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Bonus Chapter

Judgement – In A Hurricane

Alternate Title: Closure

A woman's voice, soft and sweet as he ran towards it, seeking the sweet rain that it would provide -


A man's voice, deep and sorrowful as he charged towards it, running for the solid earth that would protect him -

"No-! I will not let you touch Ven-!"

No matter what he did, no matter how many times his hand reached out, their shapes always remained just out of his reach. He could never touch them and they never turned around, leaving him trapped in this darkness alone and afraid.

He had begged Gods, other deities, even just spirits to let him wake up. But they did not listen and they remained silent as he wandered in his dreams, unable to awaken.

Sometimes, when he slept, he could see things. Not ordinary dreams but memories, memories of people who he didn't know. He saw a great adventure, the footsteps of another boy as they led him far away from home.

He wanted to talk to this other boy, to warn him of how easily home was taken away. He would become angry because of all the risks this child took because he had lost everything, everything that was ever precious to him had slipped through his grasp like water through his fingers. Yet this boy was not willing to go on his adventure but that he eagerly sought it out.

He couldn't understand why then, but sometimes, he wished he was that other boy. Maybe because it would be easier to be able to smile in that way or that he would be able to move or maybe even because he secretly longed to go on another adventure.

He waited then, for the day that this boy would wake him up from his dreams.

Ven glanced down at the small radio in his lap, waiting patiently for a signal that would let him talk to their missing crew members. It had been over three days and the Keyblade wielder had volunteered himself for the mission to go find them.

Now if only his stupid radio would work.

A harsh crackle of static was his only answer so Ven just tossed the thrice damned thing back into its protect plastic and leaned back in his rowboat. He stared at the beautiful blue sky, his eyes remaining fixated on the soft wisps of white above as he wondered.

Where was his captain? Where were the first and second mates? Would they be okay? Had something happened to them? His hands tightened on the oars as he rowed unconsciously, due to his fear for the young captain and his friends. He could see Sora's big, goofy smile even as he rowed there in his boat and he feared for its loss. Who else could be their captain if something happened to their Keyblade master?

What could he tell the crew if their captain was dead?

The young man looked down as the smallest speck of black began to appear in the distance. Having been at sea for three years, even Ventus realized that it meant land. He pulled out a small map of the ocean that Leon had given him, though he knew it was close to useless since they hadn't ever mapped this part of the ocean. Sure enough, he could see Sora's chickenscratch writing circling a large part of the ocean with the caption: 'Possible island here,' on it.

So he was close.

Ven pulled the oars out of the water, ignoring the cold drips of water as he tucked them in neatly with the rest of his gear. He plopped his hand down into the ocean, felt the salt dissolving in his fingers, and then he waited.

He could feel it inside of him, the wind swirling in his lungs and in his bloodstreams. The raw power within him called to him, begged to be released and to do his bidding in this monstrous world of zombies and killers.


The wind exploded out of his outstretched palms, the result of his overpowered magic. As Sora was excellent at fire magic, so was Ven with the wind and the wind shot the boat forward like a cork bouncing out of a shaken bottle.

As he bounced, Ven clung to the sides of the boat and prayed to the gods he wasn't sure could hear him and asked for the safe return of his beloved student and his friends.

'Let me get there in time... Aqua... Terra...'

The small figure was covered in gore. There was rotting blood all over his clothes, obscuring any original color that they might have had. There were bits of flesh dotting his body, even in his slicked back hair. Even his hair was weighed down with the amount of gore that he had all over his body. He could see no recognizable features on this man, save the miserable pair of sharp blue eyes that were the only body part not covered in blood.

Ven stopped in the middle of the street and summoned his Wayward Wind keyblade in a flash of white light. The figure looked at him briefly and a strange smile appeared on his face, contorting it with a strange emotion of grief and rage. After a few seconds of staring each other down, the man turned away and continued to walk down the street, away from Ven.

He could only stare as the young man wandered off in a daze, and he wasn't sure if the man was a zombie or not.

"Master Ventus...!" A low whisper hissed out at him and Ven turned to the familiar voice eagerly. "Master Ventus...!" Goofy said insistently, his voice worried and afraid.

