Chapter One: Ember's debut

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It was about five in the afternoon, as Cyborg walked along the lonely streets in Jump City, a cool breeze swept through now and then. He sighed as he glanced around to ensure that there was no trouble, so far there wasn't, which made him feel rather bored, he let out a sigh. 'Man, its so boring being on Patrol when nothing exciting going to happen. I hope Star and Robin are having fun on their date!' He thought, as he looked around to make sure everything seemed fine, couples walked past with their hands in each other's or their arms around one another, making Cyborg feel somewhat lonely. About an hour later he heard screaming then smelt fire. "My house! Why you little brat, how dare you set our house on fire!" A woman's yelled loudly at someone.

Cyborg at once ran to the scene which was around the corner from the street he was currently patrolling. He saw what was a white two story home on fire, a woman in her forty's held a young child in her arms and was yelling at another girl who was standing in front of her. The woman had dark brown hair and a chubby face, she had blue eyes and wore a green dress, and a pair of sandals. The child she was holding was a girl, who was about five years old, she was crying and buried her head in her mother's chest. The five year old had brown hair, which was messy, she wore a pair of white shorts which were dirty from playing, a pink shirt, and a pair of black shoes.

"But mum, I didn't mean to! Honestly, I told you that I couldn't take off my gloves because of my powers, but you told me to remove them because I look stupid with them on," the girl fought back raising her voice at her mother. The girl had red hair and hazel green eyes, she wore a pair of black trousers, which had flames drawn on the hems, a pair of red shirt, and a black pair of shoes and a pair of aqua coloured gloves.

"You DO look stupid wearing gloves... I mean what kind of child wears gloves in the Summer?" Her mother retorted, with her voice sounding angrier, as she hugged the child in her arms, the child was crying loudly over the argument. "A girl with powers that she can't control!" The girl retorted as she folded her arms and glared at her mother. "That's the excuse you make every time you burn something..." the girl's mother argued back, with her face going red with anger. "But Mum, I'm telling you the truth, I do have fire powers and I can't control them if I don't have these gloves on..." the girl tried to explain to her mother, hoping she'd finally believe her.

"Ember Flame, I am so sick of your lies and I'm sick and tired of moving houses. I want you to get out of here, I don't want to see you again, I've had it with you!" her mother responded, revealing the girl's name. "But Mum, you don't really mean that do you?" Ember exclaimed in shock, tears already started to form in her eyes after hearing those words. She couldn't believe it. The mother put the younger child down on the ground away from the burning home and raised her hand at Ember, threatening to hit her if she didn't leave. Cyborg watched helplessly and wondered if there was anything he could do to help Ember, he then heard sirens that seemed to belong to a fire engine, he turned his attention to the sound and noticed three fire engines pulling up at the drive way. He watched as the fire trucks parked and several men and women got out, ready to put out the flames.

"I mean every word, Ember... I can't stand having you around any more. You're embarrassing, you're a disgrace to this family. I don't care what happens to you, just get out of my sight I don't want to see you again!" The mother yelled at Ember, she pointed towards near where Cyborg was standing, though the mother didn't even notice he was there. Ember just stood there, staring at her mother as she tried to comprehend what happened. Cyborg turned his attention back to the mother and daughter, he watched as the fire fighters started hosing down the flames of the two story house, then turned his attention to Ember once more.

'That poor girl... She does seem have issues with her powers... but if she were a Titan maybe we could help her control them! I just hope she won't end up like Terra...' Cyborg thought, watching as the mother shoved Ember to the ground. Cyborg heard the girl 'oof' in surprise when she was pushed onto the ground.

"I'm telling you right now, to get lost Ember, scram, go else where! Go find someone who actually cares about your stupid imaginary powers..." The mother yelled even louder, almost loud enough for the entire city to hear. She raised her hand and went to slap Ember, but stopped herself after hearing her young daughter crying. The mother picked up the youngster and cuddled her and whispered words to her. Cyborg wanted to intervene but he didn't want to be involved with the fight between a mother and daughter. He wasn't sure how the mother would react if he suddenly appeared out of nowhere to prevent them from fighting.

"Fine, but I'm telling you one thing mother, I will never do anything for you again! I'll try and find a way to control my powers, but I won't find a way to forgive you. I thought all mothers were meant to help their child but you seem to love Amy more then me... Good riddance mother, I hate you!" Ember blasted back, revealing the little girl's name. She got up from the ground and ran off, without looking back she ran into Cyborg, accidentally pushing him to the ground.

