"Izaya!" Shizuo yelled as he harshly banged on the informant's front door. He was getting impatient from standing at the raven's front door for the last 5 minutes without the said man opening the door.

It was nearly 5 hours ago when he fucked the raven senselessly, then quickly raced to Ikebukuro, only to meet up and have a date with Vorona. During their date, Izaya contacted Shizuo with an unusual text message saying:

'I have something of yours. If you want it back, then you're going to have to come and get it~'

Naturally, Shizuo freaked out at the sudden message. Izaya could get his hands on anything; so for him to send that message kept Shizuo wondering about what the hell Izaya had of his. It could have been personal, or it could have been important, but no matter what it was, Shizuo wanted it back.

Unfortunately, his 3 hour date with Vorona was cut short and he had to race to Izaya's. Of course, Vorona was disappointed with her time cut short with Shizuo, and Shizuo himself had to give her a lame excuse for leaving, which was, "My brother, Kasuka needs me in Shinjuku, sorry."

Yes, Shizuo felt awful for leaving Vorona like that but, he needed to find out what Izaya had of his.

"Izaya! I will break the door down if I have to!" Shizuo warned and raised his foot up as if he was going to kick the door down.

Just then, the raven opened his door with a smirk plastered on his face, "Calm down, Shizu-chan. There's no need to break anything~" he said coyly, "Please, come in~" he gestured the taller man to come inside his apartment.

Shizuo glared at him, 'What is he up to...?' He thought. He knew something was up with Izaya because of his sneaky attitude (although his attitude was always sneaky), "I don't want to come in your house. I want whatever you have of mine."

"Oh but, Shizu-chan, you always cum in my house, ne?" Izaya smirked and licked his lips seductively.

A small embarrassed flush crawled across Shizuo's face, then he grimaced, "Tch. Out of my way, louse." He huffed; moving pass Izaya and stepping into the raven's home. If Izaya wasn't going to give him what he wanted -whatever it was- he was going to take it by force.

Shizuo looked around the clean apartment, trying to find anything that belonged to him, but with no avail, he couldn't find anything. Shizuo looked behind him to find Izaya smirking at him as 'innocently' as he could.

"Flea!" Shizuo growled, walking towards Izaya.

"Yes, Shizu-chan~?" Izaya smiled at him playfully.

"What the hell are you up to? Why'd you bring me here?!" He yelled.

Dropping his smile, he sighed, "As stupid as you are, I wouldn't expect you to be any stupider, Shizu-chan." He said, slightly annoyed.

Shizuo roughly grabbed Izaya by his shirt and lifted him up from the floor; their faces inches from each other, "Stop fucking with me, flea. What the hell are you up to?" He growled lowly.

As usual, Izaya plastered his famous smirk across his face to antagonize the blonde. The sick, twisted smirk that Shizuo absolutely hated when Izaya was being difficult or just being a straight asshole. But also the same smirk that would also make him feel slighty titillated in situations like this. Shizuo couldn't help feeling irritated at the slight bulge in his pants.

"That's not an answer flea!" Shizuo barked while shaking Izaya like a rag doll.

"Well, Shizu-chan, why do you think I brought you here?" Izaya rolled his eyes at him.

"If I knew why, then I wouldn't be asking you, now would I?" Shizuo growled.

Izaya rolled his eyes at the taller male again, "Dear, Shizu-chan, what is the ONLY reason why I bring you here?" He whispers seductively. While still being held roughly by his collar, Izaya snakes his hand down Shizuo's slightly muscular body and down to his waist. He inches his hands downwards Shizuo's hips, and in the direction of Shizuo's crotch.

Shizuo shivers at the informant's sneaky hands, but then narrowed his eyes at him, "You...you lied to me so you can bring me here to have sex with you?" He hissed.

"Oh no, no, no, Shizu-chan. I seriously do have something that belongs to you, but if you want it back, you're going to have to play along with me, ne~?" Izaya smirked and licked his lips again. Just then, Izaya's hand lightly palmed the bulge in Shizuo's pants, making the ex-bartender let out a sharp gasp.

A crooked smile crawled on Izaya's face as he saw Shizuo's reaction, "That's a good protozoan~" Izaya praised as if Shizuo was a pet, "Now, put me down so I can make you feel good, ne?" With a bit of hesitation, Shizuo lowered Izaya back on the floor and released his shirt.

On Shizuo's face, there was a small blush crawling on his cheeks and an angry lust in his eyes. His expression looked as if he wanted to beat the living shit out of someone (Izaya specifically) and fuck someone roughly and senslessly (that too being Izaya).

Izaya loved the expression on Shizuo's face. It was scary yet, it was erotic. Izaya couldn't wait until Shizuo rammed himself into him. Izaya couldn't help but to smile evilly at the thought of what he and Shizuo were about to do next.

Using both hands, Izaya slowly unbuttoned Shizuo's slacks to reach inside to feel his warmth. A low satisfied hiss escaped from Shizuo's lips as he stared angrily and lustfully at the smaller man.

