What Are Friends For

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The Kent Farm, Somewhere in the back forty, afternoon.

They're lying on a blanket in the middle of a lush green field. The remains of their picnic lunch had been neatly put back in the picnic basket they'd brought. They are lying on their backs, looking up at the few high, fluffy white clouds shifting slowly across the expanse of clear blue sky. She is lying perpendicular and at an angle to him, her head on his hard torso. He has one arm behind his head and his other hand rests warmly on her stomach over the light cotton, flower print sundress she wore. The sun is warm and the sounds of life are a soft backdrop They've been doing this kind of thing more and more often of late. They'd made out and fooled around a little, but were simply relaxing comfortably in each other's company.

Lana was off on some fieldtrip with her astronomy class, much to Clark's chagrin. He had hoped that over time her obsession with the second meteor shower would wane, but instead it had only gotten worse. This in turn put even more strain on their relationship as he was lying even if he kept quiet. He'd told her that he even had suspicions Lana was talking to Lex about it.

She wants to tell him to give up on Lana, to save himself the heartache and anguish, but that would force her to scrutinize her motives and she isn't quite ready for that. They had been spending more time together, and not just as lovers. Make no mistake the sex was amazing and they had done things she hadn't even believed herself capable of, and enjoyed them. But, lately the best moments were these and others like them or when she rested in his arms after, warm, comfortable and sated or when she woke up draped across his chest or with him pressed against her back and it worried her.

Their 'friends with benefits' relationship was evolving and she wasn't sure it as into the same thing for both of them. Bitter past experience had shown her where Clarks heart was likely to go should she force a choice. She knew that Clark and Lana hadn't been lovers for month now. "Was that her bargaining chip?" she asked herself and immediately felt ashamed of herself for even thinking it. First and foremost, they were friends, good friends and to put him in that position because she couldn't keep her emotions in check was unfair. "Could their friendship survive her calling the whole thing off, telling him they should go back to an ordinary friendship?" she wondered. She knew he'd understand, that was Clark, but… It would change things, she was certain of that and she would miss the less physical parts, and if she were strictly honest with herself, the very physical parts, of their uniquely intimate friendship.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asks. "I'd have to give you change." She answers shifting her head to look at him and throwing her arm across her head to shade her eyes. She places her hand over his and guides it down to cup her crotch. His palm rests on her crotch and his fingers curl, as she spreads her legs a little and he gathers the light material to press his digits firmly against her slit through her dress and panties. It's a convenient and enjoyable cop out and she goes with it. She murmurs her approval as he starts slowly stroking her, rubbing heat and pressure into her folds while the hard, callused pads where his fingers meet his palm grind over her awakening clit. She idly wonders how someone who is very nearly invulnerable can get calluses, but lets the thought drift off without serious consideration. She leaves her hand resting lightly over his wrist, focusing on keeping her breathing slow and steady as his hand coaxes pleasure from her and stirs her desire. The skin on her breasts tightened and tingled warmly and her nipples harden a little shifting against the soft cotton of her dress. She felt glad she had decided not to wear a bra, plus she liked the way he looked at her when he noticed she wasn't, and… he always noticed.

She gave a heavy sigh when he increases the pressure, but keeps his caresses slow between her legs and she bends one, raising it, allowing him greater access. She lets her eyes flutter closed to better experience the sensation his touch is radiating into her body in the darkness behind her eyelids. She suspends her worries for a while, simply enjoying herself. Her sex clenches on itself, ringing the moisture of her juices from her and dampening the fabric of her panties. "You look hot." He comments after a while. "Thanks. You too." She replies her tone a little vague and without opening her eye. He chuckles and his stomach vibrates under her head. His hand stops and she makes a whining sound of displeasure, frowning and opening her eyes to look at him questioningly and a little disgruntled. His eyes are amused and she can see the edges of his lips twitching with contained mirth.

