you may be wondering where I am, I'm in a test facility for super powered beings, like me, I'm Xavier or # 13 to the faculty, my power is that ability to Sling...don't ask, it means that I can go into a mega dash, I can't stop easily when dashing though, on to the story

''Oh hell no, not this again!''I exclaimed kicking a guard in the stomach, I ran through the halls I was about to try Slinging until a Telekinetic girl got a hold of me ''LET ME GO!''I yelled ''No, they'll help you, like they helped me''she said frowning ''you mean make me freedomless? No thanks!''I said Slinging myself at her since she lost her concentration, ya see ever since about a week before this, they'd been putting chips in our necks to keep us in order, I'm immune to it, somehow, but I'm trying to find a way out, ''thank God for her terrible concentration''I muttered, then walked away from the unconscious girl, I flitted though the hall getting away from guards with ease, ''See ya suckers!''I yelled Slinging out the door, but then the ground erupted, ''Stay, they'll help you!''an irish Geo-Manipulator said ''Shut up, # 15!'I said Slinging off the lifted piece of land, I Slinged towards the end of the yard and jumped over the fence and kept running and running at Sling speed and towards Death City, I hoped there was someone there who cares, I hoped that there'd be someone that I can talk to...just...someone

I had been sleeping in a wooden crate for 5 weeks by then, it was terrible, but I couldn't go back to the Facility, it was even worse, I stood up and saw someone eating a hamburger, I slinged passed him, stealing the burger and started eating it, ''Gawd this tastes so good''I said with food still in my mouth, I checked my watch, it was 7:00, It was dark outside, then I started hearing the clangs of metal clashing ''huh?''I muttered and saw a girl with sandy blonde hair and sea green eyes, she was fighting some weird monster thing I think it was called a Kishin egg, and the girl was carrying a large scythe I walked out from behind the corner and the monster attacked me, I backflipped away and Slinged at the at the monster, but I was flinched away and into a wall, the Girl killed the monster and the scythe turned into a human, eating the soul and I felt blood trickling down my forehead, ''just great''I muttered as my vision blurred and the girl stepped over to me, and everything went black

I know this was kind of a short chapter, but I didn't have much to put...hope you liked it! XD