Hi everybody.

I'm so sorry to say this but I'm afraid I will have to end this story here.

I've never wanted to do this to any of my stories, but today, I am ending several.

Many of you have been amazingly supportive and thank you so much for that, but I think it's time I left the world of Fanfiction and went back to the real world. It's great to just leave everything and hop onto the computer, write your thoughts out and forget everything else, but it doesn't mean that your real, actual problems go away.

I love you all; all your thoughts, comments, everything that you have put into Sensei—and I'm sorry to let it go, but I really think I have to. I cannot thank every single one of you enough for pouring in so much love, from all around the world, into this story, however young it may have been.

Thanks for being a part of the journey.

Please understand.