"Y-You are one i-insatiable asshole..." Shizuo breathed without breaking eye contact.

Izaya only smirked as he finally reached into Shizuo's boxers; feeling his semi-hard erection, "Now why do you say that, Shizu-chan~?" He asked rhetorically, but received an answer anyways.

"Because I- ah...just fucked you t-today..." He growled, and absent mindedly bucked his hips towards the informant's hand.

"Ah, yes..." Izaya chuckled a little and wrapped his slender fingers around Shizuo's length and pumped him slowly, "But...if you would've done your job earlier today, then maybe I would have been satisfied." He stated.

"Done my job..? What're you-ah..." Shizuo gasped; leaning his body on a nearby wall to hold his balance.

"Mhmm.." Izaya nodded and smirked. He took Shizuo's length out of his pants and into the cool air, making Shizuo moan at the cold contact of his hot member.

"You forgot to help me in the shower." Izaya glared at the blonde. Shizuo's eyes widened at the informant. He had completely forgotten about doing his constant intimate "chore" (is what Shizuo calls it) with Izaya.

"Ah...shit...I forgot..." Shizuo moaned.

"Of course you did." Izaya glared; and then ever so slowly, Izaya began to bend down and onto his knees. Already knowing what's going to happen next, Shizuo closed his eyes, and prepared for what Izaya was going to do.

Izaya first gave Shizuo's member a gentle lick on the head, and dragged his tongue along the base, earning a sharp gasp from Shizuo. Experimenting, Izaya licked his way back up Shizuo's shaft and back to his head, and sucked on it gently. Izaya wasn't all that much into giving blowjobs, but because Shizuo was somewhat upset, he thought it would be fun to tease him.

"I-Izayaaa..." Shizuo lowly growled in annoyance. Why must Izaya always be so difficult?

"Oh, I'm sorry, Shizu-chan, is there a problem?" Izaya looked up and smirked playfully; knowing full well why Shizuo was upset with him.

Shizuo narrowed his eyes at the playful informant, "Hey, if you're going to do this, then do it correctly, dammit!" Shizuo barked.

"Hmm, Shizu-chan is getting impatient, ne?" Izaya chuckled, and began to suck on the head of Shizuo's cock, without loosing eye-contact. Izaya kept his auburn eyes half lidded with lust and desire on Shizuo's lustful honey ones.

Finally, Izaya began to be submissive and made his mouth into an "O" shape, and swallow the blonde's swollen member. The carnal moans, escaping Shizuo's mouth made Izaya feel excited, more towards his own, neglected, nether regions.

Sliding his lips up and down Shizuo's cock and sucking hard didn't make it easier for Shizuo. Shizuo felt like he was in Heaven and in Hell. The illicit pleasure that he was feeling, felt so great that Shizuo felt like he was on cloud nine. Only Izaya knew how to make him feel that way. How to touch him the right way. How to taste him the right way. But, knowing that it was Izaya, making him feel that way, made him feel sick.

Your worst enemy giving you oral sex.

A shudder ran down Shizuo's spine. Not because of what Izaya was doing to him. It was because Izaya himself was doing it. He felt disgusted and even somewhat violated, but he enjoyed it.


Enemies aren't friends with one another.

Enemies do not care for another.

Enemies are hostile to one another.

Enemies are not sexually intimate to one another.

Enemies hate each other.

Enemies should hate each other...

"Mnn..ah..! I-Izaya...I'm..I can't..." Shizuo moans; unable to make a complete sentence.

Ignoring the blonde's warnings, Izaya sucked harder, bobbing his head up and down, faster; swallowing the hot precum dripping from Shizuo's cock.

The pleasure that built up inside Shizuo, finally exploded a release. Thick ropes of cum was quickly swallowed by the horny raven.

Shizuo's legs buckled underneath him from exhaustion, and fell onto the floor, next to Izaya who was smirking at him. Taking it as a sign of cockiness, Shizuo glared at him, "Shut...the fuck up...flea" he panted.

Puzzled, "I'm not saying anything." Said Izaya.

"I know what you were thinking!" Shizuo snapped.

Izaya couldn't help but laugh, "Stupid protozoan." He shook his head amusingly, "You can never know what I'm thinking."

"Shut up." Shizuo snorted.

Ignoring him, Izaya continued, "If you knew what I was thinking, then you would know what I want to do next." He smirked, and brought his auburn eyes to Shizuo's chocolatey ones. And thus, the staring contest begins. The two lustful orbs were in a heated battle; they were both dimmed with arousal. It may not seem much to others, but the duo's eyes were in an all out brawl, fighting for dominance and Izaya was slowly winning the war.

Shizuo could not resist those sexy, antagonizing auburn eyes any longer. Without a word, Shizuo stood up, grabbing Izaya's wrist, dragging the said informant into his bedroom.

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