Chapter 2: Schooled.

Shadow: Welcome back to Just a Regular girl… I can't believe I just said that.

Dani: But before we continue with just a regular girl we need to have a brief recap. Okay so Last time Ember met Jennifer Phantom, who is my mom, me and my twin brothers Dante and Virgil. Ember then became half human and my mom adopted her when we also became half human. Then she met Danny and they spent the day together.

Shadow: Great now we can continue making a fool out of Danny.

Danny: Wait what?

Shadow: I mean we can continue developing your romantic feelings for Ember.

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Danny knew school was going to be interesting with Ember/Amber going to school with him. He knew she hated adults and was bound to cause a bit of trouble but not enough to get her kicked out.

All these thoughts passed through his mind as he walked to Casper High with Sam, Tucker, Jazz and of course Ember in her human form Amber.

"Well here we are Casper High." Danny said as they walked up to their school.

"Hm Casper High… wow what an odd coincidence." Amber said.

"Why? Are you a friendly ghost hiding that decided to hide out in the school?" Danny asked with a laugh.

"You maybe not me." Amber thought. "Na, I'm more of a naughty girl." She said. "I just thought isn't this the place where Danny Phantom is often found?"

"I'm guessing you're a Danny Phantom fan?" Sam asked.

"Yeah he's kinda hot." Amber said.

Danny's hopes then sky rocketed.

"But not as hot as this blue eyed and black haired guy that I know." Amber said as she grabbed Danny's arm.

Danny's hopes then fell.

"Who?" Danny asked.

Tucker, Sam and Jazz then face palmed.

"Clueless… just clueless." Tucker said.

"It's okay I like clueless dipsticks." Amber said.

"Danny why don't you show Amber around the school and to the office so that she can get her schedule?" Jazz said.

"Sure why not." Danny said.

Danny then showed Amber around the school before taking her to the office.

When they got there they got her schedule and surprisingly she had a lot of the same classes as Danny.

"Wow Danny you do music?" Amber asked.

"Yeah, I discovered a while ago I could sing and rap so I decided to add music so that I had a career to fall back on if I didn't become and astronaut." Danny said.

"Hm I never thought about what I would do if I ever failed at music." Amber said. "I guess I could be a… what other jobs can rock and roll divas do?"

"I don't know." Danny said. "Diva model, diva hair stylist, diva actress, diva business woman?"

Amber then punched Danny in the arm.

"Shut up dipstick." Amber said.

"There's that Ember charm." Danny thought. "Okay shutting up now… diva control freak could also be a job."

"I will throw you in that locker." Amber threatened with a smirk.

"Hey good idea."

They then turned and saw Dash Baxter charging towards them.

He then picked up Danny, took money out of his pocket and threw him into the locker before he slammed it shut.

Amber was shocked out of her mind. How could someone as powerful as him just allow a bully to take his cash and throw him in the locker?

"Ha, wailing on Fent-urd is always fun." Dash said before he looked at Amber. "So how would a sexy girl like you like to stop hanging out with that looser and hang out with a jock like me?"

Amber's eyes then flashed red and before Dash could react, a dark blue combat boot kicked him, very hard, in the area where all men dreaded to be kicked.

"Stay away from me freak." Amber said as her eyes went back to emerald green.

Dash then fell on his knees while grabbing his aching area while Amber took Danny's money back for him.

She then opened the locker and helped Danny out.

"Wow, what happened to him?" Danny asked.

"Uh he took your money, stuffed you in a locker and I kicked him so hard that he would not be a father of teenage pregnancies." Amber said with a shrug.

Danny's jaw then dropped.

"Dash I think you need some ice… and Amber remind me not to get you angry." Danny said.

"No problem dipstick." Amber said with a smirk. "Now come on I don't want to be late for my first period."

Danny then ran after Amber.

"I will not be shoving Ember into the Ghost Zone if I plan on having children." Danny thought.

They got to class just in time for it to begin.

When Mr Lancer saw them he asked Amber to introduce herself and she did so.

They then sat down and the learning process began.

Eventually half way through the period a blue wisp of cold air escaped Danny's mouth while a red wisp of warm air escaped Amber's mouth.

Danny then stuck up his hand.

"Yes Mr Fenton?" Mr Lancer asked even though he was sure he knew the question.

"Please may go to the bathroom?" Danny asked.

