What Are Friends For

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Chapter One

The Kent Farmhouse, Friday night

Chloe could see Clark was distracted. It was one of those rare times when some crisis or another wasn't looming and they had agreed to have a veg-out DVD session. His parents were in Metropolis for the weekend. She'd bring the movies and he would supply the popcorn. He'd at least made an effort for the first movie, but now she could clearly sense his mind was elsewhere. She caught him looking at her speculatively from time to time and then pretend as if he wasn't. It was Clark and strangely enough considering the huge secret he kept, subterfuge was not one of his strong points.

When the credits started to roll on the second movie she picked up the remote and turned off the television. She turned too him and asked: "What?" and no more while staring at him questioningly. She felt vindicated that he squirmed under her steady gave. When he continued to "ermm" and "aahh" and stall she took an educated guess. "Has this got something to do with Lana? I know you too have been kinda tense of late." She asked.

She could see the battle on his face. "He'll run into a burning building or in front of bullets at the drop of a hat, but he has trouble telling me what's wrong, and considering she knew his secret... What could be that hard?" she wondered.

"Sort of." He finally mumbled and she gestured for him to elaborate. He lets out a long sigh and then turned to face her completely. "Lana and I are moving further and further apart and... and its my fault. My secret is part of it, but more directly... well, we haven't been intimate since I got my powers back..." he trailed off.

"Oh... I see..." she said astonished. "That was like four months ago and before that, you two were going at it like rabb... I mean four months is a long time." She finished lamely. She could see it on his face, how difficult this was for him, but what was he looking for from her. Advice? "I take it she wants to and you don't?" she asked. She watched him try to order his thoughts before he answered.

"No, that's not it. She wants to and so do I. Oh god do I, but... Chloe, I... I've never had sex when I had my powers before." He said quickly before carrying on in a slower pace, " I don't know what I might do. In the worst-case scenario I could hurt her and best case I could reveal my secret. But, if I don't do something soon I will lose her."

Chloe gave him some time to continue, but when he didn't she had to ask: "How does this involve me?" He was looking at her again with that speculative look in his eye. He shook his head. "I... I had this idea, but its stupid and I was a fool to even consider it. You're a good friend Chloe. Thank you for listening. Why don't you put in the last DVD and I'll try to be a better friend and spend some quality time with you. Okay?" he suggested.

She wasn't convinced, but she could see pressing the issue wasn't going to get her anywhere either, so she did as he asked. This time it was her who couldn't get into their little production of normal life theatre. "What was his idea?", the thought kept cropping up in her mind. About, halfway through the movie she couldn't take it anymore and once again reached for the remote. He tries to argue when she paused the DVD, but she cuts him off. "Spill. Tell me what you were thinking." She insisted, cutting over his protests.

He lowers his eyes. "Chloe, this is going to sound...", he runs a hand through his hair, "I told you it was stupid. I thought... Oh man. Can't we just drop this?" he tried to dissuade her, but she wouldn't have it, directing her patented Sullivan talk-or-else stare at him until he continued. "Well you asked. Please don't think to badly of me. I thought, considering you know my secret, you are the only person who could help me find out if I could... you know. See its stupid and I shouldn't even have considered it." He told her finally.

The words slipped into her ears and sunk into her brain, but their import took some time to distill in her consciousness. "But, that would mean we'd have to..." she said softly more for her own benefit than his, but he nods anyway, She wants to say something, but she can't find the words so she lets the silence stretch out. He's watching her, waiting for her reaction. He's embarrassed, even blushing a little. She can feel her own face heating. "Should she be offended, outraged or flattered? They had finally settled into a proper friendship again after she found out his secret. Hadn't they? She had put her feelings for him to rest, but why was she actually still contemplating his absurd, aborted suggestion. And, the thing was, she was contemplating it, seriously. She had fantasized about him in that way, she was honest enough to admit, but to actually do it. One time. Satisfy her curiosity and help out her friend... friends, she'd be helping Lana too, in a way. No one else would know. There were risks and consequences, but with Clark there always were." She rationalized.

"Chloe!" he called her name when the silence finally became too uncomfortable. She closed her eyes for a moment and then looked at him. "Do you have any wine, Clark?" she asked quietly. "Chloe?" he queried, confusion colouring his voice. "Just get the wine, Clark and we'll see." She tells him while her thoughts continue to chase each other around in her head. He hesitates for a moment and then gets up and does as she asked. He returns with a bottle of red and a single glass. "You're not joining me?" she asks. "No. It does nothing for me and I don't particularly enjoy the taste." He replies pouring her a glass as he had already uncorked it in the kitchen.

