*~The Date~*

Once again Trunks stayed the night over at the Son's. Compared to his home, the Son's house more enjoyable and happier. He eat the best food in the world, lounged around all day, and the best perk of them all: he didn't have to work.

"Trunks, we need you to drive us to Panda Express," Bra said as she walked into the living room. Trunks looked her up and down and by her attired assumed she was going out for the night.

The half saiyan scoffed. "What do I look like? A chauffeur? You have a license, drive yourself."

"But I'm going to be doing Pan's make-up in the car, do you want me to drive off a cliff?" She retorted.

"Why not do it now then drive your fat ass to Panda Express," he countered.

"Because we have twenty minutes to be there! JUST GET YOUR BUM ASS UP AND DRIVE US THERE!" The Princess demanded.

The heir growled as he rolled off the couch and got up. His sister smiled victoriously as she strutted back upstairs. "Hm, I always get what I want."

It was a fifteen minutes drive before they reached Panda Express. Trunks tried his best to zone out on Bra's conversation with Pan, but she was so GODDAMN loud, people driving beside them could hear what she was chatting about. He pulled into the parking lot of Panda Express and listened her go on and on about the do's and don'ts of a first date. She was completely oblivious that the car had stopped

"Anyways, remember Pan, no kissing on the first date. You wanna make him work for it," Bra finished up with a big smile.

Trunks glanced at Pan who looked like relieved. "Thanks Bra for the advice."

Bra unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door. "We should walk her in Trunks."

"For why?" The man questioned. "She doesn't need her best friend and her best friend's brother escorting her in."

"Trunks just do it!" Bra shouted as she calmly stepped out of the car. "I swear there isn't an ounce of gentleman in you."

Her brother scowled as He unbuckled the seat belt and pulled his keys out the ignition. "If you weren't my sister." Trunks mumbled under his breath.

When Pan got out the saiyans made their way to the restaurant. Trunks, being the gentleman that he was (even though Bra could say otherwise), opened the door for Pan and Bra. But as soon as he stepped in a girl rushed up to him.

She was pretty hot. Long silky looking legs, nice dark brown hair, a subtle cinnamon skin tone, and a stunning smile. The tight dress she was wearing complimented her curves. Trunks couldn't shake the feeling that he had met this woman before.

"Hello Trunks," the mystery woman greeted, flipping her shoulder length hair.

Her voice rang inside his head, then his heart stopped, it was that crazy fangirl that he met at the skating rink. Trunks should have known that Celeste would have tagged along with her brother, in hopes that he'd come.

He put a fake smile on his face and extended his hand out to be shaken. "He-" Before Trunks could finish she pushed his hand aside and embraced Trunks, squeezing their air out of him. Before the hug could linger too long he gently parted the hug.

Celeste looked at him with her light brown eyes and gave the heir another one of her charming smiles. 'Damn, if she wasn't such a fangirl I would consider dating her.' Trunks thought to himself, a faint pink appearing on his cheeks.

"How's it been?" He asked her as he looked around. Trunks noticed that they were the only ones in the establishment. Then he looked over to the table Pan, Bra, and Uub snuck off to. He couldn't believe they left him with her.

"I've doing pretty good, and you," Celeste responded.

Trunks shrugged carelessly and very uninterested. "Fine since my-"

"Your breakup? I can't believe Marron hurt you like that," She said, moving closer to him and placing her small hand on his chest. "Hey how about we talk about it while we eat?"

Not wanting to come off as a rude prick the lavender haired man agreed to have dinner with her. The duo took a seat far from the others. They had an uninteresting conversation about career choices and other big life decisions while they waited for their food to arrive. When the food finally arrived, Celeste stared at Trunks wide-eyed. Many bowls and plates were placed on the table. There was so much food a second waiter had to come with two carts of food

"Ya gonna eat all that?" She questioned.

The purple haired Prince chuckled a bit. It was only three servings of everything. If she thought this was a lot, she would freak out when she saw how much he usually eats. To him and the other saiyans, this was just a small snack.

"I'm just really hungry," he responded with a toothy smile.

Celeste shook it off, as long as she wasn't paying be for it, she was fine."So, tell me your thoughts on your breakup," the young brunette insisted.

Trunks knew he shouldn't be telling her anything relating to the breakup, she could go squeal to some reporter, making things worse between him and Marron, but Trunks felt like he could trust her, plus he really needed to get it off his chest. "I miss her, wouldn't you after being with them as long as I had?"

"Of course breakups are never easy. You always have that feeling of regret and question should you have really broken up," Celeste stated. "Trust me, I've been through a few breakups, but only two long term which hurt the most."

"That's the way I feel," Trunks said with my mouth full, making her laugh.

"My advice to you is, one, if you really still care, go back to her. Two, if you think you can do better then move on. Don't just sit around and sulk alone, or else you will go back but no for a good reason."

Trunks froze, what she had just said caught him by surprise. He wasn't expecting something so smart to come out of her mouth, throughout high school she was know for being the dumb popular girl. Hell, this whole dinner date wasn't what he expected it to be. Whenever they were together in high school, she'd try to get in his pants, now she was actually listening and acting like a civil human.

As they continued to talk, the heir started to feel more comfortable around her. That's when he decided that she was no longer a groupie and was now a friend. Hopefully this wasn't just a facade but actually the real her.

