Title: High School DxD: The Shinigami Representative (title subject to change)

Genre: Romance& Adventure

Rating: M

Pairing: Ichigo x Harem

Harem Candidates (This does not mean voting):

Rias Gremory

Rukia Kuchiki

Akeno Himejima


Koneko Toujou

Ravel Phenex


Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or High School DxD.

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"Ominous Voice"

**Flash Back**


[Boosted Gear]

Chapter 4: The Engagement Party

Ichigo's jaw clenched as he punched the wall next to him his fist going through the hardwood, while his eyes were completely glued to the screen in front of him. On the screen stood Rias and Riser, the battlefield around them was complete mess. Rias was breathing heavily; with a few wounds on her body while Riser stood in front of her smirking confidently and seemingly unaffected by anything that had been thrown at him.

'How did it turn out like this?' Ichigo wondered going over the entire battle in his head.

All through the Rating Game Rias and her peerage had been in control of the battle, easily dispatching four of Riser's pieces in the gym and three more in the forest. They even kept control of the battle when his queen took out Koneko in a sneak attack. Issei and Kiba were also able to take out his remaining peerage in a combination attack leaving only his queen (who was battling Akeno) and his last bishop (who they found out was Riser's little sister). But that's when things seemed to take a complete 180. Kiba and Issei had joined Rias and Asia to fight Riser, his sister following haughtily behind them, and Akeno had come to a draw with Riser's queen. But it seemed no matter how much they fought against him his regenerative powers just healed every bit of damage they did, and he was able to KO Kiba and blast away Issei.

"You see now Rias" Riser said extending his arms in a show of confidence. "No matter what you do you can't win, your entire peerage except for your pawn is gone, and he won't be getting up after my last attack" he laughed

"Don't count me out just yet you damn yakitori" Issei's voice rung as he started to stand up shakily.

Riser scowled as he looked at beaten and burned pawn that just seemed to keep on getting back up and defying him. "Just give up Pawn-kun no matter what you do you and Rias can't defeat me"

"I can't do that" Issei said steadying himself on his feet. "If I give up now how can I ever look Ichigo in the eyes again after everything he did to help me get stronger, but most of all if I can't even beat a punk like you how can I ever hope to beat him? So no matter the cost I will beat you!" he finished, raising his boosted gear.

"So be it" Riser scowled turning toward Rias. "Wait a little longer my love I'll be right back" he said before turning back towards Issei ready to finish him.

"I was hoping to save this for Ichigo but it looks like I have no choice!" he shouted as his boosted gear started to glow. "Over Booster!"

[Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker!]

A bright red light started to emit from the boosted gear as a great red aura enveloped Issei's body. The aura condensed and formed into a bright red, draconic-like armor over him embedded with multiple green gems over parts of his body, golden protrusions over his chest, knees, arms, and a pair over his face, a rocket propulsions system atop his back, and a scaly red tail from the back of his armor.

"B-Balance Breaker! You manifested the power of the Sekiryuutei in an armor form?"

"That's right! And I'm gonna use it to beat the crap out of you yakitori!" Issei yelled a he launched himself at Riser.

Riser smirked as his wings of fire came to life and he charged toward Issei.

"It seems you've decide to use this earlier then expected" a deep voice rang in Issei's head.

'I didn't have a choice' Issei responded as he and Riser clashed.

"It matters not to me when you use it, the price is the same" the voice continued seemingly uninterested in Issei's reasons for using the Balance Breaker. "Just remember it will only last for 10 seconds"



Issei and Riser clashed again and again creating great shockwaves of energy every time they collided.


As the countdown drew down to 5 Issei quickly charged a dragon shot with a great amount of his remaining energy as Riser charged at him from above.

"Take this Riser!" Issei yelled "Dragon Shot!" He shouted releasing a massive blast of energy at Riser.

Taking the blast Riser tried to counter it but was overpowered instead being engulfed in a massive explosion.

Riser emerged from the explosion greatly injured, with his left half completely gone and his other half badly torn up. "Damn it!" Riser shouted angrily at being overpowered by a low-class devil.

"Raggghhh!" Issei shouted charging at Riser, his left hand cocked back and charged with all of his power.

"Shit" Riser voiced unable to dodge, as Issei was only a few feet away and his body still regenerating.


