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Fun with Bolt and Penny: Tongue in Chick

#1 of Fun with Bolt and Penny

After filming one day, one lick leads to another as Bolt finds out just how yummy his person can be!

Hey fellow fuzzies. Mittens here. Famous Disney cat, etc. But with my contracts fulfilled, I'm free to take credit for helping to write this series and Tempo's asked me to take over hosting it so it doesn't distract from his new stuff. Anyways, hope ya enjoy the show!

Fun with Bolt & Penny 1 - Tongue in Chick
By Tempo

Bolt waited, tense, in Penny's trailer, having once again saved her from the clutches of the sinister Dr. Calico. The white German Shepherd sat in rapt attention, waiting for his person to return to the trailer where she would be safe, where he could stand watch over her. Not even ten minutes ago, they had been surrounded by scuba-diving commandos of the Green-Eyed Man. They had only just escaped with their lives due to his quick thinking and use of an underwater Super-Bark. His fur was only now starting to dry. Why she thinks she can just leave by herself, even for a minute, is beyond me! The world is a dangerous place, especially for her!

He waited. After a few tense moments, the door swung open. Bolt dropped to his haunches, ready for anything. A Super-Bark might be required if there were several of Calico's minions, but he might have to use his Heat Vision if they held Penny hostage. His hard expression melted into a goofy dog smile when he saw a young girl with red hair. Penny! He bit down on her shirt and pulled her in. Get inside!

"Hey, boy. Whoa! You slobbered all over me." She walked over to the dresser to get changed.

He ignored her, looking around warily for any signs that she was followed. The coast seemed clear, so he secured the trailer door. Dutiful to his person, he sat staring, tense. I must remain focused. I am the only line of defense between Penny and the forces of evil.

Penny sat down next to him and tousled his ears. "Bolt? Hey buddy, come on. Take it easy."

She's like this every day! Just because we're in this mobile command unit, she thinks we're safe. Even if we've just come out of a pitched battle with minions of the Green-Eyed Man.

Penny laid down on the linoleum, looking up at her silly dog. His eyes flicked down to her. She was just too cute. He gave her face one quick lick, then returned to his watch.

"Oh, Bolt, there must be some way I can get you to relax. I know..." There was a brief clatter behind him. "Mr. Carrot!"

*Squeak.* He glanced over. The squeaky toy called to him. It spoke of simpler days, before had been given his powers and the solemn duties that came with them.

No! I must remain focused. There's no telling when evil could stri-


I cannot allow myself to be distract-


Must! Resist! Mr. Carrot!

"Come on, boy... All right, this calls for desperate measures." There was a rustling of fabric, followed by the sound of someone sitting down on the bed.

*Squeak-eeeeek.* "Oh..."

Penny! He knew what those noises meant.

*Squeak-eeeeek.* "Mmmmm..."

This isn't the time! He couldn't glance over... All would be lost!

*Squeak-eeeeek.* "Yyyyesss..."

He couldn't resist the combined power of Penny and Mr. Carrot. He looked.

Penny was rubbing the squeaker toy between her bare human legs. Her hips wiggled back and forth as she gave little moans of pleasure. With every moan, every squeak, she worked the tip of Mr. Carrot a little deeper into that warm, wonderful slit.

Bolt thought back to when he first found just how wonderful it was...

They had been raiding the lair of the Green-Eyed Man, high in the Swiss Alps. Penny still wore the heavy coat and woolen hat from the climb up the mountian. Light from a monitor flickered across her face. Her fingers flew across the touchscreen keyboard, bypassing the security system. "Just one more second... Got it."

Her vigilant canine watched the door, paws ready to karate chop anyone who entered. His ears perked up at a soft hiss. A small drawer opened in the workstation, revealing an intricate microchip surrounded by grey foam padding. Penny scooped up the control circuit, considering it for a moment. Without this, the rest of the facility was just a waste of Calico Corporation's funds. It had taken years of meticulous research to construct this prototype, the magnum opus of the recently bought out Cognitech Engineering. The custom white silicon and gleaming silver heat sink suggested someone had lavished loving attention on the design, someone not unlike her father. With a sigh, she tossed the microchip into the air. "Bolt, stare!"

Bolt vaporized it with a blast of his Heat Vision. Tiny shards of silicon clattered to the metal floor. Molten metal speckled the workstation, cooling instantly on its glass surface.

"Good boy." She stroked his sleek head, a little sad, then slung her folded scooter over her back by its strap. "That was easy..." She inserted a miniDVD into the workstation, watching as it briefly flashed 'Virus Detected' before the display deteriorated into a furious jumble of root commands and file erasures. "Let's get out of here."

