Hi all readers! Welcome to the other side of Shadow Adventure 2, the Dark side! Find out about Scales and Rouge, and their relationship to Snively! See the drama as your favorite battles from the Hero Story are reenacted! It's all starting right.now! (Oh, and Maverick, Amy can't go Super without the seven Chaos Emeralds. Besides, I think that would have been overkill. To beat up Snively in Super, that's nothing. Killing him in normal form is something to talk about. Snively definitely deserved that ending. Robotnik's going to live, Angel healed him, remember? By the way, what exactly do you mean when you say the baby Chao wasn't done justice? I don't really understand the comment. Anyway, don't worry. Except for Eggchao, the Chao will be fine. They'll get a new Egg soon. Not in this story, but they will get one.) Disclaimer; I own the Snivel Walker and Scales the Lizard.

Oh, in case you haven't read the Hero Story, here's a quick character guide:


Shadow the Hedgehog: Main character and hero. Discovered about a decade ago by Dr. Ivan Robotnik in a cryogenic capsule. Awakened with no memories of his previous life, due to a bullet imbedded in his skull. Found with a Chaos Emerald and cool hover shoes. Testing seems to indicate he was created, not born, and is the "Ultimate Lifeform." Flat-out refuses to be commercialized in anyway. Has rejected every movie deal, advertisement, toy production and TV series offered him. Hates reporters.

Amy the Hedgehog: Shadow's girlfriend. Created by leading scientist Professor Big in an attempt to make a female clone of Shadow. The experiment didn't work exactly the way it was supposed to. She is unable to use Chaos energy and is not as fast or as strong as Shadow, but compensates with a really big hammer. Loves Shadow.

Knuckles the Echidna: Guardian of the Master Emerald and resident hero of Angel Island and the city of Echidnaopolis. Self proclaimed treasure hunter and bachelor. Doesn't have much of a social life due to his inflexibility in his task as Guardian of the Master Emerald. Whenever the thing breaks, he has to go looking for the pieces.


Scales the Lizard: Cyborg found in a G.U.N. research facility. Anger and revenge against G.U.N fuel her motives and feelings. Her reasons for this are as of yet unknown. Her past a mystery to all but herself, she seems to know Shadow from somewhere.

Dr. Snively: Formerly Dr. Robotnik's lab assistant, Snively went renegade soon after the discovery of Shadow. Stealing many of Robotnik's greatest inventions, he conquered New York City and turned all of its citizens into machines. When he attempted to take over the East Coast, Shadow stopped him in his very first adventure. Since then, Snively has attempted multiple plans for world domination, all of which were thwarted by Shadow and friends. Currently has a new plan involving a certain lizard.

Rouge the Bat: Shady treasure hunter who stole the Master Emerald, causing a certain Echidna to come after her. After the thing broke, she offered her skills to Snively to help him hunt down the elusive Super Emeralds. Loves jewels, but her true purpose and motives are a mystery.

Okay, now that I've set that up, let's begin the story!

Day 1, 12:30 AM

Somewhere in the Arizona desert lies the vast headquarters of GUN, the military organization that is supposed to keep the peace worldwide. However, many dark secrets lie within GUN headquarters. And the greatest of all their secrets is about to be unleashed upon the world once more. Deep inside the fortress, an alarm went off. "Warning! Warning! Intruder detected in level one! Activating security! All troops clear the level, this intruder is armed and dangerous! This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill!" yelled a computerized voice. In a hallway deep in the fortress, a heavy-duty security door was suddenly blown open from the other side. The one who had done it came through the door, cackling maniacally. The person responsible was riding in a two-legged mech walker. It had a dull gray paint job. It had back bent legs with large red jet engines on them to enable hovering. The body was round and shaped like half of a ball, sort of like a pod. It had a large lens on the front, and some lights on the left side. A large cannon was attached to the machine's right side and on the left and towards the back was a swiveling tower with a Laser Blaster on the top, capable of locking on and destroying multiple targets. It was called the Snivel Walker, and also had a cool auto-repair function that fixed the walker when there weren't any damaging forces present. Sitting behind the dashboard of the vehicle, protected by a force field bubble, was the most evil man alive. It was Dr. Snively, infamous mad scientist and all- around villain, constantly thwarted in his attempts at global domination by Shadow the Hedgehog. Snively was very short, wore a blue shirt and black pants that also doubled as shoes, and was also pretty ugly. He had a pale face, a long needle nose, and only a few hairs on his dome of a head. One of his eyes was a telescoping lens, one of his arms was completely robotic, and both of his legs were mechanical as well. (Which was why they were covered up in such strange pants.) More parts of his body were mechanical as well, but they were inside of his body, such as a reinforced rib cage and an artificial liver. He cackled to himself. "These GUN people are supposed to be the strongest military organization in the world? Pathetic!" Snively was in the GUN headquarters on a mission of infiltration and retrieval. Recently, while going through the files of stuff that might be pertinent to him by hacking into the government and military databanks, he came across mention of a top-secret weapon held by GUN in their main headquarters. The information he found said it was created by Dr. Maria Robotnik, the old man's grandmother. He checked the files he had downloaded from the Robotnik family database before he had begun his criminal career mentioned Maria as one of the world's greatest scientists, said something about her creating a space colony, but also said nothing about a secret weapon she made. It didn't matter much to Snively, all he knew was that the weapon was supposed to be the most powerful weapon ever created, according to the information he had found in GUN's computers. So it was only natural for him to come over here and try to steal it, right? He snickered as he heard the security drones arming. This would be fun.