"What I meant was… There's a creek, with a pond just on the other side of that rise and I thought we could go and take a dip to cool off." He explained his voice light and coloured with humour. "I didn't bring a bathing suit." She informs him. "I know." he counters with a sly grin and a wink. "Ohhhhhhhh, I see." He says faking surprise and lifts her head looking around curiously. "And, of course, you picked this particular spot for our picnic completely at random." She states letting just an edge of sarcasm slip into her tone and watches his grin broaden into one of his dazzling smiles. "Ohhh… Alright." She relents, her tone long-suffering and she dramatically acts as if she is making some huge sacrifice. "You big drama queen." He chastises her playfully and she is unable to maintain the facade and laughs loudly.

He pats her belly lightly and they get up. He is on his feet first, and helps her onto hers. He lifts the picnic basket, while she gathers up the blanket. Once she has the blanket, he unceremoniously dumps the picnic basket in her arms as well. "Hey!" she cries indignantly, but her cry is cut short as he sweeps her into his arms and purposefully starts striding toward the rise and the pond beyond it. It takes a moment or two of juggling the basket and blanket and keeping a hold around his neck to get comfortable and she rests her head against his broad, flannel shirt covered shoulder. "This is nice." She murmurs, more to herself that to him. She knows he could be over the rise and at the pond in moments, but he seems to want to carry her and she really doesn't mind. His shirt smells of hay and it is a sharp counterpoint to the fresh smell of soap and the soft sandalwood scent of his cologne.

This being Kansas, the rise isn't a very tall one, but it does give a magnificent view of the broad, lush green valley below it and the rolling farmland that surrounds them. Off, in the far distance on the horizon under the crisp, clear, blue sky, she can, strains her eyes, faintly see Smallville itself as he pauses for a moment while they silently drink in the sight before continuing on. The pond is surrounded by a sparse stand of trees that leads to a little sandy spit at the edge of the water. He lowers her gently to her feet under the shade of the trees and she puts down the blanket and the basket. She kicks off her shoes and then looks at him over her shoulder. "Unzip me?" she asks him coyly, her voice low and husky. He steps forward and gently tugs at the zipper at the back of her dress until it slowly slides down, the rasping sound it makes strangely loud and out of place in this natural setting. He rests his hands warmly on her shoulder and plants a light kiss between her shoulder blades. For, just a moment, she leans back against him, her hand reached back so that it is pressed between the growing tube in his pants and her butt. "You really are hot. You know." He whispers into her ear, giving her earlobe a tugging nip. She doesn't say anything, because there is nothing that needs to be said. His hands slip the thin straps off her shoulders as she moves away from him.

The dress slides down along her skin, the cotton a tingling, warm caress. She can feel his eyes on her back as the dress puddles around her feet and she steps out of it, leaving her in a pair of simple white cotton panties. She continues heading toward the water and then stops. She hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulls it away from her hips and then lowers the undergarment. Instead of just letting it slide down her legs, she bends forward, guiding it to her ankles. She pauses there for a moment and she hears him groan and then chuckle as she deliberately gives her ass a little wiggle for his benefit. She manages to extricate herself from her panties without falling flat on her face and straightens. "You did intend joining me at some point?" she asks, half turning and throwing her panties at his chest. He catches them and she watches as he brings them to his nose and inhales heavily. He exhales a long moment later with a sound of satisfaction and appreciation. "Be there in a moment. I was just… enjoying the view." He informs her with a wry little smile and with her panties still clutched in his hand starts to strip off his shirt.

"Don't keep me waiting, Clark." She warns him playfully and continues on her way to the edge of the pond. She tests the water with her toe and finds it comfortably cool and she slowly walks into the pond. Her initial impression was not quite correct as the water grows markedly colder as it gets deeper, chilling her for a moment as it contrasts with her sun warmed skin making it pebble with goose flesh. She shivers a little as the water reaches her chest and covers her breasts. Her breasts tingle as her nipple contract and tighten with the cold of the water. She relaxes as her body becomes accustomed to the water's temperature. She lets her head fall back and her legs lift off the sandy bottom of the pond and she allows herself to float, with her eyes closed.

