Title: High School DxD: The Shinigami Representative (title subject to change)

Genre: Romance & Adventure

Rating: M

Pairing: Ichigo x Harem

Harem Candidates:

Rias Gremory

Rukia Kuchiki

Akeno Himejima


Koneko Toujou

Ravel Phenex


Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or High School DxD. If I did I would make totally awesome crossover manga and sell it for tons of money.



"Ominous Voice"

**Flash Back**

[Boosted Gear]

Chapter 1: A New School, A New Adventure

Ichigo sighed as he sat on the train that was inbound for his new home for the school year. This was just not his week; it had started when some thugs had tried picking a fight with him and he got called to the principle's office.

**Flash Back**

"What do you mean expelled!" Ichigo yelled fury clear in his voice, his father siting in the seat next to him.

"Exactly like it sounds Ichigo-kun" the principle replied calmly, clearly not affected by the teenagers outburst. "We have tried to be as understanding as we can because your grades have been among the top tier but with this morning's incident we have reached the end of our rope."

"They were the ones that star…"

"I don't care who started what" the principle said interrupting Ichigo.

"Old man say something!" Ichigo continued to yell; angry his father had said nothing the entire time.

Isshin continued to sit in silence his eyes closed giving him a look of concentration. Ichigo and the principle continued to wait for another moment before Isshin finally opened his eyes.

"I understand"

"What!" Ichigo yelled as his father stood up.

"I'm sorry for my son's actions" he apologized bowing to the principle.

"No, I'm sorry it came to this" the principle responded.

Ichigo just watched what was happening in shock. Was this really it? Was his dad really not going to argue in his defense?

"Come on Ichigo, grab your stuff and let's go" Isshin said as he walked out the office.

Without saying a word Ichigo had walked back to his class, grabbed his stuff, and left not even stopping when his friends called out to him.

The walk home was completely silent. As their house came into view Ichigo had enough.

"Why didn't you say anything!" he yelled grabbing his father by the front of his shirt. "Why didn't you even try to defend me?"

"What was I supposed to say Ichigo?" Isshin asked as he removed his son's hands from his shirt. "They had clearly made up their mind on the matter, and no matter what I said wouldn't change that"

"What the hell am I supposed to do now?" the young shinigami asked his voice barley over a whisper.

"Fret not son of mine for your father has the answer" Isshin smiled as he ruffled his son's hair before walking into their house.

The next few days had been tough. They had decided to not tell Karin or Yuzu about the expulsion. So all Ichigo could do was wait for whatever his dad had planed to come to fruition.

"Ahem" Isshin cleared his throat getting his family's attention as they sat at the dinner table. "I just found out today that Ichigo got accepted to Kuoh Academy"

"What!" Karin, Yuzu, and Ichigo yelled.

"Yup; he will be starting his classes next week"

"Is this true Onii-chan?" Yuzu asked.

"Yeah Ichi-nii?" Karin echoed.

"Yeah" Ichigo answered as he scratched the back of his head. It was always hard for him to lie to his sisters. "I sent in my application a few weeks ago. I didn't know if I was going to get in so I didn't bother saying anything"

"Wow, Kuoh Academy I head it's one of the best high schools in all of Japan" Yuzu said with starts in her eyes. "I hope one day I can go there"

"But Yuzu if you went there you would have to move away from daddy" Isshin wined.

"Really?" Karin asked excitedly. "Maybe I should start studying for the entrance exam"

"Oh Masaki looks how our daughter taunts me" he cried as he hugged the poster of his deceased wife.

"So when do you leave?" Karin asked her older brother.

Not really knowing the answer he looked to his father for help.

"The moving truck will be coming for his stuff tomorrow" Isshin answered. "So that will give him the weekend to move in and get settled in"

**Flash Back End**

After his sisters had gone to bed he was able to ask his dad more about what was going to be happening. His father had told him that he was friends with a member of the family that owned the school, so he called in some favors his friend owed him. When he asked where he was going to be staying, Isshin told him it was already taken care of. The next day after he had packed up all his stuff and loaded it onto the moving truck he said his goodbyes. There were a few teary eyes in his group of friends (mostly Orihime and Keigo) but it was mostly easy. The hardest part was saying goodbye to his sisters. Yuzu was a mess with tears cascading down her face. Karin for the most part kept her face of 'it's no big deal' but he could see she was just as sad to see her brother go.

So now he was on a train heading to a new town with a new school.

"Attention we are about to stop at Settei Station" a voice announced over the PA System.

