A/N: This is pretty much all a lemon, and if you don't like slash (M/M), you won't like it. This would fit between chapters 6 & 7.


Chapter 9 - Outtake

"Oh, God," I moaned, pushing down against Emmett's fingers as he fucked me with them. I didn't have to worry about being quiet since my dad was gone fishing for the weekend with Billy Black. "That's it, Em, right there."

We were tangled together on the bed, since that's where I'd surprised him after he got home from playing basketball. I knew Edward would be over soon—he'd gone home to shower and change after the pick-up game at the park—and I couldn't wait. It hadn't been too long since they'd both been inside me together, and I was hoping for a repeat performance.

Emmett leaned down and kissed me, slowing his fingers until I whined, hoping he would speed up again.

"Patience, baby," he teased, his breath warm across my lips. "I'll get you there."

As his thumb started circling my clit, his fingers once more began thrusting harder and faster, curling inside me.

"Oh God, oh God," I chanted, feeling everything tighten inside me. "Please!"

Emmett pressed hard against the top of my slit and stroked the inside of my walls, and I came apart almost without sound. He swallowed what little sound I did make with his kiss, his tongue stroking mine as he gently pulled his fingers free.

"That's a beautiful sight," a voice came from beside me as the bed dipped.

I pried open my eyes as Emmett slowly began backing away, only to find Edward, already naked, right there, ready to take his place at my lips. Not wanting to lose the connection to Em, I reached up quickly and tangled my hand in the curly hair at the base of his neck, tugging him back down.

It made my insides clench when neither backed off, sucking and licking at my mouth like they needed it more than air. When their tongues twisted with one another's, a breathy sigh escaped them both, and I scooted up on the bed so they were left to kiss each other. It only took a moment for them to stop and pull back, their eyes growing wide as they looked at each other and then over to me as I sat up against the headboard, hand already moving between my thighs. They watched as I traced my slit, squeezing each of my lower lips hard—the rush of blood sent electric shocks to my clit, making me whimper and look back up at them.

"Please," I begged softly. "Keep going. I wanna watch..."

After a long moment, they looked at each other and then back to me before finally moving as one. Emmett turned on his knees and reached out. Placing a hand on Edward's hip, he tugged Edward hard against his chest.

Edward let out a soft gasp as their bodies collided. Dropping my gaze, I realized Emmett was still erect, his thick cock jutting up and resting against his stomach. Edward was just as hard, a pearly drop of fluid beading at the tip. As they moved, their dicks rubbed against one another's, slipping and sliding as both Emmett and Edward began thrusting their hips.

I couldn't tear my eyes away as their hands began exploring—Edward's danced over Emmett's bare shoulders and arms, only to move to his chest, while Emmett's slipped back to cup Edward's ass.

"Fuck," they both groaned against each other's lips, almost in stereo.

I grew even more wet as my fingers dipped inside. I'd never seen anything more hot as I watched my brother and my boyfriend make out in front of me. They were breathing as one through an endless kiss—I could see their tongues coming out and seeking one another's, twisting and turning in long French kisses. Their hips were moving, still rubbing their erections together in long slips and slides, making them grunt and curse into their kisses.

When Edward reached down and tentatively began to stroke Emmett, I stopped breathing for a moment, wondering if that would be it for my brother. To my relief, he merely tightened his hold in Edward's hair and kissed him harder.

As I fucked myself with my fingers, hovering on the edge of euphoria, I watched Emmett guide Edward down to the mattress beside me. I could just see between them to watch as Edward let go of Emmett's cock, only to grasp both of their dicks together in his hand—his fingers were just long enough to wrap around the pair of them.

I moaned—loudly—and pulled my feet up so my knees went farther apart, sliding a third finger inside me as I watched Edward jack them both off.

"Em," Edward groaned, "take over. Bella, come over here. I wanna taste you."

Emmett cursed, and I watched his eyes darken as he wrapped his fingers around their cocks. "Face me, baby," he requested firmly.

"You sure?" I asked Edward. I'd never been over a guy's face like he'd suggested, and I hoped I wouldn't do something embarrassing, like sit on his face so he couldn't breathe.

