breath of air, Sakura shuffled in her overwhelmingly lofty heels towards the pole, where the spot light was beaming, marking her very own personal guillotine.

Her execution.

The instant she appeared from the murky darkness the curtain casted, the voices bombarded her.

"Who is that?"

"Hey—where's Yuki?"

"Her hair…is that even real?"

Gritting her teeth and narrowing her eyes sharply, Sakura cast her gaze downwards, focusing on her feet so she didn't trip and fall. Her costume suddenly felt too heavy and stifling, like the sleeves were too long and the back dragged on the floor.

She had loved it at first but now…

The kimono felt like it was weighing her down.

Dragging her down to the bottom of the ocean, destined to drown and die a silent death in the watery gloom.

She needed to get back to the surface—but how?

Trembling fingers grasping the pole, Sakura managed a feeble mockery of a twirl and her face flamed as boo's roared their defiance in the crowd. Biting the inside of her cheek, Sakura tried to mimic one of the moves Ayame had used, wrapping her leg around the pole and bending backwards, but only ended up entangling her dangerously long kimono and almost falling.

The jeering in the horde became deafening.

Some men even began to leave the flooded crowd.

Oh god, she panicked, w-what do I do?

She knew she was too inexperienced to do this, she knew that she wasn't ready and now she was paying the price for it. Everybody could see that she wasn't a dancer and the mission might as well be declared as a disaster.

She failed.

Tears flooding her eyes, Sakura hung there limply, hating herself for being so weak, so unattractive, unable to ooze sex appeal like Aiko or Megumi.

Most of all, she hated herself for failing Kakashi.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her hips.

Almost screaming, Sakura turned around but there was nobody there.

"Sakura," a low voice susurrated, "It's me."

Blinking back the wetness in her eyes, Sakura gasped, "Kakashi-sensei?"

The pressure on her sides tightened their grip, affirming her question.

He spoke fast, trying to repair the damage she had already done.

"I'm using an invisibility jutsu. It won't last long, but I'll try to help you."

Nodding feebly, Sakura was guided by his warm hands, swaying in time to the music.

"Loosen up," he instructed as invisible fingers pulled back her kimono, dragging it down her pale shoulders, tracing her back and coming dangerously close to her ass. He parted the top of the kimono, leaving her breathless as his fingers brushed against the top of her cleavage.

By now, Sakura was shaking her hips in time to the music, slowly but surely gaining more confidence. She bit her lip, jade eyes sensual as she rocked in Kakashi's hands.

"Now grind against the pole."

She gasped and shook her head shyly. That was too scandalous and he was right there, touching her, watching her—it was all too much to handle.

"Dammit, Sakura," he hissed.

Then he grabbed her hips and thrust against her, pushing her flush against the pole.

"Kakashi-sensei!" She gasped but his only response was to do it again, eliciting a moan from her pouty lips. Gripping the pole firmly, the pink-head ground her backside against him, resulting in a barely suppressed groan from the older shinobi. She repeated the action and Kakashi's grip tightened on her.

"Good," he instructed, voice rugged and hoarse with desire, "Keep doing that. Now hook yourself around the pole and grind against it."

Courageously, Sakura wrapped herself around the rod and rocked herself against it, hissing as the cool metal grazed her heated skin. The silver-haired man, in turn, grabbed the top of the kimono before dragging it down, revealing so much more soft pale skin and leaving Sakura clad only in a black bra and thong, while he remained invisible the entire time.

The crowd's contemptuous sneering had now turned to incessant lustful calling and appreciation for the mysterious pink-haired girl. But Sakura didn't care what any of them thought. The only person, the only man whose opinion mattered, was currently behind her, thrusting his hips against her and guiding her slowly with his firm hands.

Gaining more and more confidence, Sakura twirled around the thin metal shaft, hooking her foot around it and bending backwards, reveling in the roar of the crowd, before sauntering away from the pole, dropping to her knees and crawling towards the many lecherous hands that reached for her.

