Hey everyone. Sorry, this isn't a chapter, but I know I have some explaining to do. As you can see, this story has not been updated in a long time- November 2013, which was seven months ago. KnowMyNameNotMyStory has gotten very busy with her job and not only did I have an extremely stressful and hectic first year of college, but I'm actually up at my college doing a science research fellowship now. Therefore, this means I do not have a lot of free time, much less any interest in continuing any of my stories I started here. Unfortunately, as time passed by...I grew out of Victorious. It was bound to happen eventually; I couldn't stay a kid forever. So I'm posting this A/N to say that as of now, I'm officially done with Fanfiction and no more of my stories will be updated, including the following: Following the Stars, Geek Charming, Victorious One Shot Requests!, and this one, Where's Robbie? If someone would like to take over one of my stories, I may allow that on a few conditions:

1. I am given credit for the idea and the content I have written.

2. I am able to be a Beta editor for the story and/or somewhat of an unofficial collab partner, since I would still be interested in contributing ideas and editing sentences and paragraphs for spelling, style, and grammar. Plus, it would just be awkward for the story to switch from one writing style to a whole new one the next chapter.

Please PM me with your thoughts if you're interested in my offer at all. But if not, you can always check out my original stories on . I have an account under the same name (Jmags-WriterofAwesomeness) and I am currently writing a Young Adult novel (T-rated with some M-rated scenes: I would say don't read it if you're under 16 years of age unless you want to be exposed to what can actually during college life lol). It's a very slow writing process, but I am determined to finish it and publish it even if it takes 5-10 years to write it, which at this pace that just might happen :P. That story is called "Second Souls" and I also have one I wrote when I was in high school on there called "All Because of You"- the only thing M-rated in that story may be excessive cursing. I would love to get some reviews and/or hits on those stories! But of course you're not at all obligated to listen to this advertisement though.

For those of you who were friendly with me and/or those I have informed you about my romantic pursuit last summer...yes, the guy and I ended up getting together. We dated for almost six months. However, we both went through some rough emotional times after spring break (end of March) and we mutually broke it off because it was getting unhealthy (April 12/13, to be exact). We both were in no emotional state to support each other anymore and we are both going down completely different paths in the future- me with grad school and him with the army. In fact, he's in Georgia training right now- he left May 10 and won't be returning to his home until mid-August. But I'm happy to say that we're still really close friends and that's never going to change. And yes, most of you don't care about this paragraph, I understand, but I'm posting it anyway because my personal experiences greatly affect the nature of my writing lol.

Anyway, so long for good and if you want to stay in contact with me through PM, that would be nice! I still check out this account every once in a while when I'm bored and I'm always surprised at how I can still get 40ish total hits in a day even nine months after I announced my "retirement." I don't know what else to say to end this lol so I'll just say it in Italian- Arriverderci! (Italian for "goodbye")