Chapter 6

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Chuckling to himself as his green eyes watched the blonde girl that sat on the opposite side of the carriage, Blood continued to hold back his laughs lest he invoked the young mistress's wrath when she's already in a very foul mood. Still it was pretty funny to watch her as she softly banged her head again and again against the internal walls of the carriage, a pout on her saccharinely pink lips as her eyes continued to glare at the sceneries that continued to pass by as the carriage made its way towards the Trancy manor.

"Mistress, if you continue to hit your head like that, you'll get a severe headache later," he warned, hiding his grin behind the back of his hand, but it didn't go unnoticed by Blair, who glared at him in disdain.

"Quiet Blood…" she muttered, her eyes turning back to the scenery as she continued to control the shivers that kept running up and down her spine at the thought of the Earl of Trancy that would be waiting for her in his lair. Her mind then began to wander yesterday when she said her farewells to her brother;

Flashback: Yesterday…

The hoot of the boat whistled through the harbor as the people flooded from all around to either greet or bid farewell to their loved ones. Some were emotional, some were professional while others just seemed natural to the daily bustle of the busy port. Some of them were there to greet their beloveds that had just returned from their sea-ferrying travels and were there for ecstatic for their return.

But there was one person in the carriage was not happy. A certain blonde-haired girl wearing a blue-and-white striped dress, accented with a high collar and sleeves made of white silk and lace, tied with a red velvet ribbon on the neckline and a matching white lace parasol dangled from her crossed arms. Sat on the crimson velvet of the carriage, a petulant pout on her lips as her eyes were narrowed. She hated today, hated the fact that this day had to come. Still she bit back the tears that were threatening to form at the corner of her eyes, only to let out a tiny sniffle.

"Now, now, if you keep looking like that you're going to get wrinkles even at such a young age," a voice came, a mixture of amusement and slight sadness in the tone, making her look towards the source, only to meet with sea-blue eyes that glittered in the sunlight that shined from the open door of the carriage.

Smiling fondly, Xavier reached up touch Blair's cheek, noticing immediately the small beads of tears on the corner of her crimson-y pink eyes "Have you been crying?"

The latter then snapped her head back towards the opposite direction, avoiding her brother's touch as a scowl returned to her face, using her fingertips to wipe the tears while huffing, "I'm not crying…"

She heard a shuffle of footsteps and felt the carriage creak and move before she found Xavier kneeling in front of her, his hands taking hers in them, making her look back at him with wide eyes. Xavier tenderly smiled again before he looked down at her hands, stroking them apologetically, "I'm sorry if I hadn't been there for you that much.

Smiling again at her, Xavier the reached up to grab the back of her neck to pull her face closer as he leaned up to place one last chaste kiss on his beloved little's sisters forehead before pulling away to look into her eyes that now shone with unshed tears.

"But I'm not worried about you. Do you know why?" he said, stroking her cheek affectionately with his thumb. Blai looked at him questioningly as he let out a small chuckle.

"Because you, Blair, are my beloved little sister; you're strong and you're smart. So I know you'll be alright? Won't you? "Blair only nodded and looked at him. Xavier's smile widened at this and petted her head, touching the pale golden hair, along with the headband that sat on her head, a small dark blue hat with a red ribbon sat on her head.

"Good girl," He then stood up and went outside, throwing one last glance before he walked away, not noticing that Blair went to the window, her head peeping outside to get one last look at her brother's back; slowly walking away from her like how he would always d whenever he would go back to school after the end of the summer. Plopping down on the seat again, her head down, she let out a small whisper; so soft it was almost like a breath…

"Please…don't leave me alone again…"

End of Flashback…

"Mistress!" Blood's voice woke her up from her trance, making her flinch slightly from her seat as she then turned her gaze to Blood who was looking at her in concern. "Is there something wrong?"

Blair sighed as she shook her head, mumbling a 'No'. Blood simply bobbed his head in understanding before poking his head to look outside the window. "Well, we're almost there…Shall I ask the driver to speed up?"

"No." She enunciated rather loudly, surprising Blood a bit. Blair then realized her somewhat strange outburst, straightened her posture even more (if possible) as she cleared her throat. "I mean to say was…that…uhm…I think's its best that we don't go too fast. I mean no one really wants an accident to happen after all."