She took the glass when he offers it to her and downed it in two quick, throat-burning swallows. She gestures for him to refill the glass. He hesitates again and then does as she bids. She sips it at a more leisurely pace as the alcohol warms her belly. "Chloe. You can't be seriously considering. I mean... It was a dumb idea. I can't... couldn't expect... No. I'll drive you back to your dorm. We can just forget about this. Actually, can you forgive me for even thinking it? I'm such a fool." He tells her. She looks at him over the rim of her now half-empty wine glass, tapping her finger against it in a slow steady rhythm. She narrows her eyes. "Is it so dumb? Are you that much of a fool?" she queries, but doesn't give him a chance to answer. "Only you and I will ever know and you don't have any other solutions, do you? There isn't any other." she asks draining her glass and then pouring herself another.

She can feel her body relaxing in response to the wine, but it doesn't seem to reach her mind, which is still rationalizing that she could have sex with Clark and it would be to the good of everyone concerned, with crystal clarity. She watched him passively, unmoving except for sipping her wine, as he starts and stops assorted arguments. Waiting. She sets the glass down when he finally goes quiet.

She slid nearer to him on the couch. All he has to do is push her away and all would be forgotten. She watches him swallow hard, as she unbuttons the top two buttons of her blouse. This would most likely end badly, but she had realized one thing: She actually wanted this. She understood, quite clearly, that love was not on the cards. In the world of Clark Kent that would always be the province of one Lana Lang, but she could experience this, just this once. Finally get to know what it would feel like. It was worth the risk.

She closed the distance between them and raised her lips to his. He stiffened, even backing up a little, but she followed him pressing her lips to his. His lips felt surprisingly soft against hers and when she probed lightly between them with the tip of her tongue they parted. Their heads twisted and he let her deepen the kiss. She let her tongue dance with his, inviting it into her mouth while exploring his. She wondered if he minded that she must taste of the wine she had drunk. He had said he didn't like the taste, something she hadn't known about him, but it certainly didn't seem to affect the way he kissed as she allowed him to take control and they kissed hungrily. She had the strangest sense of deja vu, it felt like she had kissed him before.

His arms slid around her and she felt herself melting, but she stopped him and broke the kiss. She saw the confusion and then his leap to the conclusion that she had realized how stupid an idea it was. She was gratified to see a sharp spasm of disappointment cross his face before he smiled one of his bright smiles that so defined him and said: "It's okay, Chloe. We can blame it on the wine and Love Actually. I'll just drive you back to your dorm. Just let me grab my jacket." And he started to get up.

She found herself smiling back as she rose first and placed a hand on his chest to stop him from doing the same. "Don't jump to conclusions, Clark. I just don't think your Mrs Kent would appreciate us doing that on your living room couch. I'm going up to your room. Why don't you give me... maybe ten minutes and then join me." She told him. And, to make sure her meaning was clear, she unbuttoned her blouse complete, pulled it out of her jeans and let it slip off her shoulders and arms and onto the stairs his eyes were following her up.

She closed his bedroom door behind her and leant her back against it for a moment. "I can still stop this." She thought, but she kicked off her shoes instead. Next, she stripped off her jeans. She stood in her plain white cotton bra and panties. She caught a glimpse of her self in his mirror. "Not the sexiest of images." She thought. She had thought to greet him in her underwear, sort of ease into getting completely naked, but she hadn't expected the evening to turn out this way and had dressed for utility and comfort, not sex appeal.

She chuckled realizing that, considering what she and Clark were about to do, being coy about him seeing her naked was a little absurd. Looking around she saw a big red bandana hanging over the back of the chair at his desk and had an idea for a compromise. She grabbed the bandana, went over to his bedside lamp and draped it over it. She switched on the lamp and then switched off the overhead lights leaving the room lit by a soft, warm, red glow. She smiled to herself in satisfaction.

There was a slight chill in the air, but it didn't quite account for the hardness of her nipples, the flushed feeling to her skin or definitely not the wetness between her legs as she stripped off her underwear. Excitement, arousal and nervousness vied for pole position as she slid under the top sheet of his bed and waited. The cotton felt strangely rough against her skin, but not uncomfortably so, just noticeable in a way she hadn't felt before. It wasn't the sheets. It was her skin that simply seemed more sensitive.

