Chapter 1: Half Human?

Shadow: I am Shadow the Hedgehog and I am the CyberActors15 representative and I have been tasked by CA15 to give you some info about this story. First of all there hasn't been a Phantom Planet yet… actually Dani doesn't exist as Danny's daughter like she usually does in the stories… actually she won't be his clone

Dani: What?

Shadow: CA15 has his reasons.

Dani: But I'm the Danny Phantom representative, how come I'm not like how I usually am.

Shadow: Don't worry Danielle everything is as it should be. Okay so Danny and Sam won't be a couple in this story, and Ember will have a few new tricks. CA15 will not hesitate to push in the teenage hormones into this story to give it the comedic effect. Also CA15 does not own Danny Phantom, me or any Nickelodeon shows that might appear in this. But as always he does own the OCs… unless Butch Hartman brings back Danny Phantom because of this idea and uses these Characters.

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Ember was finally free from her idiotic boyfriend that she had dumped two hours ago and her overprotective father who had moved to another galaxy in the Ghost Zone.

Now she could finally do what she had always wanted since she met a specific halfa named Danny Phantom. She had always been intrigued by the teen and wanted to try to discover about his human half but there was a problem, his pesky ghost sense.

Ember came to a halt as she stopped outside the Fenton Portal. What was she thinking, she was one of his enemies and she had terrorised his town multiple times… well more like the she hypnotised people to gain more power. If he sensed her then she would be back in the Ghost Zone.

She had to think of a way she could get into the human world and befriend Danny.

She then growled. Why was she so determined on doing this? Why was she thinking so hard on a way to talk to Danny? Why was she willing to give up being a bad girl to impress him? Why was she thinking this?

Though she knew why all this was happening. She was still a teenager and currently her hormones were pointing to a specific teenage boy who was born the same year as her. Yes Ember McLain was a 15 year old ghost who was born as a ghost 15 years ago. And because she was 15 she had a crush for the teen that kicked her ass every time she did something bad.

Ember then growled as she shot a Sonic Blast, from her guitar, at a boulder it shattered.

Ember then saw something floating inside the debris. She then flew up to it and saw a medallion that had the most well-known symbol in all the Ghost Zone. The symbol was a C and a W phased together and it was the symbol of the current… I guess you could say king of the ghost Clockwork.

Since there was no current Ghost King or Queen the responsibility kinda fell to Clockwork at least until someone came and took his position. Since he knew everything he always knew what would be best. Ghosts hardly saw Clockwork but they knew he would be watching important events in the time stream making sure nothing interrupted them.

And what Ember didn't know was that this was one of them.

Ember had heard stories and all that about how Clockwork would often leave something with his symbol around for people to find and they would lead them to their destiny or something along those lines.

When she grabbed the medallion she noticed it started beeping.

She then saw another medallion in the distance beeping.

"Okay, so Clockwork is leading me somewhere?" Ember said. "Who knows it might help me with the dipstick."

She flew to the beeping medallion and when she reached it, it vanished and appeared a little further.

"Well I guess this is a chase." Ember said.

She then flew after the medallions as they vanished and reappeared and eventually she found herself at a large ghost mountain and carved into that mountain was a building that said Phantom Works.

"Phantom Works? Am I at the house of a dead relative of Fenton?" Ember asked before she decided to knock on the door.

The door then opened and there stood a woman with snow white hair and glowing green eyes. She had the same ghostly tan that the dipstick had. She was in an orange hazmat… not suit but regular attire.

She saw the Medallion in Ember's hands and gave her a warm smile.

"I'm Jenifer Phantom… I used to be Jenifer Fenton but now I'm just a Phantom and you are?"

"I'm Ember McLain." Ember said. "Are you related to Danny Phantom?"

"Yes I am." Jenifer said. "I'm his aunt, and his father's sister. I'm guessing you're here because you want to become a halfa?"

Ember's jaw dropped. She didn't know if she had heard right. Become a Halfa, like Plasmius and Phantom?