Stepping over the unconscious bodies of the guards, they ducked back into the hall. The sterile grey walls belied the sinister ambitions of the Green Eye Organization. They had a dozen installations like this one, scattered across the globe. Her father could be at any one of them. None of these details mattered to Bolt. His only desire was to protect his person.

Guided by the map on her cell phone, they entered a large, darkened chamber, easily the size of a school gymnasium. Penny pulled her infrared goggles out of her coat and checked the room. The light from the goggles traced along the delicate angles of her face. She clicked off the device, nodding to him. "All clear."

Bolt trotted out in front of her, careful to balance the need for speed against that for silence. A sharp metal grinding sliced down behind him.Penny! Screaming, she threw her arms up in a reflexive attempt protect herself. Seizing her coat in his teeth, he hauled his person out of the way. Just in time, A giant steel door slammed against the floor were she had stood. The sound echoed through the chamber.

All around the massive room, identical doors came crashing down, cutting off what little light there had been. He tried to force the door open, but found no way to get his paws under it. The slab of steel lay flush against the floor. Dang. He panted. Trapped!

A glance around the massive room revealed nothing but countless chris-crossing walkways around a central platform. Darkness hung in the cavernous space. As his eyes adjusted, he saw twenty black-armored soldiers race onto the catwalks, their guns trained on the pair. Safeties clicked off.

Bolt surveyed the scene and snarled. Catwalks! How appropriate. He could have blasted them, but not before they unleashed a hailstorm of gunfire. He couldn't risk them hitting Penny. Behind him, she got to her feet, somewhat unsteadily. Someday, Penny, I will make sure you don't have to live in a state of constant peril. Someday soon, we *will* defeat the Green-Eyed Man, once and for all!

From the shadows of the central platform, a single green eye glowed, then a thin body formed around it. "Ah, the eternal thorns in my side. So nice of you to join me in my humble mountain fortress."

"Give it up, Calico!" Penny shouted as Bolt stepped in front of her. "We've destroyed your Thought Extractor's control chip! You'll never be able to get information from my father now."

"Ah, but the Thought Extractor was only a decoy, a red herring. My true purpose-" He pulled a lever. Lights flicked on, illuminating a massive device on a revolving turret. "Was to lure your pet within range of my DNA Ray!"

Penny gasped, looked back at the sealed door, their only escape route. It was solid steel, too thick for even Bolt to crash through.

"Yes, your father is not the only great mind we have at our disposal. And some of the others are more susceptible to our... encouragement." He steepled his fingers and laughed wickedly.

"You'll never get away with this, Calico!" Penny pulled out her Hyper-Kinetic Yo-Yo.

The superdog growled, getting his Heat Vision ready, his lightning bolt shivering across his side. This might get ugly.

The Green-Eyed Man patted the scrawny black cat that emerged from the shadows. "Oh, I think I will! You see, I've programed the DNA Ray with genetic data for... a dog!"

Bolt and Penny looked at each other, a little confused. She glanced back at Dr. Calico. "... Um, Bolt's already a-"

"SILENCE! I am fully aware of the mongrelitude of your canny canine compatriot. Now behold my power as I convert him back INTO A NORMAL DOG!" He cackled, pressing a button on the control panel, firing a pale green beam that engulfed Bolt. "Let's see him interfere *without* all your father's alterations!"

The canine whimpered, stunned by the blinding light. He winced, but then his eyes popped open. Jeez, I thought it would hurt more to have your genes reverted.

"No!" Penny cried, tossing her dog out of the beam. In doing so, she became caught in the DNA Ray herself! Light shimmered all around her, pulsing at an ever-increasing pace. The whole room was lit with a sickly green strobe.

Penny, no!

It was too late: the machine revved up to full power. Waves of energy rippled over her body, twisting her in cruel ways. His person screamed before collapsing to the floor, distracting Bolt from the swift pull of a costume cord. A fluffy white tail swung out from under the back of her shirt. She lay very still.

Penny... Bolt pawed her gently, whimpering. Something was wrong. She smelled different than he remembered. I can't worry about that now. She's still breathing and I've got to get her out of here!

Something had happened to her. A white poofy tail now stuck out the top of her jeans. She felt under her hat, then yanked it off in alarm. A pair of pointy dog ears protruded from her head, bright white fur against her red human hair. The young teen felt her head, then pulled the ears forward in disbelief. "What have you done to me?!"

Her companion lowered his head and growled. You'll pay for this, Green-Eyed Man!

The evil mastermind deactivated the beam and hurried to re-align its targeting system. "Curse you, girl! You've only got what you deserved! And now for you, meddlesome mutt!"