Suddenly Issei's armor shattered just before his attack landed "W-What?" he voiced before he plummeted to the ground.

"Hey Draig! What's up? It hasn't been 10 seconds yet!" Issei shouted at his sacred gear. "Wasn't the price I paid enough?"

"No the price you paid was enough but unfortunately your are to weak to fully utilize my power. You need more training" Draig replied

"Seriously after all that training I did, and it still wasn't enough" Issei responded

"That amount of training is nothing compared to a devils life span. Real training is measured in dozens of years"

"I don't need to hear that! I just need that armor again to win, I'll pay whatever price"

"That's impossible for you now, no matter the price you pay"

"Damn it" Issei cried before he was picked up by the collar and came face to Riser who was fully healed.

"I have to praise you for doing so well Pawn-kun. I never expected you to do so well, but now this farce of yours is about to be over!" He said before letting go of Issei and sending a flaming punch to his stomach.

"Gahhhhh!" Issei sounded coughing up blood before being assaulted again by Riser. Riser continued to bombard him with blows from all sides causing Issei to sail through the air.

"See Pawn-kun, this is the difference in our power. Without your precious boosted gear you're nothing but worthless trash" Riser laughed gathering a large ball of fire in his hands then launching to toward the downed Issei.

The ball of fire engulfed Issei making the spot where he was laying explode creating a crater over a 100 feet in width.

"Issei" Rias shouted quickly flying over to him, tired of watching from the sidelines as the battle was now completely one-sided.

Scattering the dust from the explosion she took in the damage left behind. Issei's entire body was covered in second and third degree burns and had many great bruises. He was in no condition to continue fighting to say the least.

"B-Buchou…." Issei wheezed out "I…I'm sorry"

"Don't worry Issei…you did really well out there" Rias chocked out tears welling up in her eyes.

"So" Riaser said standing behind the two, his wings of fire still lit. "Are you ready to finally concede Rias? Or shall I dispose of your pawn to make you agree?" He smirked wickedly his hands encased in fire.

"No" Rias chocked out. "The game is over Riser, I…. I concede" she said sadly tears streaming from her eyes.

Riser chuckled. "About time"

"The game is over. Rias-sama forfeits. The winner is Riser Phenex-sama." Grayfia's voice boomed through the created space.

/Two Days Later/

Ichigo sighed as he starred at the ceiling above his bed. Tonight was the night of the engagement party and he had just seen off Issei and Asia before they went to meet Akeno and the others at the clubroom to teleport to the underworld. He still couldn't shake the look of complete devastation Issei had as he left the house, he had tried so hard and sacrificed so much only for it to amount to nothing. Ichigo fists clenched as memories of Riser's smug face popped into his head, but what seemed to anger him the most were the flashes of the tears that fell from Rias's face as she was forced to resign.

"Damn it" Ichigo cursed siting up in his bed.

He was sick of sitting on the sidelines and hoping that things would work out. He didn't know how he was going to get there but he was going to go to that party and kick whoever's ass he needed to kick to end this engagement. Reaching for his phone Ichigo flipped it open and dialed a number he hoped he would never need to call.

"Ah Kurosaki-san it's been a while, how is the new school?" Kisuke Urahara's voice came from the other end.

"I need your help getting somewhere" Ichigo said cutting to the chase, he could hear Urahara chuckle on the other end.

"It wouldn't have to do with your new devil friends would it?" Urahara asked shocking Ichigo.

Ichigo was about to ask how he knew when a silver magic circle appeared on his floor.

"I'll call you back" he said hanging up his phone.

As the light from the magic circle disappeared it revealed Grayfia standing in his room.

"You look like you were about to be going somewhere" she asked her tone as cold as ever.

"What are you doing here?" he questioned,

"Why do you Shinigami always feel the need to get involved in the affairs of others?" Grayfia sighed ignoring Ichigo.

Ichigo's brow rose at her statement but he quickly put the thought away. "Are you here to try and stop me?" he asked his hand moving toward his badge.

"No" Grayfia answered plainly. "I'm here to deliver this to you" she said handing him a piece of paper with a magic circle on it. "This will allow you to teleport to the hall of the engagement party"

"Why are you giving me this?" he asked confused

"I am not giving you anything I am only here to deliver the magic circle and a message from Sirzechs-sama" she responded coldly. "If you want to help my sister, barge into the hall, that is what he said to tell you"

"Why?" he asked again not seeing the point in her brother wanting him to go and save Rias.

