A Lesson To Be Learned

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A Lesson to be Learned

Yoruichi sighed pleasantly in reflection.

The efforts to save Rukia had paid off; Aizen and his followers had left Soul Society; and peace between the ryoka and the Shinigami concluded their pained endeavors. For her, who had been running for over a century, it was nice to have things going back to how she remembered them. She now sat in her training base near her hot springs, relaxing after a somewhat tiring day. Again, she sighed and squirmed a little, and then looked down. There, nestled in between her bare thighs, was Soifon, lapping eagerly at her snatch. The small hands pushed on Yoruichi's legs to keep them apart and allow her full access to Yoruichi's hot, slippery core.

Such smooth skin; Soifon ran her palms up and down Yoruichi's strong thighs. She kissed the dark skin while moving a slender finger over to prod and then intrude Yoruichi's folds. Hearing her moan out smoothly while curling her hips brought a sly smirk to Soifon's busy mouth. Her tongue flicked over the sensitive nub at the crest of the Goddess of Flash's vagina. With the hand still placed firmly on Yoruichi's thigh, Soifon could feel muscles contracting as the sign of oncoming release.

They had been at this for some time after a leisurely rendezvous. Old lovers came together at Yoruichi's crag base, and Soifon was more than eager to please her master as she had once done so long ago on her first command. She didn't even undress herself, too eager and content with Yoruichi's unclothed beauty. Her large breasts had been toyed with first, of course, kissed and licked as if they supplied Soifon with life-sustaining nourishment. They were as she remembered them: heavy and glorious in every way. She relished the familiarity when she took a dark nipple into her mouth and suckled tenderly; she was probably more delighted than Yoruichi was while she ran her lips, tongue, and fingers all over her body.

At last, strong legs crossed around the back of Soifon's head and tightened, which urged the Second Squad captain to redouble her efforts. Her skillful tongue zigzagged about Yoruichi's labia and pressed against her clit flourishingly. The bucking of the ebony woman intensified seconds prior to her throwing her head back and giving a prolonged, elated sigh. She ground her pelvis against Soifon's mouth as she came to her orgasm. She was so composed and refined, even while in the throes of erupting pleasure. Soifon braced herself to not get thrown off balance during Yoruichi's thrusting, and continued to lick frantically to ensure that this climax sustained itself for as long as possible.

Taking in one, solid, deep breath while resting an arm over her perspiring brow, Yoruichi admired the stone ceiling of the cavern as Soifon sat up, cockily licking her lips for any leftover traces of Yoruichi's essence. "Was that satisfactory, Yoruichi-sama?"

Yoruichi stretched her right arm high over her head, working out her tired muscles with a leisurely grin. "Yeah," she replied in a grunt. She relaxed, and her yellow eyes gleamed at Soifon. Her smirk appeared as she folded her arms under her breasts; Soifon's interest in that area certainly didn't go unnoticed. "You've gotten better, Soifon. I assume you've had more encounters since me." It was more of a statement than a question.

The implication left Soifon's face as she looked away with a trace of red on her cheeks. "Of course not," she grumbled almost like a reprimanded little girl. "I haven't been with anyone since… you left." Her downcast eyes tilted upward, and she was that tentative, little girl that Yoruichi remembered so fondly.

"What?" Yoruichi was astonished at this proclimation. She noticed the shame on Soifon's face, and then asked, "Does that mean… you're still a virgin?"

Soifon almost felt insulted by the question. She turned to her lover, red with anger and embarrassment. "Yoruichi-sama!" she exclaimed. "You know that… you were my first." Her voice trailed off, and her gaze fell downward again.

The answer made Yoruichi laugh in amusement while patting her former ward's shoulder, never minding how awkward she made Soifon feel. "I know that," she declared boldly, remembering their first time together under the canopy of blossoming trees over a century ago. She knelt slightly so that she could be eye to eye with Soifon. "What I'm asking you is…" Her hand brushed against Soifon's right breast, making the petite captain tense. Yoruichi's voice was soft and airy, "Have you ever felt a man's touch on your body?"

The very thought appalled Soifon, for she did not think fondly of men after her vulgar and gluttonous vice-captain; even before then, her eyes were only for her princess. Her expression answered Yoruichi's question, and the buxom woman laughed. Insistently, she led Soifon to the exit of the cavern. "Don't worry, Soifon! I've got just the guy!" Her smile spread wide from who she had in mind, though Soifon immediately tried to protest her scheme.

Ducking in an alleyway to avoid detection from the rampaging captain of the Eleventh Squad, Ichigo bent over his knees and tried to catch his breath after running for the better part of the day. He would have felt more confident against Kenpachi if he actually had his Zanpakutou with him; his wooden sword couldn't have even been a distraction to the wild captain. After looking out of his hiding place, he sighed and walked into the sun.

He brushed his brow with his forearm, muttering how glad he was to lose Kenpachi. It was then that he realized that he wasn't quite sure where he was. He leapt atop the nearest wall to look around and get his bearings. He was not far from the Fourth Squad barracks, which was where Orihime was staying most of the time to tend to injured Shinigami. It would be the safest place for him to hide; even Kenpachi was on his best behavior within the walls of Captain Unohana Retsu's squad, though his best behavior wasn't anything to write home about.

Before he could take even his first step, a sash was thrown at him from above and wrapped around the entirety of his head. It was meant to keep him from yelling for help; covering up the rest of his face was just overboard. He staggered clumsily, yelling muffled words while waving his hands in panic. He pulled at the gauze, but the spell didn't yield him any possibility of tearing his way free.

There were two people he realized when he heard two pairs of feet land on the wall. He couldn't really make out their words underneath the layers of cotton, but he could tell that he was surrounded by two women. One seemed to be arguing with the other, who just laughed merrily and ignored all the comments. And Ichigo knew only one person with a laugh so childish and a personality so stubborn.

Before he knew it, he was tossed over a shoulder and was carried through the air at breakneck speeds.