Blood tried to suppress his urge to smirk or chuckle at his Mistress' excuse, simply saying "Of course, Milady." His eyes were closed in his smile.

"And to be honest," His forest green eyes fell on Blair who was now looking out of the window with a far-away look in her eyes as she clutched the light blue shawl that draped over her shoulders, matching the dark blue travelling dress and bonnet she wore. "I'm really not all-too-excited to go to that house…Especially not with that psychotic Earl around," she mumbled the last part so that he wouldn't' hear but he did.

"I see. No need to worry, Milady," Blair's eyes went to look at Blood who was smiling at her gently. "I'll be with you and I'll never leave you alone." Her eyes widened slightly but she controlled herself from smiling and simply looked out the window again.

"I see…Thank you, Blood."


They arrived at the mansion after half an hour later. She had to admit that it was truly a magnificent structure; a beautiful edifice of coppery brown walls and marble pillars. There were marble lamps that stood at the entrance. But what caught her attention the most was the dark, bespectacled butler that had greeted her

"We have been expecting you, Lady Rainsworth," he greeted with his usual apathetic expression as he bowed to her. He then turned to Blood, "You as well, Sir. Dupre."

"Indeed," replied Blood with a polite smile on his face. Calude said nothing before he turned his attention towards Blair.

"Thank you for having us," said Blair as she gave curtsy. She gave him a small smile, happy that there was no Alois Trancy in sight.

As if reading her mind, Claude explained "Unfortunately, Master Trancy is attending to business as of this moment but he will join us later."

"I see…" she said, her eyes turning to the right as she resisted the urge to let out an exasperated sigh. Great so I'll be seeing the creep later…

"Anyway, milady Rainsworth, shall we go in," asked Claude, motioning towards the already open door which slightly surprised her because it was closed a few moments ago but she waved it off.

"Yes but what about my luggage?" asked Blair, her head turning to look at the carriage that had almost a ton of trunks, boxes and bundles.

"I shall see that the other servants attend to that later," replied Claude before walking inside the house. Blair let out a small hum.

She found Claude rather unusual as he was extremely stoic, unusually cold and a bit daunting but she had to admit he was rather handsome with his dark slicked back hair and golden eyes. Still she liked Blood's green eyes much better.

Claude showed them first to Blood's room then to hers before leaving them alone without another word. Looking around, the room was quite pretty with lavender wallpapers, lovely wooden furniture and matching pillows, still she missed her own room. Looking out the window, she found that her room was facing the garden, which had crimson roses everywhere. She loved roses, they were her family's symbol but she still she loved the pink roses in their garden much more as they reminded her of her childhood days with her parents. The memory of them had her going through a daze again only to have Blood's voice snap her back into reality.

"Mistress," her eyes fell on Blood who stood curtly at the entrance of her closet.

"What is it, Blood?" she asked, her head turning slightly to look at her butler.

"I believe you should change your clothes after travelling for few hours in those clothes," replied Blood, a gentle smile on his face as he gave Blair a look that made a tiny bump in her heart. Frustrated she abruptly stood up and turned to Blood before stomping inside her closet, hiding her slightly blushing face from Blood, who just smirked behind her back, amused at her reaction.

Of course he knew she was blushing since the scent of her blood becomes stronger during those times.

A few moments later, she found herself in front of a large mirror, tilting the brim of her flat hat meticulously before proceeding to tug at her lacey gloves as she took in her appearance.

She sighed as she inspected herself in the golden gilded mirror, taking in her slender figure clad in a golden yellow silk day gown with the bottom of from her waist down near her knee flaring out in rose-shaped bunches. It had a high collar with a red ribbon tied to it. With the outfit she added a matching flat-topped hat that had pink and cream-colored on it.

Just as she had finished inspecting it, she saw from the reflection of the mirror that Blood had come out of the closet, carrying a box. Upon looking closer, she noticed that it was heart-shaped and gold. Wait that was the box that contained the flowers! Her eyes widened as she looked at it from the mirror.

"Mistress, I found this inside one of you suitcases, shall I dispose of this?" asked Blood innocently, trying not to sound sardonic for he had already knew the answer but he also knew that it would be unwise to say so.