"Did you say become a halfa?" Ember asked.

Jennifer then nodded.

"I finally finished my creation that would give me a chance to finally meet by brother Jack. My parents divorced when I was young and I never got to meet him so when I died 30 years ago I worked on getting myself to meet him by transforming myself and my family into Halfas." Jenifer said. "I also decided to allow other ghosts that wanted a second chance at being human to come along. Do you want to come along?"

Ember was shocked she had a chance to actually talk to Danny without him noticing she was a ghost.

"Sure why not." Ember said.

"Clockwork told me that a girl holding his medallion would come and become a halfa." Jenifer said with a satisfied smile. "Come on in, were about to transfer to the human world."

Ember then walked in and she saw triplets, all three of them 10 years old. The two boys looked exactly like Phantom, in the way that they had the same white hair and green eyes. Both were wearing Danny Phantom shirts that were made by the ghosts, in New Ghost City (and yes ghosts made settlements like humans did they were exactly like humans anyway), that thought Danny Phantom did in a good job. Also one wore a green hoodie while the other wore a red hoodie. They were also in black shorts and white shoes. Wow nice original looks.

The girl on the other hand was different. She was already in human clothes… actually she was human. She had raven black hair and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a red beanie, a blue hoodie and red shorts. She was also in blue sneakers.

"Ember these are my kids, Dante, Vergil and Dani." Jenifer said.

Dante was the kid in red, Vergil was the kid in green and Dani was the only girl.

"I already became a halfa when I was tricked by Vlad Plasmius." Dani said.

"So how is this going to work?" Ember asked.

"This entire mountain is based off of one in Amity Park and that mountain is known to generate portals. When it generates the portal we will activate some of our tech here in sync with the mountain and that will…" Jenifer started before she continued ramble off about how this would work.

Ember was a bit overwhelmed by everything she was saying but she understood half of the things about the lecture.

What she got was that this would be very electrical and painful.

She didn't even want to know where her human form would come from or how it would be generated but she did know that she'd better sit down because there was a high chance of passing out.

When the lecture ended it was finally time for the Humanisation of the ghosts to begin.

Jenifer activated all the necessary machinery before she sat down.

Ember saw the electricity covering the house from the windows and she then ripped a piece of her leather pants and bit into it. Biting down on leather helps people with pain… time to figure out if it's true.

Energy flooded into the building and… everyone felt pain unlike anything they had ever felt.

As Ember expected she fell unconscious.


Ember awoke and tried to stand but she felt really weak. She then stood up with all her might and walked to the closest mirror she could find and when she saw herself she gasped.

She had fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. Her pale blue skin was now like a regular human's skin. She looked down at her clothes and was shocked to find that she was now in a black tank top that had a music note on it. She was also in black skinny jeans and dark blue combat boots.

She had become half human.

She's McLean
Amber McLean- Amber McLean- Amber McLean
Yo Ember McLain she was just 15 when her foster parents built a very
strange machine
Designed to take her to a world unseen
(she's gonna befriend Danny cuz he's Amber McLean)
She said okay and
When it was about to work then Ember took a look inside of it
there was a great big flash
everything just changed
her molecules got all rearranged
(McLean McLean)
When she first woke up he had realized he had fiery red hair
and emerald green eyes
he couldn't walk through walls
disappear nor fly
she was as normal as the other guys
and it was then Amber knew what she had to do
she had to find the other halfa that came through
she's here to find Danny for me and u
(he's gonna befriend em all cuz she's Amber McLean gonna befriend em all
cuz she's Amber McLean gonna befriend em all cuz she's)
she's Amber McLean.

"It worked." She gasped before she looked at the windows and saw the blue sky.

She also noticed everyone in the room now looked human as they started to awake.

Ember then looked at her hand and created an ecto blast to make sure she still had her powers and the moment she released her energy she felt a lot better.

"Wow, you did it." Ember said.

Jenifer then stood up and looked at the excited look on Ember's Face.