There was a light knock at the door and a small part of her mind found it funny that he would knock at the door of his own bedroom. "Come in, Clark." She whispered and when he opened the door she knew he had been using his super hearing, maybe even his x-ray vision, but she doubted the latter, it just wasn't Clark. When he stepped into the room she shifted the sheet off her nude form, presenting her self to him.

He froze with the door still open a crack and his eyes felt like a caress as they slid down her body. It made her skin heat to see the appreciation and building desire in his eyes. She also felt her inner thighs grow slick with a trickle of her juices. She couldn't quite stop herself from slowly rubbing them together. He shut the door, but didn't take his eyes off her. Nor, did he, when he stripped off his t-shirt, or when he struggled to kick off his work boots. He walked to the foot of the bed while he unbuckled and unbuttoned his jeans, which he then stripped off, taking his socks off with them. This left him in his boxers, the front of which were tented by his erection. It drew her eyes like a magnet. She actually saw it twitch. There was also a small darker spot she assumed was wetness at the top of the bulge. He looked down at her intently. She could see desire in his eyes, but it was tempered by concern. "Are you sure, Chloe?" he asked softly. She nodded her answer, not quite trusting her voice.

He nodded once as well and reached for the waistband of his boxers. He bent forward to strip them off and when he straightened up she got her first unobstructed look at his erection. She wondered if he saw her eyes widen. She had only been with one other guy and what she saw now was definitely a lot more... well, intimidating to say the least. He just stood there until she held her hand out to him and then he joined her on the bed. She had hoped he would take the initiative from that point, but it seemed he was still not quite comfortable enough with their situation, not that she was either, yet if she didn't do something the awkwardness would only grow until either or both of them chickened out. So, she simply took his hand placed it on her breast and then curled her hand around his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

His hand was lax for a moment, but as their kiss deepened and their heads shifted, mouths opening and tongues dancing, his hand began to squeeze and fondle her breast. She felt the fingers of his other hand weave into her blonde hair. His fingertips massaged her scalp and she murmured her approval into his mouth. Her hands found the corded muscles of his shoulders and back as they shifted and rippled as he moved his body further over hers. She felt the hard warm tube of his cock against her thigh. His thumb had found her seemingly ever-hardening nipples and was rolling it firmly while his palm and fingers cupped and caressed the rest of her firm globe causing sparks of pleasure to radiate into her chest. She was breathing heavily now, but was still loathe to break the kiss. He must have brushed his teeth before coming to the room, he tasted minty fresh, unless that was one of his super powers he hadn't or didn't know about.

He was the one to break the kiss, but it wasn't a clean break, more of a teasing one as he nipped at her kiss-swollen lower lip. She had thought she'd be more nervous, but the longer this continued the more excited and aroused she became. She had been worried he might have had something more clinical in mind, but as his hands and lips explored her body it was clear he was testing his full range and spectrum in terms of being intimate.

His tongue tickled the hollow at the base of her throat and his lips left a heated trail further down. His hand left her breast and was replaced by his lips. She found herself rolling her shoulders from side to side to press her tit flesh into his mouth as he moved from one to the other. His lips sucked on her sensitive flesh, his teeth nipped lightly as her hard tips while his tongue circled and swirled painting her nipples and areola with warmth and wetness.

Her mind was being overwhelmed by sensation and she fleeting wondered if she'd be able to notice if his powers made him dangerous as a lover. She even worried if she'd notice if he did anything out of the ordinary. What he was doing at the moment was already pretty way out of her definition of ordinary, but at least not in a superhuman way. This was completely different to the fumbling, self-conscious way in which she'd lost her virginity. She felt herself give over to it completely as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, arching against his fingers as they traced the ridges and valleys of her ribs.

His large, strong hands wrapped around her waist, squeezing softly as he moved further down her body. His thumbs rubbed little circles over the slight curve of her belly, testing the muscles below as her fingernails were testing those on his back, shoulders and chest. He kept shifting downwards, now kneeling between her spread legs. His lips left her breast, but not before they closed on her right nipple and pulled it as far as it would go before it slipped from their grasp and a breathy moan escaped her lips as the cool air replaced the warm ministrations of his lips raising tingles and gooseflesh as it cooled the saliva he had left behind.