Bolt heard the device activate again, but this time he was ready. He rolled out of the way, firing his Heat Vision at the device. The hydraulics exploded, causing the ray gun to swing wildly. The beam fired once again, this time completely out of control.

"No! My beautiful doomsday weapon!" The ray narrowly missed the Green-Eyed Man, but caught his devilish cat, a cleverly designed costume inflating the creature into a chubby terrier. The Green-Eyed Man hit several switches, causing his walkway to retract swiftly into the darkness. "You may have won this day, canine crusader, but only I have the secret of how to change your precious Penny back!" He laughed as he disappeared into the cavernous void of the chamber.

The Green Eye guards turned to open fire, but it was already too late. Bolt leaped up to the lowest walkway and bowled through the guards there before jumping to the next catwalk. Seeing that they were outmatched and without their leader to command them, the soldiers fled. Bolt hopped down and yipped at Penny until she threw him the line from her scooter still strapped to her back. He caught it in his teeth and braced himself as she hit the retract button. After hauling her up, he nudged her with his nose. On your feet! We need to move.

She could stand, but was still very weak from whatever the ray had done to her. She checked her schematic of the building. She pointed weakly down the walkway. "This way." She led them outside the building.

By this point, sirens were going off and solders were running everywhere. A polite voice cracked over the intercom: "Thank you for choosing Destruct-O, the leader in auto-destruct technology. Your building will explode in... two minutes."

Penny stumbled and fell into the snow. Wind whipped around her, stirring up the white powder. "Bolt, we need to get out of here before the fortress explodes!"

His gaze caught on the communications tower. I think I have a plan... Biting at the steel base, Bolt ripped one of the larger satellite dishes free of its mounting. *Kkrrrrrrp-WHAM!* He slammed it down against the ground. Get on!

They hopped on the dish and rode it like a giant saucer sled, plummeting down the mountainside at breakneck speed. Behind them, they heard the sudden whine of gasoline engines. Four enterprising guards had mounted snowmobiles and were catching up fast. The first of them leaped from her ride, charging them as soon as she set foot on the satellite dish, swinging her twin batons with deadly force. Penny rolled out of the way and had to grab the edge of the dish to keep from falling off. Bolt head-butted the guard, causing the red-clad woman to tumble off into the snowscape. Not to be dissuaded, one of the other guards primed a missile from the vehicle's side and fired it at the impromptu sled.

Time slowed down. Bolt's enhanced reflexes kicked in and he hurled himself into the air. The wind flattened his ears against his skull. He snagged the missile in his jaws midair. An instant later, his paws made contact with the front of the snowmobile, denting in the hood, as he jammed the missile back into the vehicle's left side. The guard had just enough time to look back up at the dog leaping back down toward the satellite dish before the missile blew the skid off his snowcat, causing him to spin out of control.

At this exact moment, the base exploded in a ball of orange flame. For an instant after the blast, there was only a low rumble. Then a wall of snow came barreling down the mountain with a thunderous noise louder than a fighter jet. The remaining guards tried desperately to retain control of their snowmobiles, but were swept under the tempest of stone and snow. After a few nerve-racking seconds, the avalanche slowed. It deposited the pair safely in a clearing not ten yards from where their trailer sat shining in the brilliant daylight. Penny had arranged for their mobile command trailer to be delivered to Switzerland. He was never quite sure how that worked, but now was not the time to worry about such things.

Nnnaah! Bolt felt like his ears should have popped. If it happens in elevators, why didn't it happen just now? He edged his person toward the trailer.

His person stood up, stretching her tense limbs. "Whew. I guess satellite *is* more exciting than cable TV." She seemed to be doing better. She pulled out her camera and took a Polaroid of the two of them against the mountainous background. Waving the developing picture, she bopped him playfully on the nose. "That's a keeper."

They walked inside and shut the door. She sat down on the fold-out bed. Something had indeed happened to her. That fluffy white tail stuck out the top of her snow-covered jeans. A pair of pointy dog ears protruded from her head, bright white fur against her red human hair.

He rubbed his nose against her, thinking: Don't worry, Penny. We'll get you changed back.

She noticed his concern. "Hey, boy. I'm fine. It's... It's not as bad as it looks." She spun around in front of the mirror and a giggled a little at the way her tail swished.

Darn it, Penny, this is no laughing matter!

"Easy there, tough guy. We'll figure out how to change me back tomorrow."

I'm sure she only feels reassured because of my presence, unless the beam has somehow affected her mind...

