Chapter 5

As I waited for Emmett and Edward to get home with the pizza for our movie night, I thought about the last couple of months. Things had been great for over two months. Emmett and I were still coming together a couple of times a week, and the nights we didn't have sex, we still spent a lot of the time in each other's arms.

Edward and I were still dating, and after our third date—even though I'd teased him about it being a cliché—we'd spent the night together. Sex with him was amazing. He fit me differently than Emmett did, hitting spots inside me that Emmett's length couldn't reach.

I loved feeling him inside me, but I also loved just spending time with him out of bed, too. If I'd thought before that I knew everything there was to know about him, I was wrong. I'd known for a long time that he wanted to be a doctor like his father, but just recently, I'd found out the reason he was thinking of going into general practice instead of working in the ER was because he didn't think he could handle seeing as much death and tragedy as his dad did, even working at the small ER in Forks. It was little things like that—the stuff only I knew—that made me feel special.

Emmett never asked for details of my time with Edward. Nor did Edward ask for details of my time with Emmett. And I never offered. No one seemed bothered by the other relationship, so I pushed away any guilt I felt when I was with one and not the other. My dreams, though, were filled with images of the three of us together: Emmett in my mouth while Edward fucked me from behind; Edward in my mouth while Emmett used his mouth and fingers to bring me to orgasm; and the most recurring dream of all...Emmett in my front and Edward knocking at the back door. I woke up from those dreams feeling deliciously naughty and horny as hell, and I always either woke Emmett up or pulled out the toy I kept in my nightstand, needing relief.

The sound of Emmett's Jeep pulling into the driveway pulled me out of my thoughts, and I got up to grab paper towels to use as napkins, as well as three Cokes from the fridge, before going back into the living room and meeting them as they came inside.

"Fucking hell, it's cold out there," Emmett grumbled, toeing off his boots that were covered in snow.

"Yeah, it is, Edward said, sliding his arms out of his coat. "C'mere, Bells. Warm me up."

I laughed, shaking my head. "I don't think so, sunshine. Park that cold ass on the couch until you're warmer. I'm perfectly content being the temperature I am."

He pouted as Emmett laughed, clapping him on the shoulder as he walked by with the pizzas.

Edward sat on one end of the couch and Emmett on the other, with me sandwiched between them. After passing out the paper towels and grabbing our slices of the pies, we turned on some stupid Fear Factor episode that had me cringing and the guys making bets on who do better on that show.

When my Coke was empty, I stood and said, "I want a beer. Anyone else?"

On his way over, Edward had stopped in the back of the only liquor store in town. James, the creeper that worked there, didn't have any qualms about selling beer to high school kids—for a price. We didn't get them very often, usually content to steal a bit from either parents' liquor cabinet, but all of us figured beer went better with pizza, and neither Dad, nor the Cullens, had any they wouldn't realize was missing.

Emmett smacked my ass as I stepped past him and said, "Grab me one, baby."

Opening the fridge, I leaned in to get the beers, and when I stood and turned back around, I realized Edward had followed me into the kitchen. His eyes were dark as he advanced slowly toward me, a wicked grin curling the corner of his mouth.

"I do love seeing you bent over," he murmured, caging me in with his arms and pressing against me until my back hit the fridge.

"Mm, do you?" I purred, my own mouth quirking into a teasing grin.

He nodded before leaning in, his lips hovering over mine as he whispered, "It makes me think dirty, dirty thoughts, Isabella..."

I nearly dropped the bottles in my hands as my knees weakened, and before I could say or do anything, Edward took them from me and put them on the counter behind me.

"You know, baby, you look so sexy in that position—on your knees, presenting your ass and pussy to me and basically saying, 'Take me, Edward. Use me.' It's all I can do to not come right there every damn time."

His words were deadly, making my nipples harden and my clit throb.

"Fuck," I groaned, threading the fingers of one hand into his hair while the other reached between us and grasped the waistband of his jeans. "Kiss me," I demanded, tugging him until I could feel all of him.

My head hit the fridge with a dull thump as Edward closed the minute distance between us, diving at my mouth like it was water and he'd been in the desert for a year without it. I whimpered against his lips, feeling my insides clench as he slid his tongue between my lips and found mine. My hands fisted in his hair and the back of his shirt as he licked and nibbled at my mouth between kisses, drawing quiet moans from deep inside me.

I was basically dry humping his thigh when Emmett stepped into the kitchen and growled low.

"Fuck, that's so hot," he said, moving over to stand beside us as Edward pulled away, giving us both time to catch our breath. "You look so sexy, Bells—face all flushed, eyes glassy, holding on to him like you can't bear to let him go, even for a second..."

Without thinking, I slid my hand from Edward's back and grabbed the front of Emmett's shirt, hauling him in close enough that I could kiss him. He tasted a little sweet and a little spicy—a combination of the Coke and the jalapeños from his pizza.

Edward's hips bucked, and I felt his hard-on against my thigh as he groaned. "Yeah, kiss her, Em. Fuck..."

Emmett loved my mouth with his, reaching up to squeeze my breast and tweak my nipple through my shirt.

