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Chapter 1

"Hannah! Get in here, you bitch! And where's my tea?!" a yell came from the dining room; for there was a young boy with bleach blond hair, his stockinged legs were dangling from the chair, a piece of toast hanging from his mouth as his annoyed sky blue eyes were fixed on the door. A stoic dark-haired bespectacled butler stood at his side, whilst three unbelievably identical servants stood on the far-side of the table; all silent

That's when a busty lavender-haired maid came in with an ornately decorated silver trolley; steaming tea came forth from the porcelain teapot. The maid kept her dark eyes on the floor, her form slightly shaking as she rolled it to her master's side, who just glared at her.

"What took you so long, you pest?! Didn't you hear me calling you? Huh?" he asked, his voice was cold and sharp like an icy dagger. The maid's painted lips thinned as she quivered, answering, lowering her slightly in humility.

"I'm so sorry for making you wait." The boy merely looked on, before leaning back to his chair, hissing.

"Tch! Fine, whatever!" he replied in a bored tone, stretching his arms upward. "You're lucky I'm in a good mood, whore!" Turning to Hannah, who merely curtsied as she poured the tea.

"Your Highness," Claude's word called Alois, who gave his butler a sideward glace, one golden brow raised in question.

"What is it, Claude?!" he asked in a clearly bored look, his face looking at the ceiling, legs propped up on the covered table.

"Here is your daily newspaper," said Claude politely, giving him a low bow as his hands held the cleanly pressed gray printed paper to the young blonde. Alois let out a yawn, plucking it from Claude's white gloved hand; a petulantly bored look on his handsome face while he flipped through the papers, blue eyes scanning each page with pure ill-hidden contempt when suddenly something caught his eyes as it went as large as saucers before they narrowed again, a slight shadow falling on his face.

"Well, well, well, this is certainly interesting," he grinned, a devilish gleam in his cerulean orbs while they focused on the single article. Claude's ears perked slightly, as he leaned in a bit.

"Is there something wrong, Your Highness?" inquired the brunette. Alois then thought for a second before he picked up his cup of tea at the side of his table. An idea came to his mind.

"Nope. There's nothing wrong at all," he answered, placing his cup near his lips before sipping the brown liquid, only for him to scowl at the cup. He then turned to the frightened maid, "Hannah, come here!"

Hannah's eyes widened in horror slightly before she reluctantly came to his side, shaking slightly, her eyes still on the floor, "Y-Yes your Highness," she asked.

The moment she was beside him, she found the tea pouring on her head with Alois looking over her with a cold malicious gleam in his eyes. He then dropped the porcelain on her head, before it hit the floor with a dull clatter.

"Hannah…This tea is awful. Is this really tea or just brown water?" he asked, his cool sadistic tone obvious in his voice.

"I'm so sorry, your Highness…" she whimpered, fearing what the unpredictable, bipolar blond would do next but much to her surprise and relief, he simply turned away, muttering "You should be…" He then propped his legs on the table. He then snapped his fingers and with that Claude was near.

"Yes, your Highness?"

"Make me some more tea and make sure it's not like the shitty drink I drank a while ago!" he ordered.

Claude did a humble bow, his hand on his chest, "As you wish, your Highness."

Alois then turned to the rest of the servants, "As for the rest of you…and Hannah," his gaze glanced at the maid who was still sitting on the floor, dripping wet, indigo eyes on the floor. "Can get out of this room and get back to work."

The triplets then did a similar bow to Claude and left while Hannah hastily stood up and did a curtsy, before leaving.

When the door closed behind him with a quiet thump, a devious smirk began forming on his lips as his eyes looked at the article in the newspaper where there was a picture of a beautiful young girl. A girl he hasn't seen in 10 years, the girl that has been branded in his mind since the moment they met all those years ago.

She hasn't changed much in the past 10 years, he thought, taking in her familiar face that grew even lovelier in her maturity. Looking up, his smile widened at the words on top of the picture, printed in bold letters, the words were;

"Sister of the Marquis of Rainsworth, Lady Blair Scarlett Nichole Rainsworth, returns from France after 10 years."

