Sebastian Grande, 17 - District 3 male

Mikey Jacquez (written by Eternal Pages Invisible Ink)

Day Two

Pain, that's all I can feel.

As I walk along the marshy terrain that's this arena, all I can feel is pain.

I'm Weak, out of water and now am vulnerable to anyone, even that kid from eleven or the kid from five could come and kill me.
The snake bite I got from a clever venomous snake that decided to cuddle in my sleeping bag.

I think of Techno and the others back home, what will they think of me now? Are they watching? Please Techno, don't watch me die.
I soon collapse from the pain and grovel on the dirt, my breath is heavy and my kneels are too weak to move.

The venom is killing me slowly, it's going to murder me an then going to leave me dead.

I pray to you god, the universe, anyone, I pray for you to give me something.

I start clawing the dirt, slowly an steadily clawing my way as the mud cakes in my fingernails and I leave a trail behind me.
Why though? Why do I have to die? Why me? I had a little brother! I loved him! Now where will he go? Where will he go?

I start to cry, tears sting my eyes and Is on in endless sadness, damn you Capitol bastards.

Damn you all.

I then look up at the shining sunlight, I suppose this will be my last vision. It will be good to see the sun one last time before I die.

I then turn my head to look to my right, seeing a small little red dot in the forest bushes. starved mid is slow to realize that they're berries.

I slowly get up to see a campsite, with berries, food and a smoking campsite and smile.

It's either the venom or just that I don't care about my life anymore, but I feel hungry.

I slowly start eating the berries and much greedily and swallow tons as much as I can before I di-

"Ahh!" I scream.

I scream in pain as I feel my mouth burn in indescribable pain, my teeth start to thaw away as the feeling of fire rushing down my throat sends me in never ending hell.

"HELP! GOD HELP! KILL ME! KILL ME!" I screamed in pain and misery.

The acid started to leak into my stomach and the pain seared through my flesh and blood seeped through my skin onto the ground.
"Kill me! Kill me!" I said dropping to the ground.

Suddenly, I hear a thump to the ground and I see the kid from five standing over me as I start to die.

"Hey Genie, we got a live one." He said as he peered over me and got out a knife.

"My god." Said the girl from ten.

"Couldn't you find some regular poison berries?" Asked the girl as my sight started to blare.

"No...these games are gruesome. Apparently the capitolites love blood and gore, I'm so sorry." He said kneeling over me and taking out a knife and slitting my throat.

Paiton Rais, 16 - District 9 female

I've got cookies

Day Two


The sound of the cannon wakes me up. Another one gone. Now we are down to twelve tributes. Things are speeding up already. During the night there was a cannon too. . .I wonder who? I wonder how? I shouldn't wonder so much!

The sun is starting to rise, but through the thick forest trees I can't see the damn light! I stand up straight only to fall down after the first step because there is a tree root. Growing up in Nine, I barely saw trees, now I have to stay in one for two to four weeks. How great is that, huh? "Damn!" I quietly mumble to myself. I turn my head to the right to see Clay sleeping on the ground. Last night I insisted for him to sleep in the tree, but he said that he cannot leave me alone on the ground. Someone might come.

He has been so quiet and distant, that I am beginning to doubt our alliance. . .but he said that someone might come, so that means he insisted on staying to protect me, though I think I would be better off without him. I mean he has no skill with weapons; it turns out he can only leap around in the trees! How nice. But he could easily lift me up into a tree if I needed him to, so I guess there is a plus side.

But who am I to whine, I kinda knew.

His eyes blast wide open as I get ready to stand back up, "Great, you're up! We should probably get going. And by probably, I mean now."

I say it harshly on purpose. I don't want him to think that he can dictate the rules here; we both know that I am the leader. I insisted on the alliance.

"Yeah, I'm good, let's get moving," he grumbles and stands up on his feet. He is very short for his age, actually. Only one inch taller than me, though his messy hair gives him a few more inches.

I look around for a few seconds; honestly, I have no idea where we came from yesterday. . .and even less of an idea of where to go now.

"Where are we heading?" I hear a hint of impatience in Clay's voice.

"We are going that way." Clay doesn't respond, he just starts to walk away, and I'm forced to quickly run up to him and match his walking pace.