Now back at the underground, Yoruichi dumped Ichigo on the dirt floor, where he sat with sprawled-out legs. The boy had calmed down somewhat, but he was still looking about anxiously, though he could not see. Since being abducted, Yoruichi had gone through the efforts to bind his arms behind him to make him more cooperative. Behind the Goddess of Flash, Soifon was blushing and displeased. "Yoruichi-sama, must I?" she grumbled, eyeing the bound, newly-instated substitute Shinigami.

"Now, Soifon, how can you hate something you've never tried before?" reasoned Yoruichi. She reached down to the sash wrapped around Ichigo's head. Quickly, she unwound the garments until he was freed, gasping desperately for air. Yoruichi smiled and stood over her apprentice. "You'll enjoy it, Soifon. Trust me."

"I knew it was you!" Ichigo barked, glaring up at Yoruichi. He struggled against his bonds. "What are you doing, Yoruichi-san? Why am I here?"

The grin on Yoruichi's lips was mischievous. "I have a favor to ask of you, Ichigo. And you won't refuse."

Ichigo didn't like the way that she had announced the request. She was, after all, a very impish woman and would tease in ways that would make people like himself very uncomfortable. He tried harder to escape the scarf wrapped around his wrists.

Without another word, Yoruichi bent over, removing her shin-guards and shoes before tugging down her spandex pants. Soifon felt a twinge of jealousy from watching her highly-esteemed lover undressing for some human-turned-Shinigami who was so unworthy of her presence. Still, that didn't stop her from gazing admiringly at Yoruichi's long, smooth legs as they were exposed. The tribal tattoo on the outside of her left thigh was so exquisite and captivating.

Ichigo cried out and squirmed violently. His face burned red, and he tried not to stare at Yoruichi as she continued to undress. "Why is it always the bottoms first?!" he complained, scooting away from Yoruichi when she started to remove her top. Her tits fell out after lifting a little with the tight spandex, jiggling slightly from the drop.

Yoruichi could only laugh at his complaints as she made herself completely nude. "Why do you always complain, Ichigo? Are you so eager to see my breasts instead?" She cupped them and teasingly lifted them for Ichigo to watch. He almost fainted from the blood rushing to his head. Already, his double-crossing cock was tenting his hakama pants at the front. He wished he could command it to not make it so obvious that he was greatly affected by Yoruichi's nakedness. It's not like he could be blamed; the princess of the Shihouin was exceedingly beautiful.

Forcing himself to look away, Ichigo finally noticed that the impassive Soifon-taichou was present, watching with narrow eyes filled with resentment. He felt as though she wanted to press a knife against his throat for invading her territory. Out of fear, he felt compelled to ask what her reason for being there was.

Yoruichi looked over her shoulder with a fond smile. "Actually, you're here for her," she proclaimed, much to Soifon's embarrassment. "She's never been touched by a man, Ichigo, and I can think of no one better to do the honors."

"That isn't the way things are done!" Ichigo argued. He flushed when he regarded Soifon again. "You can't just make me… do something like that with anyone you want!" Regardless of how he looked – according to Yoruichi – he was more of the traditional type.

Yoruichi was suddenly leaning on top of him, her eyes seductive and breath husky with desire. He froze when he felt her breasts pressing firmly against his chest, and he could swear that she felt his heartbeat with them. He tried to pull his hips back when he felt her thigh near the juncture of his legs, but the protruding object in his pants rubbed against her smooth skin regardless. It took all of his willpower not to try grinding into her leg like a roused dog.

"You want it, Ichigo," she told him softly, her left hand moving underneath the folds of his gi. Her touch was so hot and welcomed, though Ichigo tried his hardest to hold back his true desires. With her other hand, she cut Ichigo's bondage to take his hand and guide it to a breast; he was handled like a boned-fish, providing not the slightest hint of resistance. His fingers practically sunk into the voluptuous flesh. "You want us. Don't lie to yourself." She took his lips suddenly with hers and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He could hardly believe that she had claimed his first kiss so abruptly.

Soifon wanted to protest when she saw Yoruichi kiss the boy. Her fingers curled into a fist and her cheeks were beet-red from envy. She felt as though Yoruichi was punishing her for some unexplainable reason; she hated how Ichigo's hands slowly began to caress the flawless skin of her Yoruichi-sama.

All at once, Yoruichi pulled away from Ichigo and looked over at her assistant with a bright smile. "Soifon, undress him," she ordered simply, disappointing Ichigo when she lifted herself away from him. As she walked, her weight shifting from side to side in her hips, her breasts bounced hypnotically, and Soifon almost lost all train of thought while basking in her gloriousness.

At the command, however, she could not withhold her dissatisfaction any longer. "Yoruichi-sama, I cannot do this!" She hated how weak she sounded in that statement. Her hard eyes turned to Ichigo, who looked so helpless and confused as he stumbled to his feet. He was pathetic! "He is undeserving of me, and even less of you!" She was persuading Yoruichi to remove this boy from her sights, and they could be alone again. She would pledge herself to Yoruichi for the remainder of the day and the rest of the night if Ichigo was tossed outside and abandoned.

Leaning against a boulder and resting a cheek on her fist, Yoruichi said exasperatingly, "Don't be so boring, Soifon. Undress him." She then grinned cheekily. "Or I'll do it and reap the benefits for you."

Soifon didn't like the idea of being intimate with someone who had only yesterday become an ally of Soul Society. Still, she despised the thought of Yoruichi's divine touch pleasuring this boy even more. Without a word and with steel determination in her eyes, she stalked towards the teenage Shinigami. Almost dutifully, she yanked open his gi top, moving him out of his sleeves to let the garment hang about the sash around his waist. Embarrassed, Ichigo loudly protested until Soifon's glare caught him as surely as a swing from her blade.

"You've no room to complain, ryoka boy," she said coldly to him. Her scowl hardened as she went on, "Yoruichi-sama has given orders, and you will follow them just as well."

