Hey guys! I did not start up writing this again until recently but I have not given up. Right now I'm having a little bit of a hard time figuring out in what direction to take the story. I don't like rushed endings so I'm not trying to finish this simply to be done with it. This story is my baby, I started to write it in 2012 but had the idea floating in my head for much longer. I know exactly how I want this story to come to an end but I don't know how to get it there or even how to continue from where I've left off. The only additional thing I have to this story right now that you guys have not read is a paragraph that I wrote but can't seem to figure out how to go from there. Mostly I'm having a hard time figuring out how to catch the bad guy. This guy has to be difficult to catch if he's been hidden for so long, it can't be simple. Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know I have not quit! I read every single one of my reviews and appreciate the fact that you guys even write them. Now, I'll stop talking because I know how annoying authors notes are. After I post the next chapter this will be deleted. If you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to see let me know and I'll take that into consideration! Thanks guys! I'll update when the inspiration hits!