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Chapter 1

Iris's POV

"Go, Pansage!" I noticed a green-haired teen commanding a small, green monkey. "Use SolarBeam!" The monkey held its hands together, collecting sunlight. The useless Magikarp didn't get out of the way in time, being struck by the power of grass-type's move. The disgruntled angler cursed under his breath, returning his fainted Pokémon.

Though he did let out a Pokémon I never would have expected, a Buizel! "We can do it, Pansage!" the teen shouted happily at his Pokémon.

"Earth to Iris!" the trainer that was battling me hollered at me.

"Oh what? Sorry I stared off into space… Sorry, Sunny." I looked at the trainer. Her bright, blue eyes looked into mine.

"You were looking at that kid over there… that green-haired kid, what's his face," she stated, putting her hand on her hip. She shrugged. "What's so great about him?" she scratched her head, her black hair bouncing as she scratched it. "Last I heard; he was a gym leader. Why would he want to talk to someone by the looks of you?"

"What?" I snapped.

"Why would he go out with someone that's not a gym leader and has wild hair?"

I punched her square in the stomach, though not as hard. "Shut the hell up! I decided to be your friend after you were being nice! I will never trust you again! You were a bully to me once and now you're a bully again." I watched her squirm as she held her stomach. "Now you know I felt all these years!"

"You'll never be a gym leader!" she hissed.

"Says who?" the green-haired teen approached us. "I heard the whole thing. I have to say, that was quite rude. You shouldn't have backstabbed your friend. Moreover, I don't just date gym leaders; I date anyone that I want to. To be honest, this 'wild hair' is quite beautiful; I think it needs to be combed and it would be long, flowing, and beautiful… like a mountain stream."

My face reddened after he had said that. "T-thank you… I'm going to get something to eat." I ran off, hiding my reddened face. Many trainers looked at me as I ran out of the Big Court.

I walked into a coffee shop and sat down. I leaned my head against my hand. I noticed my face wasn't as hot. I couldn't help but think of what that gentleman said. I stood up and decided to order something.

"Welcome!" a cashier greeted. "What can I get you?" she asked happily. Her smile was a huge as her green eyes. I looked at the menu on the wall. I ordered and sat down.

I sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping some iced coffee, when I heard a familiar voice. Shocked, I accidentally dropped my spoon, causing quite a bit of noise. I looked up and noticed he ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. Obviously, he was old enough to drink, which meant he was older than sixteen.

"I don't know how to make that…" the cashier said hesitantly.

"Oh, but I do." He nodded. "All right… Take the highball glass, and then pour some vodka, tequila, white rum, triple sec, gin, lemon juice and some Coke. Then put some ice in that glass too."

I blinked, amazed at his memory. I watched the cashier mix the drink for about three minutes. She finally finished and she handed it to him. He took a sip with without even making a face. "Thank you, ma'am."

"Since you helped me, I won't make you pay for it," she said kindly.

"Oh, wow!" He sounded surprised. "Sure thing."

"My name is Burgundy, but some people call me Glory."

"Burgundy, that's a nice name." He smiled, turned around, and noticed me. I quickly hid my face.

"Oh… Hello there. I didn't really notice you there. My name is Cilan, I'm gym leader of Stration, along with my other brothers, Cress and Chili. What brings you here to Nimbasa?" he asked.

I looked away, blushing some more. "I was just here with my 'friend'… but as you can see, she isn't my friend any more. My name is Iris, by the way. I was noticing you knew how to make drinks… think you can teach me how too?"

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Hey! That wasn't very appropriate… but I'm almost fifteen."

"Hmm… I can't serve drinks in public, but I can at my home. Can I sit next to you?" he asked, smiling.

"Uhh… yeah." I was taken aback. "About what you said earlier… Why did you say that to me?" I asked. "You're a gym leader…"

"Why do people automatically think gym leaders are so sophisticated and a bit rude?" he shook his head. "I'm a person too, you know…"

"Oh…" I looked at the ground. "I'm sorry, I didn't know… I've seen Elesa… she's so beautiful and stuff."

"Elesa, oh please! She's a model! Don't get me started with her! I'm nothing like her. I've met her… she's nice, but so demanding," he sighed. "All she wants is clothes, make-up and all that. Please, Iris, I'm nothing like her. I'm not demanding and I don't ask for things for Christmas." His speech was beginning not to make any sense. He sipped some more of that drink.

"Then why are you drinking?" I asked.

He seemed to be taken aback by what I had said. "I broke up with Elesa… I'm a bit depressed. I'm here to retrieve some of my stuff from her house. I swear I've been sober for months until now…" His face began to turn red as some tears fell.

"Cilan…" I looked at him worryingly. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to mention it…"

"It's okay Iris… I think I'm gonna go now, all right?" he sighed, standing up and leaving the drink a quarter full. His hurried footsteps suddenly stopped. I immediately looked up to see two men in black uniforms with a strange P on it. They were demanding Cilan to give up his Pokémon.

I had to act quickly! I immediately jumped, grabbing a beam and kicking him straight in the face, knocking the person out. The other man tried to grab me, but missed. I grabbed a potted plant and threw it into the man's knees, knocking him down too. I turned my attention to Cilan.

I audibly gasped. He was lying down on the ground, asleep and drooling. He appeared to be knocked out. His face was bloodied and some of his teeth were missing.

These people are going to get it! Even if I have to die trying!