Feeling a bit more courageous, perhaps because of the grey-eyed gaze boring into her back, Sakura slipped the strap from her bra down, reveling in the cries of joy from the crowd, almost revealing her chest completely, before quickly dragging the satin back over her shoulder, smirking at the sadness emanating from the club patrons.

Hungry fingers clasped bills of money as they hurriedly reached for the young, supple body, almost swarming each other like a horde of zombies, and using the cash as an excuse to defile touch Sakura's pale, smooth skin, sticking the green paper into her bra, her thong, anywhere they could reach.

Trying not to look disgusted, Sakura crawled backwards—much to the disappointment of the crowd—back to the pole. She expected large, roaming hands to guide her body into rapaciously lustful dances, but they were gone.

He was gone.

And up there, twirling around the pole, it felt empty again.


The young bartender cast a sympathetic gaze at the slumping silver-haired man, who was currently banging his head against the table.

Poor guy, he thought, must be having girl problems…

Quickly filling a glass full of bourbon, he slid it in front of the man, who looked up in surprise.

"Here," he said empathetically, "it's on the house."

Without looking at him, the tall man grasped the drink and downed it in one swoop.

Then he stood up and walked away, but just as he was preparing another drink, Hiroto could've sworn he saw the man literally disappear into the crowd, after he did some funky seals with his hands.


Kakashi had no idea what possessed him to drain half of his chakra on a jutsu and haul his ass up to the stage, just to grind against his pink-haired student.

He would like to say it was because his dear student was struggling, and that, as her teacher, he had to go up there and instruct her on all things sexy.

Yes, he had trouble believing that as well.

Or perhaps it was more like he couldn't keep his hands off of her, the second she walked onto the stage.

With the death of Yuki and the nervous, abrupt break all the girls took to meet backstage, all of the club's patrons were honestly confused. So when a new face, a strange, exotic beauty suddenly stepped out onto the front stage of Forced Into Love, everybody's attention was focused on her.

She looked absolutely beautiful, to the point where he literally stopped breathing at the sight of her.

Her thick, luscious locks were burled and spiraled down her back like a flurry of cherry blossoms and though he wasn't too fond of the make-up that was slathered across her pale face, she was still stunning.

And then his gaze traveled a bit farther down.

She was wearing a kimono.

It was pale pink and sea-foam green, with intricate designs of crashing waves. It was much too provocative to be an actual kimono, but that was what made it so much more appealing. Instead of layers and layers of thick silk, it was just the thick outer-part. And it was short, revealing long, creamy legs, toned from years and years of ninja training. The collar of the dress was open, showing her small chest and slim shoulders perfectly. The ensemble looked like it would fall off of the delicate-looking girl, were it not for the large bow keeping everything tied together.

She was gorgeous.

And he wasn't the only one who thought so.

The lecherous comments he heard, directed at Sakura, made him grit his teeth and it took every single ounce of bloody self-control he had to not burn the entire building down.

Those comments immediately stopped when everybody realized that Sakura was…awkward.

Really awkward.

She was fumbling with her limbs and the talent she displayed while privately practicing with Aiko and Hana seemed to evaporate and suddenly, she was his student again, struggling with a simple jutsu.

So, with the help of some liquid courage from the nice bartender, Kakashi strode up to the stage.

That was when he started regretting everything.

After calming her down, Kakashi grasped her slender hips and began rocking against her, slowly, trying to get her to loosen up. It was fortunate that she did, or else the mission might've been compromised right then and there.

And then he started grinding against her.

He wasn't really sure what he was thinking—he probably wasn't thinking at all, but it seemed like a good idea.

She started grinding against his steady thrusts, whimpering, and all too soon, his pants became too tight, his breathing too rugged, and he knew he had made a mistake.

They were basically fucking with clothes on, right in front of everybody.

Well, not that they could see him.

And Kakashi swore that there was never a prouder moment than when she crawled, like a vixen, towards the crowd, plunging right into the horde of greedy fingers.

But there was never a more jealous moment than when she started sliding her top off, slowly, teasingly, for those disgusting pigs.

So he did the only thing he could at that point.

He left.

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