Amy a story written by Sugar ©2001

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single *= thought many *= time period change

**************************************************************************** **** And what union can there be between God's temple and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God said: "I will live in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they will be my people." 2 Corinthians 6:16 **************************************************************************** ****

A small hand reached and grasped the ice. The cold vibrated through her like a

familiar friend and she pulled her hand back.

Amy plopped the ice cubes into her glass and then shut the freezer door. Her

mom was gone again, out on an emergency call like always. There was only one light on

in the house, shining dimly from the living room as she moved about in the kitchen.

She sat at the counter alone, thinking of the events of the past few days. The generals

had come back. No, this time they weren't evil, and in fact, the generals they had

encountered before hadn't even been the real generals. These were the true generals

from the Silver Millenium. The generals that she and her friends had been in love with,

and in some instances, engaged to.

She was having one of the hardest times accepting them being back. Lita was also

suffering, but had a different type of pain and couldn't really relate. Mina and Raye

were more comfortable with it and were furthering their relationships with their past

loves much quicker than Amy and Lita were.

Zoicite. The name seemed so strange yet so familiar at the same time. Not long

ago, she had gained her memories back (with the others) from the time of the Silver

Millenium, and she had had a hard time accepting the fact that the generals had been

their lovers. The only Zoicite that she really remembered was the one that was known as

Zoisite (with an "s", not a "c") who had been a female, a minion of the Negaverse, and a

lover of the man formerly known as Malachite, now called Kunzite. For the first time in

her life, Amy, Princess of Mercury, Sailor Mercury, was confused. Her heart of the past

longed to once again see and touch Zoicite, but her heart of the present didn't trust him

yet. It all hurt inside more than anything else that she had ever experienced and she

clutched her glass tightly. She picked it up, with only ice inside, and walked into the

living room, standing in front of the sliding glass doors and watching the rain stream

down the glass and onto the ground. Rivers flowed in the back yard and ended in

puddles in the grass.

Amy Anderson had grown into a beautiful woman of eighteen and was just

starting to get her life together. Her hair was still about the same length, resting the the

top of her neck, and was still a soft powdery blue. Her warm blue eyes never changed,

yet always seemed to hold some type of untold pain. She was taller now, almost five foot

six, and enjoyed wearing clothes other than the school uniforms that she had worn

most of her life.

She had also become more of a social butterfly and not just a bookworm. Her

smile was warm and bright and it came out often when she was happy. She was still a

genius and enjoyed her quiet times of playing chess and reading, but those things had

somehow taken second place in her life now. Everything else seemed so wonderful and

interesting that she didn't get that quiet time often. Boys had started taking more

interest in her, but she still kept away from them. None of them seemed to be what she

was looking for. They weren't... like Zoicite. She shook her head and turned from the


"I'm going crazy! I don't want them to be like Zoicite!" she sighed, falling into a

cushiony armchair. She reached into her glass and pulled out a piece of ice, sucking on

it gently. Amy couldn't help but think that her words from just seconds ago were wrong.

She DID want them to be like Zoicite. Like he USED to be, in a way. A memory from the

past flew into her mind and she couldn't help but go back and live through it again.

**************************************************************************** ****

It was two days after the Earth generals had arrived. Princess Mercury was a

complete mess. The general known as Zoicite had taken a fancy to her and she knew it.

A pristine white glove tugged at the ends of powdery sky-blue hair for the fifth time in

two minutes as she paced and stared out at the gardens. She had been longing to go and

walk in the gardens this morning, but feared that Zoicite might also have the same idea

since the Moon gardens were known for their beauty, and she was not about to get

caught in the gardens alone with General Zoicite. Legend had it, that on the night the

Moon was full, anyone who was in the garden would fall in love. Of course, the legend

only worked on members of the opposite sex and Amy didn't believe that it was true,

but still, tonight the Moon would be full...

"Oh come on Amy! Get a grip on yourself!" she screamed frustratedly at herself.

"I'll go tonight to prove that it's not true! I'll show stupid LOVE who's in control here!"

"Debating with yourself again fair princess?" a deep voice asked from behind her.

Amy whipped around, her chamber gown swirling around her like a cloud. General

Zoicite stood just inside of the door, holding the handle. "I knocked and nobody

answered, so I let myself in."