"That is the very same question I asked myself when I was given the task" Grayfia said as her magic circle appeared under her feet. "And while I don't know the answer to that question I do know Sirzechs-sama rarely does anything without a reason. So do not disappoint him" she finished as she disappeared in the light of the magic circle.

Ichigo looked at the piece of paper in his hand with a scrutinizing gaze. What if this was some kind of trap? The only thing he knew about this Sirzechs guy was he was Rias's brother, so he could have just wanted him to just rescue his sister.

"Well I guess I'll find out when I get there" he thought as he took his Shinigami badge in his hand. If this was a chance to help he wasn't going to let it slip by, and if it was a trap he would just fight his way out.

Rias sighed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. "It's supposed to be an engagement party, but this looks more like a wedding dress" she said to herself as she looked at the red dress she was wearing.

"You're exactly right" Riser's voice echoed through the changing room as his household's magic circle appeared on the ground and he came into the room. "It's perfect right. It'll show the devil world the bonding between the Gremory and Phenex households, but most of all wearing this makes it easy for you to give up, doesn't it?" he laughed as he started to leave. "Don't worry though your actual dress will be on a whole different level. Now if you will excuse me I have guests to greet" he said as he teleported from the room.

Rias clicked her tongue as the room became empty again. As silence took over the room Rias couldn't help her thoughts from traveling back to the Rating Game or more specifically after the game when she had been returned to the to the clubroom.


As the light from the magic circle disappeared Rias looked up from Issei's face to see there were back in the clubroom, and that they were not alone. In front of her Ichigo stood in silence as he looked at them. When their eyes met Rias couldn't keep the tears from falling.

"Don't worry" she heard Ichigo say as he kneeled down in front of her and wiped her tears with his sleeve. "It's not over yet" when she looked at him again her eyes widened as she saw half of Ichigo's right eye was black and the iris had turned a bright yellow. "Not by a long shot"

**Flashback End**

Rias was brought from the memory by the sound of the door opening behind her.

"Rias-sama, it's time" a maid informed her.

Looking back at her reflection Rias took one last breath as a magic circle appeared under her.

"I can't believe my Nii-sama won a bride through a Rating Game" Ravel Phenex laughed behind her fan as she talked with a group of party guests. "It was obvious from the start who was going to win, but it was a good show nonetheless"

Issei's fists clenched as he heard the daughter of the Phenex household gloat about her brother's win, Akeno, Kiba and Koneko's eyes also narrowed as they sipped on their champagne. Issei was calmed down though when he felt Asia grab his hand.

"It really was quite the show" they heard a voice say from behind them.

They all turned to see a tall man with shoulder length crimson hair and blue-green eyes that looked much like Rias.

"Thank you Sirzechs-sama, that means a lot coming from someone of your stature" Akeno said as she bowed.

"Who is this Akeno-san?" Issei asked not understanding why she was bowing.

"Excuse my rudeness" Sirzechs chuckled. "My name is Sirzechs Lucifer, I am Rias's older brother and one The Four Great Satans." He said with a smile

Issei's jaw dropped as he looked at the man in front of him. This man was the Maou Sirzechs Lucifer-sama and he looked like a male version Rias.

"This really is quite the party" Kiba complimented drawing Sirzechs attention away from the gaping Issei.

"Really?" he asked chuckling. "I think it's just about to get interesting"

They all raised an eyebrow at what he said but didn't question it as Riser teleported into the room.

"Famed nobles of the underworld!" Riser called getting all of the guest's attention. "The Phenex household is honored by your attendance tonight for this momentous occasion in which I, Riser Phenex, and the heiress of the Gremory household, Rias Gremory, formally announce our intent to marry, and without further ado let me introduce my empress, Rias Gremory!" everyone in the room began to clap as Rias teleported into the room next to Riser.

Riser smiled as everyone clapped and moved to put his arm around Rias. As his hand moved to touch Rias the ground began to shake violently startling some the guests.

"W-what's going on?" Issei asked as he held onto Asia to keep her from falling.

His question was answered when the doors to the hall were destroyed as a huge wave of blue energy blew into the room.