Penny got them both some food. As Bolt munched on his dog chow, he decided that the beam could have done worse things to her. It could have turned her into a cat. Still, it wouldn't do to have her walk the streets as a half-human monstrosity. A dog tail and ears on a human would call attention, and attention was the last thing they needed if they were going to remain at large from the Green Eye Organization.

They finished supper and she started to get changed for the night. Penny pulled on a large boy-band t-shirt. Her tail stuck out the bottom. She tried to pull on her underwear. "Ugh. Stupid panties won't fit over this tail. Ugh. Oh, whatever." She tossed them back in the drawer. "Now where the heck did my alarm clock go?"

Bolt tilted his head in mild confusion. I have to say, Penny, overall, you seem to be taking this whole diabolical mutation thing surprisingly well.

She looked all over the trailer for the clock, eventually concluding it must have fallen under the bed in transit.

Someone must airlift the trailer in, but who does she call for that? I mean, Penny is pretty resourceful for a person, but-

Penny's new tail swished in front of his nose. Bolt almost sneezed. She was digging under the bed, pulling out assorted stuff, her tail bobbing up and down as she did so. Bolt began to wonder if the DNA Ray had some sort of secondary hypnotic effect. He couldn't take his eyes off the bouncing white fluff. It was a pretty tail. Poofier than his own. He started to feel short of breath, a little bit warm under his fur.

He breathed a little more rapidly and caught a scent he hadn't noticed before. It smelled good, whatever it was. He sniffed his way down her tail, the scent getting stronger as he went.

Penny giggled. "Bolt? What are you doing back there?"

I wonder... He licked at the base of her tail. Mmmm... That's kinda tasty. He smacked his lips and tried again.

"Ohhh. Hey, what's the big idea back there- ooh..."

He licked down between the girl's slim legs, homing in on the source of the taste. He found it and lapped at it eagerly. She shifted, spreading her knees apart. His tongue could get in further now. Strange, the more he licked at the taste, the more of it there was.

Penny stood up. He looked up at her, a little worried he might have done something wrong. She just petted him on the head and sat down on the bed, tucking her tail to the side. Looking more than a little embarrassed at this next part, she pulled her nightgown up and spread her legs. Her face was very red, especially in contrast to those white ears. She was breathing faster. "It's okay. You... you can keep going, boy. Keep licking me. That's a good boy."

He licked deeper and deeper, searching for the source of the taste. He looked up at her, finding her moaning, eyes closed. Those pointy dog ears gave him a rush of feeling that he was unfamiliar with, that he had never felt before in all his time with Penny.

She began to moan deeper. The tunnel of flesh was hot against his tongue, loosening and tightening in turns. Her hand found his head and she scratched behind his ear. "Good boy, Bolt," she gasped, "Good boy..."

She wriggled her hips, causing her new tail to bounce up and down. Bolt's eyes tracked it, hypnotized. He stopped for a minute, pulling his tongue from her with a wet slurp. This could all be a side effect of the DNA Ray. We'd better t- MMmmMPFFF!

Penny shoved his face back into her vagina. Shivers traveled up and down her body as his muzzle entered her. She normally jumped when he just touched the back of her neck with his cold nose. He couldn't imagine what it felt like deep inside her.

She began to spasm, shaking and kicking against the bed. "Oh, Bolt!" The hot walls of her vagina slipped tightly over his muzzle, coating him in slick, fragrant fluid. "AaaaAAAhhhh!" She flopped down against the bedcovers.

Penny! Are you all right? He barked, muzzle still halfway inside her. He jerked his nose free and gasped. He placed his forepaws on the bed and nuzzled her cheek.

She giggled and brushed him off. She was breathing, still a little rapidly, but much calmer than before.

She's okay. So what was...? Drowning in the scent, her scent, made him dizzy. It smelled good. It tasted *good.* His eyes rolled back in his head. The warm fluid was savory and sweet in his mouth. He licked his lips with a slobber.

Penny must have heard him, because her eyes met his. She had a sleepy, satisfied look. Her hair was tangled around those pretty new ears, but other than that she seemed no worse for the wear. She patted the bed next to her. He hopped up on the bed and laid down beside her. She put an arm over him and gently stroked the fur under his muzzle, where she knew he liked it best. Still damp with her juices, he buried his nose against the soft fabric of her t-shirt.

Falling fast into dreams, she kissed him over his sleepy eyes and held him close. "You *are* my good boy..."

Assured that his precious person was safe, Bolt too drifted off to sleep, saving the mystery of her strange behavior and delicious flavor until another day.

A few more squeaks and a lot of moans later, and only the stem of Mr. Carrot remained exposed outside of his person's slit. The rest lay deep inside her, with only a muffled squeak to tell of its existence.

