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Chapter Forty-Two

"Harry I am sorry to say this, but you will have to come with us," Epemetheus said calmly as he turned to look down at his kitten who was now clinging to him, "The Dark Lord will want to see proof that we have one of his Horucx's and that you are one. Do you think you can do it, Kitten?"

"I...I can do it!" Harry cried out as he pulled himself together, "I...I'm not alone anyway, I have my daddy and my grandmother and Uncle Mat and Eat!"

"Correct young Kitten," Lady Tigre said, and her eyes softened slightly as they landed on Harry's small form, "But if you feel like you need to go out of the room or that you need something or if it gets too much, just ask your father or me and we will take you out of the room."

"Okay," Harry replied nervously as he clung to his dad, "Can I- Do I have to?"

"I do not mind carrying you and keeping you in my arms until the Dark Lord leaves if it makes you feel safer," Epemetheus said with a small smile on his lips causing Harry to reply with a shy smile of his own, "Right, we better get down there now unless we want to make a bad impression on visitors."

Nodding her head in reply Lady Tigre turned and walked towards the door with her bodyguards standing protectively around her, each one of her bodyguards where on high alert as they exited Epemetheus' and Harry's rooms.

"Ready Kitten?" Epemetheus asked as he looked down at his precious Kitten, letting out a sigh when Harry gave him a slow nod in reply, "Well we better do as that muggle saying says and get a move on."

Leaving Harry's wheelchair for the one bodyguard that had stayed behind to guard Epemetheus and Harry, Epemetheus pulled himself together and walked out of his rooms with his kitten held safely in his arms.

As they walked down the corridors and hallways towards the room were Voldemort and a few of his followers were waiting, there were no words spoken as the tension in the air grew and grew until you could cut it with a plastic knife. Unsure of what to do or how to react Harry buried himself in his dad's side and allowed the feeling of safety and protection to wash through his body.

'I have nothing to worry about' Harry thought 'I have a daddy now who will protect me.'

Unaware of his kitten's thoughts Epemetheus let out a sigh, "How much longer? I would have thought that you would place them closer."

"Normally yes but with how they suddenly turned up..." Lady Tigre said as she sent her kitten a meaningful look, "I do not know if they were truthful about what they said...with war on the horizon I do not wish to take any chances."

Nodding his head in understanding Epemetheus tightened his grip on Harry as they slowly came to a stop outside an elegantly carved white wooden door that had a prowling tiger carved in it.

"Pretty," Harry muttered softly as he gazed at the carved tiger on the door from the safety of his father's arms.

"I like it too Kitten," Epemetheus said softly as he ran a comforting hand through his kitten's messy black hair, "Are you ready to do this?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Harry replied nervously while he felt his stomach begin to do flip flops, "After this can we finish off making my cat for you?"

"We sure can Kitten," Epemetheus said comfortingly before turning to his mother, "Well mother, let's see how this turns out."

Nodding her head Lady Tigre motioned to one of her bodyguards who in reply walked forwards and opened the door. Harry watched with wide eyes from the safety of his daddy's arms as the bodyguard disappeared into the room for a few seconds before his grandmother and another bodyguard walked into the room. Looking to his daddy, Harry watched Epemetheus take a deep breath and started to walk into the room. Upon entering the room Harry looked around only to find that this room was identical in almost every way, there were fewer books in this room, compared to the room where his daddy had adopted him.

"Elder Lady Tigre, Clan Leader Lord Tigre," a dark snaky voice said catching Harry's attention, "It is an honour to meet with you."

Looking at the owner of the voice Harry bit back the cry of fear from his lips as he gazed upon the sickly white male in front of him who had no nose or hair, and from what Harry could see, he was only wearing a large, heavy black cloak. Peering around the terrifying man nervously Harry spotted several other people standing behind him with the same thick black cloaks on and their faces covered by a scary looking white mask. Feeling the fear coming from his kitten Epemetheus moved Harry slightly so he could be closer to his father and farther away from the Dark Lord.

"Likewise," Lady Tigre replied with a small yet polite nod of her head, "You know about us having one of your soul parts?"

"Yes, I do know about one of my Horcrux's being in your possession," the snake like man replied as his eyes flickered between Harry and Lady Tigre, "I hope you do not mind Lady Tigre but I will be needing some proof that you have one of my Horcrux's in your possession."

"Very well," Lady Tigre said as an unreadable expression flashed through her eyes quickly, " Epemetheus."

Instead of a verbal reply Epemetheus nodded his head and stepped forwards with his arms around Harry in a tight and protective hold. Epemetheus' eyes stayed glued to the other man's form as he came to a stop next to his mother.

Voldemort frowned as he looked between the two overly protective Black Tiger Demon's, his eyes took on a calculating look as he felt himself drawn to the small familiar form hiding in the safety of the male Black Tiger Demon's arms.

Without thinking twice Voldemort stepped forwards, lifted his arm towards the child that held one of his Horcrux's and whispered, "Harry Potter..."

"If you touch my grandkitten you will find yourself missing an arm," Lady Tigre said sternly causing Voldemort to freeze, "By now I am sure that you have felt the magic coming from my grandkitten's scar..."

"I have and it is one of mine," Voldemort said with a nod as he lowered his arm ignoring the hisses behind him, "You spoke of some sort of agreement?"

"I did," Lady Tigre said with a nod of her head as she motioned to the bodyguard closest to her, "In the future we will remain neutral for as long as possible, though this is put into practice with several...points that we may break or change this agreement in the future if we need be. In return we expect you not to attack us as we will not be attacking you unless we are forced to."

"Very well," Voldemort said with a slow nod of his head, his eyes staying glued to the small form that held his Horcrux, "Will you be willing to assist me when it is needed?"

"Again, we will…within reason, though we expect the same in return," Lady Tigre replied with a stony expression, " Epemetheus, this is no place for a child and Harry's role here is finished."

"Understood," Epemetheus said with a nod before looking down at his precious kitten, "How about we go and find my friend so that we can finish making your cat?"

"O-Okay," Harry replied nervously as he eyed the snake like man nervously, he was just glad to be getting away from the strange snake like man who scared him.

Feeling his kitten's nerves growing Epemetheus gave a sharp quick nod of the head to his mother, turned around on the heal of his foot and walked out of the door. As Epemetheus walked out of the door, opened by one of the many bodyguards, Harry couldn't help but to feel like he was leaving his old life behind in the room with the scary snake man and walking through the door into a brighter happier future.

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