When he nodded, thrusting his hips up into Emmett's hand, I acquiesced and gingerly stepped over him, going to my knees. Edward reached up and grasped my hips, pulling me down until I felt his warm breath over my lower lips. I nearly came apart when his tongue came out and swiped at my slit.

"Oh, fuck!" I gasped.

"Shit," Emmett cursed, leaning toward me. "Kiss me, Bells."

Whimpering, I cupped his face and kissed him. Hard.

Pulling away, I whispered against his lips, "I wanna see you suck him, Em."

Emmett looked unsure, but I leaned in again and cupped his face. "Please?"

With a long breath in, Emmett nodded.

As I watched Emmett scoot down between Edward's legs, I climbed off Edward and moved to lean back against the headboard. Edward look over at me, confused, until Emmett drew his attention by wrapping his fingers around Edward's cock.

Edward made a strangled sound in the back of his throat as Emmett lowered his head and took a tentative swipe at the tip of Edward's cock with his tongue.

"Christ, Em," Edward groaned, his back arching. "Suck me..."

It was so erotic, so taboo, watching the two of them together. My fingers weren't enough. I needed more. Reaching over, I fumbled in the bedside table drawer for my toy without taking my eyes off the action on the bed. Both looked over at me when the buzzing started.

"Keep going," I sighed, pressing the length of the vibrator inside me and groaning as I watched Emmett finally—finally!—take Edward all the way into his mouth.

I began thrusting the toy in time with the bobs of Emmett's head, twisting and turning it as Emmett licked and sucked Edward's cock. When Emmett reached up and began tugging at Edward's balls, Edward cursed and threw his head back. The muscles in his neck were straining as he tried to keep his hips still—although he was unable to do so completely, and he began thrusting slightly into Emmett's mouth.

My body was like a live wire, strung tight and ready to snap. As Emmett sucked harder and faster, I reached down and began stroking my clit. I went higher and higher, until I felt like I was going to explode.

I caught my breath, but then it all fell away, leaving me feeling tense, unfulfilled, as the scene before me faded away.

"Bella," Edward crooned. "Come back to us, love."

Slowly, I opened my eyes, only to come face to face with reality. The TV gave off a bluish glow, and that combined with the single light over the sink that was on in the adjoining kitchen bathed the living room in eerie shadows.

When I turned my head to the left, I saw Edward, and to my right, Emmett was reclined back against the cushions of the couch. Both had raised eyebrows and deadly smirks on their faces.

"Wh-What happened?" I asked—and then groaned, rubbing my face as it all came rushing back. Fucking hell, it had all been a dream.

Emmett laughed softly. "You fell asleep about halfway into the movie."

"Mmhmm," Edward agreed. "And then a few minutes ago, you started squirming around and making all these sexy little noises in your sleep—the same noises you make in bed..."

I could only blink, shaking my head. It had felt so damn real.

"Just what were you dreaming about, Bella?" Emmett asked, his grin wide on his face.

Knowing they would balk if I told them just what they'd been doing, I simply smiled and shrugged. "The three of us...together again."

The guys looked at each other and then at me, nodding.

"Go on," Edward prompted, reaching down to stroke himself through his shorts.

"It started after you got back from playing basketball, Em," I said, grinning when he nodded. "You were really sweaty, so you jumped in the shower."

Before I could go on, Emmett said, "Wait, baby." He reached back and pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor, and as he raised his hips to pull off his shorts, Edward copied his movements at my other side. When they were both settled, cocks in hand, my brother nodded. "Okay, go for it."

I told them about Emmett coming into my room after his shower to find me naked on the bed, waiting for me. As I described how he'd touched me and kissed me, they worked to pull my clothes off me, leaving me just as naked.

Emmett wrapped his strong hands around my waist and stood me on my feet before scooting over closer to Edward. "Get up here, Bells," he said, patting the space between them. "Sit on our legs and face us."

The comparison to my dream nearly had me giggling, but I hid it behind my grin and climbed up to where he'd indicated. At that angle, I was able to take both their cocks in my hand and begin to stroke as I continued my story.

I went into great detail about how Emmett had touched me and kissed me, as they began touching me like I was describing.

When I got to the part about them beginning to kiss and touch each other, I stopped.

"That's it, love?" Edward asked, raising a deadly eyebrow. "I seem to recall something about 'Please, keep going. I wanna watch,' and 'Oh, fuck!' Something tells me we're not getting the whole story, Em."