"No! Don't touch it!" she snapped, rushing towards him, immediately grabbing the said box before she held it against her chest as she looked down on the carpeted bedroom floor.

"Forgive me for prying, Milady but what is in that box?" he asked, forcing himself not to smirk as if he didn't know about how important her mementos were to her but still he really didn't know what are the contents of that box. What's so special about it that even he was interested?

"It's just something precious to me…So very precious," she murmured the last part but for Blood it was quite audible. Since he knew it still wasn't in his place to pry into something so delicate, he was just bowed in understanding.

Then there was a knock on the door, making them both snap their heads to its direction. After an admission of Blair to enter, the person was revealed to be Claude who stood there before bowing slightly to the young noble and her servant.

"Lady Rainsworth, the master is unable to meet with you for now but has ordered to me to give you a tour so that you may be able to navigate your way through the mansion. Is that alright with you?" said Claude, his stoic face never wavering as his talked in the same monochromic tone.

"Uhm, sure. Of course. Thank you, sir. Claude," she said, bowing her thanks to Calude for his consideration, but still there was something about the bespectacled gentleman that made her rather comfortable.

"Of course, milady," answered Claude as he bowed before he gestured to the door. Blair placed the box beneath her pillows, careful so that it was concealed lest anyone were to see and mistaken it for garbage. She could never bear it if someone were to throw away her precious box.

"Come on Blood," she said, turning to Blood who smiled and obediently followed her as she walked by Claude, not noticing how the two butlers exchanged strange looks.

They toured the mansion of the Trancy's, admiring the ancient furniture, the luxurious surroundings, all of whih are proof of the aristocracy that the Trancy House possessed. They were in the hallway as Claude continued to talk in a monotone about the whole history of the Trancy's, which frankly quite bored Blair since she too was born into nobility, it was only natural that she was already taught these kinds of things about the other upper-class families. Also she felt that Claude was only the things she was supposed to hear and nothing else.

"That's all there is, Lady Rainsworth," said Claude, turning to her. "Shall we go out to the garden for tea?"

"Ye-" before she could reply, she felt a pair of arms wrap around themselves around her waist, much to her shock. A breath ghosted on her ear, making her jump slightly.

"Good to see you, Princess," turning her head, she already knew who it was. Once she turned her head, her eyes immediately met a pair of sky blue eyes that looked at her in amusement.

Oh no, not this again…


How did I end up like this? She asked herself on the inside as she and Alois were strolling in the garden. It seemed that she had somehow agreed to take a walk with him but she never said she liked it

It was warm outside; surprisingly due to the British weather but either way it felt nice, with the sun shining gently as the soft air that was heavy with the fragrance of the roses surrounding the Trancy garden but still there was one person who didn't seem to be enjoying the weather since she was right now walking with the man she absolutely, positively loathed ever since she met him. Nonetheless, she kept her demeanor civil; using the yellow silk and white lace parasol to shadow her face, lest he see that uncomfortable expression on her face. Occasionally she would glance at him, looking at that nonchalant smile on his face as if there wasn't a thick density in the atmosphere around them.

Tch! Why did I agree to take this stupid walk with him? What is wrong with me? Why couldn't I just have stayed in my room? She sighed inwardly, trying not to get too distracted in her mid-rant. Suddenly she felt a urge to glace at him again; which she did, only to find his mischievous blue eyes peering at hers. Surprised she felt heat rise to her cheeks, making her snap her gaze away from his.

She heard a chuckle before he cheerfully said "No need to be so shy, love~! You have all the time in the world to stare at me." Blair fought back the heat that unconsciously rose up to her cheeks, silently cursing herself for getting so easily flustered.

"As if, I would ever stare at someone like you, Alois," she retorted. Annoyed, she stopped an turned her attention towards the rose hedge so that she could have her back in front of him.

"Oh really, now~?" he cooed, his smile widening into a Cheshire's grin.

"And what does that supposed to mean?" she seethed, her head turned sideward to glare at him.

"I mean, don't I remind you of anyone you knew?" He was purposely striking a nerve and he was loving every moment of slowly torturing her.

"I don't recall anyone that's as annoying as you," she snapped coldly, her fingers twining around a rose stem to inspect the beautiful bloom closely.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." No

"Maybe someone from your childhood perhaps," he called out coldly, knowing how much that would affect her and it did.

