Chapter 1

Phantom never had the best luck, no. He never had any luck at all.

When he was fourteen years old he died in an accident (He rather not say how) Because of that he became a ghost. He's parents told him that they hated him, and after that they sold him into slavery for spell casters. Jasmine, his older sister, tried to convince their parents to stop, But they didn't listen.

When he was in the slavery home, he drew a picture of a girl with black hair and lilac eyes. No one knew who the girl was, she looked around Phantom's age and that she was a witch. But that was all.

Phantom constantly drew the girl over and over, the girl started becoming more familiar in his mind within each day. The time came when Phantom and a few others went to the slavery auction, waiting to be sold.

After a while every ghost got sold. But when the director started to bid on Phantom, he got sold to a Manson. They said he was going to be their's daughter's slave.

Phantom wondered what their daughter looked like, he hoped she wasn't like her parents. The Manson were wealthy, that was a fact every person dead or alive knew.

But when Phantom saw the daughter, it felt like he knew her. She was the girl from his drawings.

Her name was apparently Samantha, but she insisted on Sam. She had midnight hair that framed her pale face, deep lilac eyes, and a warm smile. Phantom wondered how Sam was a witch even though her parents were completely human but her grandmother was a witch also.

Grandmother Manson says it skipped a generation, Phantom laughed at that, that caused him to get scowled at by the Manson parents.

Phantom was used to being yelled at and abused by humans, every ghost was. But every time the Manson parents tried to hurt him physically Sam stopped them, Phantom was grateful for that.

Sam was a talented spell caster, Phantom would admit that. Sam hardly ever asked him of anything, she let him be his own person.

When Phantom asked why, Sam smiled and answered that 'I think every should have the same rights. Humans, Ghosts, Animals. Should all be the same,' Sam said with truth sparkling in her eyes.

The ghost still sketched her, without her noticing of course. Phantom didn't want to freak Sam out with the drawings of her.

But that girl always stood tall and proud. No matter what.

After a while Sam had to go to a spelling casting school while Phantom had to stay with her parents and Grandmother. Sam was hesitate to leave him with them, but Phantom promised that he'd be right there when she came back home.

She smiled at him and gave him a hug, the to of them have gotten close over the time they knew each other. Sam left tears started to show up in her eyes as she boarded the bus and left.