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Salvami, il mio amore Means; Save me, my love in Italian

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Feliciano Vargas, a 16 year Old Italian, sighed add clutched his binder tightly to his chest as he walked down the busy school hallways. He subconsciously shrank back as he heard other students whisper to their friends about him, telling them 'Look, it's the stupid kid' or 'why does he even go here? He's too stupid to be a 10th grader.' Tears gathered in his eyes as he heard the cruel words spat in his direction. He quickened his pace, 'I just want to get this day over with…' he groaned mentally. He never noticed the student in front of him though, one that stood tall with a thick muscled body that seemed to almost be made of steel. He crashed into the other student, his binder and books falling everywhere on the cold, square polished floor.

"Mi Dispaice!" he apologized quickly and attempted to gather his books without others noticing, they would just laugh at him more and call him clumsy.

The student was slightly surprised at the sudden force that bumped into him, but he quickly bent down and attempted to help the small Italian. "It's no problem" He handed Feliciano his books after seeing the titles, Math: Algebra, World War I, World War II, and the last book was a tan-ish yellow color with a picture of an ink eagle done on the front.

Feliciano snatched the books from the tall German student and attempted to settle them all in his arms. "G-grazie!" he squeaked out but, gasped when the thick Math book fell from his grasp and onto the floor.

Both had moved down to pick up the book but they ended up smacking heads, it didn't bother the German student to much but, Feliciano stood up strait and rubbed his head, whining in pain. The blonde couldn't help but stare at the brown haired boy's arm, where the sleeve had moved up when he rubbed his sore head. Small, thin scars ran up the small land of flesh, somewhere raised and cat-scratch red, one, a really large and thick cut that seemed deep was right at the joint where the hand and arm came together, write over the dark blue vein.

Feliciano quickly took notice of the Germans intense blue eyes, which were fixed on him, well, not really on him, but rather on his arm. He pulled down his sleeve, covering the little gashes that he had inflicted upon his person the night before. There weren't usually a lot of scars by his wrist, it was actually rare for him to cut himself down south of his arm, but he had gotten a little carried away. 'Please just let me go…' he pleaded in his mind. As he tried to make his getaway, his shoulder tense, the German spoke.

"Are you okay?" He could obviously tell the boy wasn't, but he was worried about all the scars on his wrist, but he didn't want to press the boy on the matter.


"Ok" he said hesitantly, "My names Ludwig Beilschmidt" He held his hand out to the boy, asking silently for a handshake.

Feliciano blinked before balancing his books in one hand, with his other, the one without the curs, he shook Ludwig's hand. "My name is Feliciano Vargas, the Art Teachers Grandson" he explained somewhat happily, a smile somehow making its way onto his pale face.

Feliciano's smile was contagious, "It's very nice meeting you." To Ludwig, Feliciano seemed like a very nice and kind boy, one of the few decent kids at the school. Feliciano felt the same as Ludwig; no one had treated him like an actual human like he did, and it made him feel warm and nice on the inside.

Feliciano didn't know what to talk about though; he was running out of ideas. "So, what class do you have next?" He asked, a blush coming to his face when he noticed Ludwig's surprisingly handsome face and smile.

His chin was sharp, well defined with pale skin, along with naturally narrowed blue eyes, sculpted by thin blonde brows. His hair was slicked back in something; most likely some kind of hair gel, a few strands did fall onto his forehead though when he turned head.

"I have math next, you?"

"Ve~ that's where I'm heading too!" he glanced down at his fancy black watch. 3 minutes until the bell rang, signaling 1st period. "Oh no! We better hurry before we're late!" He grabbed Ludwig's hand and started dragging him down the long hall way. He silently cursed himself though, his hands were sweaty and Ludwig's warm, hands definitely didn't help the situation ether. He never even noticed the similar blush forming on Ludwig's face.

'Odd…' Ludwig thought 'I usually don't enjoy physical contact… but for some reason, I don't mind Feliciano's.'

They finally made it to the class room, after a hard struggle of weaving in and out of students in the hallway. Feliciano rushed in, startling the teacher and the kids, but they dismissed it as they saw that it was just the 'Stupid' Feliciano. He let go of Ludwig's hand and took a seat in the way back of the classroom. With no one set in front of him, or behind or next. That, to Feliciano, was perfect. That is until he heard a few kids throw some jeers in his direction. He shrank back into his seat a little and blocked out the words of his fellow class mates. This always happened…

Ludwig sat next to Feliciano; he leaned over with an angry look on his face. "Why the Fick do you put up with their crap?" He asked the Italian. He didn't deserve this, no one did!

Feliciano looked over at Ludwig, a fake smile on his calm face. "I…" he didn't know what to say, "Well… If I act out, Grandpa would be disappointed in me, plus, that's what they want me to do. They want me to get angry, throw a fit." His voice subtly became quieter with every word spoken before it was below a silent whisper

"Still, you could always tell a teacher. You shouldn't have to put up with these idiots." Ludwig said quietly. To him, Feliciano seemed like someone who wouldn't harm a fly, so why would other kids target him? What did he ever do?

"I've tried that already" he sounded so disappointed but, for some reason, being next to Ludwig lifted his spirits. "They don't believe me, neither does Grandpa. I mean, Grandpa approached a few kids about it, but they lied to him and told him I was just looking for attention. After school they all ganged up on me and beat me up in front of the Soccer field." He smiled sadly and handed the teacher his math homework as she walked by to collect it.

Ludwig frowned. This wasn't right at all, "That's wrong." He stated, "They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that." He added in his own thoughts 'Especially if they cause you to harm yourself.

Feliciano leaned back in his chair, causing it to squeak as he stared at the ceiling. "Yeah" he sighed "But, It'll all be over soon…"

For months now, the Italian had been planning his death; he had everything ready and taken care of. His room was almost empty and void of any objects besides his bed and some cloths. All he had to do was end it, slit his wrists and bleed out, where no one could find him and if that didn't work, he'd jump off of the bridge and into the Mediterranean Sea. The waves would crash into his body, slamming him into rocks. It would leave his body disfigured and unrecognizable. He could just see the smiles on everyone's faces as they heard of his death. Everyone would throw a party, "No one would miss me…"

Just hearing the young boy say that 'it'll all be over soon' didn't settle well in his stomach. Ludwig didn't like the way he had said that, he was going to ask him about it but the class started and he had to wait.

The teacher had begun class, doing some easy math on the bored. Calling on some students to answer but, not once had she called on Feliciano, she only sent his disappointed looks. At the end of the long class period, she passed out homework to everyone and told them it was fine to chat until the bell rang.

"Ve! Ludwig, I have Art with Grandpa next, what about you?" Feliciano was happy and cherry again, totally forgetting the conversation the two had broke into earlier in the period.


Feliciano jumped from his and ran to the door, where he promptly waited for his German friend. "Come on Ludwig!"

"I have woodshop net, I'm pretty sure it's close to the art room" Ludwig was enjoying being around the small Italian. The boy had started to really grow on him.

"Woodshop? Oh, Fratello is in that class I think! Or was it cooking…? I'm not sure, well, see you later Ludwig!" The boy then promptly skipped to his next class after waving to his friend, ignoring the student in the halls who glared at him as he went on his marry way.

Ludwig watched Feliciano leave, a slight blush on his smooth face.

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