Stage 1: Iron Gate. Mission: Get to the core of the military base.

Snively headed down the hallway, entering a room with some gas tanks and not much else. Well, not much else aside from the Hunter robots firing their guns at him. He got hit once or twice, but ignored it. His walker could take some damage. He locked on to the Hunters and fired, destroying them in swift order. He headed for the hallway at the end of the room, and a door immediately slammed down over it. Snively studied the door. It looked just like the one he had destroyed on the way in; meaning it had the same weakness. He locked on to the four locks in the door's corners and fired, blasting the door down. He went through the hallway beyond, reaching a room with some small walls, a lift in two corners, and a pair of Hunters. Snively didn't even bother locking on, he simply blew the two Hunters away and looked for the exit. He saw a hallway on the wall next to the lift on his left. He stepped on the lift and was raised to the level of the hallway. He walked off, into the hallway. He was about to proceed into the room at its end when another security door lowered. Snively shook his head, locked on to the corners, and fired, blasting the door down. He entered a room with a small ledge jutting from the wall, which he landed on. Below him were some Beetles with lasers, unaware he was there. He locked on to the robots and fired, destroying them. He dropped down from the ledge and headed for the exit. Another door slammed down, blocking the hallway. He scowled and locked on to the door's corners, destroying it with laser blasts. He walked through the passageway, coming into a room that was a great slanted shaft. In front of him was a platform obviously designed to go down the shaft. Snively walked on to the platform and descended the shaft, blasting the loudspeaker in the corner of the room spouting that god- awful elevator music that had no place in a secret base. As the elevator platform descended, some Beetles and Hornets shot up from down the shaft, gunning for Snively. The evil doctor locked on to each robot as it appeared and destroyed it. Eventually he reached the bottom of the shaft. A small bridge came out to connect with the platform. Snively walked across the bridge and found yet another security door. Snively grimaced and blasted it down. He continued through the hallway beyond it and entered a room with some large fuel canisters and some Hunters. Instead of shooting at the robots as they fired their weapons, Snively grinned and blasted the fuel canisters behind them, resulting in a massive explosion that destroyed the Hunters. Snively laughed maniacally and walked through the hallway at the end of the room, going left as it turned. He was about to enter the next room when yet another security door lowered in front of him. Gritting his teeth, Snively blew the door open and went into the large room beyond. There were a few large pipes going horizontally across the rooms, platforms, and springs. In the middle of the room were three Hunters, which Snively quickly disposed of. He looked around, trying to figure out what he had to do next. He saw the next hallway was fairly high up. He jumped onto the lowest pipe and walked along it, stepping on the spring. He bounced off it onto a platform on his left with a container on it. He blasted the container to pieces, revealing another spring. He stepped on the spring and was bounced into the air, not really going towards a platform. He activated his hover jets and hovered through the air towards the closest platform. There was a spring on the platform. He bounced off it and landed on a higher pipe. He two other pipes across the room at his level, the last of which had a spring. He hovered across the pipes, finally reaching the spring. He bounced off the spring and landed in the hallway on the wall. He walked along the hallway and to the right, coming into a room with a lone Hawk. He destroyed the robot and saw a spring in the corner of the room. He bounced off the spring, landing on a platform. He saw a few more platforms, leading to a pulley. He jumped across the platforms and grabbed hold of the pulley with his walker's robot arm. The pulley lifted him up through a hole in the ceiling to another room, identical to the one below, including the Hawk! Snively let go of the pulley and hovered away from the hole, blasting the Hawk as he did so. He went over to the spring in the corner and bounced onto a platform. He jumped across the platforms, grabbing onto the pulley and getting lifted up to the next room. He walked down the hallway ahead of him, seeing a Hunter. He blasted it, and dropped down slightly as the path lowered. He did this two more times and came into a hallway with a lift at the end. He stepped on the lift and was raised to the door of the next room. He entered and found himself in another slanting elevator shaft. He stepped on the platform and waited impatiently as the platform slowly went down the shaft. He blasted all the Hawks, beetles, and Hornets that appeared, finally reaching the bottom of the shaft. A bridge platform extended, allowing him to cross to the door. As he reached the door, ANOTHER security door sealed over it! Growling angrily, Snively locked on to the door's corners and blasted it, knocking the door down. He walked down the hallway beyond and came into a fairly small room with several Hunters, a lift in the middle of the room leading to an upper catwalk, and a door at the end. Snively destroyed all the Hunters easily, then headed for the door. As he approached it, a huge blast door slammed shut over the doorway. Snively screamed in rage and hit the door with everything he had, unable to blast the door down. Enraged, his eyes darted around the room. He suddenly saw a missile lying on the catwalk. Snively stepped on the lift and went up to the catwalk. He locked on to the missile's control panel and blasted it to pieces. The missile shook and launched towards the blast door, exploding and destroying it. Snively laughed gleefully and went through the doorway, which led to a long hallway. He stepped on a dash panel and was propelled forward, hitting more dash panels to move faster across the hall. Finally, he made it to the hallway and another elevator shaft. Hovering over the elevator platform was the Goal Ring. Snively passed through the Goal Ring, finishing the level.