"Goofy, be quiet! There might be more of them! And you don't even know if that's Ven or not!" Donald snapped next. Ven could only lean back and smile at their antics.

He should have figured that they would be alright.

"Gawrsh, Donald, don'tcha think we oughta warn him about the cap'n? He hasn't stopped for days now." Goofy persisted, his voice rising slightly above Ven's head. Ven glanced up and saw the two barely hidden behind a windowsill.

He lifted a hand to greet them, only to see Donald glare at him suspciously for a moment. Ven sighed and wiggled his fingers. A small tendril of wind curled up in between his fingers and into his palm. He concentrated hard on it, forcing it to churn and spin around his hands. It soon became visible as a whitish-blue haze around his knuckles.

"Ventus!" Donald immediately cried out, only to slap himself on the beak from trying to keep himself quiet. Ven smiled up at him but turns back to the street, looking down to the ground thoughtfully. Sure enough, there were bloody footprints all over the streets with the zombie parts.

So that man had been Sora...

The Keyblade wielder hoisted his Keyblade onto his shoulder and walked down the street after his student. It was easy enough; all Ven had to do was follow the trail of blood and body parts Sora was leaving behind.

The main street was long, long enough for Ven to get winded though he didn't stop to rest. He only ever stopped in order to destroy one of the zombie heads that Sora hadn't eliminated completely. They would snap and try to bite his ankles, so Ven would repay them with wind and then a good hard smack with the Wayward Wind that cut them in half.

"Only way to kill them is to cut their heads apart... destroy the brain..." Ven muttered softly to himself as he followed back onto the trail of his only student. It was the only way to kill them and now Sora was doing exactly that, but why? There was a strange look on his face as he ran away but Ven couldn't figure it out.

Ven stopped in mid-step as he saw his student collapse to his knees. Sora gasped for breath but he still held out his Keyblade and he ripped through the legs of the zombie that was trying to eat him. Even from his distance, Ven could see the captain was absolutely exhausted. The blood covering him prevented any identification of injuries but it was clear from how Sora staggered back to his feet and then slammed his Keyblade into the monster's head that he was actually injured and very badly by the look of it.

The minute that the monster was killed and its moans silenced, Sora dropped back to his knees and struggled to breathe. "Sora!" His master cried out and he quickly ran to his side. The man didn't register him when Ven placed his hand onto his shoulder. He didn't even react. But his mouth was moving and air was coming out weakly, so Ven placed his ear to Sora's lips.

"Dead... all... dead..." Sora wheezed quietly and now Ven could see the tears trickling out of his dark blue eyes. They trailed down his face, turning the blood pink and then washing it off in long streaks. The skin was pale beneath the tears. "Dead... all my friends... my mom... my dad... all... gone..."

Ven placed his hand onto Sora's chest and cast a curing spell, but Sora's eyes closed anyway. The young man simply collapsed onto his teacher's chest and passed out, unable to stay conscious any longer.

"Sora..." Ven said softly as the captain continued to cry in his sleep.

Having finally brought him to the edge of the beach, Ven began removing his clothes.

Sora remained unconscious, though his face constantly twitched and contorted. Probably an effect of staying awake for three days straight. Ven wouldn't have known and Donald wasn't too clear on how Sora had remained up. It was a pity that Aerith wasn't with them, she would have known.

Ven's fingers paused on his captain's zipper for a moment as he looked at his sleeping face. Though Sora was perfectly calm and probably wouldn't have cared if someone undressed him in order to treat his injuries, Ven felt like a pervert.

"... Could... could one of you do this?" He asked Donald and Goofy who immediately look at each other and laugh. "Gawsh, I keep forgettin' how many times we've had to do this." Goofy comments in amusement, nodding as he dropped down to his knees and started pulling off Sora's jewelry.

Donald nodded. "Sora always takes care of those first, he says they're more important than his clothes," The duck added before laughing. "At this rate, we're gonna have to make Sora fight in his underwear, since he messes up his clothes so much!"

Despite the joking way that the duck and the dog were treating the affair, Ven noticed that Goofy's fingers were shaking hard as he removed the crown-shaped necklace from around Sora's neck. The man moaned softly in his sleep which made the shaking even worse.