I have really nothing to talk to him about. I would talk about letting some other people into our alliance, but I'm afraid he might take that as me wanting to bail on our alliance. Though one of us will end it sooner or later, I am a little concerned that he might be the first to make a move. And in a brutal way. . .like in a fight. I would have never expected anything like that from him just a few days ago, but now, after his district partner died, he has changed in character a bit. Maybe if I told him that I'm sorry for killing her, he would warm up again.

Or maybe he would try to avenge her right away. Not like that would be a problem for me.

"Clay, how about you go up higher and check the perimeter," I tighten my fingers around my spear as I order him around, but my nervousness proves unfounded. . .without any hestitation he climbs the tree nearby. "Is anyone close to us?" I say a little louder.

Suddenly there is a voice, a voice that sounds just like me. "Is anyone close to us?"

"What?" I exclaim.

"What?" Multiple voices repeat on and on.

"No, as far as I can see there is no one near us," Clay says as he climbs down the tree.

"No, as far as I can see there is no one near us."

"Who's there?" I yell out loud. "Maybe you were wrong, Clay!" I yell at him in a harsh and angry tone.

"Maybe you were wrong, Clay! Maybe you were wrong, Clay! Maybe you were wrong, Clay!"

"But maybe I wasn't! Those are just jabberjays; they repeat everything they hear in the exact tone and voice of the original speaker."

"They repeat everything they hear in the exact tone and voice."

"Well, how could I know?" I huff.

"Well, how could I know?"

"Shhh. . .the jabberjays can easily give away our location," Clay says in a very quiet voice. Maybe now would be the best time to tell him about Jennifer. . .he will have to keep quiet even if he's mad.

I open my mouth to speak, but quickly close it again. We continue to walk in the direction I pointed out earlier. Every now and then I trip over a root, bush or low branch; this forest is incredibly annoying and dumb. And I hate it. I hate this forest.

"Clay," I quietly call his name, because I'm not sure if we are still in the jabberjay zone, "I did it. I killed your district partner. And I'm sorry!" Well, I'm not sure how sorry I am. I did what I had to do to survive. During the goodbyes, Ethan said that no one could judge me for doing what I had to do.

"Why?" That is all I hear from Clay's mouth.

"I had to do it to survive!" I practically scream at him in disbelief. What a stupid question! He knew why.

Clay stops and touches the the center of his chest, where I can see the outline of a necklace of some sort; whatever it is, it seems to strengthen his resolve. "You didn't kill her, I did," he confesses, looking cooly into my eyes. I stop in my tracks, slightly confused, but determined not to show any weakness, and look him in the eyes with what I hope is an equally icy glare. I feel kind of relieved that it wasn't me who killed Jennifer in the end.

"Then why are you being such an ass?" I ask in as even of a tone as I can muster.

"Because you left her, Paiton," he steps forward, his face now inches from mine. "You could have let her run by you alive or you could have killed her, but you didn't do either. You left her lying in the middle of a field, paralyzed and slowly bleeding out while the Careers swarmed around the cornucopia nearby."

Our eyes stay locked, neither of us willing to crumble in front of the other. I have to regain control of the situation. "I'm sorry. That's all I can and will say. Let's keep moving," I say in a commanding tone, though I try to make it sound nicer than usual. I can see by his clenched jaw that our little chat has not made things better. "Come on, Clay, let's go."

I motion for him to follow me. I hope we can work past this.

I hope he will stick around for long enough to work past this.

I hope for many things, actually.

And one of them most certainly is home!

Clay Garner, 16 – District 11 male


Day 2

With each step we travel further into the woods, I can feel my disgust with Paiton growing; she's bossy, selfish, and unremorseful. I'm going to have to cut our alliance short, but at this point, I'm undecided on the best way to do so. . .should I just abandon her in the night? I could easily slip away in silence through the trees. Could I bring myself to kill her? I'm not entirely sure. At the moment, I'm secretly enjoying setting a swift pace during our daily travels. . .she fancies herself the leader of our alliance and therefore tries to stay abreast of me the entire time, which is absolutely ridiculous; all of her tripping over roots and swatting at tree branches will surely draw attention to us if we're ever near enough to another Tribute. I smile to myself, thinking how nicely it would solve my predicament if a Career were to leap into our path suddenly. . .

