The Destiny Hero's

When the nigh falls the city of Metro becomes a Dark City. While its true that in the day the E-heros protect the city when night falls the D-Heros strike from the shadows. The D-Heros think that E-Heros are far to soft and refuse to work with them and like wise the E-Heros think that they are far too obsessed with vengeance they quite often are worse than the villains.

Destiny HERO - Departed: is a vengeful spirit who always find a way to sabotage his enemies.

The Diamond Dude: is a master of delayed magic able to cast mighty spells at seemlyno cost as long as the effect is delayed .

The Doom Lord: Made a deal with a demon to gain power to take his revenge on those who wronged him. He has the power to sent people though time. With his spell Destany Mirage he can bypass the enemies spells and traps.

The Duble Dude: Was once a clam scientist but when he tried one of his own drug formulas he transformed into a violent beast and now stalks the night for criminals.

The ever fast Blade Master swoops in with blazing speed and slices up all he sees even if there are innocent people.

One of the most important member of the Destiny Hero's is Captain Tenacious. He always appears with the other hero's and uses his power over time to bring back his team mates from just before they were beaten. With the help of the D-shild he makes the Destiny Hero's unstoppable.

The E-hero's have tried many times to catch the Destiny Heros but with moves like D-Counter and D-Mirage its nearly impossible.

What the E-Hero's don't know is that they have turned the old clock tower into their secret head counters or as they call it the Clock Tower Prison. Their overseen by the Dread Servant and guarded by the monstrous Dreadmaster who's power is made even more terrifying by his weapon the D-Chain he can reduce any foe to bloody pulp.

What no one knows is that the Destiny Heros were formed and lead by two powerful monsters.

The fallen angel Dogma who fell from Haven because of his brutally was unactable even when fight pure evil. In combat his power has no equal and even more frightening is that most often just drains the life out of his foes. When he is armed with the Cyclone Blade the whirl winds he summons can dispel magic.

The other leader is the vampire Plasma who has come feel compassion for poor and weak. And now only feeds upon the dark and evil for which he has no mercy. In battle his eyes render everyone powerless even the E-hero's. As he feeds on his foes he gains their powers as well.

They have never done it before but if need be Plasma and Dogma can call forth the Destany End Dragon from the steam of time itself. Despite its size the breath of this dragon can turn an army into ash with one attack.

In the end the Destany Hero's are the darkest form of justice and some wonder if such a justice is a good thing at all.


Well I know that this is shorter than normal but I didn't have a lot of ideas on who the d-heros should fight against. Well should I do the plant monsters or just go to the big event?

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