"I'm guessing you became a halfa because of a boy in the human world, so who is he?" Jenifer asked.

"Your nephew Danny." Ember said.

"Wait you're trying to get a date with Danny?" Dani asked. "Aren't you like one of his enemies?"

"I don't want to be his enemy anymore." Ember said before she blushed. "And I am kinda a hormone driven teenager."

Dani then gave Ember a big smile before she did the childish thing.

"Ember and Danny sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G…" Dani started but Ember threw an Ecto blast at Dani to get her to stop.

Dani then glared at Ember. "You know if you want to see my cousin so badly then you might want to meet him at school." Dani said.

Ember's plans then fell again as she remembered he went to school… and she wasn't very fond of school. She dropped out of the school she was in, in the Ghost Zone. Also if human schools were like the ones in the Ghost Zone then she'd need to pay and have parents to be allowed to go to school and although she could always steel cash she didn't have any parents.

"I see you problem." Dante said. "Schools here are like the ones back in the Zone." He was now in a red vest and his red hoodie remained. He was also in blue pants and red sneakers.

"So you need a family with cash to send you to school so that you can see our cousin." Virgil said. He was now in a green vest and his hoodie was now black but had green marks on. He also had blue pants on and green sneakers.

"I bet our mom would be willing to adopt you so that we can visit the Fentons and you could get more face time with Danny while you also get sent to school with us." Dani said.

All three kids then looked at their mother with puppy dog eyes and it was impossible to say no so Jenifer allowed Ember to stay with them. Once that happened Virgil used his computer hacking skills to make sure that Jenifer Fenton, Danielle 'Dani' Fenton, Dante Fenton, Virgil Fenton and Amanda 'Amber' McLean (Ember's chosen name so that no one would recognise that she was a ghost… humans were really dumb at times) existed in the real world.


Danny was chilling at his home with Sam and Tucker while Jazz read a book on ghosts and their parents were in the Kitchen cooking up a hail storm.

Danny then heard the door ring before he saw his father run out of the kitchen like an excited child who was about to get a treat.

Jack then opened the door and exchanged a few words with whoever was outside.

Danny used his super hearing to figure out who was outside and he heard something about sister, kids and family.

Jack then walked in with five people coming behind.

"Kids I'd like you to meet my sister Jenifer Fenton, her kids, Dani Fenton, Dante Fenton and Virgil Fenton and her adopted daughter Amanda McLean." Jack said.

Danny then turned around to say hi but then he stopped in his shock.

For one there was his aunt she looked exactly like his dad… well if his Dad was thin, still had black hair and was female. She even wore orange clothing. Then there was the fact that Dani, Dante and Vergil all looked a lot like Danny himself… and the fact that this was the first time seeing Dani with her family. But the main reason was because his breath was taken away by the sight of Amanda. She was just jaw dropping beautiful with the way her fiery red hair flowed in the wind and the way her emerald green eyes stared at him as if to say 'you want me, then I want you to show you are worth my time.'

For the first time since the first few weeks of having his powers he lost control of them again and his pants fell down revealing his rainbow coloured boxers.

Danny noticed instantly and pulled them up while his face looked like the purest of tomatoes. Dani, Dante and Tucker burst out laughing. Vergil and Jazz pace palmed and Sam and Amber held in their laughter.

"Wow Danny it takes a real man to wear rainbow coloured boxers." Sam said.

"They were white." Danny said. "But then someone used rainbow washing liquid to wash my white clothes."

"Someone?" Jazz asked. "That was you. Don't go blaming us for everything that goes wrong in your life… it's also not our fault you decided to get baggy pants."

Jack then immediately changed the subject.

"So as I said this is my sister and her kids." Jack said. "And this is my son Danny, my daughter Jazz, Danny's friends Sam and Tucker and my wife Maddie."

"So dad how come you never told us about your sister?" Jazz asked.

"Our parents divorced when we were babies and I discovered about Jack two years ago and I've been looking for him since." Jennifer said.

