Seven Deadly

Greed: I Love You

He licked his fingers, smiling as the blood trickles down his soaked palm. The tears follow alongside the steaming crimson drops, tickling all the way down as he cradles that dear little face in his hands. He can feel the trembling of the little girl in the palm of his hand, feel all the way down into her heart and soul.

Riku smiles, feeling the sheer absolute terror in Kairi's heart.

He bends down to her, gently gathering her into his arms and stopping her from running away from him. The trembling becomes worse as the Princess is pulled into his lap, pressed tightly into his body. But Riku does not mind it, for he was happy to have her with him, just happy to keep her there.

He simply inhales the surprisingly sweet scent of her fear, greedily nuzzling his face into her throat. The hard ba-dump, ba-dump of her jugular vein feels so very very very good against his lips, despite how much she was shaking. For a moment, Riku wants to comfort Kairi, to tell her that she wouldn't be harmed, as long as she stayed here with him.

His hand grip the back of her dress as he smiles at her, giving her that much comfort. The tears are gently soothed away from his toy's eyes as Riku stands up slowly, though he continues to keep Kairi pressed against him.

She is warm against his cold skin, and he is enjoying the contrast of her and him. He was the Darkness that engulfed her Light; he was the Beast that destroyed her Beauty; he was the Silence that swallowed her Music. He could taste her fear, he could taste the silent acceptance that was coursing through her veins.

Slowly, Riku allows his prize to pull away from him, to crane her head up to look up at him. Her violet-blue eyes are the same as they had always been, and they look into his own golden eyes, and he smiles at the sight of them. They are beautiful, just as beautiful as they had always been.

Her lips shake as she speaks. "R-Riku... if... you let me go... I won't tell anyone... I promise..." He feels himself smiling as he gently places her back onto the bed, now climbing onto her instead of holding her to him. Her body stiffens and she starts shaking that much more, obviously knowing what was going to come next.

Riku slowly shakes his head no and smiles at his prize.

"You're not going anywhere. No one is going to save you," With each word that comes out of his mouth, Kairi flinches like she had been slapped. The tears begin to flow that much harder and she starts to scream, begging for someone to come help her. Riku presses on, grabbing his dear friend's throat and pinning her to the sheets. "No one knows you two are here. No one will ever guess... and no one will ever come."

Her wrists are so small in his hands that he only really needed one to to pin her hands above her head, to prevent her from trying to scratch his face. The girl screams and wiggles violently beneath him, but he still manages to slap his palm between her breasts, right on her heart.

Riku's words are soft and harsh, betraying the greedy way he had kept them locked up. They were his, only his, and no one else could have them. "Sleep, Kairi. If you're good, we can play with Sora together." He promises sincerely, wanting nothing more than his two friends to be together with him. It would be beautiful, them all being together at the same time. But now was not the time for that, first he had to calm them both, he had to get them to understand that they were his forever, and that nothing would ever take them away. They would love him then, they would love him forever and they would be together forever, just like they had promised.

Pressed against his hand, the darkness of his heart fills the little girl, destroying the light within her long enough to cast her into sleep.

As the darkness fills the Princess's heart, her beautiful eyes close and she slackens, falling asleep instantly. The boy watches her for a little while as she sleeps before tucking the blanket back under her chin, smoothing the lacey borders of the cloth gently. She wouldn't wake up. They never did, not until Riku forced them awake.

He turns to the other bed and smiles at the boy in it, knowing that soon Sora would be waking up to play.

That's the way it was supposed to be. They would play with him forever because they were his and no one else would ever take them away. Their love was his alone and he would never, not in a million years or however long they lived here with him in this dark castle, get enough of it.

"Time to wake up, Sora."