Kingdom Hearts: Decention

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In a world ruled by Darkness lives a rebellion, fighting off the darkness. A Boy age 15 lives life as part of the rebellion of Decention City. He is the last Keyblade wielder of the City, all others being defeated. This boy's Keyblade takes Shape of OathKeeper and he fashions long jeans and an open short sleeve jacket with a hood over a black t-shirt ... His name? Vias

"Hey Vias" calling out to him in the distance, turning his head in response "yea?"

A young man comes running to him "Heartless, in sector 9 and Nobodies in the court" barely makes it out between the heavy panting

Vias looks down and then slowly looks up "How can I, Gus?" The sorrow in his voice covered by the determination in his eyes "how can I take on both sectors alone? I'm last of the Keyblade wielders"

"Yea but" Gus puts his hand on Vias' shoulder, comforting him, "That's not why I'm here"


"I'm here to give you a mission from the master" hands Vias a letter

Opening the letter it reads:


The City is far gone... We have no Keyblade Wielders left to defend us and the Darkness is growing. This has lead me to finding help in other worlds and I have learned of a King who can help us. I need you to go find him and ask him how we can restore our world to its former glory.

Do not worry; we will defend the city while you are gone. No worries... Head down to the airfield and get your gummi ship to travel to the worlds beyond and find King Mickey

Master Triam

"Thanks Gus"

"No Problem Vias. Oh and I got the team here with me... You go out there and have a great adventure but bring back the King" Lightly punches Vias on the arm and Vias smiles

"Okay, I'm gonna make a run for it" Vias hugs Gus "see ya man"

"Come on Vias" Gus' eyes peering around "people are gonna see things"

Vias laughs and walks off "you know you love me man" Gus chuckles and silently mutters "gonna miss ya pal"

Running through a sunless city, buildings that seem vacant, street lights that flicker and cars and shops left abandoned. Vias runs and spots some heartless

"Easy pickings" summons his Keyblade in his right hand and charges the heartless. He slashes and defeats a couple shadow heartless and jumps back from the heartless pack suddenly out of breath. "What's going on?" He asks himself. He looks at his reflections in the mirrors of surrounding buildings seeing a dark aura around him. "What is this? Has the influence gotten stronger? I've never been out on my own before"

Just then heartless jump Vias and he jumps back as he tries to counter attack and sees his Keyblade is gone

"What?! Where'd my Keyblade go?" Looking around him. He tries to materialize it but to no avail. The heartless around him increase in number, weaponless Vias makes a direct line for his destination

"What happened to my Keyblade?" He trips over a shadow heartless and falls to the ground. Just then the heartless gather around him and hold on to every part of him

"Use the Darkness... Accept it" says a voice

"What? Who said that?" Vias asks the voice he heard

"That Keyblade before you," Vias looks to the left and sees a Keyblade shaped like the Kingdom Key all black in colour "It will save you"

Vias reaches out but pulls back "I don't need the Darkness!" His Keyblade Materializes in his hand and the heartless back off and Vias runs for his destination and in the distance the Dark Keyblade disappears, fading away...

Vias reaches his Gummi ship in a large open field and jumps in. He presses buttons and the ship starts to take off. There's a crash and the inside of the ship starts glowing Red "WARNING" is written on all the screens

"What? Heartless on the back of the ship?"

Vias gets out and sees heartless on the tail of the ship holding it down. "Fire!" He yells as he shoots fire from his Keyblade and knocks off the heartless. He quickly jumps back in the Ship and takes off... But looks back at Decention City. "Gonna miss this place, but I'm gonna save it"

When he reaches the sky Vias starts thinking about where to go and sets course for Disney Castle after looking through maps. He starts on course but then the ship starts blinking Red again

"What? Another Heartless?" Before Vias can even get up the ships descends and crash lands on an island

He wakes up and sees the sparkle of innocent blue eyes before him complimented by red hair hanging almost in his face

"Hey? You okay?" Says a soft voice

Vias shoots up "where am I?" And looks to the girl he woke up to "and who are you?"

"I'm Kairi, welcome to Destiny Islands" Vias eyes seemed to have been drifting off looking at the island but he seemed to listen to what Kairi was saying. Kairi handed Vias his Keyblade, "you're just like my friend Sora"

Vias looks at his Keyblade then back at Kairi "You know a wielder? Could I talk to him?"

"Sure" Kairi stands and reaches out her hand to Vias. He looks up to her and takes her hand as she helps him up

Wiping the sand off his jeans and trying to get it out his hood Vias says "By the way, I'm Vias"

Kairi Smiles at Vias. "That's quite a name, does it have any meaning?"

"It means the Light within the Darkness" he says proudly but he then looks around, "where's my ship?"

"You mean that thing you came crashing down in?" Vias nods "it was swallowed by a Heartless that disappeared soon after" Kairi replies. Vias looks down, sad and depressed. "The Master gave me that, to get the King"

"King?" Kairi asks "King Mickey?"

"You know King Mickey?" Vias asks full of hope

"No, but Sora told me about the King once, you could ask him. Only problem is I just remembered that Sora left to take some test"

Vias sighs but quickly looks to Kairi "it's okay, I'll paint my own path" smiling "You know anyone into Gummi ships?"

Kairi lead Vias to a tree overlooking the ocean... The tree seemed like the wind blew it over "Sora, Riku and I used to sit here all the time" Vias looked at Kairi and forgot all about his question, thinking that this girl seemed like she just needed a friend, he listened to her words and stories 'til night. They got along well and Vias grew to like Kairi and had made another friend...

To Be Continued...

(Next time Vias goes on to meet Sora)