I tried stroking them faster, harder, to get their minds off my dream, but it didn't work.

"Tell us, Bella," Emmett demanded softly as he leaned in and kissed the upper curve of my breast. "We'll touch you if you tell us everything."

Growling low, I huffed, "Fine, you really wanna know?"

"Mmhmm," Edward said as he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to my breast, sucking the skin gently.

Deciding to go for broke, I rushed out, "You guys were making out, stroking each other while I watched, and then Edward, you licked my pussy while Emmett and I kissed as he stroked you together. And then, I used my toy as you"—I looked Emmett's way—"started sucking him."

They were clearly stunned at my admission, but thankfully, neither pulled away.

"I'm not—I mean, I don't think—" Emmett stammered.

Edward shook his head and said quickly, "Me, either."

Laughing softly, I said, "I know. But a girl can dream, right?"

"How about this," Edward said, pulling back to look up at me. "How about you let us concentrate on you right now, instead of each other?"

As they leaned in and pressed kisses to the tips of my breasts, I blew out a breath, shaking as my fists tightened around them. "Y-Yeah," I squeaked when they both closed their lips around my nipples and bit gently.

"Stand up, Bells," Emmett ordered as his hand came down lightly on my ass.

When I was on my feet, they both stood as well, and Emmett said, "How about we take this upstairs?"

I was nodding before he'd even finished speaking.

My brother led the way, while Edward guided me up the stairs with a hand on my lower back, moving down to squeeze my ass as we got to the top, making me squeak in surprise.

When Emmett turned left into his room instead of straight into mine, I raised an eyebrow.

"Figured we could at least make some of it come true," he offered playfully, but I could see the emotion in his eyes and the need to make me happy.

I nodded, smiling. "Yeah, that'd be good."

Suddenly, I found myself surrounded, Emmett at my back and Edward at my front. I could feel their cocks, hard and insistent, against my stomach and the cleft of my ass. I arched my back, reaching back to pull Emmett down for a kiss as I ground my hips against Edward, who responded by picking up my right leg and wrapping it around his hip. He held it there while he leaned in and kissed my chest.

When it finally became too much, yet not enough, I broke away from Emmett's kiss and pulled Edward's face up to mine. "Take me to bed," I murmured softly to them both.


It was much darker outside by the time I flopped to my back in the middle of the bed. We were all sprawled out on the mattress, our breathing heavy and a thin coat of sweat making us shiver in the cool air.

"Fuck me," I groaned as I rolled over and felt my muscles twinge in a way that reminded me of just what we'd been doing for the last two hours.

Emmett deadpanned, "Really, Bells? Again? God, aren't you ever satisfied?"

Laughing, I rolled over to my back, propping myself up on my elbows as I kicked out at him, lightly cuffing him on the back of the head.

"Ow, dammit!" Emmett reached up and rubbed his head, like I'd really hurt him.

Edward captured my foot and kissed the top before tickling me lightly, smirking when I jerked away, glaring.

"Annnnnyway," I said, drawing out the word on a huff.

They both turned over on their sides to look at me, almost like mirror images of sexy: naked bodies glistening, muscles rippling under their skin as they moved, and smug, self-satisfied expressions on their faces.

Deciding to tease them a little, I raised an eyebrow, licked my lips in as seductive a move as I possibly could—although I was sure I looked a little deranged, knowing me—and said, "So are you absolutely, positively sure there's no way I could change your minds about...?" I motioned between the two of them, waggling my eyebrows exaggeratedly.

When they looked at each other for a long, drawn-out moment and then leaned in over my legs, stopping with mere millimeters separating their lips, I held my breath. There was no sound in the room except my pounding heart, which felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest.

Then they burst into laughter, flopping over on their backs and covering their faces as they snorted and hooted.

"You jackasses," I huffed, trying to sound angry, even though I really wasn't.

They simply laughed harder, which drew out my own giggles.

I finally grabbed the pillows and tossed one at each of them. "Come on, damn it. Let's go back downstairs. I'm thirsty and feel like some pizza."

Ignoring the still-snorting boys behind me, I hopped out of bed and headed downstairs for my clothes, unable to keep my smile from my face as I heard them scramble after me.