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Vanellope stared at everyone.

Gloyd was giving Taffyta a candy flower.

Swizzle was kissing Crumbelina.

The rest of the Sugar Rush girls were outside the game, with their boyfriends from other games in the arcade.

It seemed that EVERYONE has a valentine,

Except … her.

As she silently wept, Rancis was trying to find something to do on Valentine's Day.

Since Gloyd and Swizzle was out getting kisses from their girlfriends, he had nothing to do.

Race? Alone? Nah.

Style his hair? Already perfect.

Flirt? Ok.

"But wait, who is available?" Rancis wondered.

As he started listing the Sugar Rush girls and their boyfriends, the only one available was…

He widened his eyes.

"Vanellope!" he cheered and jumped high in the air.

Before Turbo took over, Rancis had a crush on Vanellope.

Now that Turbo is defeated, not only his memory came back…..

His crush came back.

Skipping and humming, he made his way to the palace.

Vanellope wondered, has ALL the boys been taken?

"Let's see, Swizzle is taken, Gloyd is taken, Rancis is …. Single!"

"RANCIS IS SINGLE!?" she cheered.

Before Turbo ruled, Vanellope had a small crush on Rancis.

Now her memory is back, and so is her crush on him.

"Time to get my flirty mode on" she smirked.

Rancis knocked on the palace door.

Sour Bill, as grumpy as ever opened the door.

"Yes, what do you want?" Sour Bill grumpily answers.

"May I see Vanellope?" he asked politely.

"She is busy. If it is urgent, come in and wait." Sour Bill answered.

"Alright." Rancis says and grin.

"Alright, time to reveal my talent as a makeup artist." Vanellope grinned. "He will be my Valentine for SURE.

She grabbed the mascara, lipstick, and a bunch of other makeup stuff and got to work.

As he waited, he decided to look at a photo album on the candy desk.

The cover had R+V on it.

"Vanellope got my car name wrong!" Rancis cried. "Oh well"

When he looked inside the album, he saw….

"Oh my candy, I don't remember all this!" he cried.

Inside the album, were pictures of…

Rancis and Vanellope.

"Must be only a few" he nervously chuckled.

He turned the page.

Rancis and Vanellope.

He hastily turned the page again.

Rancis and Vanellope.

Rancis and Vanellope.

Rancis and Vanellope.

He closed the book.

"She must have SOME other boys in other albums." He nervously reassured.

He grabbed another photo album, and hesitantly opened it.


He looked at 20 other photo albums.

"Rancis and Vanellope in all of them!?" he cried.

Vanellope smiled, satisfied.

"I will soon have him at my feet. She smirked.

She then sighed dreamily.

"How nice it would be to have him as my boyfriend." She whispered dreamily.

"Message for President Vanellope, Rancis Fluggerbutter has been waiting for you for the past one hour."Sour Bill said dully.

"HOLY SKITTLES AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!?" Vanellope says, pushing past him and running down the chocolate staircase.

"You told me no one could see you until you came out." Sour Bill said, confused.

Rancis wondered what she was doing that took her so long.

Then suddenly, he heard high heels clacking down the staircase.

He looked up and his eyes widened.

Vanellope came down, as beautiful as an angel.

"Hello Rancis" she giggled, battering her eyelashes. "You wanted to see me?"

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