She was so shocked by that statement that she accidently tightened her fingers around the rose stem, sending the sharp thorns into her delicate fingers. She let out a yelp of pain before she cradled her injured appendages, wincing at the pain. Unbeknownst to her, Alois flinched when he heard her cry of pain ad it sent a strange feeling of dread when he saw her get injured, surprising him as well. And now, all he could do was watch her as the crimson liquid began seeping from her fingers, dropping onto the cobbled pathways of the garden. By instinct, he was about to go to her when suddenly he heard rushing footsteps towards them, making him turn to face the person coming towards them, expecting to see Claude but was shocked when he saw no one. But there were definitely footsteps, he heard them coming towards them, so where is…

"Mistress, are you alright?"

Immediately Alois spun around, dumbfounded when he saw none other than Blood Dupre, that butler Blair bought with her. He was already at Blair side, bending down to her face as his forest green eyes looked at his mistress with concern.

How the hell can someone get over there that fast, thought Alois as he eyed Blood with a mixture of suspicion as well as shock. Anger was added when Blood gently grabbed Blair's hand from her other one to examine the wound, his face at a close proximity to the blonde girl who didn't seem to mind but instead was looking at him with tiny tears brimming at the corner of her eyes.

Blood then squeezed her hand, making the blood (no redundancy XD) gush more. Blair yelped and flinched in pain as Blood neared his face to the wound, looking at Blair right in the eyes, much to Alois's annoyance at the intimate scene in front of him.

"Milady, you really should be more careful," said Blood, taking out a red handkerchief from his pocket and wrapping it around her injured hand, before holding it tenderly, a lot longer than Alois actually found comfortable.

"I'm fine…Thanks Blood," he heard Blair murmur, making him twitch with annoyance at the rather bosom relationship between the two. Unable to control his temper, lest he lose it in front of them, Alois turned on his heels before storming off.

The fuck was that all about?! He thought angrily, his speed increasing as he moved further and further way from the pair, the blood in his veins began to boil like hot water over fire. Master and Servant my arse! He snorted at the thought. Looks more like a pair of love-sick morons if you ask me.

As he got out of the maze-like garden, he instantly Claude at the exit (or entrance), awaiting him.

"Milord, is everything alright?" greeted Claude, his still stoic expression never leaving his face. His golden eyes then fell on the young Trancy's side, noticing that the Lady Rainsworth was not with him. "Where is Lady Blair?"

Alois simply scowled back at the entrance of the gate before snapping his head back to Claude, his still glaring sky blue eyes falling on the bespectacled butler. "Tch, she's too busy canoodling with that shitty butler of hers…I'm in a bad mood right now, Claude. Let's not talk about them for now…" he spat venomously.

Claude immediately understood his master and decided not to get the young man more annoyed than he already is, chose not to smirk but to bow courteously, saying " I understand, Milord." Alois simply huffed.

"Milord, a call is awaiting you in your office. Apparently it's from your cousin, the Viscount Druitt."

"Great, not from that creeper again. I seriously don't want to meet him," complained Alois, acting like he was ten years younger than his actual age. Claude merely stayed silent, Alois scowled at his butler's lack of sympathy or even his lack of words. "Fine I'll go talk to him," he whined. "I'll do it but I won't like it." But just as he was about to turn away, something caught his attention and once he confirmed that what he saw was true, a creepy smile formed on his pale lips.

"But before that, Claude," he turned to Claude, his usual cheery demeanor back once again as he pointed at something that was caught in a spider's web. "Can you catch that for me?"


"It seems he has left, Milady…" Blood whispered to Blair as he lifted his head to smile down at the petite girl, who blinked at him before turning to her attention to the empty spot that was filled by Alois a few moments ago.

"He left…?" she murmured and Blood could not help notice the tiniest hint of sadness in her voice. She then looked at Blood, her eyes once again nonchalantly cool, "Anyway, thank you, Blood for earlier with this," she lifted her finger which was covered in the handkerchief he had used to treat the wound. "And that…" she flicked her eyes to the empty space.

"It was my pleasure, milady," Blood replied smiling at Blair, his gloved hand against his chest. "But I must say, milady, that you did seem quite disappointed when the Earl left." He spoke, his expression never changing but his eyes did harden slightly as he gazed at her.

