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Now without further ado, I present to you, my new PJATO story, A PERTEMIS STORY (yahoo! to me and fellow Pertemis fans!) Chaotic Hunter!

Chapter 1: Oh No


"You go out. I'll be fine."

"No, I'm not leaving you!"

"You have to!"

Annabeth didn't reply as tears silently made their way down her face. She slowly shook her head and walked towards him.


Percy won't have that. With tear-filled eyes, he said his last wish.

"Move on."

He pushed her approaching figure out of the doors and pulled. Pulled with all his might.

Tears streamed down his face.

Suddenly, he heard an angelic voice shout his name. He looked up quickly, expecting to see a curl of blond hair and dull grey eyes. But all he saw were beautiful, yet pained silver eyes.

The door shut close. The growling and hissing were more pronounced now. So this is how I'm going to die, he thought sadly. But it doesn't matter, I'll fight to the death!

Just then, monsters came out of nowhere, surrounding him with his back to the door. He tensed and raised his sword protectively. They charged at the same time.

She watched him.

Watched him heed his lover's safety instead of his own.

She saw him.

Saw his tear-filled eyes with her pained own.

She admired him.

Admired him as the best, most loyal, modest, powerful, caring, loving, faithful boy- no, man, she had ever known.

She liked him.

Liked him as a handsome, powerful, and humble hero.

She loves him.

She loves him, for he is Perseus Jackson, hero of Olympus. The only man to gain the love and respect of Artemis. The most tolerable man in the whole universe.

And now he has died.

A wave of sadness overcame her as the truth dawned on her. She wanted to curl into a ball and cry, mourn, and make herself miserable, but he died for his lover.

For the demigods.

For Olympus!

She spun on her heel and released, at the same time an empousa disintegrated with an arrow between the eyes. She notched another arrow and shot, a glittering silver trail made its way into a monster brain at point blank. She killed monster after monster, rage and sadness and pain fuelling her like a bolt of electricity. She defeated every monster with renewed vigor, hoping to not let his death be in vain.

She couldn't believe it. Why was the death of a single man affecting her this much? She had killed thousands of men, yet why does this affect her so much? She even said she loved him! Did she really?

With all her heart.

Being a chaste goddess, who had made an oath that survived for many millennia- to never love, never marry, to be an ever virgin- that was very hard to say. And also being one of the most dangerous, and bravest goddesses on Olympus, she had to face it: the truth hurts. It really did.

But now that he's gone, all is in the past. All is history. With Perseus Jackson dead, there was not anymore a single tolerable man in the whole universe. There was not anymore a man who had gained a feminist goddess' respect; all will soon forget that the maiden goddess had loved a man. With him gone, the world would be dull and grey, and there will be no more love in the world.

No more love from the legendary chaste goddess, the great Artemis, the moon huntress.

The wild will be wilder, and more loose and ruthless than ever before. The number of dark nights and red moons shall increase. Hunters will have a hard time catching their prey, and longer and more painful childbirths shall occur.

Her domains will be in a time hurricane. No one shall notice, but everything will be affected greatly. Her domains shall be low and mourning.

Oh, Fates, what has my Perseus done to anger you so?

Annabeth knew it. She was sure he'd do that. She had tried to stop him, but he was just too stubborn, too loyal. These were one of the times- definitely the last time, she wept- that she hated his fatal flaw.

She hated it. Hated the world. The Fates. The gods. Everyone. Everything.

He was the person that keeps her going, flares her willpower. She had always been confident with him by her side. She had someone to watch her back, and had someone to fight for.

And he just sacrificed himself for her.

A hand suddenly rested itself on her shoulder; she must have been too preoccupied. She wiped her face and looked over, following the pale and scrawny hand. It led to a paler than normal son of Hades, with tear lines staining his cheeks. He looked down at her helplessly.

She understood.

Annabeth struggled to her feet with the help of the son of Hades. She glanced down at her numb foot. It doesn't anymore hurt; the mental pain clouded the physical. She glanced at her dagger and gripped it tightly that her knuckles turned white. She shall fight for Percy- die if she should.

The two ran back to the rest of the Seven, only to find them fighting for their delicate lives. A few of the gods were there as well, helping out with the two giants and strong monsters- the majority being in the original Mount Olympus. It was then that they noticed something was wrong.

There always was.

They were not holding up good. The three gods with them could only kill limited monsters due to the Ancient Laws. Though, they were each with at least one demigod with them to help out whatever strong enemy they were fighting. Hephaestus was with them, fighting off the giant Leon aided by his son Leo and a hunter who was a daughter of his. Hades was also there, aiding the demigods by summoning undead warriors to fight. And surprisingly, Artemis herself was fighting Gration with three out of the nine hunters she had brought with her. The rest were busy with the rest of the monsters.

They knew that this was only a part of the true monster army, yet already, it seemed endless. New monsters filled the empty ranks. And with Percy out of the question, they believed to have lost all hope.

The two didn't waste anymore time gawking and charged into battle. Nico summoned up another undead army of about 200, which was probably the most he could do without spending too much energy left to fight. Annabeth brandished her dagger like an insane knife-expert. She received a few cuts and scrapes, but none more than that. The others were fighting like demons, even Piper and Hazel. They were all witnessed to have tears in their eyes.

Seeing this, Annabeth intensified her fighting. Percy was already gone. She wouldn't let anyone else go.

That- she just realized sorrowfully- was a very Percy thing to do.

She ducked a thrust from a dracaena and swept her snake-like legs from under her. The monster didn't have time to react before her own spear was impaled unto her heart. She grabbed its shield and immediately bashed it onto the nearest monster. It swung its club to her left. She blocked with her shield which made her stagger from the impact. She felt a tingling behind her neck and spun around, holding out her shield protectively as it made impact just in time by a flying spear. She sidestepped to the right to dodge an attack from the back and decapitated the attacker, before she yanked the spear from the shield and whirled it around, disintegrating the monsters within her radius.

Annabeth took the second to breathe and look around. Now that they joined, she can say that they did a pretty good job in balancing the fight. Most of the monsters have been decimated. Leon was done in quick work, and Gration was double-teamed by Hades and Artemis and her hunters. She ran towards their direction.

Artemis fought in a blur of silver. Now that her Uncle was helping her, this should get easy. The foolish giant was already losing in the hands of her and her hunters alone, what more when one of the Big Three joined the fight?

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the daughter of Athena running towards them. She also noticed that most of the monsters were disintegrated, and knowing that most of the monster army was at the original home of the gods, she called out to Annabeth, "No! Get your friends and head to Mt. Olympus! You are more needed there than here, daughter of Athena."

The girl stopped in her tracks. She heard what the goddess said. No more questions asked. She quickly fetched the rest of the Seven and Nico, and ran back to the Argo II with them in tow. The second the warship moved and they settled in, she let out her emotions that she barely cotained during the battle, some given off as fuel to fight. Her friends huddled around her, their faces portraying basically the same thing.

And for a while, they treasured each others company, treasured the warmth that were still in their bodies before they went to the fight of their life- one that would most likely take away their wishes and obligations, their loves and inspirations, their dreams and fulfillments. Practically their whole life.

They would not lose hope. Even if they have nearly, they would never do.

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