On the other side of the restaurant, three young adults were laughing as they ate. Pan had assumed it would have been awkward that her best friend accompanied her on her date, but Pan was having a great time with Uub and Bra.

"Omg thank you so much for agreeing with me Uub!" Bra practically shouted as she looked at the photo of Valese on her phone. "Told ya P-chan, I wasn't the one who thought she looked like a deformed mouse."

Pan laughed so hard tears cascaded down her face. "I-I'm gonna pee!"

"You guys are hysterical," Uub commented.

"Awe thanks," Bra replied, flipping her silky blue hair. "People do say I am funny."

Pan rolled her eyes and took a sip of her soda. Her eyes wandered over to the entrance. She saw a tall man with black hair that stuck out in every direction clad in an orange gi. Next to him a short woman with black hair, holding on to a pan.

Pan dramatically spat out her soda, which landed Uub. Bra slapped her on her head. "What the hell?" Bra questioned with a crossed looked plastered on her face.

"My parents are here!" The raven hair teen whispered.

Uub grabbed couple of napkins and wiped his face. "Why are they here?" He asked.

Uub's questioned when the middle-aged woman started screaming. "Son Pandora!"

Pan slowly rose to her feet, there was no use in hiding. "Yes mama?"

"Why didn't you tell me you were going on a date?" Chichi questioned. "You're supposed to be grounded."

"But Papa said I could go," Pan argued she knew this was a piss poor excuse since Chichi was the finalized in the family, but if she was going to go down, she wasn't going to go alone.

The color drained out the full-blood Saiyan's face as his wife glared at him.

"Is this true Son Goku?" Chichi asked.

"Yes bu-" Before he could finish he was hit with the mighty-pan-of-doom and was left speechless.

Chichi pointed her index finger at Uub. "Who are you?"

Uub's hands began to perspire as he stood up next to the demi-saiyan.

"I'm Ubb.."

Chichi glared at him for a couple of minutes before questioning him again. "What's your gpa?"


Chichi's face lit up with happiness. The only way you could get a gpa over 4.0 is if you took college courses, people who took college courses in high school were responsible teenagers who are going to be rich and produce rich and smart grand babies."I'm Chichi, but you may call me mom."

"MOTHER!" Pan hissed out of embarrassment.

Chichi smiled innocently. "Come on Goku, let's leave before we embarrass our daughter." she insisted.

Goku pouted. "But I'm hungry Chi."

"I'll make you some linner when we get home," Chichi compromised as she started heading to the exited.

Goku followed with a big grin on his face. "Love me some linner."

The couple left leaving the group speechless. That's until Celeste spoke up. "P-chan! Yo mama is craazy!"

The gang bursted out laughing their hardest and loudest. Soon after, they were kicked out by the manager and told to never come back.

Since Uub and Celeste didn't have a car, Trunks offered them a ride. The young adults blasted the music as loud of possible as they speeded down the road. The girls sang along to the lyrics of every song that played.


Uub cringed. "Americans have a a weird taste in music. I mean who writes this stuff?!"

"That's enough of that," Trunks said turning the stereo off.

"Hey!" Pan and Bra protested.

"That was my jam!" Celeste hollered.

"Calm down Celeste, we're home now. You can sing all you want in your room," Uub chuckled.

Celeste pouted." But I was having so much fun."

"Don't worry, we're totally gonna do this again," Bra replied. "Maybe you and I can go somewhere while Pan and Uub have their own date."

Both Pan and Uub blushed.

Everyone got out the car to say their goodbyes and give hugs. Celeste and Bra, as usually, had to make it more dramatic and recited the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic.

"I'll never let go Celeste," Bra told her, squeezing her hand tightly.

Pan rolled her eyes and walked over to them, pulling their hands apart.

"Come on drama queen, I wanna get out this damn dress and heels." Pan growled.

"Till we meet again." Bra said, quickly hugging Celeste.

Pan rolled her eyes. She felt an arm slip around her waist and jumped a little. She turned around and saw Uub grinning at her. She blushed and smiled back.

"Thanks for finally letting me take you out," he said.

Pan giggled. "I really had a fun time."

Uub slowly started to lean in. Pan was hesitant at first. Bra had told her a million times no kissing on the first date. But since when was Bra her mother. Pan tilted her head. Their lips almost touched when they heard a loud scream. They jumped away from each other, blushing.

"Lo siento Amigo! But Pan doesn't kiss on the first date," Bra stated as she made her way over to them. She grabbed Pan by the arm and hauled her to the car.

"I'll call you tonight!" Uub shouted.

"Okay!" Pan shouted.

"Trunks Briefs, why didn't you stop them?" Bra scolded at her brother as she released Pan's arm.

"Bra stop acting like her mother, Pan's eighteen, let her live a little," Trunks responded.

"Just trying to watch out for her so she doesn't get hurt," Bra stated. "You know what boys want these days: to have sex with a girl and just leave her."

Pan sighed as she opened her car door and jumped in. She wasn't mad at her friend, just a little annoyed how overbearing she could be. "Wow Bra you didn't bring up Goten all night."

Bra growled and stalked over to the passenger side. "Who's Goten, I've never heard of him. But it does sound like an asshole's name."