"W-what are you talking about, Blood?!" sputtered Blair, her cheeks tinged with crimson as she looked at Blood incredulously, mortified that her butler would even suggest such a thing. "Why on earth would I be disappointed if that psychotic Earl were to leave my presence?" she spat haughtily, turning on her heel to face her back to Blood, who was still looking at her with an odd expression.

Still annoyed, she simply poked the damned rose whose thorn had just pricked her a few moments ago. She muttered in disdain, "He could die for all I care…"

Blood still stood at his spot, never wavering. He then turned his eyes at the mansion that he and his mistress will be staying for the time being. There was definitely something off about that mansion and its residence; from its master to the servants; something that sent shivers down his spine. But still, he wasn't' the one to talk.

He then looked at Blair again; a smirk began to form on his lips. Considering his plans for his 'beloved' mistress.

A few moments later…

Blair was walking out of the maze with Blood trailing behind her, she closed her eyes as she let out a sigh. Seriously, I really want to skip dinner and just go to sleep. Suddenly she found herself in the circle that was at the entrance; it was lined by the rose hedge and in the middle was a grassy bed where much to her surprise she saw four figures there.

Nearing with Blood, she saw three young men who looked amazingly identical to each other; all had dark purple hair and unusual crimson eyes. It appears that all three were attending to the roses; one was sitting in a table snipping the thorns of the rose stems, the while another one was plucking roses from its hedge and the other one was standing there with a basket on his back. Standing beside him was beautiful curvaceous maid with light lavender hair, dark indigo eyes and a swarthy complexion, wearing a dark blue maid's uniform. Cautiously she approached them, she cleared her throat.

Upon hearing that they all turned, causing Blair to be slightly shocked when she saw the maid had one eye injured as it was wrapped in a bandage. When they saw her, they all stood up in a fine line and bowed to her. The maid, appeared rather anxious of her as Blair eyed her, curious as to how she got injured.

"G-Good day, Lady Rainsworth," the maid curtsied again and the triplets bowed in suite.

"Uh, yes, good day to you to," she replied, giving a curt nod, trying hard not to stare at her patch so as not to offend her. "So what's your name?" she inquired, trying to change the subject.

"Hannah…Hannah Anafeloz," timidly replied the maid, looking down as if she was too scared to even look at Blair.

"Alright…" her eyes fell on the triplets behind Hannah. "So what are their names?" she asked inquisitively, as she coked her head slightly.

He trio looked at each other before whispering to each other as if she wasn't even there. Blair sweat dropped at this, not knowing whether to ask more to see if they'd react differently or not since she had a feeling the reactions would be the same.

Hanah meekly answered her, "They're names are Timber," she motioned to the one in the middle. "Thompson" Right. "And Cantebury." The one on the left. They all bowed before her in perfect synch.

"I see," Blair mumbled as she did a curtsy in greeting. "Alright, I'm sorry for disturbing our work Please carry on." At that they continued with what they were doing as if nothing happened, Blair sweat dropped again.

"Milady, we should head back," said Blood, lowering his mouth to whisper in her ear. Blair nodded and turned to Hannah, "Well then, I'll be going now." She turned on her heels and marched away, with Blood trailing right behind her.

"What a pretty girl," said Timber, cutting a small thorn on the rose stem.

"Yes, a very pretty doll-like girl," replied Cantebury plucking another rose from the hedge to throw it at the basket on Thompson's back

"Is she the Master's pretty little doll?" asked Thompson, who turned to Hannah.

"The one that the Master wants to play with?" asked Timber.

"The one that he has been looking forward to meet?" questioned Cantebury

"The one Master has been waiting for?" inquired Thompson.

"Yes, she's the one that the master has been waiting for all these years." said Hannah, her dark blue eye growing soft as she looked at the retreating form of the petite girl.

"Ahh, so she's the special guest," hummed Timber as he stood up from the table after finishing his last rose.

"The girl that looks like a doll is our special guest," agreed Cantebury, going towards Hannah to stand behind her with Timber on his right.

"She is now our Master's special little doll," droned Thompson, went to Cantebury's left.

All four demon eyes falling on the girl that would be keeping their master entertained for the rest of her stay in the manor.

