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"Can I get you a drink?" Tony asked as he walked Bruce into his lounge.

"Water will be fine."

"Oh come on Brucey. I have some scotch with your name on it." Tony said filling two glasses.

"Thanks, but…"

"I insist." Tony said handing Bruce a glass.

Bruce took the glass and nodded, he didn't want to be rude. Tony was doing way too much for him.

"Cheers to a world that we saved."

Bruce smiled and clinked their glasses together.

Tony downed his drink and went to refill his glass.

Bruce sipped the alcohol; he hadn't had some in a really long time.

"Oh. I forgot to show you your room." Tony said, "Follow me."

Bruce followed and was led to a huge master bedroom.

Tony walked over to the room control grid and communication pad on the wall. "Milly, Find some clothes I don't wear and bring them to guest room 32's wardrobe."

"Yes sir." Milly replied.

"Thank you Milly."

"You're welcome Tony."

"Who is Milly?"

"A maid I engineered."

"I don't need any more clothes. I am fine with what I have."

Tony looked at Bruce with his yellow shirt and khaki pants he let Bruce borrow. "And I think differently. You are getting some fresh, clean clothes.

Bruce sighed and nodded, he might as well let Tony win. Bruce gently touched the comforter of the bed. "It's so soft."

Tony nodded. "I only get the best for my guests."

"I haven't sleep in something like this since that day…" Bruce got silent.

"Want to talk?"

"Not really."

"Thank goodness, I'm not much of a feeling exchanging person."

Bruce nodded. "You've never have been scared or desperate."

"I have."

"What? You mean that time you got that piece of shrapnel in your heart? I am meaning always running, always hiding, living in fear. I would give anything to be where you are. You have everything." Bruce realized what he said and sighed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean… I will understand if you want me to leave."

"You're right, I don't understand. I'm rich, a billionaire. I have all the money, alcohol, cars, and women I want, but there has been something I always wanted, but never could have."

"And what might that be?"


"Excuse me?" Bruce asked, uncertain if he had heard right.

"Ever since I saw you on the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base, I wanted you. You and you alone."

"What about that Potts girl?"

"Pepper? I love her like a sister."

"What do you want then?"

"All I want is to tell you that I care for you. Tomorrow, I will have my private pilot fly you anywhere you want to go. You will never have to see me again; unless you watch the news or the avengers assemble again. I just wanted to tell you." Tony walked out and left Bruce with his words.

Bruce got ready for bed and laid down looking at the ceiling. No matter how much he wanted to forget, Tony's words kept popping into his head. Bruce eventually went to sleep, thinking about the genius playboy billionaire.


Tony shook hands with Bruce. "Well, I guess this is goodbye." Tony said.

Bruce was heading to Africa, secluded and needy for help. It was perfect for him, far away from the U.S. military.

"Keep in touch."

Bruce shook his hand. "I don't think that will happen easily for me."

Tony nodded. "I understand. Well… You take care Brucey-kins."

Bruce boarded the plane and watched as Tony retreated inside.

Tony couldn't watch him leave, it was too painful. Tony walked into his tower and walked to the lounge. He poured a glassful of scotch and raised it to his lips when his eyes caught an amazing sight. It was Bruce.

"Are you going to pour me a drink or what?" Bruce smiled.

"Why did you come back?"

"Normally, I go where I am most needed."


"Well, it turns out… that I am most needed here."

Tony walked over and hugged Bruce, and Bruce hugged him back.