"So she's coming back, huh?" he thought evilly, his eyes darkening as a memory engulfed his mind; a memory he had thought was long-gone.


"Come on, Luka! Hurry up before anyone sees us!" called a young blond boy as he helped his younger brother.

"Hey, big brother, should we be doing this?" asked the younger one panting whose hair was quite different from his as it was a warm auburn brown, contrasting to his elder brother's cool bleach blond hair. He was panting slightly when his feet finally touched the well-tended grassy ground.

"Sure! It's not like we're going to steal anything valuable or something. It's just apples, after all," answered his brother who goes by the name Jim Macken to his brother whose name was Luka. His cheerful smile was bright and kind, giving Luka more courage so he nodded reluctantly. Jim smiled again before he took his brother's hand, leading the way until they reached an open ground where there was a large mansion.

"Wow, that's one big house!" gasped Luka, still holding his brother's hand, while he looked around to see if there was anyone around. Lucky for them no one was around so they were able to get through the lawn without catching any attention to themselves.

The mansion was a magnificent structure, consisting of pale lavender-pink walls, with arches, columns, turrets, gabbled windows and pale teal-green tiled roofs. The lawns were elegant squares bordered by rigorously tended rose shrubs that defined each individual garden, centering around a large circular gazing pond, from which rose a charming marble statue of a beautiful young girl in an elaborate gown. Surrounding it was a miniature forest.

As Jim was looking around, until he finally found what they came here for. So he pulled Luka and pointed at the tree.

"Look, Luka there they are!" There he pointed at the tree, laden with ride, juicy and scarlet apples.

"Wow, that's a lot!" said Luka in awe as he stared at the delicious fruit, hanging just above their heads. Jim then began climbing up the tree as he called down to Luka.

"Alright Luka, you stay down while I climb up and get them. I'll just drop them down to you, okay?"


Luckily for Jim, he was an expert climber so once he was up the tree; he plucked one then another, dropping each gently to Luka, who managed to catch each, stuffing each one in the sack that they bought.

This is too easy, he thought as he plucked the 7th one, then dropping it. Suddenly a gleam caught his eye. Looking up, there he saw the biggest, juiciest and reddest apple he had ever seen. He licked his lips as he stared at the gleaming fruit but it was slightly higher and farther but still a fruit that looked that delicious was worth it.

So he then began making his way towards the fruit, moving away the branches and the leaves, using the

As Jim reached out his hand to pluck the apple; his hand inching closer and closer until finally his pale hand touched the crimson fruit but it wasn't alone. For there was another hand touching it as well; a smaller, more delicate hand. Startled, he moved his gaze from the apple and the hand to its owner, who was equally startled as well.

There he saw a beautiful young girl with pale, wavy, strawberry blond hair that reached her shoulders and her large eyes were quite startling as well. For they were not blue, nor were they green or even brown and black but they were cranberry pink in color. She wore a frilled pink dress with a black underskirt and a pink bow at her head and she was looking at him with large eyes. No, actually she was staring at him.

It seemed like forever had passed and still they continued to stare at each other; opposite colored eyes attracted to each other's in a way. And that's when Lukas' voice broke the trance, calling, "Big Brother!"

Though Jim wasn't so surprised at the sound of his brother's voice, the girl most certainly was. And in that moment of shock, her Mary-Jane clad foot slipped from the branch that she was using as a support. In a surge of instinct, she had grabbed Jim's hand, which dragged him along as she fell from the tree with combined yelps and yells.

Groaning Jim found himself lying on the, lucky for him, grassy ground, his face facing the sky and a weight on top of him. His ears perked up when he heard a small voice moan in pain and looking down in his position, he saw the girl.

She was in a sort of almost crawling position, with her stomach pressed up against his, horizontally and she had just raised her head enough for him to see that she had a look of pain, whilst she raised a hand to rub her head, muttering "Ouch…"

"That's my line…" He growled his face scowling. He saw that she was surprised as she flinched slightly before she looked at him and immediately she stood up, dusting the dusty rose velvet gown. Jim propped himself on his elbow, preparing to stand up when he saw that hand again, this time it was reaching for him. Looking up, he saw the girl, with a look of slight of concern in her pink eyes.

