(5 years later ; Dayla's P.O.V)

"Hey sweet heart, how was filming?" I asked as Channing came through the door.

"Good, how was your day ?" He questioned taking his shoes off.

"Great." I said, running towards him a jumping on him, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I looked him in the eyes and pressed my lips roughly on his, carressing his neck while his hands were in my hair.

"Home sweet home." I smiled.

"Jesus woman, your such a damn hornball." He laughed as my feet hit the ground again.

"Just dont start something you cant finish." He smirked.

"Who said I cant finish it?" I winked and walked to the kitchen.

"Where's Braylen ?" He asked.

"At your sisters." I said.

"Really ? So we're all alone ?" He asked, smirking.

I opened the fridge and bent down to grab a beer and a coke , when I heard a whistle.

I looked behind me and rolled my eyes.

"What ? We've been married for three years tomorrow and we have a 2 year old son, I think I have permission to look at your ass." He smiled.

"You think so?" I asked him, handing him his beer.

"Yes, I have a full access pass matter of fact." He laughed coming up behind me.

"We'll see about that." I stood up and turned around.

His jaws were clenched and I could feel his hard on, pressing against my stomach.

"Yeah, we will." He said.

"I'll be upstairs." I smiled.

"Alright give me a minute." He said, sipping his beer.

I walked up the stairs slowly. I looked back and saw him stairing at me, he winked and I turned around and continued my journey to my destination.

As I got to the top I took off one piece of clothing every few steps, until I reached the bathroom.


I turned on the shower and began washing my bare body. Moments later I saw Channing's naked body walking towards the see through shower door. He opened it and looked me up and down.

"You're such a fucking tease." He said holding my face in between his hands.

"I know." I bit my lip.

He pulled me towards him. My breast were pressing on his chest and he began kissing my neck , leaving trails of soft kisses down to my navel.

"This for me?" He asked before kissing my vagina lips.

I nodded and he gave my woman hood one big lap. My whole body shuddered.

"You like that?" He smiled, licking me again.

He spread my lips and kissed my clit.

"Fuck." I whispered.

He kept licking me and then he suddenly stopped.

"Chan, dont." I said harshly.

"Ooooh, someone doesnt like being teased. Okay, but I'm not letting you cum until everyone on this block knows who the man is in this house." He said.

I nodded , before he started licking my clit again.

"Fuck, Chan." I whispered, biting my lip.

"Im sorry." He said.

"I didnt hear you." He said, putting one finger inside of me.

"Channing." I said, louder.

"Sweetheart you can do better than that." He said, adding another finger.

"Channing." I screamed, as he began pushing his fingers in and out of my pussy quickly.

"Channing, Im gonna-" I started.

"No Dayla, not yet." He said.

"Channing I cant, FUCK CHANNING." I screamed at the top of my lungs right before I squirted all over his fingers.

"You're so cute when you want something so badly." He said, cutting off the shower and picking me up bridal style.

He carried me to the bedroom and set me back on the ground. I pushed him into the wall roughly, and he bit his lip. I snaked down his body and when I reached his erect penis, I licked the tip.

I licked the head, repeatedly. Then took his whole cock in my mouth, all eight and a half inches. I began sucking, massaging what my mouth couldnt reach.

"Shit Dayla." He hissed.

I started playing with his balls before I removed both hands and put as much dick as I could in my mouth.

While I was deepthroating him, he started groaning.

"Oh, fuck." He said and throat fucked me.

"Damn Dayla, Im gonna cu-" He said right before spilling his seed inside of my mouth.

I swallowed all of his cum and he pushed me on the bed. He laid down, vertically and I got on top of him. We were in the 69 postion. He licked my clit while I gave him a handjob. After we both came again, I stood up on the bed. I hovered over him and guided his penis to my entrance, sitting down.

When I felt all of him inside of me I screamed. I began riding him, reverse cowgirl. When I started grinding my hips, I thought he was going to release right there. He held on to my ankles as I start bouncing up and down.

"Fuck , fuck your pussy is so tight." He hissed.

"Oooooh, shit baby." I yelled.

Right when I was about to have an orgasm he switched positions.

We went to missionary and my legs were almost behind my head. Then we went to doggy style, I arched my back and he let me grind on his dick; smacking my ass at every moan I let out. We ended up finishing in a postion were my face was smashed against the headboard. I was in a full slpit and he was thrusting in and out of my wet entrance We both let out plenty of profanity as I rode out my orgasm and he pulled out afterwards, releasing on top of my ass.


(The next morning)

"Good morning ." He smiled.

"What's all this?" I asked approaching the kitchen table covered with all of my favorite breakfast foods.

"Did someone forget what today is ?" He questioned.

"It's our four year anniversary but you didnt have to do all this Chan." I smiled.

"Mmmm but I wanted to." He kissed me.

"There's another surprise I got you too." He added.

"Come on out Bray." Channing grinned.

"Hi mommy !" Braylen ran to me and jumped in my arms.

"Hi baby, how was staying the night with aunt Paige ?" I asked.

"Good, but I missed you." He smiled.

"Not as much as me and daddy missed you." I tickled him.


A/N : It was just a squeal oneshot to the first one.

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