Later that night…

It was already night time when Blair found herself sitting on a chair as Blood smoothed out the covers of the bed. She was staring out of the window, her cranberry pink eyes was met only by the pitch blackness of the night. Her chin was resting on her elbows as she continued looking out of the window.

Surprisngly nothing happened at dinner, the food was exceptional, Alois was rather civil, or at least he acted normal in fact he barely talked to her. She saw Hannah and the triplets at dinner but no other servants which she thought was strange because usually a mansion of this grandeur would need a whole brigade of servants to maintain.

"Mistress," Blood said, going to her side. "Shall I prepare your bath for you?"

"Sure…" she droned rather lazily. Blood bowed, before disappearing inside the bathroom.

She continued looking at the window until from the reflection, something so usual had caught her attention. The door was open slightly. So small and yet she felt some powerful force draw her near it. It was weird.

Looking through the small crack of the door, Blair had this unbelievable urge to go out of her room, as if there was some sort of malevolent force that has entrenched her in its web, making her unable to get out. She tried, looking away, looking at the flowery, lavender walls, the matching bed sheets and pillows, anything really, just to get her mind out of the idea of leaving her room.

Come on, Blair. You're a smart girl, surely you can resist the urge not to go out of the safe haven of your room, she rambled, her eyes falling on to the dark opening again. It was there as if to mock her, beckoning her to leave and like a moth to a flame, she found herself unable to look away.

Maybe just a peek wouldn't hurt…she thought as she strolled anxiously to the door, opening the door a bit more to look out the dark empty hallway. She let out a sigh when she saw nothing but darkness, slightly illuminated by the light from her room.

Okay, seriously. That was so silly of me to get so worked up over something so trivial…She was about to go back in when something caught her eyes and they widened at the sight.

A brilliantly beautiful butterfly, fluttering gracefully in front of her, it wasn't flying in a certain direction, it just flapped its sparkly wings in just one spot, moving yet at the same time not. She just stared at it, marveling at its beauty. She had never seen anything like it; it was black and a bright pink, shinning as if it was a lifelike piece of jewelry. Her hand slightly reached up to it but she jolted when suddenly it flew away.

Naively, she followed it, for some unknown reason, she was drawn to it, the same way that tiny hint of darkness of the door enticed her to steal even just the tiniest peek. Unbeknownst to her, a pair of ruby red eyes were watching her from the darkness, a dark smirk forming on his pale lips as he watched the little butterfly get caught in the Master's web.

The darkness of the halls, lit up slightly at the butterfly's brightness, but it flew faster, making Blair lose all her fears and just briskly follow it, trying hard not to it, as if she was chasing her only source of light in a place of darkness. Suddenly the butterfly turned to the left corridor, making Blair nearly careen in her mid-run lest she crash against the wall.

The butterfly then entered the room at the end of the hallway, disappearing in the darkness of the room. Blindly, she entered the room, immediately noticing the blackness of the room, save for the moonlight that streamed through the window.

"Well, well, well~! It seems I have a rather curious little one in my mitts…" Blair felt a shiver run up her spine when she recognized whose voice that was. She spun around to find the master of the manor she was staying at, the young lord that has been torturing her since the moment they met. Both physically and emotionally. None other than the master of the Trancy House, Alois Trancy.

He was still wearing his black slacks but his green vest and back tie was now gone, leaving him only in

He face was turned away from hers, looking at the little creature between his index finger and thumb, which was much to Blair's horror was the little butterfly that she was follow a few moments ago. It was feebly struggling to get away from his captor but to no avail; Alois simply smirked at its meager struggles of escape, as if watching the tiny beauty's hardships amused him.

He then turned to her, icy blue eyes glinting in the dim light of the room, sending another quiver down her back, little goose bumps formed at the surface of her skin; she was thankful that the gown hid it. Still, she stood her ground, her head held high as she tried not to let chill quell her will not to show any weakness.