'This is my stop' Ichigo thought as he grabbed his bag and prepared to exit the train.

As Ichgio stepped of his train he reached into his pocket and took out a folded piece of paper with the address to where he would be staying along with the key his dad had given him.

After asking for directions Ichigo started his walk through town. As he walked down the street Ichigo noticed it was a lot quieter then in Karakura Town. Settei was by no means a small town but it definitely didn't have all the city noise like Karakura; he liked it.

Ichigo walked around Settei for an hour before he finally found where he would be living, and to say he was shocked would be an understatement. He thought he would be staying in some small one-bedroom apartment. But that didn't seem like the case because he was standing in font of a house that looked like it would have at least three bedrooms. Shaking his head to regain his bearings Ichigo walked up to the front door and unlocked it with his key. Stepping in he was shocked again to see it was fully furnished, with a couch, chairs, and a TV in the living room, a fully stocked pantry in the kitchen, and a bed in each of the three bedrooms made and ready to be slept in.

"What the hell kind of favor did this guy owe the old man!" Ichigo yelled.

After Ichigo finally calmed down the moving truck arrived with his stuff. As he got to work bringing his boxes inside he noticed a family of four come out of the house next to him and start walking toward his house. There was an older man with short light brown hair, a middle aged women with long dark brown hair that was tied back into a pony tail, a boy that look around his age that looked almost identically to his father. But the person who caught his attention the most was the girl that was with them. She had long bond hair, and green eyes. Out of the four she by far the shortest, she looked like she could have been in middle school. She looked nothing like the rest of the family.

"Hello!" the women greeted as they stepped onto through the gate that separated his yard from the street.

"Hi" he said back setting the box he was caring down.

"My name is Hyoudou Haruto" the man introduced himself. "This is my wife Asami and my son Issei" he continued introducing two of the other three that were with him.

"Nice to meet you I'm Kurosaki Ichigo" the young shinigami introduced. He looked over to the blond girl wondering if she was going to say anything.

"O-oh sorry, my name is Argento Asia" she stuttered in greeting throwing in a bow as well.

"We saw you moving in so we thought we would come greet our new neighbor" Haruto said.

"It's nice to meet you, would you like to come in for some tea?" Ichigo asked trying to make a good first impression.

While it looked like Haruto was about to say something his wife cut in and answered for him.

"We would love to" she smiled

"Ok, just give me a second to put this away" Ichigo said picking up the box he had set down.

After Ichigo put the box away for the time being. He took Asia and the Hyoudou family to the living room where they could sit down before disappearing into the kitchen. When he came back he had a kettle of tea and five cups. As he looked over his guests he could clearly tell that Haruto and Issei didn't want to be here and that coming over was probably his wife's idea. He could also feel a strange reiryoku coming from Asia and Issei. It didn't feel like a normal reiryoku like a human would have or even like a Fullbringer.

"Thank you Ichigo-san" Asia said as Ichigo gave her a cup of tea.

Ichigo just nodded trying to figure out what the strange reiryoku coming from them was.

"So Kurosaki-san is it just you hear?" Asami asked looking around the large house.

"Yeah, I just transferred to Kuoh Academy" He answered quickly before directing his attention back to Asia.

His attention to Asia did not go unnoticed by the other teenage occupant in the room. Issei narrowed his eyes at Ichigo suspicious of why he was looking at Asia so intently.

"Oh, So you'll be going to school with Issei and Asia" Asami said happily. "What year are you going to be?"

"I'm going to be a third year"

"So you'll be our senpai?" Asia asked excitedly.

"I guess I will" Ichigo chuckled not really understanding her excitement.

Asia smiled before starting to tell Ichigo about Kuoh Academy, and before they knew it an hour had passed and it was starting to get dark.

"Well it looks like we should get going" Asami said getting up from her seat.

"I'll walk you guys out"

"Thank you for having us" they all said as they bowed.

As they walked away Ichigo watched Issei and Asia still unable to tell what about their reiryoku was different. So as they exited his yard he began to focus, and as he focused he reached out in front of him and grabbed at the air. He opened his eyes to look into his hand to see two black spirit ribbons that lead back to Asia and Issei.

'Strange' he thought as he went inside his house.

Well whatever it was it didn't concern him, he was here to go to school and as long as no hollows showed up that was what he was going to focus on. Ichigo let out a yawn showing his exhaustion from the long day.

"Might as well get some sleep and worry about unpacking tomorrow" he said to himself as he made his way to the master bedroom.