"Aw man..." Cyborg started to say, after falling onto the ground, Ember quickly got up and held a hand out to Cyborg, who smiled gently to her and took it, with her help, he got up, even though he could've done it on his own. "I'm really sorry about what happened back there. I'm on patrol and couldn't help over hearing about the whole thing," Cyborg finished, as he looked at her. "Are you okay," he asked referring to her bumping into him.

"Stupid powers! If I never had them none of this would've happened... I was born with these powers and I can't control them..." Ember said with frustration in her voice. She ignored what Cyborg had said earlier. "What kind of powers do you have?" Cyborg asked, looking at her in curiosity. "Fire and Earth..." Ember answered, then began to explain. "When I take my gloves off, my hands burn everything I touch, so that's why I have to wear them... My mum however, thought that I was making my powers up so I could just to wear them. She and I never got on because of them..." Ember responded, calming down as she looked at Cyborg. It took her a few minutes to realize who exactly she was talking to, when she did she looked at him with excitement. "Wait, your Cyborg, aren't you?"

"Yep, that's me! How 'bout we talk about this over a pizza?" Cyborg said, holding his hand out to Ember, his stomach growled at the word, making Ember giggle. "Maybe we can get to know each other as well," he added with a warm smile. "Really? You'd actually listen to me? My parents and other family members never listened to me." Ember took his hand, taking one last look at her former home, watching as the fire fighters continued to hose it down. Her mother shook fists at her and pulled faces, and mouthed words to her, Ember simply turned her back on her mother. "About earlier, I'm okay, now, thank you. Yes please, a Pizza sounds good to me, I haven't had dinner yet, did you want me to pay for some too?" she offered, as she felt about in her trousers pockets to see if she had any change.

"Of course I'd listen to you, I'm a Titan and we love helping people," Cyborg smiled, leading her to the T-Car which was parked nearby. Once they got to the car, Cyborg unlocked it and opened the front passenger door, Ember trusted him and sat in the front with him. He closed the door after she got in and he went around to the driver side door, he opened it and sat on the seat. He shut the door and wound the windows down, and turned the music on, he smiled and put his seat belt, Ember put hers on too.

"Woah awesome car! My mum would never let me get in hers, she'd always made me walk everywhere." Ember said, once they were both inside the T-car. "She was more afraid I'd set her it on fire!" she made herself comfortable as Cyborg switched the T-Car on, and drove her to the Pizza Palace. Ember paused for a moment and realized she hasn't fully introduced herself to Cyborg.

"My name is Ember Flame..." Ember introduced herself as she looked at Cyborg, "I'm sixteen years old and as you now know I have Fire and Earth Powers. Earlier today my mum told me to take my gloves off, because she wanted me to prove to her that I actually have powers and that I'm not making things up. She wanted me to show her them and told me to touch the table with my bare hands, which I did just that and as soon as I touched it with my finger, it was set alight, then the fire quickly spread through out the house, mum managed to get Amy and myself out, my dad was at work and my other siblings were at their friends," she paused again and looked at the gloves she was wearing. "When we were safely outside, I quickly put my gloves, and that's when the argument started."

"My mother thinks the gloves are a fashion statement, however my teacher believed me about my powers and bought my them online, and gave them to me. I'm glad she did, because I can live an almost normal life with them on. I go to Jump City High School and love it there," Ember finished with a smile.

'Poor girl, she's been through a lot by the sound of things.' Cyborg thought, as they stopped at a traffic light. "How did you discover your powers?" He asked, as he paid attention to both Ember and his driving.

"I discovered my powers one winter day by just rubbing my hands together and touching the kitchen table, and I was rather shocked to see it catch on fire." Ember answered. "My Earth powers were discovered a year later when I was jumping up and down in excitement, the ground shook and I gasped when that happened."

Cyborg listened in concern, as he tried to think of ways to help Ember. 'I wonder if Robin would be fine letting her in, I know Raven is against having someone new in the team, after what Terra did, but still I hope that Robin will accept Ember. She doesn't have a home and she needs help training her powers,' he thought to himself. "We're nearly there..." Cyborg announced as they pulled up in a parking bay. 'Man, I feel sorry for Ember, I want to help her,' he added in his train of thoughts.