Snively went through the door and hallway at the bottom of the elevator shaft, entering a large storeroom with plenty of crates. What Snively was looking for was at the back of the room. He walked past the crates and found a large console with a cable connected to a big capsule on an elevated platform. Snively frowned. "This is the secret weapon? But it's so.so much smaller than I expected! Why can't it be a giant robot of doom with which I can burn the cities of the world and stomp the masses into bloody red goo with? Or some kind of missile that will release a plague of darkness over the land? Hell, even an amplified recording of every song ever sung by Britney Spears would do!" He complained, whining. He looked closer at the capsule. "Well, maybe it is a missile. Ooh, maybe it's a gun that can roboticize people instantly! That way, I can just hook it up to the Snivel pod and go around, turning people into mindless machines at free will! Let's see." Snively went over to the console and leaned his walker over. "Let's see now, what was the password again? Oh yes, GE-RA-LD. Gerald, after Maria Robotnik's son and the fat man's father." Snively typed in the password. A hole opened in the console. Snively knew what he was supposed to do now. He took out the gray Super Emerald he had recently managed to find at the bottom of the ocean and inserted it into the console. The lights on the console came to life, beeping and flickering. The Chaos energy from the Super Emerald went through the cable and into the capsule, bathing the contents with Chaos radiation. Inside the capsule, an Emerald flickered and gained a steady glow, reenergized. Snively waited eagerly, hoping the capsule would open soon. It didn't. It suddenly exploded in a blast of green light, sending fragments of metal all over the room. Snively flinched, worried that the weapon had exploded. As the smoke started to clear, Snively thought he could see a figure standing where the capsule was. "Eh? Who's there? If you're after the weapon, I was here first!" The smoke was swept away, and the figure could clearly be seen. Snively blinked. "Huh? Who are you?" The figure standing on the platform was what looked like a female anthropomorph lizard. Her flesh was orange-red, and the underside of her tail was yellow. The long, flexible appendage ended in two sharp, curved blades. Her two legs were bent back, but designed so that they allowed her to walk like most people and not like, say, a dinosaur. Her feet looked like the feet of a velociraptor, complete with talons and special scythe claw. She wore two metal rings around her ankles. A red transparent dome filled with complex machinery and a black Chaos Emerald was on her back. Cables came out of the dome, going into her back and up her long neck where they connected to the base of her skull. She had two long arms with elbow spikes and four-fingered claws. She had two bracelets similar to her anklets. Her head was sleek and reptilian, with nostril slits and intelligent, yellow eyes. Her mouth was full of small, sharp teeth and a snake's tongue. A sort of metal capsule grew from the spot between her eyes, with a blue crystalline window in it containing some sort of a microchip. The lizard blinked and looked down at Snively. "Who are you?" "What do you mean, who am I? I asked you first!" Snively said angrily. The lizard frowned. "Very well. My name is Scales. And you are?" Snively struck a proud pose. "I am Snively the Great, the world's most brilliant genius!" Scales cocked her head. "I.see." She bowed her head. "I thank you for freeing me, my master. In return for your generosity, I shall grant you one wish." Snively blinked. "A wish? What are you, a genie?" Scales chuckled. "No, I am much more than a genie. I am the world's Ultimate Lifeform." Snively looked at her, confused. "You are? But I thought-" He was cut off as an alarm went off. "Warning! Warning! A powerful weapon has been taken from the storeroom. Report to storeroom level 5 now!" yelled the computer voice. The exits sealed and a wall opened up, revealing a metal monstrosity, a giant GUN walker. It looked exactly like the Bigfoot walker, except it had a big laser cannon instead of an engine intake beneath the triple machine gun. The huge walker stepped out of the wall and strode forward. The pilot looked out of his cockpit. "This is B-3x Hotshot of Spider Troop reporting in. Dr. Snively and a lizard accomplice have been spotted." He said, calling his superiors. "Copy that. Wait, did you say lizard?" asked the guy at the other end. "Uh, yes sir." Said the pilot. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! We're all gonna die! Evacuate that level of the base immediately!" the superior yelled to some other guy before cutting off the line. The pilot was confused for a moment, but shrugged. "Dr. Snively, unknown lizard, you are under arrest for breaking into GUN headquarters and attempting to steal an experimental weapon. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." "Oh my, I'm not sure my walker can beat that thing." Muttered Snively. Scales was having a completely different reaction to the enemy. "GUN." she whispered. She was clenching her fists tightly, looking like at any moment she would explode. She looked straight at the walker's pilot. "No.I will not let the crimes you have committed go unpunished.you're not putting me back in the capsule." Her fists got even tighter. Veins started to bulge out all over her body. Her eyes turned from yellow to blood red. Spikes popped out of her legs, neck, and arms. She snarled. "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" she screamed, before unleashing a primeval roar and jumping off the platform. Snively watched in amazement as Scales ran towards the walker.