"Are you alright? Sorry by the way" she asked. Frowning, he slapped her hand away and stood up, saying sarcastically, "You should be. And yeah, I'm fine. No thanks to you, though."

"Big Brother! Jim!" Turning around he saw Luka running up to him, one arm waving. He waved back, not noticing the girl's pout and huff at his rude words a few seconds ago.

Panting, Luka stopped in front of his before he asked, "Hey, are you alright, Jim?"

"Yeah I'm fine," answered Jim nonchalantly, one hand on his hips while the other waving the question away.

Luka let out a sigh of relief; he was glad his beloved elder brother wasn't hurt, "That's good." Suddenly his eyes peeked behind his brother to see a young girl, just the same as age as Jim. She was looking at Jim in a mixture of curiosity, question and slight annoyance. He then turned his attention back to Jim, whom he then waved to come closer so he can whisper in his ear, which he did.

"Hey, Jim, who's that?" he asked, pointing his little finger at the young girl behind Jim.

Jim looked back at the girl again who flinched when she was disturbed from her inspection of the young boy. Jim had a look of pure boredom on his face as he whispered back to his brother, "Don't know and don't care. All I know is that she's the reason why I fell down. Tch, typical girl…"

He then noticed that the girl was still looking at him, so scowling he drawled sarcastically at her, "And what are you looking at?"

The girl then frowned at Jim's mean words, so she crossed her arms over her chest and said, "Why is it against the law to stare?" Jim frowned at the girl as well before he faced her, hands on his hips.

"I don't give a damn about the law but I do know that you nearly killed me, isn't that against your law?"

"Well you know what? You're trespassing!"

"Yeah and so what? Is this your house?"

"Actually it's my parent's. So those apples are my parent's! And you're stealing them! "

"Tch…typical noble!"

"And what does that supposed to mean."

"It 'means' you're nothing but a typical spoiled little noble."

"Why you-!" Suddenly Luka stopped right in front of her, and she, as well as Jim, were surprised at the sudden interference of the young boy in their argument.

"Please ma'am, we're very sorry. Please don't tell on my brother, he's the only one I have left," he pleaded. Luka's chocolate brown eyes were large and determined as he looked at her and she felt her heart lurch.

"Luka…" she heard Jim whisper.

Sighing, she then turned her softened eyes at Luka. She leaned in and proceeded to pat his auburn hair, which shocked both Jim and Luka. She then smiled kindly at the innocent boy, saying.

"It's alright. I wasn't planning on telling him on anyone so you don't have to worry," she reassured him, watching the boy's eyes lightened at her considerate response.

"Really?" Luka asked brightly.

"Really!" she responded, smiling brightly. Luka could feel a small blush form at the young noble's smile, so he bashfully looked at the ground.

"Pft!" she heard Jim scoff so she turned her attention again towards the elder Macken, her hands on her hips.

"You're welcome," she said sarcastically. Jim smiled at her with an equal personality, drawling as he bowed right in front of her, "No, thank you~!" Pleased to see the young lady's frown.

"So what's your name miss?" Luka's voice snapped them out of their heated glares so they turned their attentions back to him.

"Well, my full name is Blair Scarlett Nichole Rainsworth," she answered in a friendly tone.

"Wow, that's a mouthful," Jim replied, making Blair pout at his smug face.

"I don't need you opinion," she retorted, annoyed.

"What should we call you then? I mean you have three names, so which one should we use," asked Luka innocently. Blair thought for a second before she turned to Luka again, smiling at him.

"Why don't you just call me 'Blair'," she answered. Luka grinned at her widely.

"Alright, nice to meet you Blair~!" chimed Luka. "Oh! By the way, my name is Luka! Luka Macken and that's my brother Jim!" he pointed at Jim, who was looking at both of them before he turned to Blair, smirking and waving at her sarcastically, which Blair waved begrudgingly in response.