I'm snapped out of my daydream by the realization that Paiton's loud, labored breathing is no longer rendering my right ear deaf. Spinning around to determine what the hold up is, I have to literally pinch myself in order to believe my eyes. . .Paiton has somehow managed to get herself captured in a headlock by the highly deadly blonde from District 4, Gemini-fuckin'-Dock.

It's hard to predict how one might react in the face of imminent death, but I can honestly say, I never thought I would let out a snort of laughter while meeting Gemini's dangerously gleaming stare; she's absolutely terrifying to behold, some crazy weapon with a curved point hovering menacingly above Paiton, but I'm still in awe of my good fortune. Jesus Christ, she's going to kill Paiton for me! I'm free!

No. This is wrong. I'm not going to stoop to Paiton's level.

Gemini's eyes are narrowed, but I can make out the confusion my laughter created by the slight arch of her brows; she's still trying to make sense of me. "Go for it. She's kind of a bitch," I say evenly, taking a step forward and to the right. Gemini counters by stepping backwards, gouging two dark lines in the dirt as Paiton's boot heels are dragged along with the rest of her useless, petrified body. "Not very talkative, are you?" I venture another step in the same direction, forcing Gemini to change her footing again as she drags Paiton back once more. "Hell, I'll even give you a freebie," I offer graciously, dropping to my knees beside a shrubbery containing fist-sized fruits of a sinisterly crimson hue. Depositing my spear on the ground, I continue, "I was only hanging around to watch her go down anyway." I leave my arms and hands prone at my sides, "Won't your little pirate captain, Kai, be pleased when his second-in-command creates two cannon booms all on her own? It would be pretty impressive."


"Very impressive."

"All on her own."

I have to laugh again when I hear the echoes of my own voice; it appears that some of the jabberjays Paiton and I encountered earlier in the day have tagged along with us. Gemini is momentarily confused and relinquishes her hold on Paiton's neck, creating the perfect opportunity for the red fruit I just plucked from the nearby shrub to connect squarely with her jaw. Paiton drops to the ground and barely manages to roll away from Gemini's weapon as she swings it in a powerful arc towards her head. I continue to snatch fruit and fling it at Gemini's torso and head, hoping for another direct hit that will manage more than temporary confusion. She's pissed off now and manages to deflect most of my attack as she rushes forward, weapon raised, teeth bared.

I retrieve my spear from the ground and hold it lengthwise in front of me with both hands, saving my skull from what I can only imagine would be a very painful, albeit quick, crushing blow. I turn the spear and use the unsharpened end to push into her midsection, giving me enough space to spring back to my feet. "Paiton! A little help maybe?"

As I continue to spar with the crazed Career, Paiton is busy running around a tree and then crouching on the ground, doing I have absolutely no idea what; not helping me, that's for sure. I shoot a quizzical look in her direction as Gemini swings repeatedly at my head, backing me up to a fallen tree trunk which I quickly scramble over before resuming my battle. Gemini starts to mimic my route over the log when Paiton finally appears behind her and thrusts her hand out, grabbing the blonde plait that hangs halfway down the center of the Career's back. She yanks as hard as she can, toppling Gemini down on top of her. I'm pleasantly surprised by Paiton's actions and leap onto the log in time to see her scramble onto Gemini's back, binding her hands, then her feet with a length of vine.

"That's it? You're not going to sit down and weave flowers into her hair?"


"If you want to discuss how well I wield my spear, I'll just take a quick stroll around that tree over there. . ."

"Clay!" She yells, getting frustrated.

Quietly - hesitantly - I inquire, "You're not going to stab her and leave me to finish the job?"

"Clay, I'm really not the monster you think I am," Paiton sighs. "Am I honestly that much of a pain?"

"Yes," I respond. No use in lying now.

"Are we still allies?"

I let the question hang for a suitably uncomfortable amount of time before nodding, "Yes."

We resume our pace from before, circling through the woods that surround the cornucopia, looking back only once to see a silvery parachute land near Gemini's side, a red cross emblazoned on the small white container.