Edward groaned against, grinding his thigh between my legs.

"Fuck, fuck fuck," I chanted around Emmett's kiss. "Somebody touch me!"

Both of my boys stopped moving almost as one, and I opened my eyes to see them in some sort of silent communication for a moment before Edward nodded.

Emmett looked at me. "Wanna take this upstairs, baby?"

My voice came out a squeak. "All of us?" I was nodding before they could even respond. "Yes, please."

The beers were abandoned on the counter, the TV was still on and pizza still open in the living room, and I saw none of it as Emmett led the way up the stairs, with Edward so close behind me that I could almost feel his body heat.

The moment my door was shut behind us, I found myself sandwiched between my brother in front and Edward behind me. I could feel how it was affecting both of them as they rubbed against me, as if seeking the friction I myself so desperately needed.

"You want us both, Bella?" Edward murmured, his breath ghosting across my ear and making me shiver.

I nodded silently as he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to my neck in the soft spot behind my ear.

Emmett's voice was low as he asked, "And if I said I wanted to watch him fuck you, driving his dick hard into that pretty pussy, you'd be okay with that?"

"O-Oh, God," I moaned softly as Emmett reached between us and cupped me, the heel of his hand pressing right where I needed it the most.

When I didn't say anything more, he squeezed gently and ordered, "Answer me, baby, or we stop..."

Edward nipped at the skin on my neck until I gasped out my answer.

"Y-Yes! I want that."

"Good girl," Emmett praised, stroking me with his fingers before pulling his hand away.

When I whimpered, Edward chuckled. "Don't worry, love. We'll take care of you, I promise."

I nodded, unable to say or do anything more.

"First, let's get you out of those clothes," my brother said, his hands moving to the hem of my shirt as Edward's lowered to the top of the sweatpants I was wearing.

I lifted my arms, letting Emmett pull my shirt up and off me as Edward tugged my sweats down until they pooled at my feet.

"Step out, Bells," Edward said softly, and when I did, he pushed them out of the way with his foot.

"Ed, man, you gotta come see how sexy she is right now," Emmett offered, stepping over a bit so Edward could come stand beside him.

I was in nothing but a tiny pair of royal blue lacy boy shorts, having left off my bra when I changed clothes after school. The looks from both guys had my nipples standing at attention, and even I could tell my panties were soaked. I was sure they were able to see the damp spot.

"Fucking perfect," Edward agreed with a nod, and I blushed, feeling the flush heat my face and chest. "And look at that," he said, reaching out a single finger and dragging it slowly down my cheek to my neck, and then all the way to my chest to circle around each breast. "Don't you love how she gets all pink everywhere when she's turned on or embarrassed?"

"Which is it, baby?" Emmett asked in a low voice. "Are you turned on or embarrassed right now?"

I couldn't speak, shaking my head as words failed me.

He smirked. "Nice. We've rendered her speechless, Ed." Giving me an appraising look, he said, "Since you can't speak anyway, how about you put that mouth to good use?" He reached down and stroked himself through his jeans, squeezing around the length.

Finding my voice, I replied, "I think you both have on too many clothes if you want your cocks in my mouth."

The speed at which they moved to strip off their jeans and T-shirts was almost comical, and I'd have laughed if I hadn't suddenly had two incredibly sexy, completely naked guys standing in front of me, their cocks like divining rods pointing at the sky.

Dropping to my knees, I waited until they each stepped forward, and then I reached out and wrapped my hands around them. They groaned and thrust their hips into my hands. I started slowly stroking Edward as I leaned up and licked the head of Emmett's cock, tasting the pearly drop of fluid beaded at the slit. After sinking my mouth down over him, I slurped and licked my way back to the tip, drawing out another bead of pre-cum.

Not wanting Edward to feel left out, I switched, moving down on him until I could go no farther without gagging. I let my saliva build and then released it down his cock so I could more easily stroke what I couldn't fit in my mouth. Emmett groaned as I squeezed my hand around him, my fingers barely touching because of his girth, and then began to stroke.

Back and forth, they guided me, from my brother to Edward and back, sucking, licking and stroking their erections as I squeezed my thighs together for some friction.

"Fuck, baby, your mouth is heaven," Emmett cursed, "but we gotta stop, or I'm gonna blow."

When I looked up at them from under lowered lashes, their jaws were tense and there was a heat expression in both sets of eyes as they gazed back down at me.

"Up on the bed, love," Edward ordered, stepping back so my hand fell from his cock.

I released Emmett from the suction I had on his cock with my lips and stood as they offered me their hands to help me up. In a way I was sure wasn't at all sexy, I scrambled up onto the bed, leaning back on my elbows in the middle. I was lucky enough to have a queen-sized mattress, which meant there was room for all three of us without being in danger of falling off.

After another silent look of communication, Emmett slid between my legs, while Edward bent to kiss me.

I gasped into his mouth as I felt Emmett's tongue suddenly swipe up my slit before circling around my clit. I tried bucking my hips, wanting more, but both of them moved a hand to my hips, holding me still.