Rias coughed and covered her eyes as the cloud of dust that was had been kicked and wave of energy dissipated. Once it fully settled Rias opened her eyes to see that the blue energy had created a fissure that separated the hall into two halves, but what shocked her most was that the room was riddled with Phenex guards that were either unconscious or rolling on the floor writhing in pain.

"Yo" A voice said getting her attention.

She turned to see the familiar figure of Ichigo Kurosaki standing in front of her with his Zanpakuto resting on his shoulder.

"I-Ichigo?" Rias stuttered shocked to see him.

"The one and only" he replied

"What are you doing here?"

Ichigo opened his mouth to answer only to immediately close it and grab Rias around the waist then shunpo away as a wave of fire struck where they had been standing.

"You should watch where your aiming" Ichigo said coldly as he set Rias down and turned to look at a furious Riser with his whole peerage surrounding him as his right arm was regenerating.

"You!" Riser yelled recognizing Ichigo from the clubroom. "What is the meaning of this?"

"You ok Rias?" Ichigo asked glancing back at her.

"Yeah" she answered looking at a piece of her dress that had gotten burnt from the attack.

"Stay here this will be over soon" he told her as he walked toward Riser.

"Halt!" Ichigo stopped as Riser's peerage stood in front of him.

"Move and you won't get hurt" Ichigo told Riser's peerage.

"What makes you think you can even hurt us?" Riser's queen asked smirking.

Ichigo sighed as he tightened his grip on his on his zanpakuto. "Fine"

Before he could move to attack four other figures moved in front of him.

"Leave these guys to us Ichigo" Issei said summoning his boosted gear with Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko getting ready to attack.

As the two peerages squared off whispers echoed through the room everybody wondering what was going on.

"This is just a little entertainment that I prepared" Sirzechs said getting everyone's attention.

"Sirzechs-sama, what do you mean by entertain-" Riser stopped at Sirzechs raised his hand.

"Riser-kun, the Rating Game was very interesting to watch, however against my little sister who is inexperienced and only has half of her pieces it was a bit…" Sirzechs shrugged not sounding very impressed.

"Are you saying the game wasn't fair Sirzechs-sama?" Riser asked sound aggravated.

"No, no, not at all" he laughed. "If a Maou such as myself were to say such a thing the whole concept of the Rating Game would become meaningless. Not to mention, considering the circumstances of this game I would dishonor my old family. I just didn't feel like it showed me your true strength, and as a brother I want to make sure my sister is in good hands"

"Then Sirzechs, what do you want to do about it?" asked a man with long red hair and a goatee.

"Father. I want to make my cute little sister's engagement party into a flashy one. The prodigy son of the Phenex household versus the son of the hero Isshin Shiba, doesn't that sound like the ultimate event?" Sirzechs asked as everyone's eyes widened and looked toward Ichigo who was just as shocked.

'How does he know the old man?' Ichigo wondered as he heard people start to whisper things like "Shinigami", "hero's son", and other things like that.

"Not only will this serve as legendary entertainment for the party, but Riser-kun can show us how powerful he truly is" Sirzechs says then looks to Riser. "What say you Riser?"

It takes a second but Riser smirks. "Very well. There is no way I can decline if Sirzechs-sama asks me"

Sirzechs smiles before turning toward Ichigo. "Ichigo-kun, what prize do you want if you win this match?"


"What are you saying?"

"We are asking the son of Isshin Shiba to do something for us, that requires some sort of compensation does it not? So what is it you desire Ichigo-kun. I can give you anything, money? Women? Information?" Sirzechs asks ignoring the protests of the crowed.

Ichigo's eyes narrowed as he looked at the red haired man talking to him. He didn't like be used, and he knew that was exactly what Rias's brother was doing. Not to mention he somehow knew his father.

'How many secrets does that old goat have?' Ichigo clenched his fists as he thought about all the things he didn't know about his own father.

He could worry about that later though. He had come here with a purpose.

"Call off the engagement" Ichigo said. "When I win you will call of the engagement and allow Rias to return to the human world"

Sirzechs smiled happily. "Very well." If you win the engagement will be ended and Rias will return to the human world. With these terms set I suggest we move out into the courtyard so nether of you will need to hold back"

Ichigo and Riser both nodded.

Everyone was quick to hurry out of the hall and into the courtyard right outside. While all the guests stood around the courtyard Rias with her peerage stood alongside Sirzechs on a balcony with Riser's relatives sitting close by.