"And I discovered about her last week." Jack said. "So why don't you kids talk while we adults talk… Jazz that means you stay with the kids and teens."

"Dad, I'm turning 18 in just 8 months, 20 days, 15 hours and 24 minutes, I'm practically an adult." Jazz said with a pout.

"Yeah and if pouting makes you adult then I guess you are one." Danny said before he looked at Amber. "Now I didn't get to formally introduce myself, I'm Danny Fenton."

"Amber McLean, and don't worry I'll keep the whole rainbow underpants situation away from other ears, dipstick." Amber said.

Danny's eyes widened but then he regained his composure. This girl was Ember but Danny could tell that she was human.

Danny then enhanced his ecto abilities and he was able to sense her ghost core… but also a human heart. Ember was a human… but why? Danny decided he would just have to play dumb until he figured out.

"So have you ever been to Amity Park?" Danny asked.

"No I haven't." Amber lied. "How about you guys show me around?"

Tucker and Sam caught onto Amber's tone before they decided to improvise.

"Danny, as much as I would love to help you show Amber around I can't my parents are taking me somewhere for some family thing." Sam said.

"Yeah I've got a tech tutoring session with Paulina and Star." Tucker said.

"I have to study for my next test." Jazz said.

"I want to stay here and see what our aunt and uncle do for a living." Dante said.

"I'd better stay with Dante to make sure he doesn't blow anything up." Virgil said.

"I have a friend I want to meet again." Dani said. "Sorry Danny, you'll have to give Amber the tour yourself."

"It works for me." Amber said. "Come on dipstick."

She then pulled Danny out of the room.

Danny then accepted fate and took the hot girl who was also his enemy on a tour around his home town.

He showed her Casper High and she told him that she would be going to that school, he then showed her the Mall, the one park in Amity Park, the ocean and a whole bunch of other places in the city and finally they stopped at Nasty Burger.

"And this is the Nasty Burger." Danny said.

"Why is it called Nasty Burger?" Amber asked.

"I have no idea." Danny said. "Ironically this place has the healthiest fast food in the country."

Ember then realised because of her new human form she was starving.

"Great now I'm hungry." Amber muttered under her breath but Danny heard it.

"Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat." Danny said. "Maybe I could also discover why you are here… and make Dash jealous."

The diva then nodded and Danny took her in.

They walked into Nasty Burger and ordered some food for themselves.

As Danny expected Dash had a complete reaction when he saw Danny with a hot girl. His mouth dropped as he tried to make sense of what he thought impossible.

Danny and Amber then went and sat down before they ordered food.

And while they ate they chatted.

"So Amber what are your interests?" Danny asked.

"Music. It's my passion." Amber said.

"So I'm guessing you want to be a musician when you grow older?" Danny asked.

"Yeah." Amber said. "How about you?"

"Astronaut." Danny said.

"So you want to go into space? Cool." Amber said.

They continued to talk and Danny didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he hadn't found a motive in Amber or Ember.

She just seemed to not have a motive behind her being a halfa. A part of Danny was overjoyed by this. When he first met Ember he had to admit that he had a small crush on her and maybe if she really was becoming good then he'd be able to…

"Snap out of it Fenton. This is Ember we're talking about. She doesn't like you." The red eyed voice of Danny said in his head. "She just wants to attack you."

"Stop being clueless. Ember likes you and you like her." The blue eyed voice of Danny said in his head.

Danny then decided he'd give her a chance. He always gave people second chances. Who knew maybe she'd be evil and maybe not.


At the end of the day Ember fell back on her bed in her room. (She was staying with Jenifer, Dani, Dante and Vergil).

She was completely happy. She had spent all day with Danny and got to know some of his human side.

"Oh great, becoming half human has already started to change me. The dipstick better be worth it." Ember said. "I can't let all these mushy human emotions change me. I need to severely irritate some adults to balance out the universe… well school is tomorrow so more time to see the dipstick and to irritate adults."

Ember then stood out and looked out her window.

"Look out Amity Park, there's a new girl in town." Ember said.

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