Chapter 9: The Dark Keyblade

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Vias stands before Yen Sid and explains what happened.

Yen Sid sits back and meditates on what Vias has said, "Very well." He says

"Now could someone tell me what's going on?" Vias asks

Sora jumps to Vias' side and puts his arm his shoulder, "yea, we'd really like to know." Sora says with a big smile

"Long story short," Riku says "Xehanort tried to make Sora his vessel."

"What? How?" Vias questions

Yen Sid answers before Riku can, "He was going to fill Sora with his heart and make Sora the thirteenth vessel of Darkness."

"I remember Xehanort saying something about thirteen Darknesses, and seven lights aswell. Is he planning to forge the X-blade?" Vias asks almost sure about the answer

"Yes," Yen Sid strokes his beard, "That is the prize he seeks. He has done such before with a boy named Ventus. He tried to make pure Light and Darkness in the form of Ventus and Vanitas."

King Mickey looks down in sorrow at Ventus' name.

"But he failed," Yen Sid continues, "In the end Ventus' heart was shattered, Aqua got lost in the Dark realm and Terra became yet another vessel for Xehanort. A sad story indeed."

"Aqua? Terra?" Riku asks

"I believe you have met them," Yen Sid informs Riku and Sora, "When you were children you were visited by them."

"That blue haired girl?" Sora asks

"And that guy who let me hold his Keyblade?" Riku adds

"That is correct," Yen Sid informs them

Mickey interjects, "who are our seven gaurdians of light?"

Vias' eyes move around the room counting people. He had seen Lea hold a Keyblade, Mickey, Sora, Riku. They were three short. "Can May and I help? I know we use Dark Keyblades but we're happy to help, right May?" Vias asks as May nods in agreement

"Wow guys," Sora proceeds to say, "That's awesome!"

"It would complete the seven." Yen Sid thinks aloud

"Who's the seventh?" Riku asks looking around at everyone as they support his question

"That's what I need you to do, Riku." Yen Sid says looking out the window, "I need you to go get a person who I've come to learn can wield a Keyblade."

"Who?" Asks everyones faces

"Kairi." Yen Sid informs them

"But she's no fighter." Sora explains

Vias looks to Sora, "a year ago I was barely I fighter myself."

Sora's face shows he doesn't like the idea. "Okay, Let's get Kairi as part of the team." Sora smiles

"Yea," Vias says helping Sora support this decision but Vias face fills with confusion. "Master?"

Everyones attention turns to Vias with concern. "Yes?" Yen Sid asks intrigued

"Who's Keyblade is this?" Vias asks summoning his Dark Keyblade

"That Keyblade is no one elses but yours." Yen Sid explains

"So I have two?" Vias questions

Yen Sid nods. "You see when May gave you her Keyblade she wasn't informed that you had a Keyblade of your own Vias."

"But that doesn't make sense." Vias proceeds to say, "If I let Sora hold my Keyblade, he'd then have two?"

Yen Sid shakes his head, "No, it doesn't work that way. I can't really explain what happened to you, I barely understand it myself."

"Those dreams I had on the Islands?" Vias asks, "the ones where a shadow me offered me this Keyblade." Vias informs

"Like with Sora's strange dreams before he got his Keyblade I feel those were nightmares because you were to receive a Dark Keyblade." Yen Sid explains

"A lot to take in." Vias sighs

"Well, I'll go get Kairi." Riku announces as he walks out.

"I got something to take care of." Sora says making a straight line for the door. "Riku! Wait up!"

"Vias, what do you fight for?" Yen Sid asks

Vias think for a while, mostly about why this was being asked, "I fight for what's right, to protect those I care about!" Vias says with great pride

Yen Sid nods, "Very well then, I will teach you how to use the Unity power. I did not believe it at first but you..." Before Yin Sid could continue Vias was at his side hugging him and thanking him over and over. For the first time a slight smile appeared on Yen Sid's face while everyone else laughed.

After a few hours Riku and Kairi get back to see Vias sitting bored reading a book outside.