They weren't left out in the cold for long though as his hands skimmed their way up along her body and cupped each of her firm globes and massaged them lightly. He moved out of her reach and then she gasped, her eyes flying open as she felt the warm wetness of his lips and tongue on her most intimate flesh. Jimmy, the guy she'd lost her virginity to, hadn't done that and no one else either. She had a hard time analyzing the sensations as they swept up along her spine when he ran his tongue up the length of her slit and then wrapped his lips around the exposed bud of her clit and sucked. A soft cry rode the breath of her heavy exhalation as he lapped and sucked at her clit and occasionally delved in between her swollen nether lips to drink the nectar of her arousal.

She didn't know what to do with her hands. She couldn't quite reach his head and they tensed each time the electric shocks of pleasure swept over her from his talented lips. Her fingernails bit into her palms and she scrabbled at the bedclothes, grabbing handfuls for padding, but it didn't quite work as they slipped from her grasp as she pulled at them when her back arched and her muscles tensed. She reached up behind her and found the round wooden slats of the headboard. Her fingers slid around the smooth wood and it felt wonderfully cool against her palm as she gripped it. When the next electrifying shock of pleasure hit she found she had the leverage to roll her hips, grinding herself into his mouth. She was panting and little, mewling half-cries filled the air. She could hardly believe the sounds were issuing from her own lips.

It surprised her that Clark seemed to be quite an adept lover and it also made it clearer as to how the issue of sex might be driving him and Lana apart. "Could great cunnilingus be a side effect of superpowers?" she wondered. She tried to fathom what it would be like to experience pleasure like this more or less regularly and then to have it suddenly taken away, without explanation. She didn't have too much success, but that could be because her thoughts kept getting scattered each time the heavy, pulsing wave of pleasure swept through her from his oral stimulation and joined their sparking counterparts from his hands on her breasts. As much energy that traveled along her nerves as pleasure, even more was welling just below her belly. Her body seemed to be trying to extinguish the furnace that energy was feeding as she felt herself flood time and again only to have his expert, delving tongue sweep her cream away, leaving the fire unchecked to build.

One moment she was receiving pleasure and the next, everything was pleasure, nothing else existed. Her world went white behind her eyelids and her back bowed to the point of nearly breaking as every muscle locked and she cried out his name. Her sex rippled and what had been a flood before, became a torrent as she tried to pour herself into his mouth. She felt her thighs clamp around his ears, but was powerless to stop them. Chloe was stunned. She could feel her heart beating a mile-a-minute as the pleasure finally subsided and the bow of her back relaxed in degrees and she was able to spread her legs once more. White hot stabs of pleasure-pain shot through her relaxing satisfaction as his tongue lightly swiped through her sensitized slit or struck her clit. And, she quickly disengaged her hands from the headboard and made the effort to bend forward to capture his head in her hands and pull his lips away from her hypersensitive sex.

His face was shiny with her juices and slick against her palms as she pulled him up along her body. They were still both breathing heavily, but he had a pleased smile on his face that she was sure her own expression echoed. She could smell herself as he leaned over her and she hesitated only a moment before closing the distance between their lips. She gave him one long, tongue-delving, mouth-exploring kiss before she licked and kissed his face clean of her cream. She saw his eyes widen. "After what you just did, I had to find out for myself how good I taste." She told him frankly with an impish little grin and the hand that had been lightly stroking her ribs gave her a little tickle for her troubles making her chuckle.

She could feel him, hard and warm against the inside of her thigh as her breathing returned to something resembling normal. She knew it was inappropriate, but she asked anyway: "Did you do that to Lana? I mean it isn't something new as in something you didn't do when you didn't have your powers?" she added hastily in explanation. "Yes, I did that to Lana, but she wasn't as enthusiastic in her enjoyment of it as you were and you taste... sweeter, but I don't think those differences have anything to do with my powers. You're just different from her. This is a bit weird isn't it?" he answered. She nodded. He looked down at her with is large, clear earnest eyes and continued: "We can still call this off. I mean I was pretty turned on and my powers never got out of control so... actual sex should be okay?" he asked her and despite the throbbing erection she could feel, she knew he was dead serious, but she didn't want them to stop. This was now more than an experiment to help a friend, that was almost just a bonus. It was something she didn't just want to experience, it was something she needed to experience.