Yoruichi thought that Soifon's loyalty was somewhat unsettling, but effective in this situation. She watched with glee as Soifon went back to her task and untied the sash around Ichigo's waist. Ichigo watched with a forlorn gaze as his hakama was tugged off, leaving him in only his footwear and his bulging fundoshi. Both Ichigo and Soifon blushed deeply as they stared at the pulsing object pressing outward against the white cloth. What bothered Ichigo more was the fact that it was almost poking against Soifon's stomach; she was, after all, only a little taller than Rukia, who barely stood to his chest.

Forcing her hands to her sides to hide her slight trembling, she strictly ordered Ichigo to remove the last of his clothes. To this, Ichigo stammered. He may have been half-naked, but he was still reluctant to expose himself entirely to these two very prestigious women, though Yoruichi had managed to catch him naked as he bathed in the healing hot spring; still, even then, she had not seen his penis, let alone an erection.

"Am I really going to be forced to do this?" he suddenly blurted out to Yoruichi, who was the organizer of this escapade. It was her word that made this whole thing progress, after all. He wanted to cover himself, but Soifon's angry glare held him as firmly as his previous bondage.

Yoruichi groaned, dropping her head back. These two prudes were becoming really difficult to work with. "I guess you do need a little incentive," she grumbled. Once again hefting up her breasts, she grinned suggestively at him. "Go along with this, Ichigo, and you can finally ravish this firm, young body like you've always wanted to."

"Don't put words into my mouth!" he cried frantically, though there was no denying that she was more than worthy to be the topic of some of his late-night fantasies. "You can't bribe me into something like this with that!" Contrary to his words, his clothed member throbbed madly, begging to be freed and played with.

Soifon stayed her hand for the moment, waiting for Yoruichi's judgment. Twice, she couldn't stop her eyes from glancing down at the blunt, pointing object. She hated the close proximity of her and the ryoka boy

"Soifon," Yoruichi finally called, her jovial eyes still clashing with Ichigo's. There was a pause, and it almost seemed like she would yield to Ichigo's commands. Approaching with the grace of a cat that captivated both Ichigo and Soifon, she stood behind the latter and whispered in her ear, "Take it off."

Begrudgingly, the smaller Shinigami woman forced the ryoka boy to his feet – though it was hard for him to keep his balance – and then reached for his loincloth, but was stopped by her former commander, who then whispered something else in her ear that Ichigo couldn't quite make out. Soifon drew back her hands, and just as disdainfully, she tore off her long sleeves, slipped off the yellow obi around her waist, and removed her captain robes. Now dressed only in the battle suit for the commander of the executive militia, she glanced over her shoulder at Yoruichi, who was pleased with Soifon's obedience. The ex-captain of the Second Squad simply nodded and guided Soifon's hands.

In the meantime, Ichigo shamefully couldn't help glancing at the revealing areas at her sides. Her breasts were small, but were still there and not unattractive. The exposure of her hips and waist, however, drew most of his attention. Her legs seemed so nimble and flexible. He tried his hardest not to think about how wide she could spread them, but it was difficult to think of much else when Yoruichi teasingly moved Soifon's fingers against his crotch. His knees buckled from the contact, and he was helpless when the last of his clothes was pulled rather uncomfortably over his rigid cock.

Soifon's eyes widened when the eight-inch penis bobbed into view after the fundoshi was removed. She could hardly notice the absence of Yoruichi's breasts against her bare back anymore. Without instruction, Soifon's hand felt the jutting member, dragging her fingers along its underside and noted the engorged veins running along his shaft. It seemed to be such a sensitive organ, Soifon thought when it pulsated.

"There you go," Yoruichi purred as she watched Soifon explore a man's body for the first time. "Have fun and enjoy it, Soifon."

Soifon did her best heed Yoruichi's advice. Shifting her hand, she grasped it firmly near the base. From what she had gathered from time spent learning about sex when she was much younger, men liked it when their genitals were stimulated by either the fist or mouth. She pumped it once, causing Ichigo to almost jump. Soifon judged it as a pleasured reaction, and squeezed tighter; perhaps too tightly, for she tugged the skin roughly, and Ichigo winced at the pain. She was choking his cock, making it swell painfully with captured blood. Eventually, he backed away with a yelp when she yanked even harder on the erection.

Soifon took his recoil as an insult. Just as she was about to rebuke him, Yoruichi stepped between them. She gave Soifon an annoyed stare. "Don't be so uptight, Soifon." She turned to Ichigo and saw how his cock throbbed crazily when her front was presented him. Smugly, she leaned down onto her knees and smiled. "Here, I'll demonstrate how it's done."

Skillfully, she encased Ichigo's cock in her hand and moved it up and down with a firmness that was neither soft nor tight. She had not toyed with a penis in so long, and she believed herself to be out of practice, but Ichigo knew better than anyone how good she still was. Unlike Soifon's motions, Yoruichi's were smooth, jerking his dick with speedy, timed pumps. It felt so good, Ichigo braced his hands against the boulders around him as his legs threatened to give way beneath him.

Soifon, now more interested in this intimate activity than before, came to kneel next to Yoruichi and observe how proper penis-stimulation was done. As with everything, Soifon saw Yoruichi's method as flawless. Every glide down the shaft, every rub to the head of the cock; it was all so beautiful and poetic to Soifon. Then, to her shock, Yoruichi leaned forward and swirled her tongue around Ichigo's cock. Her yellow eyes turned to Soifon, and she couldn't help a short, mischievous chuckle.

Ichigo yelped, thrusting his hips involuntarily towards the delightful rubs from Yoruichi's tongue. To keep him from jabbing her face, Yoruichi pushed back against his hips with her free hand while she continued to jerk and lick his penis. She looked up at him, meeting his eyes so that she could watch the expressions play out on his face as she played.

