So this was the story that got the most votes, truth be told I came up with this one within five minutes. The story will be in Trunks POV and sometimes Pan's.

First, this is a slight AU

Second, There will be no Marron bashing, I'm a big T/M fan, but I don't mind T/P

Third, Trunks and Goten are twenty-three, Marron twenty-two, Bra nineteen, and Pan eighteen

Fourth, Pan is Goku and Chi-chi's daughter, which also means Gohan and Goten are her brothers.

Disclaimer- Don't own DB/DBZ/DBGt :D

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His mother always warned him about women and their ways, but Trunks Briefs never believed a word she said, most of the advice she mention he'd seen on movies, that's why he didn't believe her. But here he is, in yet another Louis Vuitton boutique this week. Two thousand dollars for a handbag, and don't get him started on the perfume.

Trunks watch as his girlfriend of five rocky years skipped around in her high heels that he had just bought her. Gold digger, his mother would call her, but she's the daughter of one her oldest best friend and one of the strongest women on earth.

Marron wasn't always like this. There was a time when he knew she loved me for me and h loved her. That was when they were eighteen and just graduated from high school. The couple went traveling for a year and she was the most humblest person on earth. Back then Trunks could imagine marrying her. But as he looked at her know, he feel like a credit card. He couldn't help but wonder, where did things go wrong

"Lets go baby," she squealed, tossing two more bags his way without a care in the world.

The heir of Capsule Corp. caught both of them and follow her out the store. He passed by a man in a minx coat who shakes his head at him. A pimp he presumed: a man who got what he wanted before buying a woman an expensive handbag.

"So, your mom wants to have us home by six for family dinner," Marron revealed, clutching onto her man's forearm. "I want you to wear that new Michael Kors cardigan I got you, and maybe you could wear-"

Trunks groaned, he didn't understand why he had to dress up, it was just a family dinner and like any other dinner, Marron would try to goad his little sister into taking her shopping. Since Bra thought of Marron as her best friend, she would agree. All he want to do was to end this, but something kept telling him that, eventually, she would change, or this is just a phase that every wealthy guy went with his not so wealthy girlfriend, but his wallet was telling him other wise.

Dinner went normally, Bulma, Bra, Marron, and Mrs. Briefs would gossip and talk about the latest Trends. Then Bulma would find some time to to talk to Dr. Briefs and her son about work and other boring science stuff. During this time, Bra would ask how Marron's relationship, Marron would go into detail how it went. And while all that was happening, Vegeta would make a few jokes about how whipped his son was

After dinner Trunks had manage to sneak away, he called up Goten for some manly man time which meant a quick spar in the gravity room before Marron told him to come in. After a well needed spar the Demi-saiyans collapsed to the ground and vented about their relationships.

"So your buying her stuff, and she doesn't give you 'any' in return?" Goten asked.

Trunks shot a glare at him, if he wasn't exhausted, he would have slapped the idiot out of him, if it was possible. "I'm not a pimp," Trunks objected, blowing a strand of his sweaty purple hair out of his face. "And I do have a sex life, for your information."

He laughed and Trunks followed suite.

"How's Pan?" Trunks questioned.

Pan was Goten's younger sister. Trunks would help watch her when Goten got grounded and Chichi left. She had the attitude, temper, inherited a mouth like her mother, but was strong as her father. The two weren't exactly friends but they weren't enemies.

"She's doing well. She's counting the days before she graduates," Goten answered before extending his hand out. "Let me see your phone."

He arch an eyebrow and pushed himself onto his elbows.

"Why?" Trunks asked, stretching it out. "You have your own phone

"You'll see." He answered motioning for his friend to pass it over. "And Valese actually broke my phone because I was talking to Kyou."

Trunks and shift all his weight to one side and used his free hand to snatch my iPhone5 out his pocket."Don't drop it," Trunks warned, tossing it to him. "And Kyou from high school, the one with the big Jugs

"Password?" He asked. "Yea that one, we weren't flirting.. Okay maybe a little bit Valese had no reason to break my phone. "

"Told you she was a crazy bitch and it's 0412," The lavender haired man answered. "Marron's birthday."

Five minutes later he handed Trunks back his phone and smirks deceivingly at Trunks.

The heir glared at suspiciously him as he unlock his phone and opened the Safari app to cheek his browsing history.

"Matchme?" He questioned. "A place to mingle with singles and make new friends." Trunks continued to scan the page until he came across a user, "Boxerboy766... I swear to Dende if that's my pen name."

"Look at the pictures!" He laughed, wrapping his arms around his stomach as he rolled around in the grass.

'I swear Chichi dropped him once or twice.' Two minutes passed before Trunks found his photo gallery. There were ten pictures of him and only three were good. The other seven were pictures Bra had taken when he was off guard.

"Some best friend you are." Trunks spat locking his phone.

"Hey try it out, that's how I meet Valese," Goten insisted.

"And where are you two now?" He retorted.

He mumbled something under his breath.

"What? I can hear ya," he taunted, culling his hand with his ear.

"I'm in the middle if a bitter break up," the brunette man snarled.

"Exactly," Trunks chuckled.

"But that's just me," He protested, "You're different."

"Whatever bro," Trunks sighed. "And what if, in the end, I'm talking to a twelve-year-old?"

"That won't happen," Goten argued.

"Or I get Catfish," Trunks added.

"That's just on the TV show," He rejected.

"You're such an idiot Goten," Trunks said.

"Trunks honey!" Marron called

Trunks face palmed himself and groaned. Goten points at him and laughed softly.

"There you are," she said smiling down at at him.

'I swear, I think she had a tracking device on me or on my phone,' Trunks thought to himself.

"I'm going to freshen up, I'll be upstairs waiting." Marron revealed, winking at him.

He responded with a fake smile as she walked off.

"Tell me, is the sex good?" Goten snickered.

Trunks shrugged. It was great at the beginning of their relationship but as the years passed, it took more to make him... orgasm. Other than that she wasn't bad. Sure she spent his money, but she sometimes could actually be nice and genuinely sweet. Most of the time she ordered him around. Schedules his meetings, told him what to wear and how to wear it, what to eat and how much to eat it. It was like having Chichi as my girlfriend.

"So are you going to give it a shot?" Goten inquired.

"What's the worst that can happen," Trunks sighed. It wasn't like I was going to fall in love with a girl.