Suddenly they heard noises coming near them and immediately they realize they were voices! And they were getting nearer.

"Shit! We're going to be caught," he hissed frantically while Luka looked at him desperately, whispering "What are we going to do, Jim?"

"I don't k-" Suddenly he felt someone squeeze his hand with theirs and it wasn't Luka's. His eyes widened when he saw it was Blair's hand that was holding his.

"Gather those apples and come with me!" she ordered, pulling them to her direction. Doing what they were told, the boys gathered what was needed before they followed Blair into the bushes, where she led them through bushes, shrubs and plants, relief forming when they noticed the voices we're getting further and further away from them. Finally they reached the wall, where Blair then proceeded to go to one part, only to reveal a hole; large enough to fit through but small enough for only a child to go through.

"Here, you can escape through this hole," she said as Jim and Luka came near to inspect it. "This leads through the northern part of the mansion and if you go through this wall, it's only a few walks away from the village. Nobody knows about this but me."

"You sure?" asked Jim, looking inside before he let Luka look as well.

"Positive!" assured Blair, confidence radiating from her eyes as she bobbed her head.

"But wait what about you, Blair? Won't you get in trouble," Luka asked, his wide brown eyes filled with concern for her, which moved Blair so she patted his head again as she smiled at reassuringly.

"Don't worry about me. I can always make up an excuse that I was playing in the garden," she said.

"Alright!" replied Luka, cheering up at her response, brightness going up his cheeks as he nodded at her. He was about to crawl inside the hole when…

"Uhm… if you guys like the apples here so much, then…" Blair was sitting on the ground, fiddling her fingers nervously in her lap, her eyes cast down. "Then uhm…how about you guys use this hole to sneak in here. I'll give you guys some if you want."

"Really?" asked Jim, his eyes widening. He thought that nobles were nothing but selfish, spoiled people who cared nothing about people like him and Luka.

"Y-Yeah, I guess it's alright…" she mumbled, looking away rather in a resentful, embarrassed way. "B-But if you don't want to-!"

"We'll come…"

Blair turned to Jim who was smiling at her, and she felt her cheeks brighten for a bit, her eyes wide as they looked into his.

"Fine," she said finally, looking away. "Meet me here tomorrow, got it."

"Well aren't you bossy," teased Jim, grinning at her which made her scowl deepen.

"Bye, Blair~" called Luka before he proceeded to crawl into the hole. Blair smile and waved back while she watched him go.

"Bye, Little Miss Bossy~!' said Jim, still smirking at her mischievously as he waved at her.

"S-Shut up!" she barked, temper rising which only made Jim laugh as he crawled in the hole as well.

She was about to go and close when Jim's head popped its way back, making her let out a feminine yelp of surprise.

"Oh right, Luka was asking if you're really going to come here tomorrow."

"Yes, I promise I'll come tomorrow…"


"Yes, really?"

"Cross you heart and hope to die?"

"Yeah, yeah whatever…" Annoyance starting to form.

"Alright…You sure you're gonna come?"

That's it! "Do you to get out of that hole or do you want me to kick you out of it!" Jim laughed again at her temperamental ways.

"Haha, I was just teasing you, princess!" said Jim, still laughing which made Blair blush and pout at the same time. "You're pretty funny!"

"Just shut up!"

"But seriously…" He grows serious all of a sudden. "Are you really going to come tomorrow?"

"Yes, I promise…I'll be here tomorrow…"

Flashback ended…

After that memory, her words continued to ring in his mind…

I promise…I'll be here tomorrow…

He then slammed his fist in the table, the poor paper crumbling in his reddening clenched hands as he gritted his teeth. The anger inside him boiling so hard that he was a veritable furnace whilst he shook.

"Blair…You are such a liar!" he hissed. "I'll defiantly make you pay." His hand then grabbed his butter-knife and proceeded to stab it at the paper, the cold metal wedged at the picture of the said girl.

"That's right…I'll definitely make you pay!"


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