"Don't worry Rias this will be over in a second!" Ichigo said as he and Riser stood in the center of the courtyard.

"He really doesn't know what he is getting himself into does he? There is no way he will be able to beat Onii-sama" Ravel laughed as she fanned herself.

"Do you think he will be able to do it Buchou?" Akeno asked.

Rias continued to stare down at the two people in the center of the courtyard. She had been asking herself that same question this entire time. They knew Ichigo was strong, but was he strong enough to overcome the Phenex household's immortality?

"He can do it" Issei said getting the two's attention. "He'll wipe the floor with that damn yakitori" he smirked. "Come on Ichigo kick his ass!"

"So you're a Shinigami" Riser smiled. "No wonder I couldn't tell want you were back in the human world. I've heard stories about them but this is the first time I've met one in person"

Ichigo stood silently as Riser spoke.

"Do you really think you can win?" he asked. "You saw the Rating Game. With my immortality you don't stand a chance" he laughed.

"We'll just have to see" Ichigo said lowly as he grabbed Zangetsu's hilt.

The moment Sirzechs gave the signal to begin Riser's eyes widened, as Ichigo appeared right in front of him already swinging his zanpakuto. Riser was immediately swallowed by a white wave. He quickly emerged from it with parts of body and a side of his face wounded but smirked, while the attack was strong it only at the level of a Middle-Class devil at best.

"Is that all you have Shinigami?!" he laughed as the few wounds on his body healed instantaneously. "With an attack like that you will never beat me"

"Idiot" Ichigo said making Riser stop laughing. "That's wasn't an attack it was only the kenk'atsu. I wanted to judge how fast you were" he continued, grabbing the hilt of his zanpakuto with his other hand. "This is an attack." he said raising his zanpakuto to his side as a massive amount of blue reiatsu started to erupt from the blade. "Getsuga…."

"W-what the he-" Rise stuttered shocked at the amount of power that was being produced before he was cut off.

"Tensho!" He yelled as a massive crescent shaped wave eradicated Riser's body leaving just his legs.

The Phenex household watched in shock as Riser body was nearly destroyed from the attack.

"Onii-sama!" "Riser-sama" Ravel and Riser's peerage yelled as she watched their king

'That attack was easily on par with a High-Class devil' Lord Phenex exclaimed in his head as he watched his son slowly regenerate from the attack.

"Just wait Lord Phenex were just getting started" Sirzechs smiled as he watched the fight.

"Damn it" Riser cursed as his head finally regenerated. He had not expected power like that from the Shinigami. If he had to guess he was probably as strong as himself…maybe even stronger.

"Was that strong enough for you?" Riser heard a voice ask from behind him.

Quickly spinning around Riser encased his remaining arm in fire in time to block Ichigo's zanpakuto.

"Not even close" Riser said threw gritted teeth struggling to hold Ichigo back.

Riser was quick to separate himself, as his body was full restored now.

"Your attack took me by surprise, don't expect it to happen again" Riser sneered.

"Wouldn't dream of it" Ichigo smirked as he and Riser charged each other.

"This is insane" Issei said as he shielded his face from the shock waves that occurred every time Ichigo and Riser clashed.

Rias watched in quiet awe as the two fought and the ground beneath them began to crake under their power. Even during their training she had never felt this kind of power from Ichigo.

Riser gritted his teeth as he and Ichigo separated. Looking down at his chest he clicked his tongue as he watched a gash on his chest regenerate.

'This guy's not fooling around' he thought looking up to Ichigo's cold stare. 'Looks like I need to get serious'

Readying for another attack Ichigo shunpoed toward Riser stopping when he saw multiple green circles appear in front of Riser's outstretched hands.

'What the-' Ichigo was cut off as a flurry of small tornados flew out from the magic circles. He quickly maneuvered dodging as many as possible but was still hit by several of them and sent crashing to the ground making a small crater.

Pulling himself from the crater that had been created Ichigo looked up to Riser who was gathering a large amount of energy between his hands.

"I'm done playing around Shinigami" Riser smirked. "Time to show you the true power of the Phenex household" he finished holding out his right hand making a huge green magic circle appear under Ichigo.

Before Ichigo could move out of the magic circle he was swept up by a massive tornado from underneath that reached high into the sky.