"You did no such thing!" she shouted back at him. His eyebrows rose at her

reaction and her heart skipped a beat before she crushed the feeling away. "You are a

very rude man General Zoicite!"

"And you are very afraid Princess Mercury. I merely came here to ask if you

would like to join myself and Princess Mars for lunch and you act like I'm about to

pounce on you," he said very calmly. "If anything, you should be trying to pounce at me.

Every other palace lady that I've known has." His eyes swept over Amy quickly,

noticeably and unashamedly. She placed her hands on her hips and glared at him for

such a gesture.

"If you haven't noticed, the other princesses and I are no ordinary 'palace ladies'

Zoicite. Now, if you will leave me alone, I'd like to read my book," she said turning away

from him. A strong hand grabbed her wrist and twisted her back around.

"Be at the dining hall at noon," he whispered softly into her ear. His voice was

not harsh or possessive as she had imagined, but gentle, sweet, and deliciously warm.

She shivered as his warm breath sent her whole being tingling and his strong but gentle

hands caressed hers. He ran a hand up her arm smoothly before turning her face

towards his.

"Zoicite?" she whispered.

"Noon, my princess. Be there at noon," he commanded kindly. Then he turned

and left the room, leaving Amy breathing heavily with a burning pit in her stomach.

Lunch soon came and she did go to the dining hall where she met only Zoicite.

"The Princess of Mars sadly had to decline my invitation at the last minute. It

seems that she had forgotten about a previous promise that she had made to my fellow

general, Jadeite. Looks like it's just going to be you and I," he said grinning. Not quite

sure she like this arrangement, Amy uncertainly took his outstretched arm and he led

her to the table, pulling out a chair for her and then taking the seat next to her.

After the meal, the two just sat with their glasses empty and full of ice, chatting.

Out of habit, Amy took a small piece of ice and started sucking on it. Zoicite watched

her for a time as she seemed to just stare out into space before getting his own piece of

ice and placing it in his mouth. Amy took another piece of ice and put it in her mouth

when Zoicite appeared in the corner of her eye. His dark green eyes just stared at her,

and becoming aware of what she had been doing, took out the hardly melted piece of

ice. Zoicite's eyes lit up at some thought that had come to him and he took her piece of

ice and replaced it with his own. Amy looked at him quizzically as he held hers, before

bringing it to his own lips.

"If I cannot kiss you yet, let your sweet taste still linger on this," he said slowly.

Amy looked down at his piece of ice and stared blankly. "But I'd like you to do the

honors," he finished. She looked up, amazed that he would assume that she'd say yes,

but he was not in his chair. Looking to her right side, she found him just inches from

her face. A bit of humor sparkled in his eyes and she took the challenge.

Gingerly, she once again picked up her ice which had melted quite a bit, and

rubbed it over his tempting lips. Then he carefully opened up his mouth and she felt a

small nip on her fingertips as he took it from her. It took a few moments for it to

dissolve into his mouth and then he took her hand and kissed each finger, suckling

gently and capturing her eyes. He straightened seconds later and took the almost gone

ice cube from her hands and rubbed it over her lips. This was too much for the shy

princess and she closed her eyes, trying to tie down the feelings in her stomach. The

coolness of the ice entered her mouth and a small gasp escaped her lips.

Instantly, his mouth covered hers and her eyes fluttered open. Zoicite had turned

her and now held her by the shoulders, rubbing his thumbs over her bare shoulders.

Her lids grew heavy as he kissed her more, taking the ice from her mouth with his own

and then placing it back, feeling her resistance fading. Deeper he kissed her, exploring

with his mouth, and she couldn't stop him. Instead to her surprise, her arms wrapped

around his neck softly and pulled at his loose ponytail. He pulled her onto his lap,

tugging gently at her lips, breathing heavily as she placed a hand on his chest. She also

breathed in and was again taken in by Zoicite's warmth. A small moan escaped her

throat and he eased his kissing. Amy didn't move. She couldn't. Her eyes remained

closed and her hands lay frozen on Zoicite's chest, balled up and holding the material of

his jacket tightly in her grip.