After a little while of enjoying her weightless relaxation she starts to wonder where Clark is and opens her eyes. She is a little startled to find him standing just beyond her feet, looking down at her with an appreciative little smile. She flounders a little with the surprise and in a blink he is at her side, his arms warm against her shoulders and her lower back. "You really shouldn't sneak up on a girl like that." She chastises him, a bit indignantly. "Sorry. You just looked like some peaceful angel or wood nymph, from one of those romantic, renaissance painting and I just wanted to watch you for a few minutes." He apologizes and his voice is so sincere and honest that she feels guilty for chastising him. "Well… Just…" she tries to soften her previous remark, but unable to find the words she wraps her hands around his neck and pulls her lips up to his. They kiss hungrily, doing all the little things both of them have found the other likes. He turns them slowly in the water as they kiss. The water sliding over her skin is a cool, full body caress that makes her nerves tingle.

He walks out of the pond, taking her weight fully into his arms when she comes clear of the water. They kiss playfully, nipping at each others lips and dueling with the tips of their tongues. He must have spread the blanket before joining her in the pond because there it is on the grass, just at the fringe of the dappled shade cast by the trees around the edge of the pond. He lowers her gently to the sun-warmed blanket, the warm material immediately absorbing the water off her back. She spreads her legs as he kneels between them and she can see his cock, completely unaffected by the cool water, thick, long, curved and erect, bobbing against his belly with his movements.

She runs her fingers through his hair, tilting her head to the side as she contemplates the sensations he creates as his head lowers and his warm, wet mouth engulfs first one and then the other of her water chilled and tightened nipples. The heat should soften them, but his sucking lips and flicking tongue, with their erotic promises, have the opposite effect making the little cones swell and harden even more. She reaches between them and grasps his shaft, fondling and caressing it as she guides it between her legs, He shifts back a little as she slides his head up and down the length of her slit between her swollen lips. It transfers throbbing heat into her as her sex clenches and she can feel her juices rush from her depths to coat his head. He thrusts forward and her breath hitches as he slowly fills her. Her hips slowly rise to meet his thrust, her knees drawing up along his thighs to give her leverage. He stretches and fills her, but her flesh accepts him willingly with only the slightest resistance, which only adds pleasurable nuances to the friction of flesh against skin. She lets out a contented sigh that lasts as long as his journey into her hot, moist depths.

His lips work their way from her breasts and up her chest. His tongue dips into the hollow at the base of her throat, tickling slightly as he swirls it there before continuing up her neck. He nibbles at her jaw line and then finally finds her lips. He kisses her slowly, but thoroughly. Her lips open under his and she lets his tongue storm the ramparts of her teeth with out any resistance and she revels in the sensation of having him take her. He starts to move inside her with long, slow, steady strokes, their hips rolling and grinding together when their pubic bones meet. Their coupling is slow, languid. Neither of them feeling the need to rush, wanting to enjoy the pleasurable journey fully. Their hands explore each other. No matter how often they do this, the smoothness of his skin still surprises her. His body pressed to hers makes her skin tingle as his heat drives the slight chill from the pond out of her.

She undulates under him, twining her legs with his as her butt tightens and her sex clenches around his hard shaft as it slides in and out of her core. The muscles of his broad back shift under her hands as she clutches at him. Her belly, presses and slides against his hard torso, as they writhe together making soft, but heartfelt noises of enjoyment. His lips taste her skin leaving circular blooms of heat and pressure behind. She laps and sucks at his skin, nipping and nibbling at his jaw and the firm muscles of his shoulder. His driving cock, strong, agile hands and talented mouth slowly build her orgasm to a heavy weight in the pit of her stomach.