B-3x Hotshot

Hotshot stomped towards Scales, intending to flatten her with its feet. She jumped to the side, kick-jumped off a crate, and soared into the air. She launched into a Homing Kick, smashing into the cockpit and cracking it a little. Hotshot pulled back and folded up his legs, taking to the air. As it started to fire its machine gun, trying to hit Scales, she ran behind a crate. Hotshot flew after her, destroying the crate with its machine gun fire. Scales jumped onto a nearby crate, leaping off it as Hotshot broke it with his machine gun. She jumped onto a stack of crates, a little above Hotshot. As the walker blasted the crates, Scales jumped off of the stack and hurtled down at the cockpit with another Homing Kick, cracking the cockpit some more. Hotshot shuddered, then the large laser cannon started moving, a big red crosshairs appearing and trailing after Scales. The cannon started gathering energy, a big ball of said energy collecting at the nozzle of the cannon. Scales ran across the room, dodging the targeting crosshairs. She knew it was only a matter of time before the gun would be forced to fire. When the energy ball started getting almost as big as the walker itself, Scales jumped onto a crate. The walker was forced to fire immediately, shooting a ridiculously huge laser blast at the crate. She jumped right as the laser fired. The explosion caused by the blast hitting the crate sent her high into the air. She came down with a Homing Kick, smashing the cockpit again. The whole glass shield was now a web of cracks. Hotshot shook and flew some distance away. Scales ran after him. The walker turned around and landed, opening its missile boxes. As Scales got closer, Hotshot fired eight missiles at the lizard. Scales ran through the cloud of explosives with surprising speed, sending the projectiles into nearby crates. The last missile hurtled right towards her. She jumped over and onto the missile, immediately springing off of it as the rocket crashed into the ground and exploded. She flipped through the air and launched a final Homing Kick, smashing through the cockpit and impaling the pilot with her raptor claws. He slumped in his seat, dead. Scales extricated her talons from the dead man's corpse and jumped down. Her eyes turned to yellow again, but her blades were still out. As Snively walked over to her, she calmly asked, "Well doctor, how was my performance?" Snively grinned, obviously impressed. "So Scales, you are the military's secret weapon! But tell me, what did you mean when you said you would grant me a wish?" Scales looked over him for a moment, mentally gauging his desires. He seemed greedy, and quite evil. He was perfect for what she needed to do. "Bring the Super Emeralds." She said. "Huh?" asked Snively, not getting it. "Find some Super Emeralds and meet me on the space colony ARK. All will be explained then." She said, heading for a sealed door. When she came to it, she cupped her hands and thrust outward. "Serpent Strike!" A giant serpent's head formed of green energy shot out, destroying the door. Scales walked out. Snively shook his head, amused, and grabbed the gray Super Emerald from the console before going through the exit Scales had made.

And so the Dark Story begins! What does Scales mean about GUN? What lies on the space colony ARK? If you don't know, then you must not have read the Hero Story or played SA2. In any case, stay tuned for the next chapter!