As Emmett continued to lick and tease me, Edward trailed kisses down my neck and chest, his scruff tickling my skin, until he reached my breast. Then he moved his tongue around and around it, leaving damp trails that cooled quickly, even in the warm air of the room. Emmett must have been watching, because when Edward finally closed his lips around my nipple, my brother pulled my clit between his lips and began flicking it with his tongue. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the dual sensations.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I cried, reaching my hand down to tug hard at my other nipple.

"Yeah, baby," Em said, popping up from between my legs. "Play with yourself while Ed and I switch places. Ed, you gotta taste her man. She's like candy." The entire lower half of his face was shiny with my arousal as he swiped his finger across his chin and stuck it in his mouth, grunting as he sucked it clean.

The two of them switched positions, with Emmett on the other side from where Edward had been. They wasted no time before diving in and bringing me right back to the edge. Emmett nibbled and licked at the nipple in his mouth while plucking at the other with his fingers. Edward stroked me with his flattened tongue, from one end of my slit to the other, pressing and teasing my clit until I was writhing under him.

"You wanna come, love?" Edward asked as he looked up, his face as shiny as Emmett's had been.

I nodded frantically, feeling like a coil deep inside me was wound tighter than it had ever been before. My fantasies were playing out in front of me, and it was all I could do to stay conscious and enjoy it as long as possible before the overload of pleasure made me pass out.

Edward's hand moved up, and he tapped my lips with a finger. "Get this wet for me, Bella," he commanded softly.

I immediately opened my mouth as Emmett groaned around my nipple, scraping his teeth across the tip and making me jolt as Edward slid his finger into my mouth. I licked and sucked at Edward's long finger for a moment, until he pulled it out and immediately pressed it between my lower lips. He worked it in and out of me as his lips and tongue continued to tease my clit, circling it, before tapping it once and then darting away.

When Edward added a second finger and then a third, Emmett asked, "You ready, baby? You ready to fly?"

I whimpered, feeling my insides clench around Edward's fingers until he grunted.

"Fuck, she's so tight."

"Come, baby," Emmett said before lowering his mouth back to my nipple and biting down.

That combined with Edward's sudden hard pull on my clit with his lips and teeth made the coil inside me snap, and I cried out, cresting the wave of my orgasm.

When I came back to earth, I was cradled between them, satisfied grins on both their faces.

"Fuck, that was good," I sighed, chuckling when they laughed.

Then I realized neither of them had gotten off yet, and if the sight of their cocks standing almost angrily at attention between their legs was anything to judge by, both were ready.

I licked my lips, reaching down to trail my fingers lightly over their erections. "Now it's your turn. Em, stay there. Edward, move for a minute..."

When Edward slipped off the bed, I got up on my knees and bent over onto my elbows so Emmett and I formed a "t," with my face hovering over his cock. Looking back at Edward, I said, "Just like this. I want my brother to watch as you fuck me."

Both of them groaned, and when I felt Edward behind me, lining himself up with my slit, I lowered my mouth over Emmett's cock until my nose was buried in the hair at the base of him.

It was hard to keep up any sort of rhythm as Edward fucked me from behind. With every thrust in, I took Emmett into my mouth, bobbing my head as much as I could in time to Edward's thrusts. Emmett put a hand on the back of my head, guiding me, but not pushing, as Edward grasped my hips and began to slam into me harder. I knew from their grunts and groans that both were close.

Using one hand, I began playing with Emmett's balls, rolling them around in my palm as I let him basically fuck my mouth from where he lay beneath my head. When I glanced up at him, his eyes were bouncing back and forth between where Edward and I were joined and my mouth on his cock.

"God, Bella," Emmett groaned. "It's so fucking hot watching him pound into you like. Does he feel good?"

I moaned around him, and without warning, he gave a strangled moan and came, spurting in long ropes into my mouth and down my throat. It was so hot that I couldn't help but clench around Edward.

"Shit!" he cursed. "Em, touch her. Make her come before I do," he growled.

Emmett's long arm reached down under me, and when his fingers rolled my clit, I came undone. Edward's thrusts faltered and finally stilled as he slammed his hips against my ass and cursed through his own orgasm.

Emmett leaned up and kissed me gently before moving away from the bed and into my bathroom. I whimpered when Edward slowly pulled out, guiding me until I was lying on the bed in his arms. When Emmett came back in, he held a washcloth and carefully climbed back onto the bed with us.

"You okay, baby?" he asked as he softly stroked me between my legs, cleaning me up from where I could already feel Edward's cum leaking out.

I nodded and hummed my affirmative answer, still buzzing from the orgasms and from tasting and hearing my boys coming.

He smiled and handed the washcloth to Edward, who smiled at me as he cleaned himself off quickly. When he held it up questioningly, I shrugged.

"Just...toss it to the floor," I mumbled, too exhausted to care. "Then come lie down."

Within moments, I was curled up between the two of them, my legs tangled with Edward's as he held my hand, and my head resting on Emmett's chest as he stroked my hair. It didn't take long before my eyes closed and I felt myself falling asleep.