Mr Lancer then gestured to let Danny go and he ran out of the class.

Amber knew it would be suspicious if she asked to go outside so she created and invisible duplicate and flew outside.

Danny ran into the bathroom before he looked around to make sure the bathrooms were empty.

He then went inside one of the stalls.

"I'm going ghost." Danny said before he went into his ghost form.

He then duplicated himself and the duplicate turned back into Fenton.

Phantom then shot out of the stall and flew into the sky while Fenton walked back to class.

Danny then flew outside the school before he began looking for the ghost that triggered his ghost sense. He was then tackled out of the way as a spear hit into the ground behind him.

Danny then looked at the ghost that tackled him and saw Ember McLain then he saw Skulker with a harpoon pointed at him.

"Uh thanks for the save Ember… I think." Danny said before he glared at the hunter. "Really Skulker a harpoon, do you think I'm a whale or something?"

"What are you doing here Skulker?" Ember asked as her guitar appeared in her hands.

"Wait you're helping me?" Danny asked.

"Yeah." Ember said. "You always give people second chances right? Well I want to help and try being a good ghost."

"Aren't you evil?" Danny asked.

"No, I'm just a rebellious teenager." Ember said. "Now do you want to talk or do you want to kick my ex-boyfriend's ass?"

"Ex?" Danny asked.

"Yes I broke up with the whelpette because I had better things to do." Skulker said.

"Skulker, say what you will to help your pride but I broke up with you." Amber said. "I was too good for you and I was also out of your league. I also have better boys to date. Like ones with white hair, glowing green eyes and in black and white hazmat suits."

"Who's ripping off my look?" Danny asked.

Skulker and Ember then face palmed.

"Whelp you are the most clueless person I have ever met." Skulker said.

Danny's hands then began to glow with ecto Energy while Ember's guitar began to glow with Ecto Energy.

They then flew forward and attacked the metal ghost.

There was a mix of ecto blasts and sonic blasts hitting the hunter as he tried to attack.

"Wow Skulker you're getting sloppy." Danny said. "Maybe you should go home and rest."

"Shut it whelp, I will not rest until I have your pelt and her pelt on my wall." Skulker said.

"Ew." Ember said. "That won't happen Skulker you kinda suck as a hunter."

"How dare you. Do you know who I am? I am Skulker the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter. I hunt down rare creatures. Nothing escapes my grasp. I have a reputation of being the ruthless hunter who never lets prey go and I will have your pelt." Skulker yelled.

"Sorry you were talking, I just got off the phone, Ember called me up cause you left her alone. Plasmius never snatched her she was out dating me. Even Cujo is tame; keep your girl on a leach." Danny said.

"What?" Skulker asked.

Danny then took his moment of distraction before he used his ultimate technique.

Danny then tossed a Fenton Thermos at Ember.

"Cover your ears and when I'm done capture him." Danny said before he took a deep breath.

Now Ember thought she was great at manipulating sound but the attack that came out of Danny's mouth made her attacks look like really bad silent movies.

His ghostly wail then erupted from his mouth and Skulker was caught in the blast.

He was shot back before the wail died down and Ember came and trapped him in the Thermos.

Ember then flew back to Danny.

"Wow nice vocals." Ember said.

"Thanks. I'm glad I didn't lose all my energy. I guess I am getting stronger." Danny said.

They then turned around and saw the reporters.

"Danny Phantom is it true that you and Ember McLain are now partners working together?" One of the reporters asked.

"Are you sure she can be trusted?" another asked.

"Whoa guys calm down. For now I will trust her but I will watch her to make sure she doesn't do the bad thing… also I can tell you ghost hunters are watching this and thinking Danny Phantom and Ember McLain are plotting something to take over Amity Park but seriously not all ghosts are evil, perfect example Clockwork the Master of time who watches over time and hasn't done anything bad." Danny said. "Now we gotta go. Danny Phantom out Peace."

Danny and Ember then flew into the air before turning invisible.

They then flew to Casper high before turning visible on the roof.

"So uh thanks for the help Ember." Danny said.

"No problem dipstick." Ember said before she kissed him on the cheek. "Call me sometime."

With a wink she then teleported away.

"Oh Jeez Ember has a crush on me doesn't she." Danny said. "No wonder she's a halfa. Now what do I do? Follow my hormones or wait and see?"