'Maybe this will be a good change of pace' he thought as he laid in bed. 'No hollows, no Arrancar, no Shinigami duties, it might be kind of boring but it will be nice to have a break' he smiled as he fell asleep.

Unknown to Ichigo his life was about to get even more complicated.

/Monday Morning/

Issei yawned as he walked down the road with Asia on their way to school.

"Are you ok Issei-san?" she asked a worried expression on her face.

"Yeah, just a little tired" he said hoping that would calm her worries.

"It was really nice of you to help Ichigo-san move in" she smiled

"It was no big deal" he laughed a blush on his face from the praise.

Issei groaned as he remembered how he had spent his weekend. He would wake up early in the morning and do his morning training with his Buchou then when he got home his mom made him go over and help their new neighbor move in. It really wasn't that bad, the more time he spent with Ichigo the more he learned he was actually a really nice guy despite his thuggish looks. But he was still suspicious of him because of the way he had been looking at Asia when they had gone to his house.

"Issei-san look" Asia said getting his attention.

He looked ahead of them to where the blond nun was pointing to see none other then their orange haired neighbor.

"Ichigo-san!" Asia yelled as she ran up to catch Ichigo.

"Yo" Ichigo greeted lazily.

As Issei caught up to Asia and Ichigo he waved to the orange haired teen, which Ichigo reciprocated.

"So Ichigo-san how it feel to be starting at a new school" Issei asked the three of them walked down the street.

"It's really not that big of a deal" Ichigo shrugged. "Thanks for helping me out this weekend by the way Hyoudou-san"

"It's was no problem really" he chuckled scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

As they continued to walk it was spent mostly in silence. Until Asia decided to ask a question that had been on her mind since she had first met her new neighbor.

"Um… Ichigo-san" she spoke up getting his attention. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Is that your natural hair color?"

Ichigo sighed in annoyance. He wasn't annoyed with her; he was just hoping to keep from asking this question as long as possible.

"Yes it is Argento-san" he answered a little annoyance leaking into his tone.

"I-I'm sorry if I bothered you with my question" she apologized figuring that he was annoyed because of her.

"It's fine. It's just that I know I'm going to get this question a lot," he explained.

Understanding that he wasn't mad at her Asia nodded and let their walk to school fall back into a comfortable silence.

When they arrived at the school the said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. For Ichigo he made his way to the main office to get his class assignment. While he walked down the halls he couldn't help but notice how everyone was looking at him, how they whispered as he passed.

"Who's that?"

"I don't know"

"I heard we might be getting a new student"

"He looks kind of scary"

"I think he's cute"

Ichigo blushed at the last comment as he entered the office. After finishing his business with the main office he headed to his classroom.

"Ok class today we have a new student joining us" the teacher introduced.

As the teacher introduced Ichigo he took the time the time to look over the students he would sharing a class with. While most of them seem rather plain there was one person that did stand out. It was a female that was siting around the center of the classroom. What stood out was her long crimson red hair. The only time he had seen a hair color like that was with Renji but for some reason her hair seemed different like it was brighter.

"Umm Ichigo-kun" the teacher said bring Ichigo from his thoughts.

"S-sorry" he blushed realized he had been zoning out.

"My name is Kurosaki Ichigo it's nice to meet you" he bowed

"Well Ichigo-kun there seems to be a seat open by the window, if you would take a seat we can start today's lesson"

Ichigo nodded and started to make his way to his seat. As he walked down the isle of desks he was about to pass the desk of the red head that had caught his attention. As he passed their eyes met and the world seemed to stop for a second. As their eyes met he could feel it, he could feel the same reiryoku that he had felt in Issei and Asia. The difference was that unlike Issei and Asia who's reiryoku seemed to be at a level of an average shinigami, hers felt like a high-lieutenant class shinigami.

As Ichigo sat at his seat he tried to push the thoughts about the power that had been emanating from the girl, which was proving more difficult then it sounded.

'Come on Ichigo focus on the lecture' he thought putting his focus on the teacher.

As he went to focusing on class he didn't notice the pair of narrowed blue-green eyes watching him.

As the bell rung signaling the end of class and the start of lunch Ichigo couldn't help but give a sigh of relief.

"Man they weren't kidding about this school," he said to himself as he rubbed his temples.

The day was only half over and he was already tired. The classes at Kuoh made the classes at his old school look like rudimentary classes. By no means were they to hard for him he just had to put a little more effort into them then usual.