Now came the fun part. Bolt had always been a smart dog, but he had been very proud the day he figured out how to work Mr. Carrot back out with his teeth. He had to be gentle and it meant a lot of tongue work, but Penny never seemed to mind. She just laid back and giggled as he worked it free.

He set his teeth around the rubber toy. Even though they had gotten Penny's ears and tail zapped back to normal, she still liked to play this game. Bolt smiled. He liked this game too. They engaged in a fierce tug of war, the toy squeaking with every nip of his teeth, every clutch of her vaginal muscles. He tugged back hard on Mr. Carrot, working his canine tongue deeper into her to help wedge it out. You know, Penny, this would be a lot easier if you didn't keep wiggling around like that!

She moaned and slid her hips back and forth on the silky bedspread. After about ten minutes of steady licking and nibbling, he yanked Mr. Carrot free and trotted triumphantly around the trailer. Penny had yelped when he pulled it out, but she always made those noises when he did that.Poor Penny. It must be another residual effect of the DNA Ray.

Gnawing at the rubber toy, he basked in the rich juices running down his muzzle. He had liked Mr. Carrot before, but now that it tasted like this...

"Here, Bolt." Her face was flushed, almost the color of her hair. Even without those cute dog ears, she still gave him tingly feelings when she looked like that.

He jumped up onto the bed, toy carrot still shiny and wet with her juices.

"Come 'ere, buddy. I've got a favor to return..." She turned him onto his back and began stroking his tummy fur.

Bolt grinned. Oh, Penny, you know how I love belly rubs! Make sure you- Whoa! Hey, *that's* a little different. He looked down to see her rubbing her index finger over the tip of his sheath. He gasped, smelling her sweat.

She smiled down at him, brushing the hair from her face. "Does that feel good, boy?"

Bolt's tongue lolled out of his mouth as his eyes drifted open and closed. He was having trouble focusing on anything but the feelings stirring up under her fingertips as they slid along the protective skin covering his member. He could feel it swelling, poking out of its sheath like it did sometimes when he peed. But this felt very different. He shuddered, feeling the give of the outer layer of flesh as it slid along his stiffening member. Oooooh... he whimpered. His breath came in panting gasps that did little to cool the heat he felt. Oh, Penny, I don't think anything has every felt as good as- Ah!

The cool flesh of her fingers curled around his exposed canine cock, sliding up and down over the veiny surface. Slow at first, but speeding up. Soon Bolt the superdog was reduced to whimpering and thrusting in the grip of wanton desire.

Penny laughed. Bolt thought for an instant how silly he must look before she squeezed his engorged member, eliciting a pleasured yelp from the canine. Her other hand traced in, cupping his sac for a moment before traveling up to caress the budge forming at the base of his cock.

His heartbeat quickened. Blood pulsed hot through his veins. Bolt wasn't sure what this all meant, but he knew it felt very, *very* good. And pumping away at his penis was none other than Penny, his person, so it had to be all right. Something was building inside him, a power unrivaled by even the fiercest Super-Bark. He tried to warn Penny, but it was coming fast. He whimpered as he felt his balls contract to his body. Pulses of muscle pulled pleasure from deep inside his being.

Ohmygosh... Ooooohmygosh! Oh. Oh! OOOOOoooooAAAAHHHHH!

Something shot out of his cock in thick joyous globs. He let out a whine, staggering with every shot. Any semblance of thought left him, replaced by incredible, body wracking pleasure. He kept coming and coming until he felt like his heart was going to give out. Slowly, slowly, the feelings subsided, replaced by a warm glow that made his whole body tremble, from nose to tail to outstretched paws. That was... That was incredible.His vision fuzzed over. He couldn't seem to keep his eyes from closing...

"That's quite a superpower you've got there, Bolty boy." Penny giggled.

His eyes shot open. Her face was covered in jagged streaks of white goo. It smeared and jiggled as she tried to wipe it off. It could be some sort of immobilizing gel! I'd better get it off her. He licked the silky white strands from her face, careful not to leave a drop. It was salty and stuck in funny ways to the roof of his mouth, but he was sure his enhanced biology could handle it.

"He-hee! Watch the tongue! I think I've had enough doggy slobbers for one night." She wiped her mouth with her wrist. "Did that feel good?"

He yipped softly and gave her one last lick across the chin, catching the last of his cum there.

"Good... 'cause I... I might have another idea... or two... for tomorrow night..." She yawned.

The night's exertions caught up with them fast and they slept soundly until morning, kept warm in the glow of each other's love.

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