Bonus Chapters

Love: Like A Woman Scorned

It's all your fault, it's all your fault...! They're dead because of you...! This is all your fault...! You loved them but you couldn't save them...! THIS IS YOUR FAULT...! YOU DESERVE THIS!

She lay there in the dark sand, feeling the black water wash over her battered body like a soothing balm. The salty water felt good against her tired body, though it made her injuries burn like fire. The words swimming around in her head hurt more, though, Vanitas' words feel so much more painful than the handful of injuries she had.

Aqua lifted her eyes to the sky, thinking hard about the friends she had left behind. She was in this hell because she had loved them so much, but she couldn't bring herself to hate them now. They were nowhere to be found, had left her trapped and tortured by a psychopath, but she still didn't hate them for it. She still loved them with everything she had; she had no regrets over what she had done. The only thing she regretted was not being able to save them, not being able to give them that much more of a chance.

A small smile flitted across her lips as her eyes scanned the clouds, looking for a sun that would never appear in this sky.

She hadn't seen the sun in what felt like ten years.

As she lay there for hours, recovering from her injuries, she became aware of a soft noise coming her way. Sound traveled extremely far in this strange world and the crunch crunch crunch noise came from somewhere ahead of her. Aqua wondered what the noise was; it almost sounded like footsteps. But that couldn't be. There was no one in this world except her and Vanitas, and he never made a sound. He was too sneaky for that.

Aqua had no idea who it could be, until he called out to her.

"Miss? Are you well?" The voice asks curiously. Aqua doesn't move but notes that the man's voice was deep and friendly, even very intelligent and wise. She just closes her eyes against the nonexistent glare of a nonexistent sun and waits for the man to come to her.

After a few moments, she feels her head lifted up and she opens her eyes to see a pair of orange irises examining her closely. "You're injured?" The old man asks curiously as he looks over the cuts and bruises on her face. Aqua just nods once before allowing him to drag her out of the surf and onto dryer land.

He quickly places her down onto a flatter part of the beach and bows respectfully toward her. From the way he did it, she could tell that he was apologizing for moving her, probably because she was so young and so very female compared to the older gentleman. Aqua just waves off the apology and allows her new companion to examine her a little more closely.

She feels happy. She wasn't alone anymore. She could finally escape from Vanitas. Vanitas could never touch her again, not as long as this nice man was here with her. Tears trickle down her face and she feels herself falling back into sleep, soothed by his comforting presence.

DiZ picks up her hand and examines beneath the nails carefully. There was blood deep beneath the girl's nails, as if she had scratched something as hard as she possibly could. He looks at the cuts on her face and arms, which mimicked an attack on someone.

Just how long had this girl been alone? Just what had caused her to hurt herself so badly? She had been alone for so long... He looks at the many tiny scars on her arms, the remnants of her nails scraping against her flesh. What had caused her to hurt herself?

"Terra... Ven..." The girl murmurs softly and the old man sees a few tears trickle down her battered cheeks as she sleeps.

So... if anyone's confused on why I picked "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" as the title of these two chapters, it's easy enough to explain. Aqua has been alone all these years and so she has picked a very easy to blame target to fuel her rage into: herself. She loves her friends and now that she's been denied them, she's the "scorned" woman and has taken to blaming Vanitas - a figment of her imagination - for her injuries, even though she's the one whose been tormenting herself all along.