"No, Clark. We've come this far and why leave anything to chance, but if you don't want to..." She trailed off, her voice clearer than she believed she could muster considering the question she had raised. "No. I do." He answered without hesitation that returned the smile to her face. He looked down at her for a moment more and then asked: "Errm... Should I... errrm get a condom?", his expression turning sheepish. She realized there were things she liked about Clark, but there were other things she simply loved. "No, Clark. I'm on the pill and it's a good time of month for me, if you know what I mean." She answered and she was surprised to feel her cheeks heat at the admission, which was absurd considering their position. She thought the admission would relax him, but instead he looked even more nervous.

She watched him take a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Errrrrrr, Chloe. Oh man. I... I'm assuming you've...? I mean you're not a...?" He asked hesitantly, sheepishly cocking his head to the side with a nervous smile. She looked up at him a little confused until his meaning dawned on her. She had been a little distracted because even in his consternation the back of one of his hands had been lightly running back and forth along her ribs and the side of one of her breasts. She didn't even think he knew he was doing it. "Oh." She said feeling her cheeks flare. "You assume correctly. I'm... not." She confirmed with a slow exhalation of her own. "My, wasn't that awkward?" he quipped with the familiar, boyish, infectious grin she had seen so many times over the course of their friendship. She brought a hand to her face to cover her flaming cheeks and they both laughed. When she moved her hand away she was still shaking with mirth, but the tension between them had finally broken.

She put her hand on his cheek when she finally got herself under control. His hand had abandoned her ribs and his was lightly caressing her breast while his thumb circled her nipple in an ever-decreasing spiral. "C'm here." She said and hooked her hand behind his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. They kissed languidly, exploring each others' mouths in a cat and mouse game of give and take as he slid over her. His hand left her breast with a squeeze and a flick to her nipple as he rested on his elbows, to hold most of his weight, as he settled between her legs that she had spread to accommodate him.

He worked his hands under her back and she helped him by raising her shoulders. When he shifted the tip of his penis slid between her full nether lips, but didn't quite find her entrance. It did add to the tingle of anticipation that had been building in her body. He broke the kiss when she slid her hand between them and wrapped it around the base of his shaft. She guided him, seating him in her channel and then released him.

His hips thrust and he filled her slowly. She had been expecting it, anticipating it, but she still heard herself gasp as the sensation of being penetrated surprised her. Her sex stretched to accept him, but not entirely without resistance creating a delicious friction as he inched his way to her core. Her legs drew up, bending at the knee, thighs bending out to give him more room. Her hands found his bulging bicep and took a firm grip as a little discomfort crept in with the pleasure as her relative unexplored flesh resisted him a bit more strenuously. His progress slowed, but did not stop. She didn't think it was her own protesting muscles that slowed him, but more his concern for her as she had been unable to keep a grimace entirely off her face.

When his hips finally met hers, he went still and simply looked down at her while they both breathed deeply. Her sex gripped him snugly, conforming to his steely length. She could feel his heartbeat in the even, rhythmic throb of his cock buried in her depths and any discomfort she was feeling faded. Her knuckles were white with the grip she had taken on his arms and she released them guiltily, but her nails hadn't broken his skin. She gave a mental snort. How could they? They weren't made of kryptonite.

He leant down and they shared another kiss, which she moaned into as he slowly ground his hips down on her, mashing her clit against the base of his cock and sending striating shocks of pleasure through her body. Her sex blazed and flooded around him and her own hip undulated to add pressure to their union. She draped her legs over his thighs and her heels hooked loosely on the inside of his knees. He slid back and again her flesh resisted, clutching onto and dragging along his retreating length and girth, but this time there was no discomfort, only pleasure.

Her fingers wound heir way into his hair as his lips slid from hers to explore her neck and collar bone. Her hips rolled and her back arched slightly to press her belly against his muscled stomach as he thrust into her again. His hands gripped at her shoulders, testing the muscles, massaging as his hips thrust forward and her legs tightened around his. Thus, started their sensuous dance of thrust and counter, of slow grind and undulating hips, of exploring hands and tasting lips, of lapping, swirling tongues and flesh testing teeth. Heavy breathing, the squeak of bed springs, the creak of the bed frame and half-spoken words and unfinished phrases of adoration, admonishment, threat and promise, suggestion and approval became the music to which they built a steady increasing rhythm.

Each powerful thrust stoked the furnace inside her, heating her core, building the pressure inside. Pleasure and sensations permeated every part of her. Muscles and nerves sang and screamed. His fingertips, left heated trails on her skin, his lips and tongue skimmed and sucked as her flesh drawing heat and tingles to the surface, now here then there, surprising and pleasurable in their unpredictably. She tasted the salt of sweat on his skin where ever her lips traveled, as she was sure, he could taste on hers.