"Shit" he voiced as he struggled to control his position and sword inside the tornado before he noticed another circle forming beneath him

"It's not over yet!" Riser yelled activating a red-orange magical circle beneath the tornado causing an equally large pillar of fire to rise and mix with the tornado creating a giant roaring firestorm within the courtyard.

Riser smiled in satisfaction at his apparent victory. This was one of his strongest attacks and there was no way the Shinigami could survive it.

"I've won!" he laughed claiming his victory, as he saw no movement within from the tornado.

Rias watched the firestorm rage in shock as Riser laughed in the background.

"Ichigo" she whispered as tears came to the corners of her eyes.

"No way" Issei said in complete shock. "There is no way Ichigo could lose"

"See, I told you he couldn't beat my Onii-sama" Ravel laughed behind her fan.

"It seems my son went a little overboard" Lord Phenex sighed. "Should we call an end to this Sirzechs-sama?" he asked looked to the Maou.

Sirzechs didn't answer he just continued to look at the scene before him with a smile on his face.

"Sirzechs-sa-" Lord Phenex was interrupted by the feeling of a crushing force coming down on him.

"Wh-what i-s this?" Ravel asked having trouble breathing.

She received her answer when the storm dissipated as a massive white aura shooting into the sky was shown.

"What's going on?" Issei asked watching the scene as he held onto Asia who had fainted from the pressure while also trying to keep himself from falling to his knees.

"O-onii-sama?" Rias stuttered looking to her brother only to see him still smiling.

"To think he would achieve that at such an age" Sirzechs said talking to himself confusing Rias even more.

Turning her attention back to the battlefield she watched as the aura faded. Her eyes widened as she saw Ichigo standing in the center of where the tornado use to be although he was completely different. He now wore a white undershirt beneath his black shihakushō, which was now open. It was held together by three "x"-shaped marks, it ends in a number of coattails. Ichigo also wore black gloves, with white "x"-shaped marks on both the gloves and his forearms. There were two things that stood out the most about his new appearance. His blade had also changed. While roughly the length it had shrunk down to a pure black daito that was curved near the tip, with three protrusions along the blunt end of the sword close to its tip. It had a manji-like shape, with a curved and jagged tsuba. The other was that the amount of power he radiated. It was on a completely different level than what Ichigo showed before.

"He's using a different sword" Kiba said never having seen Ichigo use the blade before.

"No that is still his same zanpakuto" Sirzechs said getting Rias and her peerage's attention.

"Sirzechs-sama, is that?" Lord Phenex asked completely shocked at what he was looking at.

Sirzechs smiled and nodded affirming Lord Phenex's question. "Bankai"

"Bankai?" Rias asked never having heard the term before.

"It's a Shinigami's most powerful technique, completely releasing the power of the users zanpakuto and bringing out it's true form" Sirzechs answered.

"His sword can change" Kiba asked never having heard of a blade that changed form.

"Calling a zanpakuto a mere sword is an insult" Sirzechs laughed. "Like people each zanpkuto is different in its ability's, they even have their own names" he continued. "Most can rival or exceed the power of Holy Swords like Excalibur or Durandal when using Bankai, while others are even several times stronger depending on the user."

Kiba's eyes turned back to Ichigo or more specifically his zanpakuto. A blade that was even stronger then Excaliber, if he had one of those he would be able to enact his revenge and destroy the holy swords with ease.

"So that means…" Rias gasped understanding the situation now.

"This entire time Ichigo hasn't even used half of his true power" Sirzechs finished for his sister. "Unfortunately this match is over" he smiled.

"Bankai" Ichigo said quietly but loud enough to be heard. "Tensa Zangetsu" Ichigo said as the aura dissipated into the wind and he looked up to Riser.

Riser stared in awe as the aura faded and Ichigo appeared completely unharmed from his attack.

'Wh-what's this power' he thought starring down at the person before him. 'It feels nothing short of an Ultimate-Class Devil!

"I'm done playing around Riser" Ichigo said raising Riser from his thoughts. "I'm ending this"

"Don't look down on me!" Riser yelled in anger summoning a fireball to his right only to see Ichigo had vanished from his sight "Wha-" was all he got out before he felt his arm get cut off and notice Ichigo in front of him. 'I couldn't see him move at all' he panicked.