Cyborg turned the T-car off and undid his seat belt, he smiled and opened the door. Ember copied him and got out of the car, when Cyborg got out, they both closed the door, and Cyborg locked the car, then turned on the alarm. He smiled to her and started to make his way to the Pizza Palace, with Ember by his side. "You've been through a lot haven't you, Ember?" Cyborg asked softly, looking at her. Ember nodded in response, and stayed quiet for a while. When they got to the entrance of the Pizza Palace, he opened the door for her to walk in first, which she smiled and thanked him in return, he followed her in and closed the door. A pretty blonde waitress greeted them. She had hazel green eyes and wore a black dress with a white apron and a pair of high heels. Cyborg noticed she wore a wedding ring on her left ring finger and smiled to her. Ember saw that she had a name tag, which had the name Megan on it, revealing the waitress's name.

"Hello and welcome to the Pizza Palace, where would you like to sit?" the waitress, now known as Megan greeted the two friends as she held a notebook in her left hand and her pen in her right. Cyborg glanced around and noticed that there was a two seated table which was not occupied, it was in the corner of the back room. "Could we please sit over there?" he nodded to the corner table. Megan nodded and happily guided them to it, once they got there, Cyborg offered Ember to sit down first, which she did. He smiled to her and gently pushed her chair in then sat on the other side of the table, the Pizza Palace was busy, which was expected on a Friday night, they were lucky enough to get a table. Megan gave Cyborg and Ember a menu to look at, and left them for a while.

Ember remembered what Cyborg said to her earlier, and looked at him. She looked at the menu and decided what she'd have to eat and drink. "Yes, I have been through a lot, but now I have no where else to go. I'm sure I'll eventually find some place but it looks like I'll have to hit the streets for a while," she said to him. Megan returned and got her pen ready to write down what they'd like to order.

"Have you decided what you'd like to order?" Megan asked as she looked at Ember with a smile. "Yes please, I'd love to have a Hawaiin Pizza and a can of lemonade, thank you," Ember answered then gave her the menu, returning the smile as she did. Megan wrote that down and turned her attention to Cyborg "what would you like, Cyborg?" she asked. She had worked at the Pizza Palace long enough to know the Titans.

"Could I please have the usual, Megan?" Cyborg asked, smiling to her. "Sure thing. That's the Meat Lover's right and a cola?" Megan checked with Cyborg to ensure that her memories were correct. "Yes, that's right, thank you, Megan." He smiled to her. Megan wrote that down, "before I leave would you like anything else?"

"No thank you," Ember and Cyborg replied in sync. Megan nodded then left the two friends, humming a tune to herself as she walked.

"You know, I could take you back to my place, back at the Titans Tower... I'm sure Robin would be understanding and he would let you join the team, of course you'd need to have some training." Cyborg suggested, imaging what Robin would say regarding the situation.

"Really? Do you mean it? I mean, will Robin be okay with that?" Ember asked, with her voice full of excitement, she smiled as she looked at Cyborg. Megan returned with both Pizzas and the drinks that Cyborg and Ember had ordered. They thanked the waitress and Cyborg gave Megan a five dollar tip, for her kindness, Megan thanked him for that and left. "I'm more then happy to do some training, I want to learn how to control my powers," she added.

Cyborg licked his lips at the sight of his pizza, meat lovers, just the one he loved. He grabbed a piece of it and looked at Ember, "Of course I mean it, Ember. I'll take you after we've had our meals if you like, but you would have to prove to yourself that your willing to become a Titan," Cyborg answered, as he bit into his pizza, which tasted delicious to him.

"Thank you, so much Cyborg! I am willing to be a Titan, and I want to learn how to control my powers, so tell me, what are the others like?" Ember grabbed a piece of hers and began to eat it.

"Robin, as you know is the leader of the Titans, he can be strict, but he's a fun guy to be around as well. He's in a relationship with Starfire now which started when we returned from Tokyo. Starfire has a bubbly and energetic personality. Raven is the mysterious one, she keeps mostly to herself but only recently warmed up to Beast Boy. Speaking of Raven, she would probably be a bit iffy with you at the start, but I'm sure she'll get used to you eventually, Beast Boy is the prankster, and my best friend," Cyborg explained as he described his friends personalities.

