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"Shizuo! A-ah! Mmmn!" The informant moaned in ecstasy as the ex bartender rammed into him. He arched his back and wrapped his legs around the other's waist, as if he could pull the man into him closer.

"Hah-Ah..!" Shizuo grunted as he continued thrusting into Izaya. He leaned down and latched his canines into Izaya's neck. Hard enough to leave a very visible bruise.

The two were currently in Izaya's bed. Izaya was completely naked while Shizuo was half dressed. Half dressed meaning that his shirt was off but his pants and boxers were pulled down. This was because he was far too lazy to get completely undressed, and he had to get back to work soon.

"Aahn!" Izaya moaned, and threw his head back, "F-Fuck.." He gasped and clenched his bed sheets so roughly that they almost ripped, "S-So rough..! Ah! Mmmn." He muffled.

"Ah, I-thought...ah liked it that way. Mmm..Hnn." He growled in Izaya's ear. He licked the shell of the informant's ear, making him shiver in pleasure.

"St-stupid protozoan..." Izaya groaned. He moved his hands up to Shizuo's golden mop of hair, and yanked it harshly. "Only you like it-ah-that way...aah...mmn" he lied. Of course Izaya liked it rough. It's the main reason why he ever had sex with Shizuo.

Not that there was any romantic feelings or anything.

"Liar...!" Shizuo growled. He thrusted harder and deeper into the raven under him; gradually thrusting faster into Izaya's depths.

No. Izaya and Shizuo were not in a relationship. Well...not a normal romantic relationship. They weren't even friends. They were more like...enemies with benefits. Whenever one of them were feeling horny, one pleased the other. No romanticism. No feelings. Nothing. There was no prostitution. They paid each other in pleasure. Izaya liked it rough, while Shizuo liked being challenged.

"Mm-Aah! Hah...! Hah!" Izaya moaned. He released Shizuo's hair and reached down to his own painfully hard erection. He grabbed the based and rapidly pumped it, according to the same pace that Shizuo was thrusting into him. His other hand went to his own mouth as he sucked on two of his slender fingers with his eyes closed.

He felt the need to do something with his mouth while he felt the intense pleasure that he was feeling below. Kissing Shizuo was beyond off limits. That was Shizuo's and Izaya's first rule when they began this 'enemies with benefits'. They were not allowed to kiss each other, and both gladly agreed. Besides...kissing your worst enemy would be weird, right?

Izaya's precum was dripping down off of Izaya's cock, and onto his pumping hand. Then Izaya felt a tickle in his abdomen, feeling closer and closer to his orgasm, "Sh-Shizuo...I-I'm- ah! Mmnahh...fuck!" He moaned loudly and sucked harder on his fingers.

"Ah...shit...wait-ah...wait for me, dammit." Shizuo growled and moved his hand down to Izaya's cock. He moved Izaya's hand aside and grabbed Izaya's length. He gently pressed his thumb down on Izaya's tip, preventing him from cumming.

"Ah! N-no...let me cum! S-Stupid protozoan...!" Izaya gasped. He moved his hands to Shizuo's back and clawed roughly; leaving ten red stripes on the blonde's skin.

Shizuo smirked at the rough treatment; he leaned next to Izaya's ear, "Be patient, Izaaayaaaaa" he purred, and bucked his hips faster into the man under him.

"A-Asshole-Ah! Maaah!" Izaya half hissed and moaned. As Shizuo continued to thrust just the right way, Izaya's eyes rolled to the back of his head. Shizuo was slamming perfectly on his prostate, making his spine shiver in ecstasy.

"Ah-Ah...Almost-Ah..." Shizuo moaned as he bucked his hips faster into Izaya.

"P-please...ahh! Please, Shizu-chan..ahh-mmn-Let me cum..." Izaya mewled. It was painful holding his release. He hoped that Shizuo was almost finished. If he would've known the brute was going to act so sloppy during sex, he would've had a second guess about inviting him over.

"Almost-mhh, ah-ahh..." Shizuo replied. He felt a tickle in his abdomen which signaled for his release.

Shizuo thrusted a few more times before he finally came in the depths of Izaya. As he came he let go of Izaya's tip, allowing him to cum as well.

"Nn-aah..!" Izaya moaned at his and Shizuo's release. His body came to an arch, and his toes curled. The fingernails embedded into Shizuo's back, dug deeper in his skin.

"Shiitt..." Shizuo groaned at his organsm and the rough treatment Izaya gave him. He pulled out of Izaya's puckered hole and collapsed next to him on the bed. The only noise in the room was the duo's panting.

"I...hate you..." Izaya said between each pant, then smirked.

"I...hate you more..." Shizuo replied, trying to catch his breath.

"If you hate me so much, then why do you continue having sex with me, ne?" Izaya mocked. The informant himself wasn't in any room to talk. He hated Shizuo too but he continued to beg the brute to have sex with him. In fact, the reason why Shizuo was at Izaya's house in the first place was because Izaya himself was feeling horny, and decided that Shizuo would come over and help him with his 'problem'.

"Shut up." Shizuo groaned, unable to find a good comeback to say to the informant. He got off of the raven's bed and pulled his pants up, and began to look for his shirt, that was discarded somewhere on the floor.

"Hmm? You come to fuck me then you leave?" Izaya asked, then chuckled, "You don't have any class, do you, Shizu-chan~?" He mocked.

Shizuo grimaced at the smaller, naked male on the bed. He always hated the fact that he would have sex with the flea on a regular basis. The sex was good, but knowing that it was Izaya, made him a little uneasy and upset.

"I've got somewhere to be, louse." He growled. He found his shirt on Izaya's dresser and slipped it on. As he began buttoning the buttons, his cell phone in his pocket began to ring. He immediately picked it up and answered.

"Hello? Hey, Vorona...Yeah...I'm on my way... I'm in Shinjuku." Shizuo talked on his phone, while Izaya glared at him.

Izaya never liked that girl. She was one of the two women in the world he actually hated (the other woman being Namie). Vorona was just as unpredictable as Shizuo, except she was one of those "quiet types".

"Why am I in Shinjuku...?" Shizuo repeated apparently the question Verona had asked, "...I was taking care of some business. I'll be there less than half an hour...Yeah, okay...See you soon." Shizuo said with a hint of softness in his voice. Quite unusual for the brute for sounding so...soft, and gentle.

Izaya narrowed his eyes at the brute, glaring even harder. 'Why is he talking to her?' He thought angrily. For a couple of weeks now, Vorona had called Shizuo a lot frequently. Usually it was during the time, Shizuo and Izaya were together, which became quite a nuisance to Izaya.

It wasnt like he was jealous or anything. Hell no! It was annoying to Izaya that his 'fun' time with Shizuo would be sometimes interfered by Vorona.

After saying his goodbyes, Shizuo finally hung up the phone, "Alright, see you later, flea." He said, leaving out the door as he continued buttoning up his shirt.

"Buh-bye Shizu-chan~!"Izaya smirked, "Hate you!" He laughed at his remark. It was a dumb joke that he and Shizuo somehow created. Instead of saying 'love you' like any other normal couple would, they would replace the 'love' with 'hate'. It was very suitable for the two, and the joke made Izaya laugh multiple of times.

"Hate you more. Tell anyone about this and I'll kill you." He threatened. Ah, the usual threat that Shizuo made before his and Izaya's departure. He always told Izaya that he would kill him if he told anyone about the sexual encounters. Of course, Izaya didn't take the threat seriously, but respected Shizuo's privacy.

"Not a soul." Izaya replied with a smirk.

And with that, Shizuo left Izaya.

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