At the side, Soifon saw how differently the boy acted under Yoruichi's ministration than under her own. Unlike her, Yoruichi knew full-well how to pleasure a man, and it upset Soifon somewhat to think of who had touched her with their unworthy hands. She swallowed hard when she watched Yoruichi drop her jaw slightly to take Ichigo into her mouth. The cock was engulfed halfway, and then another inch and a half were swallowed. Yoruichi gagged a little, but managed to get six inches into her mouth, though she had to adjust herself to take in almost an inch down her throat. Ichigo grunted and pushed against the hand resisting his hips to try to shove more of him in her orifice. She sucked hard once before pulling back and gasping for air as trails of saliva broke between her mouth and the phallus.

Licking her lips sensually, Yoruichi stared up at Ichigo, who was flushed and panting, lust filling his gaze. "Take over, Soifon," she said suddenly. She scooted aside to give her apprentice room. She encouraged the younger woman by tugging on her clothes, and Soifon reluctantly moved into place where her master once sat. She leaned her head back to keep her nose from brushing against Ichigo's pulsating cock.

She took the penis in between her forefinger and thumb, moving it around to examine it. It was slick with Yoruichi's saliva and warm and hard under her touch. Trying again to give a handjob, she grabbed the penis, this time more gently, and stroked it several times. Unlike last time, Ichigo's reactions were similar to the ones he gave when Yoruichi stroked him. The spit coating it helped her palm glide smoothly over him.

Steadying the bobbing penis, Soifon shot a glare up at Ichigo. "I am going to put it in my mouth," she told him in an official manner, as though there was some kind of protocol to follow. She informed him of her intentions because she remembered how he lost control when he was taken into Yoruichi's mouth and tried sliding deep into her throat. "Do not try to control the situation when I do."

Ichigo nodded once, out of breath from holding it so long. "Yeah," he weakly said, and then gulped as his shaft's tip was slowly brought between Soifon's lips. She latched her mouth solely over the head to test the feeling of it. Experimentally, she suckled roughly and prodded the slit with the tip of her tongue, where she discovered a small sampling of the foreign taste of pre-cum. Much to her delight, Ichigo responded pleasantly, panting much heavier than he had when Yoruichi was in between his legs.

Her palms pressed flat on his sturdy legs for support. Gradually and warily, she took him deeper into her orifice. She breathed erratically through her nostrils as her mouth was filled with the thick cock. With so much crammed within it, she could hardly move her tongue to pleasure him. Her mouth had been dry earlier, but now she was salivating.

The moisture in her mouth was wonderful, Ichigo thought as he restrained himself from pushing deeper into the strict captain's mouth. She may have been small, particularly compared to him, but she was daunting. That factor, of course, spurred on his arousal.

Soifon dipped her head back and forth on the three inches she could fit in her mouth. While Ichigo was obviously enjoying himself, she felt that she could do more to make him squirm. She recalled that Yoruichi gained the most reaction from him when she almost took seven inches into her mouth. As a beginner, Soifon knew that she would not be able to fit that much in her already-crammed mouth, but she would try to at least gauge how far she could go.

Her jaw flexed several times, and she had to flatten her tongue against the floor of her mouth before she could actually start consuming more of him. He moved slowly further to the back of her throat, but when the head actually rubbed against her esophagus, she gagged and quickly pulled back from the erection, spilling spit all over her lap as she doubled over and coughed.

Behind her, she heard Yoruichi jeer. "Not bad, Soifon," she laughed, a smooth hand brushing against Soifon's bare back. The smooth hand nudged the small woman away, and Yoruichi assumed her spot back in front of Ichigo's throbbing cock. "I'll take care of the rest," she mused softly before licking her lips excitedly.

Ichigo, however, was watching as Soifon remained caught in a fit of coughs and gags. Being the concerned individual he was, he asked if she would be all right. He was modest about the size of his penis, but he was concerned that he might have been taken in too deep by the small Soifon. "Don't worry about it," said Yoruichi, looking at her companion while taking a firm hold on the erection. "She'll be alright. She'll get the hang of it soon." As if to demonstrate her practiced skill, she quickly took Ichigo down her mouth, slurping up Soifon's coat of saliva and going farther still. Ichigo groaned out and clasped his hands on either side of his mentor's head, holding her in place. This time, her throat undulated around him before gulping him down. For just a moment, she had pressed her face against his groin, her lips and nose against his pelvis; and then she pulled back to resume her bobbing motions.

She sucked and licked vigorously, her right hand coming up to play with his testicles. She rolled them in her hands and pulled lightly on them from time to time. In response, Ichigo moaned out her name. But it was not to last long, for Yoruichi had other plans. She knew he was close to his limit – being a virgin and all – but she would not let him be satisfied with a simple blowjob, not while she had other attributes to contribute that Ichigo would obviously appreciate more than her mouth.

Balancing on the balls of her feet in a squatting position that made Ichigo's face turn a deeper shade of red, her talented mouth abandoned the penis. In its stead, she blessed him by encasing it in the plunging valley of her breasts. He gave a shuddering sound as he was tightly squeezed by the soft mounds. "How's that, Ichigo?" Yoruichi cooed as her nipples rubbed against his body. They brushed up and down against him when her chest thrust against him. "Isn't this what you've always wanted?"

"I told you," grunted Ichigo in a desperate attempt to hold on to his cool. "Don't put words into my mouth." Even though to tried to deny such desires, he it was all he could do not to squeeze a hand between the two of them and pluck at her coffee-brown nipples.

With ample breasts massaging him and a tongue tending sweetly to the crown of his phallus, he would not hold on much longer. Yoruichi could feel him swell larger than before with each throb of his cock. It was obvious that it was only a matter of seconds before Ichigo blew his load. With that in mind, Yoruichi gave him one last good suckle before pulling away completely, pointing the cock away from her to avoid getting caught by a surprise spillage. She urged Soifon over in front of him once again to experience a man's orgasm first hand.