She took a deep breath before stammering a, "What are you doing here, Alois?" His smirk widened and it nearly had her backing away but still she held her resolve, resisting the urge to run and look like some frightened little animal.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you that question," answered Alois, turning more to face her as that malicious smile of his widened. "You see this is my bedroom," motioning at the entire room. "And you, my dear Lady Rainsworth are the one that's barging in…"

"I apologize," she answered coolly, looking away. She just can't stand to look at his eyes. Those eyes; a brilliant cyan, so much like his, that she couldn't bear looking at them, she inwardly chided herself for being so weak. "I…I really didn't know…"

"Hmm…I see," she heard him hum and then she heard the mattress creak. "So what are you doing here?"

"I was just…"

"Are you really that eager to see me again?" he said, chuckling slightly as his voice turned slightly seductive all of a sudden.

"Of course not!" she scoffed, fully offended at his accusation. "As if I'm eager to see the likes of you, Alois Trancy," she spat bitterly, her head snapping up in a haughty manner.

"And yet, here we are…" he chortled, his grin spreading. "You, me, alone in my bedroom at night…" His voice was getting huskier, so she rolled her eyes at the man's promiscuous suggestions.

"Enough! I've had it! I'm going back to my room then!" she snapped, her gaze turning back to the young man on the bed only to have her rosy eyes widen when she saw him now, angled slightly so that his top half was fully facing her. But that wasn't what shocked her but rather what he was doing.

He now held the little butterfly with both hands, one on each wings so that it was spread right in front of her. How she pitied the small creature that still tried to weakly get away. With just one pull, Alois could tear it in half. And judging from his face, he would.

"Oh, poor thing. Are you trying to escape? After you come to me?" he spoke to it with gentility but clearly had an underlying shade of cruelty. His smile then dimmed a little and before Blair knew what he was doing, he had already torn off one of the wings right before her eyes.

Blair gasped, as she clearly flinched, her eyes still glued on the now pathetic being that was twisting and twitching in most likely pain. It made Blair think that if there was blood inside that insect's body, then it would have gushed and dripped from Alois' hand. But once the idea of blood came into Blair's mind, she remembered that day…That day where she lost everything that she held near and dear to her. The memory sent a wave of horror through her system, causing her knees to buckle but she calmed down, lest she keeled over. Instead she stood up straight.

"I won't let you go…" she heard him mumble, his eyes still on the butterfly, along with its shattered wing but she didn't understood what he has said at first. And then he turned to her before repeating his uttered words.

Deciding that she had enough of him and that she didn't care about his permission for her to leave his room, she walked, in a speed that could be considered as running, towards the door. She was just about to vamoose when all of a sudden Alois was right in front of her and before she could react, he used his foot to kick the door close, shutting her only means of escape out of the clutches of the devil himself.

Shell-shocked, she was just about to back away when he quickly grabbed her arm, pulling her to him. Naturally, being the small young lady that she was, and being surprised at how fast he could be, she didn't have a chance fighting his strength.

Her head roughly crashed at the hard wooden door, making her gasp. Wincing, she looked up to see Alois, looking down at her with an unreadable expression on his face on his face, his arm had a vise-like grip over hers and she found herself trapped between him and the door. His sky blue eyes practically boring into her soul as they looked into hers; she found her heart racing, blood rushing. Was she nervous? Frightened?

"A-Alois…" Her voice was cracking, the clear hint of her anxiety as she looked at the young man that loomed over saw that predatory smirk on his face beginning to spread across his face, and she shook her head to clear her thoughts as her free arm proceeded to lift a palm to push him away.

"Alois, what are you doing?! Get off me!" she yelled, pushing him away more but to no avail.

"I said, I won't let you go…" She looked up to find him, smiling evilly at her.

"What…?" She flinched when she felt his free hand brush her neck, sending trembles up and down her body. His smile widened and then his hand when higher until he was stroking her cheek, gently. Blair felt herself tremble for some unknown reason as if the only thing that made her stand was the hard clutch on her arm. It was warm, it was solid, it was proof that all this is real and not just some stupid nightmare.

Much to her horror, Alois then began nearing his face to hers as his hand left her cheek slowly, trailing his fingers down her neck, and stopping at her collarbone. She repressed a groan as he began stroking it, making her shiver which he smirked at.

She closed her eyes shut, not wanting to see his smug face, wishing so hard that somebody, anybody, anything, to at least come and help her. Suddenly his hand left her collarbone as she felt his fingers clutch her chin to lift it so that she was facing him directly.