As Ichigo exited the classroom to get some lunch he saw that the red haired girl was talking to a girl with long black hair that was tied into a high ponytail with an orange ribbon, and both were discreetly watching him as he left.

As Ichigo sat on the grassy hill overlooking the courtyard he had to admit that the school was pretty extraordinary. Everything just seemed to be on a different level here. Hell even the school food was of better quality.

"Well at least that is one meal taken care of" he said looking down at the bento he had bought knowing he had no cooking skills himself.

"Maybe I should join a cooking club or something" he continued as he laid down in the grass.

"Yo Ichigo-san" a voice called out to him.

Ichigo opened his eyes to see that Issei was walking up to him with two other guys flanking each of his sides.

"Yo Hyoudou-san" he greeted back looking back to the two people behind them.

"Oh" Issei realized he had not introduced his two friends yet. "These are my friends Matsuda" he pointed to the guy with the shaved head. "And Motohama" he pointed to the guy with glasses.

"Hey" Ichigo greeted lazily.

"So what are you doing out here?" Issei asked taking a seat next to Ichigo.

"Nothing really, just eating some lunch"

"Issei" two ominous voices spoke getting Issei and Ichigo's attention

"Umm yeah?" he asked seeing the dark aura surrounding his friends.

"How could you, you bastard!" Matsuda yelled tears streaming from his eyes.

"You betrayed us!" Motohama added his face the same as Matsuda.

"What are you idiots talking about!" Issei yelled back.

"You went a befriended a handsome guy" Motohama accused.

"And not just any handsome, you went and befriended the new Ichigo-senpai" Matsuda sobbed.

"He's only been here half a day and he already is already popular with the girls" Motohama pointed at a near by group of girls.

Ichigo looked over his shoulder to see the group of girls. As soon as they saw they were caught they all let out a sequel and ran off.

"How could you side with a bastard like that!"

"Hey I'm right here!" Ichigo yelled in annoyance.

"You are the enemy of all men!" Matsuda yelled pointing a finger at Ichigo.

A tick mark popped on Ichigo's head at what Matsuda had said. So before he lost his temper he decided to stand up and leave.

"I'll see you around Hyoudou-san" he waved as he left the perverted trio behind.

"Look what you idiots did!" Issei yelled as he tackled both of his friends to the ground.

"You can feel it too right?" a woman with red hair asked as she watched Ichigo walk back into the schools main building from a classroom window.

"Ara Ara, is it love at first sight Buchou?" the girl with long black hair laughed.

"I'm serious Akeno, I've never felt anything like this before" the red haired girl scolded. "It doesn't feel anything like a devil, fallen angle, or even an angel"

"Should we dispose of him?" Akeno asked

"No, Not yet at least" she answered. "Not until we figure out what he is"

"As you wish Rias"

A week had passed since Ichigo had started attending Kuoh Academy. During the week had made the adjustment to living on his own and attending the elite private academy. He had also become good friends with Issei and Asia. They would usually walk to school together and eat lunch together. Right now Ichigo was spending his break relaxing in his seat.

"You know if you didn't scowl all the time people might come up and talk to you" he heard a voice next to him say.

He looked over to see it was none other then the red haired girl that was in his class. A couple days after he stared attending she had come up to him and introduced herself. He guessed that she had gotten tired of watching him from afar and wanted to get a closer look. For the most part he just tried to ignore her because every time she came around he could feel the power inside her, and it set him on edge.

"Doesn't seem to stop you" he retorted, stretching his arms before getting up.

"I guess I'm just different" she smiled as he walked past her. "Where are you going?"

"Going to get a drink"

"Mind if I come with?"

"Do what you want"

As the two of them walked down the halls people whispered and stared at them. Ichigo didn't know what they were whispering about but he didn't like being the center of attention.

"So how you like Kuoh Academy?" Rias asked ignoring the other people in the hall.

"It's ok" he answered curtly.

Rias frowned at his short reply. She had been trying to get closer to him but it was harder then she originally suspected. She had asked Issei and Asia about him, but from their answers she guessed they had no clue about the strange power because they were still too inexperienced to sense it. Issei had told her though that the first night they met he had been looking at Asia in a funny way. That told Rias that he was able sense the magical power in Asia and probably Issei as well, which meant he could probably feel her magical power too.

"Am I bothering you Kurosaki-kun?" Rias asked a frown marring her beautiful face.


Rias puffed out her cheeks in a pout at how lazily he answered her. "Are you sure?"

"Yup" he answered putting money into the vending machine and pushing the button for his drink.