Ember smiled, "Your friends sound amazing, I can't wait to meet them, I don't blame Raven for being iffy with new people, I know some people like that myself, I take it she's shy?" she asked, after finishing her slice of pizza. She opened her can of lemonade and drank from it, then put the can down on the table and took another slice.

Cyborg shook his head, "no, Raven's not shy, it's because of another Titan who I haven't told you about, who betrayed us," he started to say. While he was talking, he took another piece of pizza and started eating it.

Ember couldn't imagine anyone betraying Cyborg and his friends. "This Titan who betrayed you sounded like a horrible person, who were they and what did they do? if you don't mind me asking, that is."

"Her name is Terra, and she's done some terrible things, I'd rather not tell you what she did, but thankfully for now she's petrified and we'll never have to worry about her again," Cyborg told her, as he grabbed the last slice of his pizza.

"Its okay, you don't have to tell me what Terra did, if she's a bad person she doesn't deserve to be mentioned or to be a part of the team, in my view. Whew I'm full now, thank you very much for the pizza, Cyborg, I owe you one!" Ember said, understanding what he meant about Terra. Cyborg had finished all of his pizza and his drink.

"Should we head to your new home?" Cyborg asked after noticing that Ember's plate was empty, except for a few crumbs. "I'll pay for the meal first, then we'll go."

"Yes, I'm really looking forward to meeting the others!" Ember nodded, getting out of her seat. She and Cyborg made their way to the counter to pay for their meal, which they did, then they left the Pizza Palace and went to the T-Car.

Sitting on the roof of Titans Tower, was Raven who was trying to meditate while watching the sunset, but that wasn't going according to plan with a certain green teenager bothering her. He smiled as he tried tickling her on the sides, Raven's eye twitched when he did that. The two had recently became close friends after they got back from Tokyo, and have become inseparable. Raven couldn't be without him, and Beast Boy couldn't be seen without her.

"Beast Boy, I am trying to meditate!" Raven hinted, as he crept behind her and put his fingers on her sides, wiggling them up and down. He attempted to tickle her, Raven just grit her teeth, even though part of her wanted to laugh.

"Aw c'mon Raven, I know you're ticklish!" Beast Boy teased, "You look so cute when you laugh, ahah," an idea struck the green teen's mind. He turned into a mouse and started climbing up Raven's back, attempting to tickle her once more, Raven blushed when he called her cute. Beast Boy crawled all over Raven, as an attempt to make her laugh.

"Like I said, B, I'm not ticklish," Raven hinted, as she folded her arms. She gave up with trying to meditate, and turned her attention to Beast Boy.

'I wonder if now is the right time to tell her how I feel about her, that I love her,' Beast Boy thought to himself, as he turned back to normal. He stood behind her and hugged her, and placed his hands on her stomach, he rest his head on her shoulder and rubbed his cheek against hers. Raven blushed at the attention he was giving her, she then noticed the T-Car pull up in the drive way, and snapped Beast Boy out of his thoughts. "Strange, I thought Cy was staying on patrol until about nine," Raven said.

"Maybe Starfire and Robin decided to come home early from their date, and Cy picked them up? Speaking of date..." Beast Boy started to say, as he looked at Raven.

Raven gently unwarapped Beast Boy's arms from around her and got up. "Let's go," she said, then started levitating her way back to the main room with Beast Boy following her.

'Stupid! You had the chance to ask her out and you blew it!' Beast Boy scolded himself mentally as he followed Raven to the main room, when they got there, they noticed Cyborg with a new person that neither of them have met before.

"Who is she?" Raven asked, as she put her hood on and looked at Ember, she then looked at Cyborg and waited for an answer. Cyborg was about to open his mouth to tell her, when he heard Starfire's voice floating through the room. He smiled and turned his attention over to the main room's door. "I'll tell you in a minute," he assured her.

"That was fun boyfriend, Robin! We should go there again sometime!" Starfire's happy voice sung out as she and Robin met up with Cyborg and the others once more. Starfire and Robin had their arms around one another, and smiled.

"It was fun wasn't it Star? I'm glad you enjoyed it," Robin smiled back to her. He and Starfire just got back from the carnival, it was Starfire's suggestion for them to go their on a date, and he was glad he got the chance to spend time alone with her.