"Amy..." he growled. "Oh Amy..." His arms tightened around her and slid to her

back. "You're unlike any woman I've ever known. You're incredible," he whispered

against her shoulder, kissing it softly. "You ignored me and brushed me off like a soft

breeze, and I can't help but want you more for that."

"I... I want to say no to you, but I can't. I don't have control anymore, you do,"

she replied in fear.

*She's afraid of me. I never wanted fear!* Zoicite thought as he brushed his lips

over her skin again.

"Then I'll say no for you Mercury. I don't want to do anything that might even

make you feel the smallest bit afraid or powerless against me. I want it to be the other

way around," he said sitting up. Amy finally gathered the strength to open her eyes and

look at him. His eyes were serious and she couldn't quite understand. The man who

had been trying for the past two days to catch her attention, to get her alone, just gave

her control of the situation. He would've had complete power over her, and could have

done as he pleased to her, taken total advantage of the control that she had given him.

But, instead, he had given it back to her. A feeling stirred in her heart and she nodded at

him, smiling lightly before he picked her up and placed her on her feet again.

"Thank you Zoicite," she murmured. He smiled back and took her hand, kissing

it before he bowed and left the room.

**************************************************************************** ****

Now that was a hot memory. That had been one of Zoicite's wonderful qualities.

Knowing how far to go, and when to stop. He had good judgement and was an

extrememly bright man, it's just that he could be arrogant and quite a ladies man at

times. Though, he HAD stopped the practice of 'associating' with other palace ladies

after he met Amy, and she bit her lip at that thought. He had been willing to give up

everything for her. Despite her being four years younger than him, he never looked at

her as a child. She was a passionate woman who longed for real love in Zoicite's eyes

and Amy had never forgotten that.

The rain really started to come down now, and was pounding on the roof,

echoing through the empty and soundless house. The ice in her glass had melted now

and she sipped up the water before taking it and placing it in the sink. Her hands held

onto the sink, and her knuckles became white from the grip. As she looked out of the

window above the sink, she could almost see Zoicite's face hovering there, then it

disappeared. She had been seeing his face everywhere since the day that he had come

back. Now she was actually noticing the pain that sat deep in her heart. Nobody was

here to talk to her or distract her, so she could feel every painful beat and hear every

heart-wrenching sob that came from the inside. Feelings flooded into Amy, and she

eased her grip and slipped to the kitchen floor where she curled up, with her arms

wrapped around her legs and chin up on her knees, and cried for the first time in three


The last time she had cried was when she found out that her father had died in a

plane crash on his way to see her for her fifteenth birthday. That had been a very hard

year, but somehow she had managed to get through it. After that, she became more

social because she didn't want as much time alone to be able to think about it. It worked

most of the time, but then there were always the times when her mother was called

away to another country, or to the hospital to perform surgery, or wherever else. Those

were the times when everything was silent, and her heart began to speak. She didn't like

those times.

Heartache seeped into her as she remembered the great love that she had for a

handsome, dashing young man during the Silver Millenium.

**************************************************************************** ****

A light shower poured down from the sky and Amy watched as it fell softly into

the gardens, hitting the leaves and flowers. She took a deep breath, inhaling the rain

scented air. The light was going quickly and soon the sky had grown dark with the cloak

of night. There was a knock at the door and she turned away from her balcony and

answered it.

"Hey there Mercury!" an exhuberant Serena said. "You ready to go to dinner?"

she asked stepping into the room. Mercury nodded quietly and grabbed a shawl before

following Serena out of the room and closing the door behind them.

"Is something bothering you Mercury?" Serena asked cautiously. "You seem

more quiet than usual," she said placing a hand gently on Amy's.

"I'm fine Serena. It must be the weather."

"Oh, okay. Well you know that if you ever have a problem, you can come to me,

right?" Serena asked. Amy nodded, causing Serena to smile. "Alright then, let's go to

dinner!" Serena said, not quite sure that Amy was telling the truth. They continued

down the hall with Serena's happy chatter filling the corridor.

They reached the dining hall and the two girls sat down together. Amy sat on her

right and Prince Endymion sat to her left, holding her hand lovingly. During the meal,

Amy's eyes never rose from her plate because Zoicite sat exactly opposite of her and she

couldn't look at him. The kiss from earlier had stirred something inside of her that she

hadn't ever felt before. She had decided that she couldn't talk or look at Zoicite until she

had found out what that feeling was. Just before dinner, she glanced at everyone in the

room and saw that only Lita was as miserable as she was.