His hands find her wrists and he guides her hands to either side of her head before letting his thick, strong fingers interlink with her slim ones. Her fingers curl, gripping his hands, tensing each time his thick shaft stretches her and his pointed head finds the limits of her depths. Her head lolls slightly from side to side as she enjoys the pleasure they are sharing. They whisper words of encouragement and endearment to each other or express their desire and ecstasy in wordless sounds of passion. His hands finally disengage from hers to support more of his weight as he pounds into her with steady, smooth, full-length strokes.

His steady, unwavering place keeps the wave of her orgasm growing, collecting the energy of the friction of his hard shaft driving through her tight, hot, moist snatch. He smiles down at her sliding the backs of his fingers lightly across her cheek and tucks a stray curl of her hair back behind her ear. She feels him throb and pulse inside her and there is a slight tightening at the edge of his eyes that tells her he is straining to contain his own release. She drags her fingernails down his back feeling the flat, slightly curved ridges and small valleys of his muscles as they flex and relax. Her hand finds and cups his ass, squeezing and releasing with the rhythm of their slowly bucking hips.

Their breathing which had been as slow and steady as the pace of their union becomes faster and shallower as they speed up. His driving shaft and grinding hips whips her insides into a roiling froth and the huge wave that is her orgasm rolls on, poised on a knife-edge. Her knees draw up further, sliding against his sides, changing the angle of his penetration, allowing him to bury himself even deeper inside her and the wave crests and breaks, flooding her senses with intense surges of pleasure as her channel locks around his hard, thick length. She gasps out her climax as the small of her back tenses and relaxes in rapid succession. She feels the liquid heat of his semen added to her own hot flood of cream as his member swells straining against the tight grip of her clenched rippling pussy and he grunts his release. Her belly shudders against his as her sex quivers. Her fingers clutch at the hard globes of his ass as her muscles tense and lock. Her eyelids close and sparks dance in the darkness behind them to become a rapid series of erotic images of their intimate coupling. Her shoulder blades dig into the blanket below as electric pleasure crawls up her spine and through her body.

The intensity of her orgasm slowly diminishes, letting her body soften and she sighs with contentment as he lets his weight rest warmly on her and lightly kisses her collarbone. His thick cock still fills her giving her a hard tube of flesh for her sporadically clenching snatch to clutch around. She runs her hand lightly through his hair. "I love you." The words simply tumble out of her mouth and it takes her a moment to realize she has said it out loud. His head jerks up to look at her and she tries to cover. "What I meant was, I love this." She says trying hard to make herself believe it. His eyes search hers as she feels him shrink out of her. "A simple act of nature taking its course or a reaction to her words?" she wonders, a cold kernel of fear growing in her stomach. She curses herself, closes her eyes and lightly bangs her head back against the blanket-covered ground. "What I mean is, I mean both those things." She says clearly and deliberately, going completely still and keeping her eyes closed unable, unwilling to see the reaction on his face. "Oh Christ. She had done it. Pandora's box was open and there was no way to close it. The cat was out the bag. It was time to let the chips fall where they may." She babbled, even in her own head as the moment drew out.

She can feel him shift until he is lying draped against her side. One of his thick, hard thighs rests between her slightly parted legs, his penis, still wet with their combined juices presses against her hip. The only sounds are those of their soft breathing and the nature that surrounds them. A bird calls to another somewhere in the trees above them and a squirrel 'chatters' angrily some distance away. The moment stretches to the point of breaking and the silence goads her from her hiding place behind her eyelids. She opens her eyes to find him looking down at her, studying her intently. She can see his lips move and she can hear his words as they float down to her, but it takes her a moment to understand and then a moment more to actually believe what she is hearing. "I love you too, Chloe Sullivan." He tells her and his eyes tell her his words are no mere platitude.

"Say that again?" she asks softly, a lump growing in her throat. "I love you, Chloe Sullivan." He repeats and then lowers his lips to hers and kisses her tenderly. She smiles against his lips a she feels a single tear of joy well at the side of her eye and then slowly slide down her cheek.