"Guys, I want to introduce you all to a new friend I made today," Cyborg nodded to Ember who at once introduced herself and explained her situation. She felt nervous when she looked at Raven.

"Oh joy, we've got a new traitor, don't even think about going to my room!" Raven hissed at Ember, then folded her arms as she stood with Beast Boy. At once, Raven didn't trust her and thought she'd be another Terra.

"Rae that was mean!" Beast Boy whispered softly to her as he put his hand on her shoulder, causing her to blush.

"You know I find it hard to trust others after what Terra had done..." Raven whispered back to him, glaring at Ember.

Ember looked at Raven sadly then back at Cyborg. "Did I do something wrong?" Ember asked innocently, looking over at Cyborg feeling rather uncomfortable. She began to wish that she never came to the tower with him.

"Don't worry Ember. Raven's had some issues with trusting others in the past... Due to the former team mate we had.. but I'm sure you'll fit in fine!" Beast Boy smiled giving her thumbs up and a toothy smile.

"Ember, we'd like to try you out in the team, how would you like to join us for training tomorrow?" Robin asked, putting his hand out to shake hers, Ember shook Robin's hand and smiled to him.

"I'd love to train with you tomorrow, I can't control my powers yet, but I want to learn how to" Ember replied excitedly. "Where would I be staying for the time being?"

'Outside, in the cold,' Raven thought, refering to where Ember would be sleeping. She had a good mind to talk about Robin, about letting Ember on the tea, Raven didn't trust her one bit.

"You can have my old room... Since I'm going to be moving into Raven's room!" Beast Boy announced, with his voice sounding serious, he placed an arm around Raven and nodded to her, wiggling his ears as he did.

"Fine... But don't touch any of my stuff!" Raven warned though, secretly she liked the idea of Beast Boy moving into her room with her. "Do you remember what happened last time?"

"Wait? You're letting Beast Boy live in your room? Without any arguments? I thought you'd disagree with that!" Cyborg exclaimed as he looked at Raven, he placed his hand on her forehead as if to check her temperature, however Raven just glared at him and he quickly removed his hand. "Are you two dating?" he quietly asked, Raven shook her head.

Ember looked at the others in confusion, wondering what on Earth Cyborg meant.

"Well then, that's great! Let's move all of Beast Boy's furniture to Raven's room," Robin announced, as he looked at Raven then back at Beast Boy.

"I'll organize my room so that Beast Boy can put some of his things in it," Raven told Robin. 'I'd rather him be in mine then the traitor's!' she thought, referring to Terra. She shivered at the thought of having to go to Terra's room each time to see Beast Boy.

"Wait, Rae do you really mean it?" Beast Boy asked, with his emerald eyes shining at her. Raven nodded, then left the room without another word.

In about an hour's time, Raven's had moved all of her furniture to make room for Beast Boy's, while he, Robin and Starfire moved all the furniture from his room to Raven's. During that event, Cyborg was showing Ember around the tower.

"Boyfriend Robin, what will happen if another Titan other then our new friend Ember comes along?" Starfire asked as she carried Beast Boy's wardrobe to Raven's room. Robin thought for a moment. "That's actually a good question Star." he replied, wondering if he'd move into Starfire's room or if she'd move into his. When Robin and Starfire finished helping Beast Boy move his furniture into Raven's room, they decided to go and find Ember to learn more about her.

"Are you sure its alright for me to live in your room?" Beast Boy asked, as he made his bed. Raven nodded and started to blush "Actually, I'm going to lo..." She began, before the alarm started going off.

"TITANS! TROUBLE!" Raven and Beast Boy heard Robin's voice over the loud speakers and made their way back to the main room.

"Who's the bad guy?" Ember asked curiously, looking up at Cyborg.

"Its Megumi, I've never even heard of her until now. Apparently she's broken into a bank and started turning customers into ice while a ghost kid steals money from the safe! The Ghost Kid appears to be her side kick so be careful they might be strong opponents, " Robin explained. "Titans go!" He added after getting the location he ran out of the room, Starfire flew after him ready to defeat the new bad guys.

Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg followed after, Ember looked at the others for a moment.

"Didn't you hear him? Lets go Ember!" Cyborg smiled, at once she nodded and ran with him.

What is Megumi's plans at the bank?
Who is this ghost kid?
Will Ember be a great help with the Titans or will she mess things up?
Stay tuned for the next chapter.