More hesitant than ever before, Soifon obeyed, crawling meekly to seat herself in front of Ichigo's cock. She sat dutifully with her legs bent underneath her and her hands on her lap. She stared emotionlessly, though she was rather intrigued when Ichigo grabbed his cock and stroked it maddeningly with a series of loud groans and grunts. It surprised her when his other hand went to the top of her head to hold her in place, his sense lost in the haze of pleasure. He aimed the head of his cock as the rest of him tensed.

Soifon flinched when the first burst of semen splattered in a long rope that ran from her hair to her forehead, dribbling down the bridge of her nose. Screwing her eyes shut, she took the rest of the ejaculation with much disdain. Warm sprays of thick fluid were expelled all over her face, the last, weaker blasts barely catching her chin.

She could not decide what was more degrading as she peeked open an untarnished eye to watch Ichigo collapse onto his ass to catch his breath: being covered in sperm or having been held in place by the boy while he did so. She scoffed arrogantly and used his discarded robes to clean away the semen in her other eye. Before wiping off the rest of Ichigo's seed, she brushed her tongue briefly over her lips to capture a taste of it. She sampled it, and quickly wiped away the rest; she wasn't at all keen to taste any more of that bitter fluid that burned her throat.

Now completely and purposely soiled, Ichigo's clothes were discarded. Still, Soifon smelled of male essence. She wasn't at all pleased when Yoruichi's arms wrapped lovingly around her. "So, how was it?" the cat-woman purred in the ear of the smaller woman.

"Repulsive," Soifon half-lied, for some secret part of her found it erotic to be manhandled and bathed by a man's essence. She rubbed her cheek with the back of her hand before regarding the recovering ryoka. "What do you wish to do with him now, Yoruichi-sama?" She hoped that she would be told to throw him out and have him swear under pain of death that he would forget this encounter ever happened. Yoruichi was never as cooperative as Soifon had hoped – which perhaps was why she was so attractive to her – and told her to be patient.

"Ichigo!" addressed Yoruichi, looking over at her winded protégé. He could barely regard her as he tried to replenish the strength that left him to decorate Soifon's face. Ignoring his fatigue, Yoruichi beckoned him to her, and almost crawled towards her; somewhat embarrassed, Soifon scooted a few inches away from him, trying to hide the shameful blush on her face as she risked a glance at his slightly-wilted cock.

Yoruichi then ordered him to undress Soifon. This roused a flustered argument from both of the younger Shinigami all over again. "You can't expect me to do that," blurted out Ichigo.

"I completely refuse, Yoruichi-sama!" exclaimed Soifon.

Yoruichi held up a silencing finger, and her eyes were hard. When she had both quiet, she said as she sat Indian-style – much to Ichigo's distraction – "You both should just do as I say. I haven't made you do anything that you didn't end up enjoying." Her playful smirk returned. "Besides, Ichigo, don't you think you should return the favor to Soifon?"

Ichigo pursed his lips as red dominated the color of his face. He looked over at Soifon and saw only death in her eyes as she glared back at him. However, much to his surprise, she reached up to the straps holding up her top and prepared to slide them over her arms. "If it's what Yoruichi-sama requests," she grumbled embarrassedly. With a heavy sigh, she revealed her chest. There was nothing particular about her chest to actually draw attention to them, for her bosom was hardly existent. Dark nipples were centered on the slight rises of supple flesh.

Ichigo could not take his eyes from her except when he looked at Yoruichi to see her reaction; she only smiled pleasantly and waited for him to approach the petite woman. He did so cautiously as Soifon backed up until she was pressed up against a boulder. He was almost apologetic when his hands came on her hips. She herself resisted the urge to strike him and tell him to back away. To try to make this a more pleasant experience, he nervously leaned down to try to kiss her, but she stubbornly turned away in disgust. He did not make a second attempt, not wanting to force himself on her. His chivalrousness was a bit irksome, but Soifon figured she should indulge his patience. Hooking a hand around his head, she coaxed him to retry a kiss, and this time touched home. She squirmed against him, but succumbed to meeting lips that were not her Yoruichi-sama's. Deepening the kiss, he pulled her against him, ignoring how his steadily-hardening erection was nestled against her stomach.

With their level of intimacy, Ichigo's body began to act of its own accord. His right hand came up, brushing her belly, and then cupped one of her breasts. With their small size, it fit perfectly in his hand. He squeezed it tenderly, studying and memorizing the texture of the first breast he'd ever laid a hand on. She was unresponsive until he pulled slightly on her stiff nipple, making her grunt against his mouth.

As much as she hated it, Soifon was becoming heated as the ryoka tended to her. When he ended their kiss to nibble on the side of her neck, her breath started to become heavy. Her hands roamed over his body before she clutched to his back, hoping to maintain some control as his hot lips brushed against her tan skin. He kneeled and lifted both of her breasts with the support of his hands. Almost hungrily, he took a nipple into her mouth, acting on the impulse of an infant seeking a mother's milk. At this, Soifon cursed softly and brought her arms around his head as he suckled sweetly on her tit.

Yoruichi watched silently, biting her lip sensually as her former student was made to moan from her newest pupil. Soifon was so small to Ichigo and looked as though she could easily be dominated. Teasingly, the busty beauty ran her left hand over her swollen breasts, rubbing her brown nipples while her right hand traveled lower still. She ran her light fingertips over her navel before dipping to the wetness of her womanhood, petting the soft patch of trimmed, purple curls. She exhaled softly when her digits slipped into her eager body. With a steady motion, she began pumping her fingers into the slippery channel.

Soifon was glad that she had backed into a rock, for she could hardly keep her balance as Ichigo feasted on her chest. His lips surrounded her sensitive flesh and his tongue lathered them with broad, sloppy swaths; it'd be some time before he learned restraint on a woman. His orange hair was fisted in her grasp, for she had not had her breasts attended to by someone else in over a century. She wriggled to the extent where Ichigo had to steady her with a firm hand; the other still pawed tenderly at her unoccupied breast.