She felt his weight shift to the side and gave a surprised yelp as he slid to the side dragging her with him. He continued the motion, slowing it long enough for her to untangle her legs and then they were shifting. When they stopped, she found their places reversed. She was on her knees, straddling Clark's hips, his shaft buried to the hilt inside her, her fingers splayed wide on his chest, arms extended to steady herself. She blinked rapidly as she tried to make sense of the new sensations their new position created inside her. It stretched her in different ways, touched her differently as her sex adjusted once more.

His hands were a warm, delightful pressure at her waist, above her hips. His thumbs caressed the slight, sweat-slick curve of her trembling belly. A trickle of sweat tickled her skin as it slid from the hollow at the base of her throat, where it had pooled, down her chest and down the valley of her cleavage. A slight breeze from his open bedroom window felt deliciously cool against the skin of her back. She felt a strange sense of power as she looked down at him. He smiled up at her with hunger and desire. It made her feel sexy and sensual in a way she had never thought herself capable of before.

His hands guided her first few strokes as she rose on her knees, fingers pressing into his chest and then lowered herself back down his length. She loved the sharp hiss of indrawn breath and long drawn out half-groan, half-sigh he made each time she rose and fell on his smooth, hot, hard length. He started to thrust up, meeting her down stroke adding a wet slapping sound of sex-lubricated flesh to the sexual concerto. They ground against each other when their bodies met making her body spark with intense waves of pleasure. She could feel the pressure and energy pooling below her belly. Liquid fire curled up along her spine. Electricity ran rampant through her nervous system, making her muscles misfire and ripple.

She found her lower lip trapped behind her teeth when his hands worked their way up along her ribcage and cupped her swaying, bouncing breasts. He squeezed and caressed the mounds, fondling them firmly. His thumbs found and slowly rolled the hard nubs of her nipples. She threw her head back, eyes opened and mouth following suit as she fought to find the breath to fuel her bodies need to keep moving, to continue to rise and fall, to keep filling her self with his hard length, again and again and again.

For, the second time that night, her world was reduced to a single sensation: pleasure. Her entire body tensed, her cunt clenching hard around his hilted cock as he ground up against her. She cried out his name to the gloomy ceiling of his bedroom as it blurred and faded from her sight. The molten furnace that had blazed below her belly exploded, pushed beyond it's capacity, driving intense, blinding rays of pure pleasure through her body, blowing her nerves like fuses on their way to her brain. Her vagina clenched and relaxed around his pulsing shaft.

She heard his grunt from a long way away as his shaft spasmed, swelling against her clenching sex and she felt the hot splash of his seed mix with her own juices. His hands left her breasts and latched onto her hips, holding her firmly down on his shaft as he poured spurt after spurt of his jism into her hungry, rippling cunt. His spurts slowed in intensity and frequency and finally stopped all together except for occasional twitches and he let his hips drop back down onto the bed, pulling her down with him.

Her orgasm had drained her and the ending of his seemed to deliver that message to her body and she collapsed, boneless, onto his chest. After a moment, she felt his hands on her thighs and she groaned as he straightened her legs, taking the pressure off her knees, which felt good, but also shifting his semi-hard cock in her sensitized cunny, which also felt good, but jangled her nerves uncomfortably. Their breathing began to slow, his chest pressing up into her breasts and she could hear the strong, steady beat of his heart under her ear.

She kissed his skin as she felt him finally shrink enough to slip out of her, sighing. She shifted, rolling off him onto her back, but his arm was under her neck and back and he gathered her back towards him so that she ended up half draped over him with her head resting on his shoulder and nestled against his side. His arm warmed her back and his hand rested lightly on her hip. He reached over them with his other hand and after a moment pulled the covers over them. The material was a welcome coolness and then a comfortable heat as it absorbed their warmth as they lay in silence.

He kissed the top of her head, his fingers squeezing her hip when he said: "Thanks, Chloe. There was no one else who could help me with this. I know it was a lot to ask and I'll never forget it. Thank you." his voice filled with sincerity. "I'll never forget it either." She thought. She didn't know what to say, her mind still replayed the sensations and mental images of their union, but finally settled on: "What are friends for." and planting another light kiss on his skin before drifting off to sleep to the steady sound of his heart.