"Try to keep up" Ichigo said before vanishing again.

"What?" Riser questioned as he regenerated only to see he was now completely surrounded by a dozens of Ichigo's.

"He can clone himself" Issei said in awe.

"They're afterimages" Kiba corrected as he watched the amazing display of speed. "He's moving so fast that it looks like he in multiple places at once" he said his eyes unable to locate the real Ichigo.

"To think Ichigo-kun had this type of power ufufufu" Akeno laughed. "He's a lot more dangerous and powerful then we first thought"

Rias didn't respond to her queen's comments. She just continued to watch as Ichigo toyed with Riser

Riser growled as he spun around and fired a blast of wind toward where he thought Ichigo was only for three more wounds to open up on his body.

"To slow" he heard a voice say behind him. He turned around just in time to see Ichigo cut his body to pieces in a barrage of incredibly fast slashes.

Ichigo continued to slash his body to pieces at an incredible speed which his regeneration could barely keep up with till only a small portion of his face was left.

"It's over Riser" he said. "Getsuga Tenshō!"

The last of Riser's body was swallowed up by a pitch black wave.

Rias watched as Ichigo released the attack she had see many times before, but instead of its usual light-blue color it was pitch black with a crimson out line and was more than twice to three times as large as the ones she had seen before.

When the attack ended the courtyard was completely destroyed. All the things that once made it into a beautiful garden had been obliterated by Ichigo's attack, and if not for Sirzechs's barrier the people down by the courtyard would have been obliterated too.

"Oh my" Lady Phenex gasped as she surveyed the destruction.

"Where's Onii-sama!" Ravel asked panicked as she looked across the wasteland.

"There" a relative pointed at a gathering pile of ash that slowly started to turn into a kneeling Riser.

Quickly spotting Riser Ichigo quickly flashed in front of him making the Phenex look up to him.

Riser looked up at Ichigo fear clear in his eyes at the raw power that the Shinigami had shown.

"Give up" Ichigo told him looking down at Riser with cold eyes.

Riser gritted his teeth in anger. "Fuck you!" he yelled. "Do you even know what you're doing? This engagement is important and necessary for the future of the Devils! This has nothing to do with you!"

"You're right" Ichigo admitted. "The engagement has nothing to do with me, but you told Issei he was worthless after all the hard work he put into training, and most of all you made Rias cry. Those are reasons enough for me to beat you" he said raising his Zanpakuto above his head as black and red reiatsu surrounded the blade.

As Ichigo was about to blast Riser away with another Getsuga Tenshou he stopped his swing. In front of him with his blade a centimeter away from her neck stood Riser's sister Ravel.

"Please move" Ichigo told her looking into her blue eyes. "This is between me and your brother"

"No" she said in defiance even though Ichigo could see her body shaking. "Even though he won't die I can't just sit back and watch you beat Onii-sama when it's clear you're in a totally different league then him"

Ichigo could see that Ravel was truly afraid for not only herself but for her brother as well. Pulling his blade away he turned away and shunpoed in front of the balcony where Sirzechs was seated.

"Is that enough" Ichigo asked looking up at Sirzechs.

Sirzechs stood and moved to the railing of the balcony. "The winner is Ichigo Kurosaki," he declared.

It started quietly but soon applause could be heard throughout the courtyard.

"Way to go Ichigo!" Issei yelled as the rest of the peerage clapped alongside him.

Breathing a sigh of relief Ichigo released his Bankai causing his outfit and zanpakuto to return to normal. Shunoping up to the balcony he was immediately greeted by Issei saying how awesome he was, but immediately became quiet when Rias walked up to the two. Turning toward Rias Ichigo smiled at the heir to the Gremory household who had tears forming in her eyes.

"You idiot" she said looking him over for injuries but discovered he was unharmed. "Why did you do this?"

"We're friends, what other reason do I need" he answered honestly.

Rias laughed as the tears started to falls down her face. "You may have stopped this engagement, but a new engagement might be brought in, you know?"

"Then I'll just have to kick that guy's ass won't I" Ichigo answered cheekily. "So can we go now I'm pretty sure this was just a one way ticket" he said taking the slip of paper that Grayfia had given him out of his pocket.