Danny then flew into the school and joined with his Duplicate between lessons.


The rest of the day went by quickly and luckily there were no other ghost fights and Danny could enjoy the day.

He kept on noticing Amber's attempts at flirting with him but he continued to play clueless.

For Amber the day went pretty well. During lunch she was able to put herself at the top of the social ladder as she became friends with Paulina and Star quickly but she also remained friends with Danny, Sam and Tucker and also gained Sam's complete friendship. Now she was the punk rock popular diva.

She didn't do anything to get herself in trouble but she still made a plan for irritating teachers on the next day and luckily she was able to convince Paulina to join in the plan.

Paulina did try to get her to stop hanging out with Danny and his friends but Amber was able to work her way around that.

After School Amber then hung out with Danny, Sam and Tucker and afterwards she hung out with Paulina.

Eventually she went back to her new home that was carved into a mountain and when she walked in she reverted back to her ghost form.

"So how was your date with Danny?" Dani asked as Amber changed back to Ember.

"We didn't go on a date. We just spent most of the day together in class while we stopped Skulker in a fight." Ember said.

"When are you going to go on a date with him?" Dante asked.

"I'm waiting for his cluelessness to wear off and for him to ask me out." Ember said.

"That might not be the best idea." Dani said. "Danny has known Sam since they were 7 years old and he hasn't made a move on her since then and she has been hoping for him to make on her."

"And also the boy doesn't have to make the first move." Virgil said. "The girl is allowed to make the first move as well."

"Okay enough about my developing relationship with your cousin." Ember said.

"Okay. Have you done anything mischievous yet?" Dante asked.

"No, I'm pulling my first prank on the teachers tomorrow. It's going to be epic." Ember said.

"Why are you even pulling a prank anyway?" Virgil asked.

"Even though I'm trying to be a good girl I still dislike adults and all their rules. This is my way of rebellion." Ember said. "I am a rock star and hence I must rebel against authority."

"How far are you willing on going?" Dani asked.

"Well in truth I'm just going for a few good pranks." Ember said. "I'm not trying to be a criminal."

"So what's happening tomorrow?" Dante asked.

Ember then smirked as she began to tell the plan to the three young halfas.


Danny and Amber were sitting in class while they listened to Mr Lancer go on about how Photons cause electrons to gain energy or something like that.

"Attention all students and teachers, Please may all the students report to the auditorium and please may all the teachers report to the Teacher's lounge."The intercom said.

Everyone was all confused but they did as they were told and eventually all the students were sitting in the auditorium.

They then saw the screen turn on and they saw into the teachers' lounge.

"Welcome to the ultimate prank of the year." A voice said and that caused the teachers to look around.

Then the celling opened and water splashed onto the adults before a red power fell on them.

"Question what happens when you mix water with Crash red Power? Answer an acid is formed and it eats away at clothing. Don't worry your undergarments should stay unharmed." The voice said.

The students then laughed as they saw their teachers left in their undergarments.

"But I don't think this is enough." The voice continued. "How about we put some dressing back on you… some salad dressing maybe."

A whole bunch of salad dressing and honey fell down onto the teachers.

"Why stop there? I'm doing this for kids everywhere. Let's make them do the chicken dance." The voice said.

A whole bunch of chicken feathers then fell down and stuck to the teachers.

"Children of Amity Park this has been a prank pulled by Youngblood, the young ghost and by the way don't bother sending Danny Phantom or my former Friend Ember McLain because by the time you're hearing and or watching this I will already be back safe and sound in the ghost zone." Youngblood said.

Danny then looked towards Amber and he could tell she was the one who did this but although he shouldn't be laughing he couldn't help it.

"Children if you are in fact watching this… just go home." The principal said. "We cannot stand allowing you to see us like this."

All the children then cheered before they laughed again when the Harlem Shake began playing but it was remixed to say do the chicken shake.

The teens laughed and left though some… Danny… deactivated the camera and threw in the extra hazmat suits, which his father had left at the school for special cases, inside the teachers' lounge.


The rest of the school week was pretty uneventful but it was still good.

Amber didn't pull any more pranks because she didn't want to be caught so instead she spent more and more time with Danny to get to know him better. And then at the end of the week the unexpected happened.

"Hey Amber, would you like to go out with me sometime." Danny asked.

She was shocked. "Sure." Amber said. "I'd love to."

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