Mina was chatting with Kunzite and was smiling brightly at him, Raye and

Jadeite would cast each other loving glances when they thought that nobody was

looking, and Serena and Endymion were whispering silently and laughing with stars in

their eyes. Lita sat with her head in her hands two seats down from her, looking like she

was about to cry, Nephrite sat with a scowl on his face just opposite of her, and Amy

was sitting, staring blankly and painfully at her half consumed plate. As soon as she

caught sight of the prince kissing Serena lightly on the cheek, Amy stood up quickly,

excused herself, and hurried from the room. Seconds after she passed the doors, she

broke into a run, tears running down her cheeks. She stopped, panting and crying

against the doors that led outside to the gardens.

"Princess Mercury?" a deep voice called from down the hall. "Princess where are

you?" Amy gasped. It was Zoicite.

Quickly she opened up the doors and slipped outdoors into the gardens, where it

had stopped raining momentarily. As tears continued to fall freely, she made her way

into the center of the garden, having to pass through many doorways made out of plants

of all sorts and walk by the tall seven foot hedges. The garden was really quite like a

maze, modeled after the Labyrinth in the wonderful Earth country of Greece. The open

sky shined down over the garden, and Amy stopped a moment to gaze at the stars. She

then continued on her journey until she reached the spot that she called her own. The

hidden waterfall that no one knew about except herself, Serena, Raye, Lita, and Mina.

Tall willow trees surrounded the small pool of crystal water, shading the already dark


"What's wrong with me?" she whimpered into the night. Her arms wrapped

tightly around her middle as she walked towards the edge of the pool. After about a

quarter of an hour, one of her hands raised to bring the water up above the surface and

she played with it in front of her, modeling the water and turning the figure into ice. In

a few minutes, she had created a life-size, exact replica of Zoicite and she stood back to

look at it. "What is it about Zoicite that makes me feel like this? I feel warm, scared,

happy, excited, wanted, and cold all at the same time. What is he doing to me?" she

whispered. Amy walked around the statue and noticed that Zoicite had staggering good

looks. He had a strong physique, broad shoulders, long hair, dark green eyes, large

hands, muscular arms and legs, squared jaw... yes it seemed like Zoicite had it all.

Zoicite spotted her from a far off tree and stayed in the shadows as she walked

around the ice statue that she had created. He listened to her words and kept silent,

waiting for the right time to reveal his presence.

"He's so perfect. Strong, handsome, smart- although he doesn't like to show it,

charming, funny... I can't understand what he sees in me. I'm so quiet and shy. I'm not

fond of being social and I read a lot. Parties aren't my favorite things, and I'm not very

pretty," she said looking at the statue again. "But, when I'm around Zoicite, I almost feel

beautiful, and I want to go to parties as long as I'm around him." She stopped. "What

am I saying?! I've only known him a few days. I don't really know anything about him.

He could break my heart like all the others did," she sobbed. This comment brought

Zoicite directly from his spot in the dark and he walked over to Amy slowly. She didn't

notice him and kept crying until a warmth covered her from head to foot and strong

arms encircled her body.

"Mercury... "

"Zoicite?! What are you doing here?" she gasped looking up suddenly. Her eyes

searched his and she found anger residing in his green eyes.

"I would never hurt you Amy. I COULDN'T ever hurt you. I don't know who hurt

you in the past, or what they did, but I swear to you that that will never be me. I'll love

you till the day that I die," he said holding her hands tightly. Amy looked up, studying

him. Her eyes dropped and she fingered the linings on his jacket. A shooting star shot

across the sky; the light glimmering on the surface of the small pool. Amy and Zoicite

turned to the sky just as the clouds opened up and began to let the rain fall once again.

"What did you wish for?" she asked silently as the rain softly fell onto her hair.

"That you would love me as much as I love you and that you would realize that

someday, I want to be your husband and spend the rest of my life with you. I may have

just met you a couple of days ago, but that doesn't erase the feelings in my heart. I've

never felt this way around any other woman and I'm not about to let this feeling go," he

replied. Amy nodded. "What did you wish for?"

