Me no own Kurobasu.

Kise learns a lot of things about Kuroko after they started dating. And he is currently learning something about the bluenette as they relax on a beige couch in Kise's apartment.

Both teens have been watching some random program on TV for a couple hours or so, and there is nothing remotely interesting airing. Kise is flipping through the available channels when Kuroko suddenly leans into him.

"Are you sleepy, Kurokocchi?" Kise's whole body goes rigid as he tries to resist the temptation to hug the lights out of his Kurokocchi who somehow looks so, so cute in his eyes.

Instead of answering Kise's question, the lithe bluenette climbs onto his laps, placing his legs tight on either side of the blonde and his arms around his torso.

"K-Kurokocchi?" The bluenette continues ignoring Kise, and presses his body flat against the blonde's and buries his face on the strong, yet smooth neck. Kise's heart starts racing and beating wildly in his chest and he feels his face grow warm as Kuroko perches himself onto the blonde. He never expected Kuroko to be the clingy type.

But! Kise will try to hold himself in check! He does not want to put Kurokocchi in a bad mood after all. He will resist all temptation and let Kurokocchi rests.

So, Kise settles with putting his arms around the bluenette, but not too tightly, and gives the slender back some occasional light pats and rubs. Though, it seems to backfire on him as his touch cues Kuroko to nuzzle up his neck, sending his blood rushing south. He can feel the bluenette's warm breath tickling his neck.

'Nonononono! Stay low, little me! Kurokocchi's just getting himself comfy-ssu! Nothing pervy!'

The blonde is trying to calm his little brother when the boy perched on his lap starts lightly nibbling his way up Kise's neck and then nuzzles against the blonde's lower jaw. As if it is not hard enough for Kise to hold back, Kuroko slips his hands under his shirt and slowly slides them up the muscular back.

"Mm..." Kuroko 'purrs' softly into the low of Kise's jaw.

'K-k-k-Kurokoccchiiiiii!' screams Kise in his mind as his last straw snaps, 'Is this an 'invitation' after all? I didn't know you're so aggressive, Kurokocchiii!'

In an instant, Kuroko is on his back, caught completely off guard, with Kise pinning him to the couch with his larger and more built body. All sense goes down the drain as Kise devours the smaller boy ruthlessly.


An hour later, Kise doubles over on the floor, arms around his victimized tummy. Kuroko is towering above him, his clothes disheveled and a look of evil on his face. The couch behind them is messy and dirty with sweat and other bodily liquid.

Today, Kise learns that Kuroko loves to cuddle. And when Kuroko cuddles, he cuddles hard. No limiting to what he does. Honestly, any normal pubescent boy would interpret the intense cuddling as an 'invitation'. But, with one Kuroko Tetsuya, one should never expect anything more than innocent cuddling. Kise knows now. He has learnt it the hard way. And let the bruise on his stomach and the stain on the couch be his reminder.

Sorry for the lack of you-know-what because I totally suck at writing passionate kissing and H scenes... "Orz