It was only a matter of time before he plucked up the courage to continue this venture of the elfin woman's body. He gave a departing kiss to each of her brown nipples prior to lowering his path. Her abdomen was well-toned from brutal exercises, and some faint scars ran in slanting lines across her skin. This did not take away from her beauty. No, for Ichigo, it added to her appeal. At and around her navel, he kissed and licked, causing her muscles to contract and spasm from the attention; this was a method he only learned by what he recalled from R-rated movies. In the meantime, his fingers fumbled with her white belt sash. He could not undo the knot easily, and Soifon's anxious hands shoved his out of the way to take care of business. While she did that, Ichigo waited impatiently to meet the most intimate part of the female body. His breath was hot and heavy against her skin, and his fingertips raked against the rock beneath them.

Her waist was much smaller than the pants, so it fell away from her the moment the sash slackened. Ichigo moved back to watch as Soifon took a deep breath and dropped her white fundoshi next. As unwilling as she was before, she had quite the change of heart and was eager to know Ichigo's touch. She lay naked before him, exposed for his eyes to roam, as were Yoruichi's orders.

His hands massaged her thighs gingerly as he admired her. Licking his lips, he leaned forward to the pink slit surrounded by a patch of dark curls. His tongue darted out to run along her labia. Her vaginal lips were prodded by the oral muscle until it plunged within her to taste her completely. To this, Soifon let out an uncharacteristic squeal of pleasure and braced her hands on Ichigo's head as he devoured her cunt. With how deep he had buried his tongue, his nose was brought against her clitoris and pressed firmly against it. All of this skill, he had to wing. Frantically, he moved his tongue, hoping to hide his inexperience with his fervor.

His was not as talented as Yoruichi's tongue, but to the sex-starved Soifon, it was pure bliss. Somehow, an actual tongue could create high levels of sensations that her own fingers could not. The wetness of it, as well as the length and flexibility all worked together to bring her closer to a release she so desperately needed.

She doubled over, squeezing her eyes and seething in pure delight that she should've been trained to hide. She was red in the face as the ryoka boy she felt only contempt for lapped at the juicy apex of her legs. Constant moans were ripped from her as reluctantly as her own heart. In the heat of the moment, she had not realized that she had wrapped her legs together, hooking her feet at Ichigo's back, and her lower body was kept aloft by his hands supporting her ass. Had she not been so small, it would have been a much more difficult task.

Ichigo was feeling quite haughty now. For him to make the impassive Second Squad captain lose her composure and scream was nothing if not a boost to his pride, though he wasn't one to gloat so easily. Her juices tasted so different than anything else, a strange bitterness in its flavor. How she tasted, however, did not change how rapidly his tongue moved. He wanted nothing more than to satisfy her and prove that he deserved more than just her scorn.

He did not know when she was coming, having never actually witness the phenomenon firsthand. Her hold on his head increased in strength, and her inner walls hugged his invading tongue like a prisoner. He spurred on her orgasm by keeping the lashing movements of the muscle constant. She grunted and yelped as she ground her hips against his face, receiving the wonderful addition of his nose brushing against her clit. She had become wetter than ever before, her canal flowering open invitingly.

Ichigo's cock, by this time, had returned to full hardness and was throbbing frantically for another release. Whether by Yoruichi's will or not, he would finish this with Soifon. Unraveling himself from the tangle of Soifon's arms and legs, he pulled her down on top of his lap so that her body was flush with his. As aroused as she was, Soifon didn't fight it and indeed welcomed it when Ichigo's trembling hands adjusted her hips over his. Pure lust drove them to the final act. He steadied his long, thick cock and sought her entrance. Soifon spread her pussy lips with two fingers to ease his passage into her, but she still questioned whether or not his girth would actually fit inside of her without tearing her. Even so, she began her descent to impale herself on him.

It was the first actual penis that slipped into her, and she had to admit it felt so much better than anything she or Yoruichi used before, despite the slight discomfort caused by his impressive size. True flesh, she mused as he sunk into her, inch by inch. She was over halfway on him before her body refused to take any more, though she wished she could have; if he pushed in any further, all she would feel would be pain with him busting against her cervix. She may not have had her hymen intact, but she was still tight, especially around Ichigo.

He was somewhat disappointed that he could not shove the rest of himself into her, but he had expected as much with her being so small and him being so large. He would make do, though. Holding her against his muscular body, he rocked their bodies together, careful not to thrust in too deep. A steady pace was achieved after a few inexperienced pushes for them both to adjust to the rhythm, though Soifon did yelp whenever his penis pushed too far into her; when she did, Ichigo would pause and apologize, and she would scold him and demand that he keep better care of his movements. Even amongst the series of moans and sweat dripping from her brow, she could keep her command.

To say the least, Yoruichi was surprised by her pupils' sudden willingness. She ogled the sight with a broad smile, her fingers still working her pussy, not to reach a climax, but to help spur on her arousal. The way Ichigo was fucking Soifon was impressive, for he showed the proper restraint to keep from harming her, but he was also passionate. His mouth moved along her sweaty skin, curving his back almost uncomfortably to catch and suckle on one of her small breasts. Patiently, Yoruichi watched and waited…

Soifon was no longer straddling Ichigo's waist, for he had moved them so that he was hovering over her and pounding into her into the ground; fortunately, he at least had the presence of mind to settle her down on the softness of the discarded clothes, granted, one of those garments was soiled with semen that was now smearing on her back. For the moment, she didn't care and just concentrated on the intense pleasure coursing through her from her assaulted loins. How she had simply discarded the idea of a real man in her all this time was beyond her, though Yoruichi-sama remained her truest lover.

Ichigo reveled in how her hands roamed all over his chest and back, searching for somewhere to latch onto as he fucked her. Usually, she would hold onto his shoulders for support, but would let go whenever she arched her back and moaned. Only once did she actually pause to smack Ichigo and admonish him for going too deep again; he didn't make that mistake again.

