Hi this story is in the world of Pokemon, though it wont be following a character you would know I hope you at least give this a chance. I had an idea for a story with a whole new character with challenges and obstacles he has to face. Possible characters from the Manga/Anime may be seen throughout. I don't have the best writing skills I've only ever done comic scripts, now I'm done my Intro please enjoy.

I can still recall that day with every detail, the day my father left...

"No! You can't just leave like this!" I was standing outside my house in the rain.

"Traft, I'm doing this for a reason," I still don't understand.

"So you're, you're just gonna leave."

"You're a big boy now, you're almost ten, take care of your mother for me." I started to cry then.

"Why..." I tried to cover my tears but the sobbing was to noticeable.

"Goodbye Traft."

"No..." I fell to the ground as he left crying my eyes out, I stayed out there for hours in the rain. It has been five years since that day...

Hi my names Traft Hale. I go to school, I never really had the chance to do the whole "Pokemon journey" thing, I don't really see too many Pokemon trainers, living in Lavender town would do that. The only thing we have is that tower, thats the only time I see trainers... Well in all honesty not everyone can be trainers, a majority of us have to go to school and get jobs to contribute to society... Traft sees a wild Sandshrew in his backyard.

"What you again!"Lately there has been a very annoying Sandshrew enjoying the food in my moms garden. "Damn." He left as soon as I opened the door.

"You better run!" I've been having this problem with it for about a week now, it's strange how it never eats there. It carries the food off somewhere else.

"Well, he's gone now" You see the tower is a seven floor graveyard, I've never been in it even though I have lived here all my life, and I don't plan on it. The trainers that show up are laying there once partners to rest, I don't approach them because of the situation, they need time to be alone I understand that.

"Hey traft! You there! Traft!" Thats Dermin...

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming. Just wait a sec," Well you see Dermin can be a bit... Dermins already in the house.

"Hey Traft! Hows it going!" Annoying... though hes the only person here my age so it seems I' m obligated to hang with him.

"How did you get in..."

"What do you mean?"

"The door was locked..."

"Don't worry about silly things like that, look." Dermin has a Pokeball in his hand. Even though Dermins parents didn't let him go on a journey he insists on still catching Pokemon.

"It's just a Pokeball Dermin."

"Pfft don't give me that attitude just because you don't have any Pokemon." He throws the Pokeball, a butterfree comes out. "Check it, I caught a butterfree, anyways I'm gonna go train with it, I'll talk you later Traft, see you!" And just like that he's gone, I'm sure he'll come back with some partially made up story.

"You should at least humor him haha" Thats my mom.

"Come on mom, how long do you expect me to stay sane doing that?"She laughed, her laugh seems so genuine, but I know she still hurts because of dad... That asshole. Traft hears the bushes rattle out in his backyard, "That Sandshrew!" This time it wont get away!

End of Chapter 1

Well I hope that was ok. I would love feedback, bad or good doesn't matter, anything helps. This is my first story after all. Himakaru Thanks for the feed back it means a lot :) I hope this is a least a bit better, any other help is highly appreciated. I hope I fixed most of the issues with this chapter if anyone spots any please feel free to say something.