As he reached down to retrieve his drink he pulled out an additional one that seem to have gotten knocked loose.

"Here" he said handing Rias the second drink.

Before she could thank him Ichigo started walking away.

"Thank you" she said quietly a small blush dusting her cheeks as she looked at the drink in her hand.

"Ara, Ara" a voice sounded behind Rias making her jump in fright.

"Akeno I told you stop doing that!" she yelled at her friend that had snuck up behind her.

Akeno just chuckled at her best friend's expression. "How does the information gathering coming?"

"It hasn't really progressed at all" Rias answered truthfully taking a sip from her drink.

"Well it seems like your going to have to put your flirting on hold because we received a message from Lucifer-sama"

"What about?" she asked ignoring Akeno's comment.

"It seems we have a stray devil in our jurisdiction that he wishes us to investigate" she informed Rias as they started to make their way back to class.

"Do you suppose it's Kurosaki-kun" Rias asked even though she was sure he wasn't a devil.

"I don't think so, he's been here for a week and we just received the message" Akeno answered truthfully. "But you never know"

As they entered their classroom Rias looked over to where Ichigo sat. He looked to be thinking about something while he stared out the window. If he was a stray devil he didn't act like one. Most stray devils secluded themselves so that they could avoid detection easily, and if they somehow ran into a devil especially one like her they sure wouldn't stick around for very long after. What ever Ichigo Kurosaki was it definitely interested her.

"Finally done" Ichigo sighed as he set his pencil on his desk.

It had taken a few hours but he had finally finished his homework. So now he would be free to do what ever he wanted for the weekend. As he leaned back in his chair he thought about all the stuff he needed to do this weekend. He wanted to rearrange some of the furniture in the living room, he wanted to take a walk around town to get more acquainted with it, and he also wanted to start looking for a job since he wasn't working for Ikumi anymore.

"Maybe I can just rent out my services to the sports clubs like before" he chuckled.

Ichigo was brought from his thoughts by the sound of beeping coming from his school bag. Remembering his phone was on his night stand that only left the…

"Shinigami badge" he jumped up from his seat and fished it from his bag.

He looked at the badge with narrowed eyes as he watch the eyes on the badge flash an indication that a Hollow was in the area.

"Looks like it's time to go back to work"

In the three years Rias had been in charge of the territory around Kuoh Academy she had fought a fare share of stray devils but the two things in front of her were like nothing she had ever seen. One of them looked like a giant gorilla with a bone white mask on its face, while the other had the torso of a human but six spider like arms, a long bone tail instead of legs, and a bone white mask with a single hole for the eye. The only thing that was similar about them was the hole in their chests.

"W-what are those m-monsters" Asia stuttered cowering behind Rias.

Rias had no clue. It was supposed to be a simple stray devil mission but when they got to the warehouse where the stray devil was supposed to be the only thing they found was a pool of blood and these two monsters with blood covering their mouths.

"Whatever they are we have to get rid of them" Rias declared. "Yuuto!"

"Hai Buchou!" Kiba responded as he drew his sword.

Kiba charged the large gorilla like creature with a burst of speed that made him seem to vanish from sight. But as he reappeared to strike the beast it lifted its massive arm to block the strike. Kiba's blade made contact with the arm only to cut a few inches into the tree trunk like arm.

"Damn" he hissed as he started his decent to the ground.

"Yuuto look out" Rias yelled.

By the time Kiba saw what was happening it was to late. Kiba was swatted out of the air by the creature's other hand like a bug sending him crashing into a nearby wall.

"Asia I need you to check on Yuuto" Rias ordered

"H-hai" she responded as she started making her way to Kiba.

As she ran to help her comrade the ground in front of exploded causing her to stumble and fall back. Asia shook her head and gained her bearings as the dust cloud infront of her cleared it revealed to be the tail of the other creature. She looked to see the spider creature almost standing over her drooling as it looked at her. The spider creature dislodged it tail from the ground and poised it for another attack. She watched as the tail came speeding toward her she couldn't look away she could only wait for the pain. But the pain never came. It had been stopped just inches from her face. Aisa looked to see her savior was the small white haired girl from her group.

"T-thank y-you Koneko-s-san"

"Go help Kiba-senpai" Koneko said emotionlessly as she struggled to keep a grasp on the tail.

Rias breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Asia make her way toward Kiba again.

'If we aren't careful we'll lose our lives' Rias thought.

"Akeno help Koneko" she ordered.

Akeno nodded and moved to back up Koneko.

"Ok Issei it's up to us to take this one" Rias said turning her attention back to the gorilla monster.