"Hey Vias? Reading a book?" Riku asks with a smile

Vias looks up, "I have to reasearch unity..." Vias notices Kairi, "... Hey Kairi."

Kairi smiles back tilting her head

'Where's Sora?" Riku asks

"He came back a while ago," Vias informs, "He got bored and left to find you guys."

"Oh, we didn't see him." Kairi says confused

"Well, we better leave Vias to his books." Riku jokes as he leads Kairi up to Yen Sid

"Haha, funny." Vias says sarcasticly

May walks from the tower and sits next to Vias outside

"You know, this book makes no sense." Vias says

May laughs before showing Vias that he was reading a loose page. "This looks like a potion recipe."

Vias chuckles, "oops"

Vias and May laugh. May moves closer to Vias.

"Sometimes," Vias starts saying with a smile as he looks to May, "I forget that you're a being of Darkness."

"You make me feel like I'm not." May says happily

Vias gets nervous and turns his face to the book before he notices something

"Hey check this." Vias says pointing to a page, " 'A Keyblades power comes from the Heart of it's wielder'. I completely forgot about that."

May snuggles up to Vias, "Well, you have a great heart." May says as she lays her head on his shoulder.

Vias looks to May and is about to say something when Lea voice stops him, "My, my. Look at this pair of love birds." This causes Vias and May to seperate and blush. Lea just laughs at this.

"So what ya' find Vias?" Lea asks calming down

"Not much," Vias says holding the book up before him, "this thing got nothing I can use."

"That's a shame." Lea sighs

Riku walks up to Lea, "Ready for training Lea?"

"Oh, we'll see who trains who." Lea says in a cocky way

Lea and Riku walk to a open space, summon their Keyblades and start fighting. Riku seems to have the advantage.

Vias feels May up next to him again. "When all parts become one," May reads from the book Vias is holding, "only then will unity be achived."

Vias looks to May and then to the book. "What does that mean?"

"I don't know." May informs Vias


In the throne room of The World That Never Was sits the Organization members, with one seat open

"What ya' gonna do now ya' old coot?!" Xigbar shouts at Xehanort

"Silence!" Xemnas commands

Xehanort slowly drops his head to think and raises with an idea. "If we need a thirteenth vessel for the Darkness. We can simply use someone who is already a being of Darkness."

"And that is?" Xigbar questions

"May!" Xehanort announces

Back at the tower...

May and Vias are standing watching Riku and Lea train.

"Lea's getting the hang of a Keyblade." Vias says

May nods in agreement

Lea and Riku collide and both fall back tired.

"I think we pushed it too far." Lea says lifting his head off the ground

Riku tries to agree but he can barely lift his head.

Suddenly dark corridors appear all around them and people in organization coats appear.

"What's going on?!" Vias asks looking around

Lea gets up but is knocked out by Isa with a hit to the back of the head. Riku gets up to try to help Lea but is grabbed by Ansem. "Let me go!" Riku demands, struggling

Vias attacks Xemnas but Xigbar shoots at Vias knocking him down. A hooded member grabs May and they all disappear along with her. Riku falls to the ground and looks around before running to Lea and Vias to check if they're alright

"We gotta go after them!" Vias demands

"Wait Vias!" Riku says holding Vias back, "I need to help Lea and you can't face the organization alone."

Vias hangs his head, "Why am I losing everything."

Riku answers, "I think that it might be something else."

Vias looks to Riku, "What do you mean?"

"The Organization is led by a master stratergist. He planned all this from the begining like a year and a half ago. Maybe you and May were part of his plan." Riku explains

"This doesn't make sense." Vias states, "if he takes May we'll be one gaurdian of light short."

"I don't know." Riku says, "Us going to save May could be his whole plan."

"I don't care! We need to save her!" Vias exclaims

Just then Sora walks up behind them with a blue haired girl

"Sora?" Riku asks as he sees him over Vias' shoulder.

"Hey guys!" Sora smiles as he walks with his hands behind his head. "This, is Aqua. You won't believe where we met!"

Everyone looks to Aqua, even Lea as he just wakes up

"Hi." Aqua smiles

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