"That you would say those words," she said standing on tip-toe and catching his

lips with hers. Zoicite's eyes flew open in surprise before he began to kiss his sweet

princess back in the now pouring rain. Her hands reached around his neck and through

his hair, holding onto the feeling that he was giving her for dear life. Her heated body

melted into his as he pulled her closer underneath the wet sky, and his arms reached

around her, pulling her tightly to his muscular form. As if it was a practiced talent,

Zoicite parted Amy's lips with his own, easing his tongue into her lush, desirable

mouth. Amy let him do as he pleased with her, because she knew that he loved her, and

was willing to someday, spend the rest of his life with her.

Together, they made their way to the shelter of one of the large trees and knelt to

the ground in each other's arms. Zoicite pulled away from Amy's soft lips and began to

trail a path of kisses down her neck. Her soft skin underneath his lips made him feel

feverish and a throaty groan escaped his lips. She kept her arms wrapped around his

collar tightly, almost afraid to let go. Zoicite sighed and layed his head on Amy's


"Is something wrong?" she asked, looking down on him with soft features. In the

dark, Zoicite could see the dim blue light that always encircled his princess and he


"Nothing could ever be wrong while I'm in your arms," he whispered back. "I just

think that maybe we should take this a little slower."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked, leaning back a little.

"I mean, tone down the passion a bit and have an innocent relationship. This is

hard for me to say because I want to do so much with you right now Mercury, but it

needs to be said. I want to have the type of relationship with you that doesn't need

passion to survive... just love. I want to walk through the hallways holding your hand,

make you blush, sit beneath a tree on a warm sunny day and read with you, or just talk

to you. I don't think we could do that if we kept following this road of desire," he

explained quietly. The princess started crying at once and hugged him close.

"Now I know that I can trust you. You were willing to give up that passion so that

we could have a meaningful relationship Zoicite! Nobody has ever done that before,"

she cried on his shoulder. He smiled and held her gently, comforting her.

"It won't be easy, because there may be times when we both get caught up in the

moment, like in the dining hall, but with both of us agreeing on this, we'll make it

through the temptations together," he whispered. She nodded on his shoulder and they

both sat down together underneath the tree, sheltered from the rain. They sat there for a

while, just watching the rain hit the top of the pool and flow in rivers through the


Amy turned to look at Zoicite happily but found him working hard at something

with his powers. There were about a dozen tiny blue flowers wound together like a

bracelet, and slowly, the stems and leaves were turning to silver while the petals of the

flowers became sapphires. When he finished, he smiled and clasped it onto her small


"What's this for?" she asked marveling at the small charm.

"It's my promise to you that I'll love you forever. Don't ever forget that," he

replied placing a small kiss on her cheek. They smiled at each other and spent the rest

of the night underneath that tree, watching the rain pour down.

**************************************************************************** ****

Amy's eyes shot open. So THAT was why she couldn't get attached to any other

man. Her soul was tied to Zoicite through the promise in that bracelet. Where had it

gone? What had happened to it? Amy concentrated as hard as she could and looked for

where she had lost it.

After a good part of an hour, Amy let go of her memories and gave up.

"Where did it go?" she sighed. She looked down at her open hands and just

stared at them. Now that she noticed it, her wrist seemed bare without that tiny bracelet

wrapped around it. As her hands just sat in her lap, a blue light suddenly appeared and

started swirling just above them. Queen Serenity appeared in front of Amy, causing her

to jump up in surprise.

"Hello Princess Mercury," the queen said happily.

"Qu-Queen Serenity?! What are you doing here?" Amy asked. Serenity smiled

and the blue light stopped swirling and a bracelet appeared in its place. "Where did this

come from? What is it?" she asked staring down at the small piece of jewelry.

"This is the bracelet that Zoicite gave to you in the Silver Millenium, Mercury.

You gave it to me to take care of before you and the other girls went to battle with

Beryl's forces. I think that it's finally time that I gave it back," Serenity said smiling.

Amy picked the bracelet up and held it tightly in her grip. Tears began to run down her

face and she looked back to the queen.