"Hai, Bossted Gear!" Issei yelled summoning his sacred gear.


As they readied for battle the gorilla creature charged them lifting its massive arms up and throwing them down with the intention of crushing them. They both rolled out of the way dodging the brutish attack.


Rias fired a blast of her Power of Destruction hitting the beats back. It lurched forward hurt by the attack but it only seemed to cause a few scratches on its back. It let a horrible howl as it turned its attention to the red haired devil that sent a chill down her spine. That chill had caused her to hesitate for a second and by the time she got ahold of her senses the creature was already over her.

"Buchou watch out" Issei yelled as he ran toward her. "Promotion: Knight"


In a second Issei was next to Rias pushing her out of the way and taking the hit intended for her. Rias watched at Issei was sent rocketing threw the air into the darkness of the other side of the warehouse. She looked over to the rest of her peerage to see Asia healing a very injured Kiba and Koneko and Akeno looked to be having just as mush trouble as her.

'Is this really the end' Rias thought as a shadow loomed over her.

She shakily looked over shoulder to see the monster looming over her drool falling from its mouth ready to finish her off. As it brought is hands down to kill her she closed her eyes accepting her fate.

'At least I won't have to marry him'

As she felt the fists about to crush her, the beast let out a pained howl. She looked to see the beast was cut clean in half, and began to disintegrate into black particles.

"Looks like I showed up just in time"

Rias eyes widened recognizing the voice. Next to her was a tall man wearing a black shihakusho with a think red band that came across his chest, she could also see had strange tattoo like markings on his chest and hands, and a black and white collar around his neck. In his right hand he was carrying a large sword that seemed to be almost as tall as he was and was shaped like a trench knife. But what gave him away was his spikey orange hair.

"Yo-yo-yo" she stuttered out still shocked by the situation.

"No time for questions" he said in a very serious tone. "I need you to take him"

Not understanding what he meant she looked at more closely to see he was holding Issei, who was thrown over his left shoulder. Ichigo ungracefully threw Issei to Rias before vanishing he vanished at a speed that Rias had a hard time following.

Akeno and Koneko's breath were both labored as they faced the monster in front of them. Multiple times they had to bring its attention away from Kiba and Asia who were defenseless and back to them. This told Akeno that what ever it was it was some type of predator because it kept trying to go for the weak and injured prey. They both rolled out of the way as it swung its tail at them again. As Koneko came back to her feet she looked up to see the spider creature launching one of its legs at her. It was to late to dodge the attack so she brought up her arms to defend. But before the attack could hit she heard a 'clang' ring through the air like when metal struck metal. She looked past her arms to see that a very tall man with orange hair and blocked the attack.

"What do you think your doing? Move!" he said as he pushed the creature away.

Before she could react to his command he scooped her up under his arm and the next thing she knew they were next to Akeno and she felt like her stomach was doing flips.

"Stay here" he ordered as he sat her down.

Ichigo smirked as he turned to the hollow. Know that everyone was out of harms way he could fight. It felt nice to be able to stretch his legs but he needed to end this before things got even more out of hand. The hollow hissed as it stared down at him before it opened its mouth and a red ball of energy began to form between his teeth.

"Oh no you don't!" Ichigo yelled grabbing his zanpakuto with both his hands focusing his reiryoku into Zangetsu. "Getsuga"

The Hollow fired its cero at Ichigo shocking everyone watching as he made no move to dodge.

"Tensho!" he yelled unleashing a crescent moon shaped blast of blue reiatsu.

When the two attacks collided Ichigo's getsuga tensho easily overpowered the Hollow's cero cutting the beam of red reiatsu in half. Ichigo's attack crashed over the Hollow like a wave destroying in and everything behind it.

Rias watched in astonishment as Ichigo's attack dissipated reveling the carnage it left behind. The ground was torn up and the wall of the warehouse that was behind the creature was demolished allowing the moonlight to shine inside. She was amazed, he had taken out the two creatures in a matter of minutes when they were having trouble even hurting them.

"I might have went a little overboard" Ichigo said to himself causing everyone who was still conscious to face fault.

As Asia tended to Issei Rias walked up to behind Ichigo making him turn around. They both looked deep into the other's eyes both narrowed dangerously trying to figure the other one out. Akeno and Koneko readied themselves for another fight just in case because even if he had saved their lives they still knew nothing about him, and that went double for Koneko. The silence finally broke when Rias spoke.

"What are you Kurosaki Ichigo?"

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