"Open your eyes…" he ordered. Blair shut her eyes tighter, refusing to give in.

"I said open them…" His voice was getting colder but still she didn't care, tightening her already practically bolted eyes. All of a sudden, she felt sharp pain on her throat as she felt his fingers clenched at her throat, nails digging deep into her delicate skin, making her gasp, her eyes flying open only to wince. She choked when his grasp loosened before she gave Alois a venomous glare, which he only smirked at again.

"See~! Now that wasn't so hard, right princess~" he cooed, his smile so bright and innocent yet it made her want to puke at the sick darkness within that pure smile of his. His eyes were closed as he grinned but he opened them again, narrowing to reveal that sadistic bastard she knew and hated from the moment they met.

"Now…Shall we continue?" She was then pushed backwards by the throat, its grip tightening once again and she winced at the harshness of the situation. Here she was, a small-statured delicate young eighteen year old, locked in with a psychotic earl that had his surprisingly strong hands on her neck and throat, effectively caging her, keeping her in place so that he could do whatever he wanted to with her.

She was panting now, as her free hand kept trying to tug at Alois' arm to get his hand off her neck but still it stayed. Soon Blair found his face near hers; their noses were brushing until their lips were only a few centimeters away from each other.

Oh god, is he going to kiss me again? The hairs on the back of her neck prickled with the idea, the memory of their first kiss coming back and it made her even more of how horrible the situation is for her right now. Especially now that she was in his territory, in his room of all places. She was at his mercy now.

Just as her lips were just about to touch his, he turned sideward and before she could react, his lips were on her neck, soft lips, the pair of soft flesh ghosting on the silky skin there. He was kissing her neck, nuzzling it softly at first, like a content cat until she felt something wet and soft brush against it and she realized that he was now licking her. Her eyes snapped open as she let out a surprised squeak before squirming but he held her down, his lower half grinding against her much to her shock.

She was blushing, she knew, either from horror, anger or embarrassment; she tried to control the rapid beating of her heart as to steady to breathing as well but to no avail. As suddenly as it began, Alois pulled away with a devilish smile on his face as he eyed her in satisfaction. He then leaned in again and she pressed her head against the door to get her face as far away as possible from him.

Instead he only leaned into her ear and whispered, "Mm~! You taste even better when you're scared~!" Instantly she used all her strengths she pushed him off of her, satisfied that she was able to push so that he fell on the floor. Her eyes widened as she looked at him, sitting on the floor, his head down. Her right hand went to her chest as she felt an awful pain there; as if someone was clenching it. She then used her left hand to grab the doorknob before yanking it open and running out of the hallway.

By the time, she had disappeared into the darkness, Alois had lifted his head up to look at the direction she had off, before letting out a chuckle, only for it to turn into a burst of laughter. He had spent a good few minute laughing hysterically before he said, a few giggles shaking his form as he turned towards his head to one of the darkest corners of the room.

"Claude…I know you're there," he smiled, still giggling like a giddy child. Claude stepped out of the shadows, his golden eyes glinting beneath his glasses as he kneeled before Alois who stood up.

"Yes, master…" his usual monotone voice greeting his master who simply smirked at him. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, yes I did~!" beamed the blonde, smiling like some innocent child after being given a toy. "Did you enjoy the show, Claude?" he asked, his eyes narrowing slightly. Claude said nothing but a small smirk formed on his lips.

"Oh by the way, Claude can you put this in a cage?" asked Alois as he picked up the butterfly by the wing.

"But master, it can no longer fly, why put it in a cage?" asked Claude, Alois responded with a chuckle.

"Don't you know, Claude? In order for something not to get away, lock them up~!"


Panting, Blair ran as far away as she can, her heart aching, her breath coming out shallow. Even if she had a weak constitution, she knew that this wasn't normal. She knew that it was because of her. This burn, his burning ache that seemed to engulf her chest in pain; it was familiar, all too familiar.

Before she could comprehend anything, she fell on her knees, her hand clutching her chest as she felt the pain unbearable for her; it hurts, it hurts so much that she couldn't comprehend the pain. Her vision dimmed as she stumbled to stand but fail and just as her vision darkened, she felt someone catch her before she hit the floor.

It was someone; someone who felt so warm and yet so cold at the same time.

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