"I've judged him, and I was wrong," Amy said to herself. "Ever since he came

back, I've avoided him and I wouldn't answer his calls or letters. I've got to apologize to

him somehow, got to tell him that I was wrong... " Amy trailed off. Serenity looked down

at her, smiling.

"Why don't you go for a walk Amy? Perhaps you'll think of a way," the queen

replied with a knowing grin.

"Thank you Queen Serenity," Amy shouted, running out the door with a jacket

flying in her grasp behind her. Queen Serenity nodded, smiled, and disappeared from

the house.

Amy yanked the jacket on her body and pulled the hood up over her head and

just ran... ran to wherever her heart may lead her. Not being one to really know how to

follow her heart, Amy soon stood in the middle of a bridge, wondering how she had

gotten that far. She began berating herself for not thinking her actions through, pulling

her jacket tighter around her. A fog settled over the river that the bridge stood over and

soon drifted up and around the bridge and the rest of the city. Her fervent comments to

herself suddenly stilled and she felt something. A safety. A memory. The fog wrapped

around her like a warm blanket, even though it was cold and she could hear a creaking

on the far end of the bridge.

"Amy?" a masculine voice called out. "Is that you?" Amy wheeled and peered into

the fog, accustomed to the fog so much that she was able to see through it.

"Zoicite..." she breathed out, a hand coming to her mouth slowly to cover a gasp.

"You... you did it again!" There was a deep chuckle as the footsteps continued in her


"It's not just me princess. Whenever you and I are around each other this

happens, especially when we're not getting along. You know that," he said, stepping into

clearer view.

"I know. Zoicite, I... I've been so hard on you. I haven't trusted you and I haven't

trusted my heart. I'm so sorry," she replied dejectedly, lowering her head from his dark

green-eyed gaze. A finger brushed up underneath her chin and lifted slowly, bringing

her eyes back to his.

"Amy, you don't have to say anything. I forgave you every time you ignored a call

or ripped up a letter. I know that I haven't done much to earn your trust back, but I'll

move the mountains themselves to gain it. Just give me a chance, dearest princess," he

whispered, keeping his distance from her to let her decide. Zoicite was shocked to his

bones, to say the least, when his blue-haired love pushed herself into his arms, burying

her face into his chest. Warm waves rolled over him as he felt her lips whisper his name

against his shirt and jacket and he wrapped his arms around her slowly, bringing her

closer to him.

"I have to say this before I let my mind start working again Zoicite," Amy

whispered urgently to him, lifting her face to his. "I love you and I forgive you, totally

and completely. There is nothing in this world that makes me whole like being with you,

even when you had first come back and I wouldn't even admit it to myself. You're my

second half, I love you, and..." she trailed off, suddenly reaching her arms up and

around his neck and pulling him down to her awaiting lips. Not arguing with the

promises that she had just made to him, Zoicite leaned into the kiss and tightened his

hold on Amy as she began to timidly explore his mouth for the first time in more than a

millenium. This was all her, he reasoned. It was her decision and he didn't want to scare

her away, but a man's got to respond when he's being kissed by the world's most

beautiful ice senshi. So, throwing his caution into the fog where everything else lay, he

began playing with Amy gently, placing airy kisses on her face and neck, nuzzling her

while she shivered delightedly and then making his way back to her desperate lips. They

ravaged each other with kisses, tongues greeting in a wild dance of passion and love.

Their grip tightened each other, causing them to part with ragged breath and swollen

lips. Reluctantly, he pried one of his hands from her waist and ran a carressing finger

over her full, swollen lips. She replied with a deep kiss on his finger, leaning against his

chest once again and breathing in his wild scent.

"You found the bracelet," he whispered into her ear, nipping at it playfully. She

closed her eyes and let her head fall back, allowing his lips to travel over her neck. A soft

moan escaped her throat and she looked up at him from her reclined position in his


"Queen Serenity gave it back to me," she answered quietly, watching the light in

Zoicite's eyes grow brighter.

"You do know what this means, don't you?" he asked, setting her upright and

bringing his forehead down to hers. Her blue eyes took on a look of puzzlement and she

cocked her head.

"What?" she asked curiously.

"You're mine forever," he said with a smug smile dawning on his face as he

placed a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"You know what," she said matter-of-factly, "I don't think that I mind."

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