Several minutes into it, Soifon tensed to the point where her fingernails dug painfully into Ichigo's shoulders, though the intense fluttering of her slippery channel beckoned his attention. She was cumming, he suddenly realized when the constriction continued. He choked on his own breath and went still, trying his best to withhold his simmering ejaculation; he wanted to last a little longer before reaching his orgasm. Her hips gyrated against his while she buried her face against his broad chest, moaning her pleasure against him. Using only one hand to hold himself up, he pulled her against him as she whimpered and sobbed as the final rushes of her orgasm were ebbed.

He thought that he would have gone on for another handful of minutes after resting during Soifon's climax. He bumped into her over and over, and quickly realized that his release was just as close as it had been before he paused. He gritted his teeth and tried to hold back. Soifon was practically slack in his arm, groaning long and low as he made his frantic thrusts. Seeing no point in trying to fight it any longer, and having no real sense in the dizzying lust clouding his head, he pushed into Soifon as deep as she could handle him and fired his burning hot seed into her. Burst after burst of white fluid gushed against her cervical wall before spreading out to the rest of her vagina to the point where a good portion spilled from her.

Soifon sighed pleasantly at the feeling, closing her eyes as the wonderful warmth spread within her lower body. Whatever toys Yoruichi had used on her before could never leave her with this incredible sensation.

When his wilting penis withdrew, she missed its presence. It plopped from her and dribbled the last traces of seed onto the clothes that she was laid upon. Ichigo sat back on his haunches. His breath was heavy and his body glistened with sweat. His tired eyes glanced down and saw that Soifon was also trying to recover from the sexual experience. Her essence mixed with sperm as it flowed from her pulsating cleft.

If Ichigo believed that he was done, he was surely wrong. A certain pair of breasts pressed against the back of his head, and arms draped over his shoulders. "Ichigo," Yoruichi purred. "It's time for you to receive what you've always wanted." She nipped at the top of his ear before crawling around to be seated on his lap.

He suddenly became embarrassed when her wet crotch rubbed against his lower abdomen and his cock leaned up against the crevice of her butt. When he asked what she was doing, she said, "Isn't it obvious? I'm keeping to my promise. Don't you remember? I said I would allow you to ravish me like you've always wanted to." Sensually, she swept her lips against his, not lingering to give him to opportunity to respond. When he unconsciously tried to chase her mouth, she grinned. Her arms hooked over his shoulders to keep her balance as she leaned back out of his mouth's reach, and gave him a splendid view of her bountiful tits, flat tummy, and wet snatch. Her thighs spread wide for his pleasure, and his dick was already rising in response.

At least one more time, Ichigo mentally told himself. He caught Yoruichi and pulled her to him so that he could kiss her. Tongues met and explored one another as his hands reached up to fondle her bosom. They were so malleable under his touch, yet so heavy and shapely. Her hard nipples were the main source of his attention, and he loved twisting and pulling them to hear his mentor moan against his mouth.

He wasted not a moment of time when their lips disconnected. Pushing up one of the large tits, he latched onto the dark nipple with his eager and hungry mouth. The other was not forgotten, for he cupped it in his hand and massaged it as best as he could. He was much more aggressive with Yoruichi in his arms, finding it to be rather gratifying to finally indulge after all of her perverse provocations. He could chalk all of his lust up as the results of a healthy teenager being pushed too far.

With both of her breasts being doted upon, Yoruichi didn't expect to feel Ichigo's free hand travel down to her snatch. She gasped and jerked when his forefinger and middle finger rubbed against her pink slit. When he found her entrance, his middle finger shoved in up to the knuckle, wanting to explore the hot depths of a woman without his tongue or cock. The cat-woman bucked her hips with a groan, her pleasure intensifying when Ichigo's thumb discovered and rubbed her clit. Finding herself at a disadvantage, she reached down behind her and stroked what she could of Ichigo's jutting cock.

They were a mess of roaming hands and lips. When they kissed again, both keeping a hand at the other's genitals, Yoruichi fell back. She wanted it; it had been too long since she had a man within her. Playfully pushing Ichigo away, she slipped away from him to turn around and position herself on all fours. When she was ready, she looked over her shoulder at him and beckoned him seductively with a finger and a wiggle of her well-rounded hips.

While Ichigo hasted behind her and brought his erection in line with her awaiting pussy, Yoruichi mused at where she found herself. Right in front of her, like a banquet, Soifon was recovering the last of her strength, her legs spread-eagle before Yoruichi and still leaking fluids.

Before she could lean down and begin the feast, she arched her back and moaned; Ichigo wedged into her with his energetic member. Her vagina spread around it, though still hugged tightly. She was not at taut as Soifon, Ichigo noticed, but the strength of her squeezing vaginal walls was much more developed than the younger woman. At her very will, Yoruichi could close in around him deliciously and milk him. Gasping, he sunk entirely in between her folds, crowding against the back of her vagina without complaint.

Her purple hair fell over her shoulders when Ichigo pushed it away from her back. His left hand held onto her hip and moved her body in time with his random thrusts while his right hand ran up her spine, moved across her ribcage, and grasped her dangling breasts. As she began to pant from being filled over and over again, she couldn't help grinning; she knew he loved her chest, no matter what he tried to say to dissuade her belief.

Ichigo was moving with little restraint. When he had been with Soifon, her vagina could not accept all of him, for her body hadn't the experience or the size; Yoruichi, on the other hand, took all of him into her, though she did give some sounds of discomfort when he was fully sheathed inside her. "Yoruichi-san," he moaned out as he pulled her hips to completely meet his. He loved the feeling of her ass, so round and firm pressed against his pelvis. He could not resist moving his left hand down to cup the cheeks; he considered spanking her, but he wasn't sure what her response would be. Besides, he wasn't experienced enough or had enough knowledge on the matter to think of anything kinky to try. If he had, the pucker of her exposed asshole could have been a target of stimulus.