As Goofy removed the rings on Sora's left hand, Ven turned to Donald who looked like he was about to faint, despite the smile on his face. "He might have gotten bitten," Ven explained softly and Donald nodded. When the duck turned away to look at the other side of the beach, he knew that Donald was hiding tears.

Goofy stayed quiet and Ven knew that he was thinking of his son Max.

Max, along with the Queen and Donald's family, had either been taken by the zombies or had died of starvation back in their hometown. The only information that either of them had ever given about what had happened was that they only had enough time to get them into a boat and send them off into the ocean, where they could hopefully get help. It had been six years since then.

They hadn't heard from them since.

Sadly, it was a story that was repeated all over the fifty ships in their fleet, where many of the people who lived on their boats were the only survivors of their homes. Each ship, because of this, had become a floating version of the world that the captain of the ship had left behind.

Donald and Goofy and their King, Mickey, had no such ship because they were the only ones left.

Goofy quietly pulled the last of the jewelry from Sora's body and then reached into his pocket to pull out a small star-shaped charm. He turned to the surf and dunked it quickly into the water, cleaning it carefully with his sleeve. Sora breathed a little more easily and so the dog relaxed.

Donald waddled over to the sleeping captain and started removing the man's clothes, barely even noticing where he threw them. Ven jumped back to avoid them as clothes flew everywhere, landing in the water, the sand, and even Sora's shorts ended up in a tree. When Sora was just in his boxers, Donald grabbed him by the hair and tossed him into the sea.

The shock of the cold water was enough to snap Sora back into consciousness for a moment, when the young man clawed at the air in order to try to get up. Donald quickly wrapped a rope around the captain's waist in order to keep him from floating off and then sat back down to wait for the blood to clean off. Sora floated limply, having fallen back asleep.

"... Why didn't you guys call if it was this bad?" Ven asked quietly. Donald and Goofy turned to look at him, though they kept half an eye on Sora's floating form. "We could have stopped him before he got to this state, me and Leon."

Donald scratched his cheek before shaking his head. "Radio didn' work." Goofy clarified when Donald grunted angrily. "We must've gotten a broken one." Donald added with a scowl.

Ven leaned back and thought about it. "If it was the one with a big gear on it, then yeah, you guys got the broken one. Cid marked it so that he could fix it later." Donald immediately turned red and Goofy grinned a little bit, only to be smacked in the head by a white wing.

They sat there in the surf for a little while longer, waiting to see how badly Sora had hurt himself. They all knew that it was grief that had fueled his rage and so they let him sleep, though they were on constant guard in case Sora's head ducked under the water with a stray wave.

"Ya know, there's another island near here," Goofy said after a while.

"Huh?" Donald and Ven said in unison. They turned to look at each other, obviously startled that they both didn't know. Donald especially should have known, considering that he had been on the island with Goofy and Sora for the last three days.

Goofy grinned. "There's another island, I saw it yesterday and the day before that!" He said again. He got to his knees and then placed Sora's charm on the sand. He drew a circle around it. "Ya see, this island floats 'round," He explained as he moved his finger around the circle he drew around the charm. "It's in different spots every day but it's alway facin' the sunset at the end of the day."

Donald and Ven looked at each other again before looking over at Sora.

"You think there's water over there? I mean, the spring here got ruined by those monsters." Donald said cautiously.

Ven nodded. "Should be, this area's tropical. At the very least, there should be a place where rain collects." He added quietly.

Goofy grinned. "And there's fruit! I saw a tree!" He commented proudly. "Should be a nice place to stay for a bit, and then we can get Leon some supplies. And Sora can rest up!"

Ven looked back at the sleeping form of Sora on the waves and something inside of him suddenly clicked.

Sora had gotten what he wanted, in some shape and form. He had gotten the judgment he wanted from being the sole survivor of his island home and he had gotten revenge on the monsters that had taken his loved ones away.

Really, who was he to judge why Sora did what he did?

"Alright, let's go!" Ven cried out as Donald removed their captain from the water. On his body, there was nothing but the white marks of an old scar and the faintest smile on his face.

What's left of me now
My fears, my lies
Melt away...