Hey everyone! We've made 50 reviews!


Here's the downfall though, oh no~

My computer, which has the entire RP saved on it, has not been working properly. When I say "Not working properly" I mean that it's being an ass and refuses to charge. I'm sorry guys/gals. You'll have to wait a little until I can get the new update out.

On the other hand, the story section that was posted in the last chapter was from Shatter by Crystal Kira, one of my favorite authors. A guest had guessed it correctly. Good job! You get a virtual Iggycorn~

The 50th reviewer was from "A Faint Memory Once Recalled." Thanks! I also realized that it had gone quickly and that I haven't really given Feliciano and Ludwig time to warm up to each other, I was never really one to read those types of stories, but I write them. *Shrugs* Sorry bro/brosif, shit happens.

Okay. So, I still don't know when this story will be updates, sadly, so until then, I'll try to write some one shots as I wait until I can go out and buy a new charger.

Also, I still have my poll up if anyone wants to vote on it~

Bye guys, I hope you are all having a good year so far! I know I am!

~Scones Of Rage