Rias laughed again as she nodded her head. She then moved in front of Ichigo and pulled his face down toward hers. Ichigo's face burned bright red as he felt Rias lips make contact with his. It only lasted a few moments before he snapped away in shock and embarrassment.

"Wh-what the hell are you doing!" he yelled taking a step back from Rias making her laugh.

"My first kiss. It's something girls treasure in Japan right?" she asked.

"Y-yeah I guess, wait, your first kiss?" he yelled again.

Rias nodded. "Yes my first kiss, so please treasure it" she smiled.

"Yeah, whatever" he replied casually turning away from Rias so she wouldn't see his face burning red. "It was my first too so we're even" he whispered but Rias still heard him.

"I will definitely treasure it Ichigo" she smiled.

"Can we go already" he yelled embarrassed.

Rias and her peerage laughed as a magic circle appeared below them. They couldn't see it but as they teleported away Ichigo smiled happy to see Rias smiling again.

"Lord Phenex. I'm very sorry this engagement turned out like this" Lord Gremory apologized as he and Lord Phenex sat in Lord Phenex's study.

"It's fine Lord Gremory. It was a good engagement for pureblood Devils, but it looks like we both had too much greed. Both of us already have grandchildren. Maybe it's our greed as Devils that made us crave for more. Or maybe it's because we saw hell in the last war" Lord Phenex said as he took a sip of wine. "His name was Ichigo-kun correct? I need to thank him. My son needed this defeat. He overestimated the ability of our household. This will be a good lesson for my son: Phenex is not absolute. Just learning that was enough for this engagement, Lord Gremory"

"Yes but to think my daughter would not only acquire the Red Dragon Emperor in her peerage, but also come into contact with Isshin-kun's son, it's amazing." Lord Gremory sighed taking a sip of his wine.

"She has quite the luck," Lord Phenex laughed.

"I have a feeling that things will become quite interesting soon" Lord Gremory smiled.

"Cheers to that my friend" Lord Phenex smiled as their glasses clinked together.

"Run that by me again" Ichigo said sitting on his couch as he looked at Rias who was surrounded by boxes.

"I'll be living in this house from now on" she smiled at Ichigo's less than happy look

"And why are you going to do that?" he questioned rubbing his temples irritated.

"I want to strengthen my relationship with my servants, and what better way to do that then to live next door to them" she explained as she started to move boxes around.

"Then why don't you live with them!" he yelled as he followed her.

"I couldn't impose on Issei's parents like that, plus you already have a lot of extra space" she replied

While he couldn't argue against the extra space part he need a way to convince her not to live with him. He was interrupted though by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

Groaning in frustration Ichigo went to the door. "Yes?" he answered opening the door.

"Ara ara have you two began unpacking without us" Akeno asked standing on his front porch with the rest of Rias's peerage.

"What are guys doing here?"

"We're here to help Buchou unpack Senpai" Kiba smiled as they entered the house.


"I'll make some tea" Akeno interrupted moving toward the kitchen.

"Please allow me to get that Buchou" Kiba said moving to take a box from Rias.

"Hold u-"

"I'll help Akeno-san" Asia said.

"Boxes" Konecko said picking up three boxes at once and taking them upstairs.

Ichigo stood completely stunned as everyone took over his home.

"Ichigo could I talk to you?" Issei's voice sounded making Ichigo realize he was still in the doorway.

"What about?" he asked rubbing his temples again.

It took Issei a second to gather his thoughts and words but when Ichigo saw him look up he could see a resolve in Issei's eyes. "You may have taken Buchou's first kiss, but I will have her virginity!" he cried pointing at Ichigo.

"Say What?" Ichigo asked dumbfounded by Issei's statement.

"From now on you and I are rivals, and one day I'm going to beat you and win Bouchou's heart" he voiced.

While Ichigo still didn't understand what Issei was saying he couldn't resist a challenge when one was presented.

"I look forward to it, Issie" he smiled sticking out his hand to Issei.

Issei smiled back before taking Ichigo's hand and before moving Rias's stuff into his house.

Seeing the apparent new residence in his house Ichigo let out an annoyed sigh. It seemed like his life was getting difficult again.

End of Arc 1

Author's Note: Wow two whole months with no chapter, I'm really sorry about that. October was a really busy month for me and November I was just being really lazy. But I'll try to not let that happen again. So I hope you enjoy this chapter and I'll see you next time.