Now that she was taking care of Ichigo, the Goddess of Flash sought to attend to another. Her back arched like a cat's when she bent down and wrapped her arms about Soifon's legs, draping them over her shoulders to give her perfect access to Soifon's dripping snatch. A portion of Ichigo's earlier ejaculate was licked up and consumed; Soifon whimpered when Yoruichi's long muscle traveled up her still-hot snatch. Before Soifon could close her legs against the intense pleasure, Yoruichi dove back in and lashed her tongue about wildly. In no time at all, the smaller woman was writhing and sobbing her instructor's name over and over. The talented tongue she had yearned for so long had at last returned to her core.

Behind Yoruichi, Ichigo continued to pound away, struggling to keep a steady, but passionate tempo. Because she could take it, and because he could hardly control himself – especially while watching his beautiful teacher eat out another woman – he was fierce. Her body rocked back and forth, which made her breasts flounder. The tit that was still cupped in his hand was still fondled, though the slipperiness of their sweat sometimes made his hold slip. After another thrust, Ichigo groaned and slumped over his teacher. His sweaty chest pressed against his teacher's sweaty back, and his hands were planted on either side of her to keep from burdening her with all of his weight. His thrusts in this position may have been lacking in length and speed, but in penetration and trajectory, he accomplished much. Every slide of his cock had him bearing down against her G-spot, which made her groan deeply in appreciation.

"Ah~, Ichigo," she breathed as he pushed and pulled within her. As she had anticipated, he could not control himself when it was her skilled body offered to him. To spur him on, she moaned, "Faster… Fuck me just a little bit faster, Ichigo." She almost giggled when his pace became chaotic as he tried to obey her while consumed with lust and at such a disadvantageous position lying flat on her back.

Soifon loved feeling Yoruichi's hot moans against her groin. She had lifted herself up onto her elbows to watch the ebony beauty devour her cunt, a sight rarely seen since Soifon was often the one bestowing pleasure on the former princess. The semen that had poured from her womb had gone through Yoruichi's mouth and wound up in her stomach. Now, the cat woman only tasted Soifon, much to the captain's utter delight. That lovely tongue dragged across all the right places around her vagina, darting within her to tease her all the more. The soft hair around her snatch tickled Yoruichi's lips and nose during her thorough treatment.

Soifon's gray gaze turned then to the one above the object of her desire. Ichigo was certainly taking care of Yoruichi, she admitted, just as he had done for her. It wasn't a sight she could particularly get used to, but in this case, in the heat of the moment, it stoked the heat of her arousal to see Yoruichi under the gyration of someone else's hips. If it weren't for him, after all, Yoruichi wouldn't be stifling moans against her snatch.

Yoruichi could squeeze her vagina tight when she wanted to, but Ichigo found that when she came, it was almost impossible to push himself inside of her. He cursed at the incredible tightness as she came around his member, drenching him with a hot rush of her essence. She brought her mouth from Soifon's nether lips to gasp out an orgasm. When Ichigo could hardly move, she began pushing back against him to keep the internal movement going. He may not have had the strength to keep plunging into her almost-inescapable pussy, but she certainly did. Her backward thrusts were demanding, taking him all the way to the base so that his balls slapped against her clit. Again and again until her orgasm began to subside.

Of course, Ichigo could not last through her orgasm, no matter how hard he tried. He trembled and held Yoruichi still. "Yoruichi-san," he wheezed. He wanted to warn her, but hadn't the chance. Already, his cock had swelled and began to feed the results of his arousal into her. He hadn't believed that such a quantity was waiting to be unleashed after his two previous ejaculations, but he still had enough stockpiled to flood the ex-princess' uterus with his boiling seed.

"Hold it in," he suddenly heard Yoruichi gasp. She was peering back at him with her lustful eyes. "Do the rest on me." That was manageable, for Ichigo had only started his final release.

Frantically, holding on with whatever ounce of willpower was left, he pulled out of her – choking the contents to stay back in his cock – and moved up. As he did, Yoruichi flipped around, sitting up and leaning back on her hands. Panting, her mouth was ajar and her tongue lulled out to catch as much of the spunk as she could when it came. Ichigo had to stroke his cock only once before his interrupted orgasm returned with the same vigor. Thick white bursts shot forth to splatter on her dark flesh, a lovely contrast of shades as his sperm trickled down. Her forehead and hair were soiled by the first blast, but her mouth received two of the following wads; she was all too eager to gulp down the fluid as the last drizzles fell on her neck and tits.

Ichigo was spent, though he jerked his softening cock a few more times to expel any final traces of his seed that Yoruichi would gladly accept into either her mouth or on her body. Having no more strength, he collapsed, hardly able to catch his breath after such a mind-numbing experience. With eyes barely open, he watched as Yoruichi got to her feet, seemingly un-winded by what just transpired. Semen dripped down her face and hair and covered a good portion of her breasts, but she did not seem to mind. Her cocky smirk was back on her face as she folded her arms.

"Well done, Ichigo," she mused, lifting a foot to poke at his wilting and slick cock that throbbed weakly from the contact. She chuckled smugly in her throat and turned to Soifon, who had now stood up behind her, blushing, but as solemn as ever. "We'll get cleaned up in the springs," she suggested to her subordinate before looking back at Ichigo. "You're welcome to join if you can, Ichigo." With a suggestive wink, she led Soifon to the pool of hot water. Of course, bathing wasn't the only think Yoruichi had in mind, and both Soifon and Ichigo knew this.

Staggering, Ichigo stood up and stumbled after them. Ahead of him, he could hear Yoruichi. "You both did well for this exercise. And next time…" She gleamed with mischief as she looked back at Ichigo. "We'll see how you handle anal."

Both Ichigo and Soifon exclaimed embarrassedly at this.